tagBDSMTaking Amy Ch. 2

Taking Amy Ch. 2


The rising moon glowed eerily through the stand of trees. Shadows stretched out across the road, lengthening and shortening as the breeze roared through the forest, causing limbs to quake and the thinner trunks to bend over almost double. The night was alive.

Amanda gazed in disbelief at the slack jaw of her guardian. She hummed to herself trying to block out the soft snores that accompanied the rise and fall of her chaperone's chest and the maddeningly slow rhythm of the horses' hooves. Who could sleep on a night such as this? This was no night to be slowly wending their way home. This was a night to gallop a horse across the moors, legs astride, wind tugging at her clothes and whipping her hair back from her face.

She stuck her head out the window of the coach and yelled at the coachman, her words almost, but not quite, swallowed by the rampaging wind. "Can't those damn nags go any faster?!"

The coachman sucked his teeth in disapproval at Amanda's language. "Little strumpet," he thought to himself but he answered mildly enough.

"Don't you fret yourself, missy. We're almost there and the horses is tired. I won't be killing them by driving them hard without need. And it won't kill you to have some patience." That last was muttered under his breath.

Suddenly, loud even over the gale, the pounding of hoofbeats quickened Amanda's breath. "Could it...?"

And then the words that had colored her dreams for months. "Stand and deliver!"

Amanda again pushed aside the leather covering of the coach window and stuck her head outside. She started and jerked her head back as her chaperone, awakened by the change of motion, swatted her on the thigh and hissed, "Get your head back inside this coach this instant! What are you thinking? The last thing you want is for that heathen to see you!"

Reluctantly Amanda let the curtain drop. For the moment she had seen enough, the tall, darkly clad smiling stranger, holding two cocked pistols aimed at the coachman.

"And what have we found this night? A coach about in this inclement weather? Surely it holds precious cargo indeed to brave this night." The deep voice thrilled Amanda to her core and caused a familiar ripple through her nether regions. "Passengers! Alight! Now!"

Amanda's guardian looked around frantically as if seeking a clandestine hiding place inside the coach. Of course there was nothing. Again that thrilling voice, "Passengers! Come out now before I shoot this trembling dog of a coachman!"

Amanda felt her chaperone swat at her leg again but paid no heed as she wrenched open the coach door and swiftly stepped down. She almost bumped into the dark form standing right at the doorway. Looking up her eyes widened as she took in his seeming immense height and broad shoulders. She thought she would swoon and quickly lowered her eyes hoping the masked highwayman did not see her ardent gaze.

Although she could not see it with lowered eyes the stranger's lip curled in a half-smile and a black eyebrow shot up his forehead. "Well, well. Precious cargo indeed. And who might you be my lovely lass?"

Any reply she might have made was interrupted by the sounds of her chaperone huffing and puffing as she clambered down out of the coach. "Damn," muttered the highwayman. "Of course such as this would not travel with only one watchdog!" His voice was low but Amanda heard him and smiled in spite of herself.

"John!" The highwayman's voice sounded clear in the night. "Come aim your pistol at this old hag and keep her out of my way. I have business with this young one."

Two men materialized out of the shadow of a coach. One tried to restrain the now screaming and fighting old woman until the other held a cocked pistol against her head. All struggling stopped and the chaperone began to whimper in fear.

Amanda trembled with fear and some other unnamed emotion as she felt their leader's hand at her elbow. With a firm grip that allowed no resistance he led her away from the coach and into the shadow of the wind-whipped trees. With only slight roughness he turned her body and pushed her back up against the broad trunk of a tree.

"Do you know who I am, girl?" She thought she detected humor in his voice.

'You are Liam Matthews, the Handsome Highwayman. We have all heard of you."

Matthews smiled and nodded. "It's good to be famous. It saves so much in the way of explaining."

He took her chin in one large hand and rubbed his thumb up and down her cheek. "And do you know what I want with you, here in the darkness of these woods?"

Knowing fear too late Amanda tried to avert her gaze from her abductor. His grasp remained strong on her chin and he would not allow her to look away. Defiantly she looked straight into her eyes and was aghast to realize her trembling body was giving away both her fear and the sudden desire that weakened her limbs. As she felt his thumb, soft yet relentless, stroke her cheek she thought her legs might give way.

"Ah. More willing than she wants to admit to," the dark stranger said quietly. With no more words he pressed her back against the tree and lowered his lips to hers. Amanda struggled only half-heartedly before quickly giving way and returning his passionate kiss with the urgency of a headstrong girl's first embrace.

His lips roamed over her face, now gently brushing her eyelids, now nibbling at her ear, now the base of her neck. Amanda's breathing became quick and shallow. She pressed her young body up hard against his and wrapped her hands in his long, wavy hair. She knew a moments panic as she felt his hands pull up her long skirts and fumble beneath.

"Damn petticoats! Why you women have to where such infernal undergarments is beyond me!" Then he said no more as his hand found its prize and one thick finger buried itself between the lips of her cunny. Amanda gasped and arched her hips against his invading hand. Her eyes closed and again she thought she might swoon. One strong hand clasped her shoulder and held her up.

"Oh no, my sweet slut. You'll not faint and ruin my fun." He slapped her across the face. Amanda screamed before she realized how softly he had slapped her, how more like a caress it was than a punishment. "Stay with me, girl. I'm too close now. Don't go foolish on me." The hand under her petticoats petted and stroked. The thick finger that split her lips flicked lightly at her clit, bringing another gasp and a renewed flurry of kisses to his lips. Probing lower down her wet slit his finger slipped into her hole and there met resistance. A wicked smile curled his lip.

"Sooth! A virgin. This is indeed my lucky night!" Amanda moaned as his meaty finger abruptly left the confines of her young cunny. She looked at him with dismay and then sweet horror as she realized his hand was fumbling at his groin. Her eyes widened in surprise as he swiftly pulled....

Amy groaned in frustration as her eyes flew open. Cheated again, damn it! Night after night she dreamed this same dream and night after night she awoke before getting to see the object of her desire. Her face burned where moments before she had felt the caress of the Handsome Highwayman. She felt a flush creep up her neck and face as she realized that once again her dreams had made the face of her nocturnal lover the face of her boyfriend's father, Liam Matthews. Trying to hold his dream visage in her mind she moved one hand to her sopping pussy and one hand to a hard and swollen nipple. Savagely twisting her nipple between thumb and forefinger while her other hand roughly pinched and stroked her erect clit she brought herself to shuddering orgasm. She bit down hard on her pillow to muffle the sound of her screams. God forbid she wake her father with the sounds of her intense lust.

Rolling over she drowsily looked at the clock. Oh shit! She sprang out of bed. She was supposed to meet Robbie at his house at 9:00 this morning and it was already 9:30. Chastising herself for being late to meet her boyfriend while she fantasized about his father she hurried to take a shower and get ready.

*** Elizabeth Argent looked down at the top of Liam Matthews' head where it rested on her breast, his lips nuzzling her full breasts. She smiled but her eyes were sad.

"You've grown bored with me, haven't you Matthews?"

"I don't know what," the "what" was emphasized with teeth clamping down on her swollen nipple, "you're talking about."

Elizabeth gasped in pain and then laughed. Her voice was warm with humor when she said, "I never said you weren't a spectacular lover." Then a soft sadness overtook her again. "You still make love to me divinely but the fire has gone out, lover."

Liam stopped his tit-torture and looked up at her silently. They had been together too long to start lying now and he knew the truth of what she was saying. For 16 years they had been occasional lovers, coming together and then growing apart again as life did what life will. Still, this last coming together had lasted almost nine years now. Nine years of sharing each others' bed without straying very far apart. The infrequent one-night stand was the only break. One-night stands that they both indulged in and that neither held against the other.

"You've got another fish you want to dangle your hook in front of, don't you?" Elizabeth laughed again and flopped his soft penis over to his other thigh as she said "hook". Liam still looked at her silently, enjoying her laughter and not knowing what to say in reply.

"Don't look so troubled, Liam. It's happened before. We'll both survive it. Besides," she winked at him, "I've got a new hook I'd like to dangle my fish in front of." Sliding a leg between his she used the leverage to flip him over on his back. Quickly straddling him she spread her wet cuntlips over his soft prick and was rewarded with the feel of it twitching against her, coming back to life.

"Fuck me again, baby, and maybe I'll tell you about my new dream boy."

Her wet cunt slid up and down his hardening member. Before it was fully hard she slipped a hand between them and guided his cock into her hungry hole. Sitting up she played with his chest hair for a moment before taking each of his nipples between the sharp edges of her fingernails and bearing down. Liam gasped and bucked his hips up against her.

"What's good for the goose is good for the gander, Matthews. You torture my tits, I'll torture yours right back."

"Argent." Liam gasped short of breath as his now rock hard cock worked its way deeper into her womb.

"Yes, dear heart."

"I want," he panted in desire, loving the feeling of his sword clenched inside her sheath.


"It's been too long. I-Want-Your-Ass." Each word was punctuated by an upward thrust.

"Oh god, Matthews. You're too damn big!"

For 16 years, while they had done nearly every nasty thing they could think of together, they had rarely engaged in anal sex. Liam Matthews had a penis of almost epic proportions. A hair over ten inches long and almost as big around as his wrist. Elizabeth frequently said she liked the idea of anal sex better than the reality. Only rarely had she been able to relax her sphincter enough to take that monster in her back passage. A smile spread over Liam's face as he thought of the one time she had taken it totally willingly. A sex party where she was the main attraction. A sex party where ten men, built substantially smaller than Liam, had taken turns reaming her asshole, stretching it out and turning her on to the point where Liam's giant member slid in almost easily. An inch per man. Liam licked his lips at the thought.

"You bastard," she laughed and slapped him lightly across the face. "I know what you're thinking and there aren't 10 men here to get me ready for you." She bore down and clenched her cunt muscles around his invading cock, smiling in satisfaction as she heard his low moan.

"Maybe later, Matthews. Maybe after you tell me who she is. I know there's someone. Tell me about yours and I'll tell you about....oh!" A soft cry escaped her lips as with a violent thrust Liam's member thrust her cervix aside and he was buried all the way inside of her. All thoughts of conversation died as he held her hips for leverage and pumped several times in rapid succession.

"Oh god. The thing about a cock like yours, Liam, is that every time is like the first time." For a while the only sounds in the room were their grunts and groans as they matched each other thrust for thrust. The rising flush on her breasts and neck, the sweat beading up under his hands, signaled her impending orgasm. He had been holding back until his release was timed with her own and with all their muscles trembling they came together, his seed filling her with force as her exultant cries filled the room.

Elizabeth was not a woman easily deterred. Even the force of her orgasm could not wipe the question from her mind. "Tell me who she is Liam." Her vaginal muscles contracted painfully around his softening member. "Tell me or I'll squeeze until it breaks at the root."

Liam winced and then laughed sheepishly. "You'll despise me," he moaned.

"Tell me, Matthews." Her voice was rich with suppressed laughter. Again she clamped down.

"Argent, stop! That actually hurts you know."

"Tell me you bastard."

"Amy." Liam's face reddened with humiliation.

"Oh my god! Matthews, tell me you're joking. Robbie's little girlfriend? She's still a child, Liam. She's not even developed yet." Elizabeth cupped her lush breasts in both hands. "You want to give up these for a child built like a boy?"

"She's not a child, Argent. At least, she's beyond the age of consent. And I know it's absurd but she seems to have gotten under my skin." Liam looked shamefaced at his admission. Again Elizabeth's laughter filled the room.

"That's too funny, Matthews."

"Why is it so damn funny, Argent? She's young, yes, but she's adorable and she wants me, Elizabeth. Sneer if you must but she does, I can tell."

"Oh poor baby. I'm not laughing at you, Liam. Well, not too much anyway. But it is too funny." Elizabeth twisted her body and fell sideways on the bed. As she did so, Liam's cock was released from it's prison and came free with a soft, wet sound. She shook with laughter.

"Ask me, Matthews. Ask me who I have my lustful eye on. Ask me who I'll be balling next."

"Well?" Liam looked at her with one eyebrow raised in curiosity.

"Robbie! Isn't that too funny? You want the little girlfriend and I want the boy!"

"Robbie! Are you crazy? He's my son!" Liam's voice hovered between anger and laughter. "Talk about a child! He's never even been laid. At least, I don't think they've gotten that far yet." A worried look creased his brow. He hadn't given serious consideration to the idea that his son might have already deflowered Amy. No, he shook himself. He was sure she was still an innocent, more or less. Liam felt his cock stir as he thought of Amy, ass in the air, sucking his son's cock.

Elizabeth looked admiringly as his hardening penis. "You're not getting hard again already? All this talk about youth has you behaving like a young man again. She's really got you going, doesn't she Matthews?"

"She does, Argent. God help me, she does." He took his prick in his hand and lazily stroked it, enjoying its heft in his hand. He had nothing to do with it but he really enjoyed being hung like a horse. He enjoyed hearing women gasp when they first saw it and gasp again later when they felt it force its way into their narrow passages. As he thought of it plunging into Amy's slender, childlike body he groaned.

"Argent, you can have the boy. It will be good for him. It's about time he learned how to use that tiny prick of his." He laughed. "You think she's not developed yet. You'll be sorely disappointed when you see what my son has for you. You'll never be satisfied by that after this." He matched his words with a quick movement that had him straddling her chest and slapping her face with his hardening member before she could resist. Then sliding down her body he impaled her cunt again with his sword. There was nothing slow and easy about it this time. One thrust and he was in her up to the hilt, rocking back and forth.

She smiled up at him in pleasure. It's true, she thought, Robbie will be nothing like this. Then she thought of Robbie's hard young body, his face much like Liam's but softer and innocent. A happy thought struck her and she shared it with Liam.

"I'll be able to take him in my ass, Matthews. It won't be like being raped with that club of yours. I can finally enjoy anal sex." She laughed up at Liam. Inserting a leg between his she, once again, used the leverage to flip him over on his back, careful not to disengage the powerful cock bumped up against the roof of her cunt. Straddling him now she slowly slid up and down his immense shaft, loving the feeling of its girth stretching her wider than any lover she had ever had.

The thought of his son's cock buried in his lover's ass stirred Liam.

"That reminds me, before you got me talking about the future we were talking about me fucking your ass. You said if I told you who I had in mind, you'd let me. Give it up, Argent. Let me show you what you'll be missing if you take up with that young twit I call my son."

"God, Matthews. You can be relentless you know that?" She looked down at him with mock displeasure. But the truth was suggesting that Robbie might take her up the ass had excited her too and she felt her muscles relax and desire overtake her again. She wanted Liam in her ass, wanted to feel his huge penis reaming her. She wasn't going to give in so easily though and shaking her head "no" at him she again clenched her vaginal muscles around him, milking him.

"I don't think so, Matthews. I like you where I've got you now."

"C'mon, baby. It's been so-o-o-o- long. If you're going to make me leave you the least you can do is make little Liam, Jr. happy before you go." Elizabeth laughed again until with powerful arms he lifted her straight up and off his cock. She groaned in frustration, her cuntlips spread and her gaping hole opening and closing on nothing but air. Liam flipped her over on the bed and then roughly yanked her hips up so her ass was raised in the air. Spreading her asscheeks he raised a bottle of lube and rained a long stream directly onto her puckered rosebud.

Using both thumbs he worked it deep into her rectum, stretching her, getting her ready. As she started to writhe sensuously under his ministrations he reached over to where his clothes were piled up on the chair, grabbed his belt and, wrapping the end swiftly around his hand, he brought the buckle end down in a hard slash across her ass without warning. Elizabeth screamed and then moaned, "Oh god, yessss. Hit me again, Daddy!" Liam looked down at the large welt raised by the belt buckle. God, he was going to miss her. No other woman he knew liked to take the kind of pain he liked to dish out. Unwinding the belt from his hand he shifted it so that the buckle was now hidden in his large palm. Again and again he brought the tail end of the belt down across her ass and shoulders.

"You're a very bad girl, you know? Talking about fucking my son. Saying no to me. Telling me you don't want me to fuck your ass."

"Yes, Daddy." She was sobbing piteously into the pillow but he could see her rubbing her hardened nipples back and forth across the sheets and knew she was hot and completely desirous of what he was dishing out.

"I have to punish you, baby. You know that? You know how mad I get when you don't do what I say, do what you're supposed to do, like a good little girl, right?"

"Yes, Daddy." Muffled screams as he continue to rain blows down on her ass.

"Are you going to be a good girl and make it up to me?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"How, Argent? No little girl shit now. No Daddy shit now. You're a grown woman and you want this, don't you?"

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