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Taking Jaime Ch. 03


I would like to address anon, if they plan on continuing to read my submissions. Well first let me say that I indeed did graduate from high school by the age of 16 and I took college courses while I was in high school making me a junior when I did make it to college. These circumstances are very possible seeing that I'm living it. But then again, maybe you shouldn't take the story so seriously, I mean it is in fact just a story.

To my other readers: Please enjoy and maybe give me some pointers to better myself. Thank you xoxo


****2 months*****

Two months have passed and Jamie has been getting sick making Landon worry about her. He couldn't take her to the hospital and he was definitely not a doctor. Running his hand through his hair he prayed this line would hurry up so he could get back to his Jaime.

Landon had suspicions that maybe Jaime was pregnant so he got her a home pregnancy test. But he has never seen a pregnant woman act the way Jaime has been acting. She was constantly sad and he could hear her crying herself to sleep at night. Maybe she was just worried about giving birth. He would be sure to let her know he was going to be here with her every step of the way. He was anxious for her to take the test. He thought about the events of these past two months.

They made sure she called her parents so she could assure them she was fine but they had a hard time with her brother. That guy was really irking Landon's last nerve. He wanted Vincent to just leave them be. He doesn't know why Vincent is trying to tear them apart when Landon was the best choice for her. Reeling in his temper he pulled up to his house.

He walked in and didn't see Jaime in her favorite chair. Panicking he went down to the basement although he knew she hated it down there. He didn't see her so he ran upstairs to find her on his bed reading a book cross-legged. She looked up at him with her eyebrows drawn together with a confused look on her face. He gave her a relieved smile and she shrugged her shoulders returning to her book.

"Doll I need for you to take a test for me. Drink this first." He handed Jaime a bottled water.

"Ok is it hard" she laughed a little at herself.

Glad to see her making little jokes he laughed himself, "No sweetie just pee on the stick then we will see if you pass or not."

"Ugh can you get out of here! I can't go with you in here." Jaime said throwing the toilet paper roll at Landon. They have been in the bathroom for at least five minutes and she hasn't relieved herself yet.

Laughing Landon cut the water on and turned around to look at the wall, "You can go now, I'm not watching."

"Dude you really get on my fucking nerves." Jaime stuck the stick under her and started to pee. They waited for the results to show and it seemed like the longest couple of minutes of his life. Landon prayed it showed she was pregnant. He would love to have a child with her, he wondered if the child would look like him or her. He hoped their child looked just like her.

Pacing back and forth with his hands on his hips looking at Jaime crying. She was sobbing that she couldn't have a child. "What do you mean you can't have a child?"

"I I can't ha- have a child Landon. I'm only 21 and I just can't I'm not capable of taking care of myself let alone another helpless human being" Jaime sobbed.

Landon absolutely loved this woman. She was so worried she wasn't good enough to take care of a child. Landon didn't mind having her to himself but he wanted a part of her with him always so they were having this baby. "I'm here for you doll. We will learn to do this together."

She just looked up at him and shook her head. He pulled her to a hug and she cried on his shoulder. He had to be strong for both of them. But now that she was officially pregnant he had to find a doctor that will come to the house or a private doctor he could visit. He picked his angel up and laid her on the bed. He needed to find a doctor now and fast.

Landon has been talking to people all day and now he finally had the name of a private practice doctor. He gave the man a call and made an appointment for him to come tomorrow. The doctor was adamant about getting Jaime in at his office but Landon refused to have her leave the house. He knew eventually he may have to get her out of the house but he would try everything in his power not to let that happen.

*****Next day*****

It was 6 p.m. and Landon was waiting for Dr. Shear to come over. Then he heard a knock at the door. He moved to the door to let Dr. Shear in. "Hello Dr. Shear I'm Landon Shultz we talked on the phone."

"Yes hello sir. Where is the lucky lady?" Dr. Shear said noticing Jaime on the couch. "You must be the lovely Jaime. I am Thomas Shear and I am here to check on you if that's alright with you."

"Yes sir it is" Jaime said looking at Thomas.

Landon didn't really like that this doctor was good looking. He hoped that this was going to be the only visit. "She hasn't been feeling too well lately and also we believe she is pregnant". Dr. Shear did all of the tests and talked to them about what to do and what not to do if she was pregnant. He would bring the tests back within a week to see if she was really pregnant.


Something wasn't right about this situation. The way the young lady looked at him looked like she was asking for help. She was a beautiful young lady with wild curls all over her head, deep dark brown eyes with beautiful milk chocolate skin. The man she was with was a man who was beyond rich, he had to fly over here from New York just to come see her. All the expenses were being paid by him, he even had to sign a contract that said he wouldn't let any of the records go into the public system. Thomas just didn't like the feel of this whole thing but he would get to the bottom of it.


She was devastated. A baby? She was having a baby with Landon, her captor. What the hell was she supposed to do now? There was no way he would let her give the baby up. Did this man really plan on keeping her forever? Jaime was officially sick of this shit. This man has been fucking her every single day without a condom, intentionally trying to get her pregnant. Landon has been having sex with her constantly with her for two months and she didn't enjoy it not once. Yes she came but that is the body's natural reaction to physical stimulation. And she was NOT going to be one of those stupid bimbos who developed Stockholm syndrome. Things were seriously about to change since the empty shell thing wasn't working for her.

Jaime waited until the doctor left to get up and go to the refrigerator to get her a glass of water. She was about to make this situation bad for Landon, as bad as he was making it for her.

"Is there anything you want sweetie?" Landon asked from the living room.

"Actually I would like a fruit salad, no honey dew and I also want a puppy." Jaime said with all the attitude in the world.

"You might want to watch your tone." Landon said sternly.

"And you might want to get me what I want or do you really want your baby to starve?"

Landon looked at her like she lost her mind, "Be careful little girl, and remember who is in charge here." He turned and ran up the stairs.

Jaime liked this new attitude she was getting. She was tired of him using her, from now on she was going to be calling the shots to shake things up around here. She hopped on the island and crossed her legs sipping her water with an evil smirk on her face because she was going to find her way out of here.

She was going to make this psycho not like her anymore, she was going to show him a person that she knew he didn't want.

She saw him pass by her on his way to get her order, "Don't you dare come back here with a big dog either, I hate those things." Jaime called out to him hoping he heard her. When she saw him drive off she searched through the kitchen drawers to find a fork . Instead she found a miniature flathead screw driver. She rushed up the stairs taking them two at a time going to the door that Landon frequented. She wiggled the tool in the door and smiled when the door pushed open. The room turned out to be his office....with a computer sitting on the desk. Tripping over to the computer Jaime almost cried when she realized she could get online. She logged into her email account and tried to send an email but it wouldn't send. Maybe something was wrong with her account. Still didn't work. She created a new account and tried to send an email with the new account and she still couldn't get it to send. Damn him! He must've thought she would eventually get in here. Throwing her head back on the chair she looked out the window.

There was no point in trying any of the windows because she tried opening them a couple of weeks ago and all of them were sealed tight. She knows, she tried all of them. She hated that Landon was so thorough. Jaime left the room contemplating on closing the door but thought better of it. She was about to go in every single locked room and let it be known that she was in there. Laughing she couldn't wait to see his face when he saw she was playing Dora the explorer in his house.


He wasn't really liking the way that Jaime talked to him earlier. She couldn't just bark out commands at him and expect them to be done. Although he did get her her salad and her a puppy, a tea cup Maltese to be exact, he still wouldn't let her actions get away without a consequence. That's why he had her chained standing in the corner of the basement. He thought they would never have to see this basement again but she had to go and lose her mind and talk to him in a cross tone.

Landon didn't want to harm the baby in any way so he did let her eat before he dragged her downstairs with her kicking and screaming calling him all kinds of names.

When he got home he couldn't find her. When he got upstairs he saw all of his locked doors were open, he figured she would go in his office but not any of the other rooms. He found her in the room with his contacts, contacts she soon found out were people he was selling naked pictures of her to. None of them held her face but he had over a hundred clients that were buying pictures of her in various stages of undress. He even had a list on the request wall. The request wall was a list of clients that would pay big money to see her in person.

He wouldn't let any of them touch her of course but they just wanted to see her and jerk off to her in person. Now that she was acting like a spoiled little bitch maybe he would let these men have their wishes granted. None of that is neither here nor there because she ripped them all up. That was what made him lose his temper with her. If she would just behave, he wouldn't have to punish her.

When he walked into the room and saw all the torn up pieces of paper on the floor his mouth hit the floor with them. What made it worse was that she had the second to last list in her hand and ripped it up right in front of him. Landon took two long strides to her and grabbed a handful of her hair and dragged her behind him to the stairs. She refused to walk but she did put up a small fight by flailing around and landing a kick to his groin hitting him from the back. Landon let go of her and fell to the floor holding himself while she tried to run away. He sucked up the pain a threw out him arm to catch her ankle causing her to fall on the floor. Not even thinking about the baby, Landon grabbed another handful of her hair and dragged her down to the basement with her cursing him the whole way.

She was a small whip of girl so she wasn't hard to handle but when she did that thing that little kids do when they make their whole body go limp forcing her body to the floor that made Landon even more angry and he grabbed her by the throat picking her up off the ground. While her feet stand there dangling and her eyes bugging out of her head Landon realized how aroused he was.

He was extremely hard and the fight she was putting up made him want her even more. Maybe if she was crying it wouldn't turn him on but the way she was struggling trying to get away from him made him feel like the alpha male he was. She was close to passing out so he let her drop to the concrete floor gasping for breath. Taking advantage of that time he dragged her to the chains hanging from the ceiling and secured each wrist in the cuffs. His calculations of her height were off a bit and she was forced to stand on her tiptoes when he secured the head brace hanging from the ceiling around her neck. It resembled a pillory hanging from the ceiling.

After force feeding her, Landon got his water hose and blasted her with the cold water. Watching goosebumps form on her skin and her nipples pearling up before his eyes made his pants turn into his own personal torture device. Water dripping down her beautiful chocolate skin and her eyelashes clumping together from the water made her look gorgeous. She kept sucking her lips in her mouth turning him on even more. She was still calling him names when he was splashing her in the face with the water. When she called him "weak bitch" he dropped the hose and walked towards her and pinched her nipples hard until tears ran down her face. He dipped his face into the crick of her neck taking a deep breath breathing in her intoxicating scent he bit her neck making her yelp. He walked over to his table and grabbed the vibrator placing it on her clit. She tried to move out of his way but with a strong arm he held her in place as he held the vibrator hard against her clit. He saw she was on the verge of cumming so he pulled it away fast.

He brought her to the edge multiple times refusing to let her cum. She was out of breath and kept making frustrated breaths. Landon brought her to the edge one more time pulling the vibrator away before she came. When she settled down again she said between clenched teeth, "You're a sorry excuse for a man you fucking asshole."

Laughing he said "Am I? I think I better show you what a real man is then.". When he said 'man' he thrust his cock deep in her sex. He ravaged her pussy jackhammering in and out of her. The sound of their skin slapping against each other filled the air of the basement. He used the brace holding her head as leverage going deeper into Jaime's sweet treasure. She felt so good wrapped around his cock and with the cold water warming between their bodies made tingles go up and down his spine. He felt her walls clenching him and she let out a long groan going limp on him. Landon wasn't done with her yet and he kept pounding inside of her making her cum again and again soaking his dick with her juices. Jaime was begging him to stop but for the life of him he couldn't stop, she felt too good. Biting on her shoulder Landon stopped holding his climax back and let it go through him. He was grunting and groaning letting out a long moan when he shot stream after stream of his seed in her womb. Jaime was spent. She was completely limp and couldn't even hold herself up anymore.

Unchaining her he laid her on the floor and got beside her because he couldn't move much either. There they lay on the floor trying to get some energy. After laying there for a few minutes the floor started to bite in his side so he scooped Jaime up and took her to their bedroom upstairs. He thought she was awake but when he shook her she didn't respond but he felt her breathing. She must have passed out.

He looked at his angel sleeping peacefully on their bed. He put his hand on her belly smiling at what they had created together. She has always wanted a child and now he gave her what she wanted, what they wanted. He truly loved this woman. He couldn't wait to see their baby's first picture.

*****2 months******

Things with Jaime have been getting worse. She still would snap on him and call him names forcing him to get rough with her at times. Some times she was a good girl and he would allow her to sit on his lap when the watched movies. She was always good when it came to the only company they had: Dr. Shear. About a month ago they found out that Jaime was going along with the pregnancy very well and she seemed so happy, she cried tears of joy holding on to him when Dr. Shear told them the good news. Everything in his life was just perfect now and he couldn't wait to raise his child with his soul mate.

Lately Landon has been getting calls from colleagues about a recent job he has been working on and he hated it because he could not ignore these calls . Sometimes the calls would interrupt his time with Jaime and he knew how much she hated it so he had to buy her things to show her he was sorry.


Jaime was a beautiful young lady. He felt an instant connection with her when he first saw her but now that he was seeing her every other week he got to talk to her and enjoy her conversations. Every time the other man would come around she would stiffen. And every time, her eyes looked like they were crying for help. While he was listening to her belly he heard a phone ring. Checking his phone he saw it wasn't his, it was Landon's phone. Letting out a curse, he stepped out the room to take the call. Whispering as low as he could Thomas asked, "If there is anything you want to tell me then you should tell me now."

She looked at him with wide eyes and looked around the room carefully before she spoke. "He kidnapped me about five months ago. Please help me." Her eyes were pleading.

Hearing footsteps he nodded his head sharply and proceeded to tell her that she needs to take more vitamins. She looked to Landon who seemed oblivious to her admission and he said they would buy more at the store today when they go shopping. For some odd reason Thomas got the feeling that Jaime never left this house. He was going to help her escape.


Jaime was really starting to like Thomas, he was very sexy, intelligent, and funny. He made her torturing stay a little better. When he looked at her with those crystal clear blue eyes she would melt to her core and when he touched her with his long strong hands she got hot all over. It was hard to hold back her reaction to him in front of Landon. At night she usually dreamed of him and her lying in the bed making love, the real mutual type of love that her and Landon didn't share. She couldn't believe he asked her what he did and she can't believe she answered him honestly. She just felt a connection with Thomas and she felt she could trust him.

Hopefully her admission to him wouldn't bite her in the butt later on. He looked into her eyes and gave her wink when he told Landon that he would need to come back later in the day around three. Landon told him that they both would be at work that time so they would have to meet another time. Jaime wanted to speak up and tell Thomas that she didn't have to work because she didn't even have a job but she knew better.

The last time she tried to go against what Landon said, it brought her a one way ticket to his table in the basement. He would strap her down, gag her, and force her to squirt for him multiple times. At first it was pleasurable but after a while it really started to hurt and drain her of all her energy.

She knew which buttons to push and which ones not to push through trial and error. Like the one time where she slipped up and mentioned she hasn't had a good ice cream cone in a while. Landon played along with it by saying that she never asked for ice cream while they were out but they have plenty in the kitchen. After Thomas left, Landon put a leash around her neck and tied her to the living room chair. The leash wasn't even longer than a shoelace so she was forced to stay in a sitting position. When Landon came back from the town he had an ice cream cone in his hand, set it in her puppy's bowl and made her eat it out of the bowl.

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