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Wife Becomes Fuck Slave


This is a story about how I successfully got my wife to push the limits in terms of what she would be willing to do sexually, or better said with whom she'd be willing to do something sexually.

Before I begin though, let me tell you a little bit about Linda and me. Linda is gorgeous with a capital G. She has long, tan sexy legs that lead up to a great ass. Her abs are tight, not muscular and she has the most incredible breasts you will ever see. They are plump and firm size C with a slight upward curve. Even after 45 years and 4 kids, they show no signs of sagging. Her areolas are perfectly round about the size of a silver dollar. And her nipples perk up very nicely when she is aroused. Even with all of that said, I have not even mentioned her hottest attribute. She has a beautiful face, with sexy sultry-looking lips and seductive eyes.

We met at the beginning of my senior year in college and have been inseparable ever since. Linda was a virgin when we first met and I was definitely not a sex expert, so most of the experiences that either of us have ever had sexually is with each other. While that is great and means a lot to both of us, it still sometimes prompts thoughts of what would it have been like with someone else.

Those types of thoughts have led to some great fantasizing and role playing for both of us. And on more than one occasion I have asked Linda if she would like it to be more than a fantasy. She always responds that it's only in our fantasies and will never really happen because the intimacy that only we have shared is very important. While I definitely agree, the thought or turn on of someone else getting involved is definitely something I'd at least wanted to see if it can be more than fantasy.

Linda, like most women, is overly critical of her body. She'll pick out the smallest thing and feel self-conscious that she has gained a little weight, lost a little tightness or is showing some signs of aging. What she fails to realize though is how attractive she is and that she continues to turn heads even those of guys in their twenties. Over the years I have gotten her a little more comfortable with her incredible body, at least to the point that she will go topless on beaches when it's allowed. After many of those days lying topless at a beach, we've talked about the guys and in some cases girls that were really checking her out. As a result, she has come to realize that she really is blessed with a great set of tits and will even wear sexier tops to show them off a bit. I know it's also a huge ego boost for her when she knows guys 20 years younger than us are really checking her out.

Having other guys seeing my wife's tits was never something that I would have thought I'd like. I mean after all, they are my wife's tits. But, I guess with age, it's really become a big turn on for me when I see other guys checking her out. I think that pride I have for her incredible body is what has probably fueled many of my fantasies about seeing other guys get to enjoy her in some way. I know what they are thinking when they see her walk past them in a bikini and I know that their cocks are stirring when they catch a glimpse of her topless.

In bed, I would say she's a 20 on a scale of 1 to 10. She is an incredible fuck, willing to try anything and really knows how to give head. Even with all of that though, I still had a strong desire to see if I could push the envelope a bit in terms of what Linda would be willing to do. Since we both really get into the fantasies about other lovers and role playing, I suspect that she too would like to make some of the fantasies a reality, but as a prim and proper wife, she will never admit it. So it would have to be something that she essentially had no control over. The thought of actually seeing another guy touch or even suck on those incredible tits really became a turn on for me. The key though was how to make it happen and do it in such a way that I could control how far it went.

I thought about possible scenarios for months, but nothing came to mind. At one point, I even arranged a couples massage for us in the same room with the intent being able to see the masseur massage Linda's breasts. When I called to make reservations, I told them that my wife really enjoys having her breasts massaged and the person on the phone indicated that she'd make a note of that. But when we arrived, Linda's masseur asked her what she would like massaged and she replied "just my back, shoulders and neck". So, we ended up just getting a couple of typical massages. We still had a very romantic evening after our massages, but I was disappointed the masseur did not get to rub her breasts.

There's an old saying that goes something like "when you least expect it, it will happen". Well, that's what happened here for Linda and I a few months later. We were in the car driving and Linda was playing a trivia type game on her iPhone. She would read the question and the possible answers so we could both play along. For the most part, unless it was a math or science-related question, she would usually already know the answer, but was sharing with me just to confirm what she thought. It was on an entertainment-related question that she shared with me the question, the possible answers and what she felt she knew was the correct answer. I told her she was wrong, which she was totally convinced was not the case.

She was adamant that she was right. I was 99.9 percent certain that she was wrong. So, I suggested we make a bet on it. To give you a little background, I frequently offer to make a bet on things with her, but she always turns me down because as she says "you just want something related to sex". So, I assumed that the same thing would happen here. But to my complete shock, she said "ok let's bet -- what does the winner get?"

Her willingness to make a bet out of it suddenly had me questioning whether I really knew the answer. I did not respond to her until she said "Well. Are we going to bet or not?" I said absolutely and asked her what she wanted if she won. Linda had seen a sofa set that she loved, but it was not something that we needed, so we had not gotten it. She said that if she's right, she wants the money to be able to buy that set, without feeling guilty even though we don't absolutely have to have it. I told her I was fine with that. When she asked me what I wanted, I said that she'd have to do whatever I wanted, but I'd need to think about what that would be. She said she knew it would be sex-related, but said that was fine because she knows she's right on this question.

Just before she was about to choose the answer on her iPhone, I said, "OK -- just to be sure, if you win, you can buy the sofa set and I won't say anything about it. But, if I win, you will do whatever I want" placing emphasis on the word "whatever".

She said that she agreed, but that it would only be whatever I wanted for a certain number of hours, not for a week or something like that. I told her that I agreed and that I was only thinking it would be for one night or 3 to 4 hours. She smiled at me and said "it's a bet". When she typed in her answer, she was totally shocked when it responded that she was wrong and that the correct answer was the one I had said. She accused me of somehow cheating or that the game was wrong. She then backed out of the game and jumped into her browser, so she could use google to get the answer. Once again she was shocked when her search just confirmed that the game and I were correct.

I could tell that she was very upset, so I decided to just be quiet rather than gloat about my victory. Besides, it gave me a chance to think about what I would want for winning the bet. Fortunately, her phone rang a few minutes later, so it broke the awkward silence. The rest of the day went normal with neither of us mentioning the wager. Over the next few days, I thought it was best that I don't mention it, at least not until I knew what I wanted. I also decided to order the sofa set for her, so I called the store, gave the saleswoman our credit card information and asked her to call Linda to find out exactly what she wanted.

When I got home, my incredibly sexy wife surprised me at the door in a robe. When she opened the robe, it revealed one of her very sexy negligees. She then closed the robe and said that once the kids went to bed, she would show me more. A few hours later, she thanked me for allowing her to order the sofa set even though she lost the bet. And then she proceeded to do a slow striptease dance for me. After an incredible erotic and passionate love making session, she told me that she intends to follow through on her bet that she lost, so I would need to let her know what I wanted. To be honest, if she would have said that what she had just done was payment for the bet, I probably would have agreed. But, since she was still willing, I told her that I would let her know what I wanted the next day.

As I thought the next day about what to request, I figured that if I was ever going to get her to go a little bit further sexually by including someone else, this was going to have to be the time to try it. So, I decided the what and who I would potentially include, but figured I would wait to make any arrangements until after she agreed. The key would be to propose it in such a way that she did not have a choice in what happened, because if I said I wanted her to let some other guy fuck her, she would probably back out of the deal.

While we were lying in bed that night, Linda asked me what I decided that I wanted. I told her that I'd like her to be my Fuck Slave for a night and that I could do anything I wanted to her. She said she wasn't surprised, and if that is what I wanted then she would do it but that she trusted me not to do anything that would physically hurt her. I said of course not, but that I might tie her down and/or blindfold her, which is something that she generally does not enjoy. She said that's fine and asked me when it would be. I told her that I'd want to do it in another city, so I would make the arrangements and let her know.

That night, I could hardly sleep just thinking about what I was going to do. As I thought about all of the possibilities, I did have the lingering question in my mind of whether I'd be comfortable with another guy touching her. Having other guys check out her bare tits on a beach is one thing, but then to have them touch or suck on them -- was I really sure I'd be ok with that. And then what about her pussy, besides me and her doctor, no one has seen or touched that paradise. So, I decided the lucky guy that I was planning to include would need to understand that I may stop the fun at any time.

Fortunately, I had a friend that I thought would be perfect for this opportunity. Mike was a former colleague of mine that had moved 500 miles away about 7 years earlier. He was single, a health nut, very respectful of women and I knew that he had always found Linda very attractive, even though they had only met a few times. I felt strongly that I could trust Mike, but if for some reason he would not stop, he was a little smaller than me, so I knew I could physically stop him if I had to.

I called Mike at his office the following morning. After some small talk and catching up on what's been happening in each of our lives, I told Mike I needed to ask him if he would be interested in helping me with something. I then gave him a little background on Linda's and my fantasies, the recent bet and the fact that I'd like him to be involved and what that might entail. Mike's first words after I finished were "You are such an ass hole to be bullshitting me like this. You don't know this, but I actually use one of the pictures that you have posted on your Facebook account of Linda in a bikini as jerk off material from time to time. Damn you got me hard just thinking about it though."

When I told him that I was serious, there was complete silence on the phone. I thought for a few seconds that we must have been cut off, but then he finally responded by asking "Hey man, are you really serious about this? No bullshit."

I told him that I was 100 percent serious and had picked him because I knew I could trust him and that I suspected that he had a thing for Linda. I went on to tell him that there was no guarantee how far it would go. For one, I might at some point get bothered by it, or if Linda said "No", we would also need to stop it. Mike responded right away that he'd definitely be interested, would absolutely cooperate with any rules that are set and would understand if at some point we said stop. He then said it would be worth it if he could just see her bare tits.

We spent the next hour going through the specifics. By the time we hung up, we had selected the date, location and general plan of what we were going to try to do. I personally had a raging hard-on just going through the details with Mike and I'm sure he did as well. Later that night, I informed Linda of the weekend I had selected and told her that all she needed to do was make arrangements for our youngest kids for the night we'd be gone. The following morning I called Mike to let him know that everything was set. The city that we selected was about a 2 hour drive for Linda and I. Mike indicated that he would fly down and plan to stay with some family he has in the area. I offered to contribute to the purchase of Mike's flight, but he said he had some frequent flyer miles he would be using, so other than renting a car, he'd get off totally free, which wasn't bad when you consider the fact that he may get to have some fun with my sexy wife.

The next couple of weeks seemed to be in slow motion as I was looking forward to our special weekend. Mike and I would talk every couple of days, which I think was therapeutic for both of us as time seemed to be standing still. When the weekend finally arrived, Linda and I started our drive just after breakfast. We were able to check right into our suite at the resort and I asked Linda what she'd like to do. The resort had a gorgeous pool area and there was also a large shopping mall right down the road. Linda said some shopping and lunch would be nice and then possibly a short nap out by the pool. Neither of us spoke about the "Fuck Slave" part, but I'm sure we were both thinking about it a great deal. Mike had flown in a few days earlier, so I sent him a text just to let him know we had arrived.

After eating lunch and a bit of shopping, Linda and I returned to our resort to relax by the pool. Without me having even asked, Linda had packed her skimpiest bikini which she put on as we went to relax by the pool. Linda looked stunning as she laid by the pool. Not only did it seem that most of the men that were in the pool had moved to the side of the pool very close to Linda and I, but the wait staff seemed to be asking us if we needed anything more than anyone else was being asked. I put on a baseball cap and sun glasses and acted as if I were taking a nap while I watched all of the guys checking out my hot wife. After a few hours, we went back to the room to prepare for our evening.

Linda then brought up for the first time of when she would become my Fuck Slave. I told her that it would not be until later after we had a nice dinner. She asked me if I wanted her to wear anything in particular to dinner and I just told her whatever she's comfortable in. That seemed to relieve her a bit as I had noticed that she had packed a very revealing outfit that she had previously worn only in the privacy of our own bedroom. So, Linda instead chose a nice halter top that showed some of her amazing cleavage and a nice pair of pants. We went to a very nice steak place and I ordered a bottle of wine to help both of us with what was coming up. After a very nice dinner, we returned to our resort. To this point, everything was going according to the tentative schedule that Mike and I had come up with.

I suggested to Linda that maybe she'd like to use the whirl pool hot tub in our room to relax and clean up a bit before it was time to pay up on her bet. She agreed, which allowed me to take a quick shower and text Mike that everything was going according to schedule and that he'd need to be outside our room in a little over an hour.

It was shortly after 8 p.m. when I walked over to the hot tub and told Linda that I was in need of a blow job from my fuck slave. I sat on the edge of the hot tub and Linda obediently moved over to that side and grabbed on to my already hard cock. She slowly sucked on my tip as she slid her hands up and down my shaft. As I looked down at my obedient little slut, the remaining bubbles in the tub were blocking my view of her naked body, so I reached over and released the plug. The water slowly drained down revealing a bit more of Linda's incredible body with each passing minute. She had moved from just sucking on my cock tip to now working the entire cock. Alternating between deep throating it and running her tongue up the full length while rolling my balls in her fingers had me building up quite a load of cum. I had to start thinking of other things to buy a bit of time because I did not want to shoot my load until Linda had performed all of her magic on my cock.

As the last bit of water drained from the tub, Linda looked up at me while slowly kissing her way down my cock. Only this time she did not stop at the base of the cock as she continued kissing and licking down my sack. Within seconds she began sucking on my balls while gently stroking my cock. She and I both knew that I was not far from shooting my first load of the evening as my breathing pace picked up considerably. Fortunately for me, Linda was not ready for me to shoot my load, so she gave me a gentle slap on my balls with her free hand to momentarily slow me down. She then resumed her ball sucking and finally worked her way back up my cock again while staring up at me. As she took my whole cock in her mouth she began to quickly bob up and down on it knowing that it was about to explode. Within seconds, my body tensed up and a shot a load down her throat. Linda continued to gently stroke and lick my cock and balls as she made sure she had every drop of cum.

I was still in my after orgasm high as she got out of the hot tub and began to dry off. Thinking that she may be done being my Fuck Slave, she walked over to the suit case and pulled out her pajamas. I quickly told her that she would not be needing any pajamas and that she still had about 3 ½ hours left as a Fuck Slave. She looked a little disappointed but then asked me what I wanted her to do now. I told her that I needed her to lay down on the bed and get ready to be used. We pulled down the sheets and I positioned her in the middle of the bed. I made sure she was comfortable before I took out a blindfold and put it on her. I then secured her wrists to her sides by using a strap that I had previously placed under the mattress that had soft hand cuffs on each end. I figured she'd be more comfortable with her hands secured on the side instead of over her head and it gave a much more natural looking view of her incredible body.

When I glanced at the clock I saw that I had about 15 minutes before Mike would be knocking on the door. I turned on some music softly and moved onto the bed to begin kissing and caressing Linda's stunning body. After a passionate kiss, I kissed my way down her neck and onto her waiting breasts. Having just given me the blow job, she was already in an aroused state, so it did not take much sucking on her nipples to quickly get her breathing harder. I slid my hand down to her clean-shaven pussy and easily sank two fingers into her already moist cock tunnel. It was at that time that there was a knock on the door. I acted surprised and angry as I quickly sprang off the bed. I pulled the sheet up over Linda's naked body as I walked to the door.

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