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Taking Her Mate


Her tail twitched nervously as she stalked her prey, an attractive male bathing by the pool. Her sensitive ears took in the sound of his movements, the splashing water, the coarse cloth roughly cleaning his tanned skin. This human had captured her attention the moment she had laid eyes on his physically perfect form. She had been following him for quite some time now, observing his habits and behaviors. He was cautious and very smart, usually standing aside from the rest of the herd as they wandered the plains. He could easily have led the group, but rather kept to himself. She had to have him.

Moving with the ease of the cat she was, she slowly edged closer, her claws sinking into the damp ground. Although she had the build and form of a slim human female, she was covered in soft brown and black striped fur and sported the eyes, nose (but not mouth), ears, and tail of a feline, which meant she could move with the agility and hunt with the skill of a cat while retaining the ability to walk upright and form words, though they all came out sounding rough and whispery. There were others like her, she knew, but all lacked the ability to please her, much less attract her in the first place.

It had been ages it seemed since her last encounter with a male. She wanted him, needed him even. She had decided to claim him as her own, whether he willed it or not.

She felt the growl rise in her throat as a female approached him. She tried too late to suppress it but the heads of several humans snapped towards her hiding place as their fear became pungent in the air. So much for her planned attack, she thought as she plunged through the brush and vaulted on all fours towards her male.

The screams of half a hundred humans filled the air as she sped towards the pool. The female who had approached him, as well as the rest of the herd, all began to flee frantically, all except her male, who stood firmly staring into her gleaming eyes.

Was he not frightened? Did he not fear for his own life? She was still running full speed towards his unmoving form, watching the water drip from his nude body and the rag still clutched in his hand, when she felt a whiz by her ear. She swirled to find a trembling warrior trying to reload his shaking bow. She hissed violently and started towards him. He screamed and whirled, attempting to run as she hit him. He fell hard, immediately curling into a tight ball as the whimpers erupted from his throat. She hissed again as she slowly circled him, her heart thumping loudly in her ears from the short chase. Her circles grew smaller and smaller and she was just about to tear into him when she felt a tug on her tail.

She turned hissing to find her male struggling to pull her away from the warrior. She slid back a foot or two before firmly planting her claws into the dirt. A low growl signaled her irritation as his grip tightened on her tail, unrelenting even though he knew she could easily overpower him. Her attention quickly switched from the crying thing on the ground to the brave and stubborn man in front of her.

Her arousal took her by surprise as she crouched staring at him. This feeling of resistance, of a creature actually standing up to her, was quite provocative. Her tail twitched in his grasp. She heard the crying man scramble up and start to run, but her eyes never left her males gaze.

He slowly let her tail drift from his grip, stroking it as it slid from his hand. As soon as it was free, she whipped it to her side. She stood easily to look him in the eye. For the first time she noticed how much taller he was than her, never having been this close before. She stared at his still-nude form, taking in his scent and steady breathing noises.

She took a step forward and touched his shoulder lightly, trailing her claws lightly along the lines of his muscles. The fur on her hands was short and sparse so the skin-on-skin contact was electrifying. She took another step forward and trailed her other hand along his chest, loving the way he felt.

He suddenly reached up and ran his fingers through the fur on her neck, making her by reflex tilt her head the other way. She felt his other hand slide around her waist, stroking her through her soft fur and pulling her up against his body. She started to nuzzle his neck and shoulder, her rough tongue flicking out to lick along his jaw line. She began to purr, the vibrations radiating onto his neck.

The hand on her neck slid up and forcefully grabbed a chunk of her long brown hair, jerking her head backwards. Her eyes snapped open to find him looking intently at her. His grip loosened as he pushed her head towards his, kissing her gently.

Her tongue touched his and again electricity shot through her body. She collapsed into his arms and surrendered to the kiss. After it subsided, his lips moved to her ear, whispering only one word. "Where?"

She took his hand, hesitantly breaking the embrace, and led him in the direction of her lair. She had to try so hard to slow to his speed and more than once his grip on her hand was the only thing that kept her at his pace. When they finally reached the entrance to her cavernous home, she abruptly detached her hand and darted into the darkness, her purring beckoning him to follow.

She watched with her sensitive eyes as he walked into the cave and slowed as the darkness took his vision. She knew he could still hear her purring, but the echoes were playing tricks on his human ears. She rushed up to stroke his cheek then dashed away before he could grab her. He stumbled in the direction she had gone as she watched from across the room. Again she ran up to run her nails along his back, jumping away as he whirled, again unable to catch her. Finally she stood about a foot in front of him, purring loudly.

He reached out and successfully grabbed her around her slender waist, pulling her close and laughing. His laughing ceased as he locked her in an intense kiss, his strong arms tightening around her as her hands slid up to his shoulders and around his neck.

She felt his member pressing against her and moaned at its enlarged size, which she had never seen, much less felt, at its fullest. One of his hands roamed up to her chest, his thumb grazing her hairless nipple and caressing her breast.

After a little while, she pulled back as again began to lead him by the hand, back into the deeper crevices of the cave. They entered a cavern with a blazing fire, comforting in the coolness of the cave. She led him over to a large pile of animal furs she used as a bed and laid back, releasing his hand as she did so.

He smiled at her stretched out over the soft coats and slowly crawled up between her long legs, spreading them with his knees. He gently stroked her and she gasped. None of the males she had been with had ever touched her like that. He stroked her again, and again, spending extra time on her most sensitive area, his fingers moving in lazy circles.

The moans broke free from her throat as the pleasure built. He stopped and she looked down to see him repositioning himself, kneeling between her spread legs. He smiled at her and then leaned down to run his tongue along her reddened flesh, dark in the dancing firelight. She moaned even louder now, the new sensations driving her crazy. Her purring had never ceased and now it was more forceful than ever. Her tail curled as she clutched the furs around her. His tongue stoked her gently at first and then with more pressure and speed as her breathing got more and more ragged.

His hand replaced his mouth as he leaned up again. She reached down and stroked his rock-hard member as she guided it to her entrance. He slowly pushed inside as she gasped at his size and started a slow rhythm, which increased with his breathing. He thrust into her harder and harder, groaning with the buildup of pressure in his loins.

He kissed her roughly, her purring vibrating his tongue as it slid inside her mouth. He kept stroking her as he plunged roughly into her, his speed increasing as his other hand slid under her waist. He pulled her up so that she was straddling his hips and she moaned in delight at the new position. The hand around her waist held her firmly as she bounced up and down on his lap.

He sucked a nipple into his mouth, rolling it with his tongue before switching to the other one. He bit down, playfully but with force. This combined with his huge member probing her and his hand stroking her furiously drove her over the edge and she moaned ecstatically as the orgasm took her. Seeing her climax sent him over as well and he emptied his seed into her pulsing opening as he groaned hoarsely. They collapsed, their breathing ragged.

She awoke several hours later to find her male staring at her with a smile on his beautiful face. She stretched, kneading her claws on her bed. Her male reached over and stroked her cheek and then pulled her to him. She snuggled up against his broad chest and wondered what today had to offer.

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It was well written but it is a concept that has been done to death. A beast like woman seduces and fucks a handsome weakling. Not good enough to jerk off to, Try harder! Try again!

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