tagRomanceTaking Me Ch. 02

Taking Me Ch. 02


You smile and pull me up off the bed into a tight embrace. Then lifting me up into your arms, you carry me to the bathroom and sit me down on the counter. I watch you curiously as you smile at me and turn towards the bathtub. I watch as you lean over to turn on the faucet and allow it to fill with steaming, hot water; adding a few drops of lavender oil to the water, filling the air with the relaxing scent. You turn back to me while the tub fills, and begin to gently kiss me. You pull back and look deeply at me, telling one another "I love you" with our eyes. The tub is now full so you go to turn off the water. In one scoop, you pick me up off the counter and sweetly place me in the tub. I get a chill as the hot water washes over my exhausted body. You kneel by the tub and start to kiss me passionately, oh how I want you to take me again.

As our kissing continues, you reach your hand in the tub, and start to massage my breasts causing my nipples to harden. You then work your hand slowly down my submerged body making me tingle with excitement. As your hand reaches my pussy, I let out a quiet sigh. We are barely kissing, our lips just brushing against one another's, as you start to touch my clit. The combination of your gentle touch and the hot water surrounding my body is almost too much to handle. You then slide a finger into my pussy causing me to let out a moan. You finger me for a moment longer, then you get up and step in the tub with me.

"Stand up." You tell me. I do as I'm told.

When I stand, you pull me into you, feeling my warm, wet body against your cool, dry skin. You release me from your embrace and sit down in the still hot water. You then motion for me to come and sit on your lap. So I slowly lower myself down onto you, straddling you, and barely brushing my pussy against your erect cock. You pull me close and we start to passionately kiss as you run your fingers up and down my back. I then start to kiss your neck making you moan; working my way up to your ear.

I whisper, "Take me." Then taken over by my sweet words, you start kissing my neck like a savage, causing me to let out a loud moan. You then move my hips back so my pussy is lined up with your stiff cock as you slam me down onto it. We both moan loudly. I slowly start to ride you as to not splash water everywhere, while your hands are firmly grabbing my hips. We stare deeply into each other's eyes as I continue to slowly fuck you.

Suddenly, you grab hold of me tightly and stand up with you still in me, my legs wrapped tight around you. You walk us over to the counter then pull out of me and stand me up. You kiss me deeply and turn me around so my back is to you. You press my wet body against the counter, making my hips dig into the edge of the counter as you press your body against mine. You grab my neck with one firm hand while your other is tight on my hip. You pull my head back towards you so your lips are right next to my ear.

As I hear your deep breathing you roughly say to me, "I'm going to take you now. I'm going to fuck you so hard."

Hearing this combined with your breath in my ear made me tremble all over. Still gripping my neck and hip, you spread my legs apart with yours. This made me get a chill from the cool air hitting my warm, wet pussy. You then bend me over so my chest is pressed into the counter. I glance up to see your reflection in the mirror, watching your eyes as they travel down my back to my ass. You have so much lust in your beautiful eyes. As I'm lost in your reflection, you thrust your hard cock into my pussy causing me to be startled and moan. Once you're in me, you grab my hip with one hand and reach around with your other to rub my clit. As we are both overwhelmed with ecstasy, our breathing becomes heavy and our moans become louder. You start to fuck me wildly while still rubbing my clit. Harder and faster now. We are both on the verge of cumming.

You have me screaming out "Fuck me harder" and sighing your name. You're moaning loudly in replies to my cries. Then suddenly, I feel you cum deep inside of me, filling me with your warm cum, causing me to simultaneously orgasm hard. You moan as you feel my pussy tighten around you. You stay in me until you feel my pussy loosen its grip and stop pulsating on you. As you slowly pull out, we both sigh. Both knowing that we wished we never had to stop. You gently pull me up and turn me around to face you.

You turn my face up towards you with a gentle finger under my chin, peck me on the forehead, and softly tell me "I love you."

I tell you "I love you too babe." You then pull me into a tight embrace for a moment. You release me and head back to the tub, allowing it to drain completely before starting the shower.

You walk back to me, kiss me softly on the lips and with a mischievous grin you say "Clean off babe, I'll go finish dinner."

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