tagInterracial LoveTaking One for the Team Pt. 03

Taking One for the Team Pt. 03


The past three weeks were very eventful for me. Especially at work Lauren was insatiable when it came to pleasing her sexually. Not that I was complaining I had never had as much sex in as many positions and public places as I had in these weeks.

I opened the door to my apartment, putting my keys down on the table next to the door. I slumped down into my couch. Today was the only day that I had gotten actual work done without Lauren seducing me with her cleavage or her tight ass in body-hugging skirts. She had taken the day off for personal reasons.

After a while I settled in for the night, after eating dinner, I sat down and started playing on my game console.

"Okay, someone cover the right side, I will try and get the flag," I said to my online friends as we played a first-person shooter game.

"Got it," one of them replied.

We won a few games and lost some. I was about to call it a night when my phone received a text message.

"Talk to you guys and gals tomorrow," I said as I turned the game off.

Looking at the time it was just past ten. I picked up the cell phone. It was a message from Lauren. "Miss me?"

"Of course," I said as I slumped back into the couch.

"Had some papers to sign to finalize the divorce."

"Well, that sucks, sorry."

"Not really, I finally feel free."

"In that case, I am happy for you," I smiled as I sent the text. Even though Lauren wasn't near me, my dick was already hardening at the thought of her.

"I saw this T-shirt shop today, and I had them make a shirt for me that I think you would like."


There was a moment of silence before the next text came. Lauren sent a picture of herself standing in a bright pink shirt. In big black bold letters stretched across her chest, the words read KEVIN'S CUM DUMPSTER.

I had to do a double-take so that I could read it correctly. "Do you like?"

"Yes, I mean of course," I smiled, "It took me off-guard."

"Did you take a good look?"

"Yes, how can I not?" I replied as I looked at the picture again. Her chest made the words look stretched out.

"Okay, really look at the picture and not just my boobs."

I looked at the picture again this time looking at her face. Then it hit me. She was outside my apartment door. I rushed to the door.

"Took you long enough," she said as she entered.

"Well, I was slightly distracted," I smiled. "How did you get in?" I asked realizing I didn't have to press the buzzer to let her in the door downstairs.

"I pushed all the buttons at once," Lauren shrugged as she took off her coat revealing the pink shirt. It was much better to look at in person. It tightly hugged her chest. "Someone hit the buzzer, and I came up."

I knew she was talking, but I could stop staring at her shirt I was getting harder the longer I looked at it.

"Well I am glad you like it, like most shirts they are too tight around the chest," she smiled as she grabbed her boobs and bounced them.

I quickly took my cue and began squeezing them. "Well looks like I should get a shirt that says these are Kevin's property," she smiled.

"Absolutely," I said as I pulled her shirt up.

"Hold on," she said with a smile, she pushed me back. "The shirt says cum dumpster, not boob grabbing. Where is your bedroom?"

I showed her to the bedroom she smiled as she looked at the room. "I was expecting a mess," she said as she turned to look at me.

"What can I say, I am a neat freak," I shrugged.

Lauren quickly grabbed me and pulled me on top of her as she fell back on the bed. We kissed as we slowly took off each other's clothes. She rolled me over, so she was on top, her hair dragged its way down my chest as she kissed her way down my chest. She wrapped her lips around my dick and lowered her head mouth down onto it.

"How I missed this today," she said.

"I think you missed my dick more than you missed me," I said.

"Don't take it personally. If it makes you feel better I missed you telling me everything will be okay," Lauren smiled as she licked my dick from the bottom to the top.

"A little," I smiled.

"Oh honey, there is nothing little about this," she kissed her way back to my face. We kissed again as she lowered herself onto my dick. Her eyes slowly closed as she took me all the way into her. "There is nothing better than this."

She sat up as she slowly bounced up and down on me. I reached up and held her boobs as they bounced. Lauren reached backward as she rolled her hips. I loved watched my dick inside of her, and she enjoyed looking at me.

I watched as she raised herself all the way to the top of my cock then slowly slide all the way down. She did this many times before coming back to me. She put both hands on the side of me as she looked down at me. Her hair fell over us as she rode back and forth.

"Say it," she said as she knew I was getting close.

I tried to hold out, but she tightened herself around my dick, squeezing it with every move. "Come on say it," she smiled.

"I'm cumming," I gave in.

"I knew it," Lauren said as she sat straight up. She ground down on me as I began to cum inside her. Lauren moaned deeply as I filled her. "I love when you do that," she said as she lay next to me.

"Do what?" I smiled as I caught my breath.

"Dump that lovely cum into me," she smiled as she rested her head on my chest.

A short time later we both fell asleep. My morning alarm woke me up with a start. I shot upward looking over at the other side of bed. There was a note on the pillow.

Thank you for the great night, we must do it again sometime. See you at work.

I smiled as I read it, then got myself ready for the day ahead. When I finally made it to the gate Eric, the security guard motioned me to pull over to the side.

"What's going on?" I asked as he came over to me.

"She is back," he motioned to the main building.

"Who?" I asked.

"Samantha," he gave me a look. "She is already causing chaos, so be on your guard."

I went into my building thinking about all the things that Samantha could have said that would stir the place up.

"Hi again," a voice greeted me as I got off the elevator.

"Hi Samantha," I said as I walked towards the row of computers.

"Are you usually the first one here?" she asked as she followed behind me.

"Yes, I like to get everyone started on the orders and pre-orders, before Lauren comes in," I said as I sat at my computer.

"Very thoughtful," she said peering over my shoulder.

"Can I help with anything?" I asked politely.

"No, not at all," Samantha smiled. "Just making the rounds, after all, I will be taking over for Ethan next month, so I will like to be acquainted with everyone and everything before then."

"You will be the plant manager?" I asked. I knew Ethan the current manager was retiring. Everyone thought it was going to be the big bulbous guy or Lauren that would take his place.

"Yes," Samantha said as she sat down on one of the other chairs. She was wearing a white business skirt that came down to above her knees. She crossed her legs her white high heeled shoes pointed directly at me. "I got tired of all the traveling and asked to step down. They gave the option of any plant in the company. I chose this one."

"Well, that's a good thing for all of us," I smiled.

"Oh, relax," she said as she shook her head. Her long red hair shook with it. "I am not the mean bitch; everyone thinks I am. I like things done in an orderly and timely fashion that is all. If everyone does that, they will rarely hear from me."

"I am sure most of us can," I nodded.

"Good," she smiled as she stood up. It took all my might not to stare at her chest. I liked when she wore red better. The white top hugged her top half tightly. "Tell Lauren to come to her old office; that is where I will be until Ethan retires."

I watched her walk away. Samantha had a nice figure from the front and the back. Her ass wasn't as big or as curvy as Lauren's. She turned around and waved at me as she entered the elevator. I sighed as the doors closed.

"She is where!" Lauren yelled at me as I told her the news.

"Your old office," I shrugged as I sat across from her.

"That bitch!" Lauren yelled again. "She always wanted to one-up me, ever since we started together."

"Why do you think that?" I asked.

"Any plant?" Lauren asked. "She had to choose this one. She is blatantly shoving her success in my face."

"Didn't she start here?" I asked. "Maybe she just wanted to return to a place she knows."

"Don't try and defend her. I know she has a huge rack, but don't fall for the red hair, blue eyes, and huge boobs."

"I don't know..." I began to say.

"I know what you saw, and I don't blame you," Lauren smiled. "Trust me if I was a guy and had a boob fetish I would be all over her."

Lauren stood up and straightened herself out. "I will be back after I see what she wants then we will see about that," she smiled as she looked down at my pants.

The meeting seemed to last most of the day. I was beginning to get nervous. I hoped Lauren didn't become furious and say something she shouldn't or Samantha didn't push her success into Lauren's face which would make both of them angry.

I heard laughter coming from the elevator. When I looked over the computers to see who was laughing, I saw both Lauren and Samantha heading towards Lauren's office. They were both laughing and smiling. I sighed a breath of relief it would seem everything went well. After they had entered the office, they closed the door behind them.

"Kevin, come into my office," Lauren said over the intercom.

"Yes," I smiled as I entered.

"Close the door," Lauren smiled

I closed the door then stood by the desk. Lauren was in her chair, and Samantha sat in the chair across from her. "Relax," Lauren smiled. "We aren't angry at each other."

"Not now anyway," Samantha said. "We had a few objections this morning, but we have worked everything out."

I nodded. "That is good to hear."

"Samantha has a question for you," Lauren said as she turned on her computer.

"What are you doing this weekend?" Samantha asked.

"Nothing important," I replied.

"Good, I would like you to come with me to the new plant going up next week," she said sitting back in her chair. "The sales assistant hasn't been chosen yet, and the distribution manager is new, so the corporate office would like someone with experience to supervise the shipping for the opening."

"I will be still dealing with a few personal things," Lauren said. "I told them you would be the next best candidate."

"Okay, I can do that," I smiled.

"Great," Samantha said. "I will let them know you will be joining me," she said as she stood up. Again, I kept my eyes up.

"You're going to?" I asked.

"Yes, I will be training and signing some of my transfer papers," Samantha said as she walked past me. "Meet me at this address. We will take my vehicle."

Samantha nodded then walked out of the office. "What the hell?" I asked.

"What?" Lauren replied.

"You volunteered me to go?" I asked as I sat in the chair across from her.

"Yes, it is a great opportunity," she said circling the desk. Lauren sat on the desk and faced me. "I know you don't like dealing with the uppers, but think of it. They will see what you are capable of and then they will promote you in a heartbeat."

I nodded. "Okay, I just hope I don't screw up."

"Oh, you will do just fine, you can manage this place with its holiday rush. All you will be doing over there is making sure they have everything before it opens."

"You're right," I nodded. "Thank you."

"No problem."

Lauren moved so that she was now sitting on my lap with her back to me. "So were you looking at her chest?" she asked as she grinded her ass against me.

"Yes, they are hard to avoid," I answered.

"That's my boy," she said.

Lauren lifted herself off of me. She pulled her skirt up to her waist. I loved looking at her ass in the lace underwear she wore. I dived forward as she bent over. I pulled her panties down and began licking her from behind.

"That's it," she moaned as I buried my head between her legs. "Eat that pussy, lick it!" she ordered.

I held onto her hips as she pushed her ass back on my face. Lauren was moaning and twitched as I fingered her. She pushed back harder, grinding her ass on my face. I could feel her twitch with every lick and nibble. I buried my tongue inside her flicking it as fast as I could.

"Fuck me!" she screamed as she came hard.

I stood up quickly taking my dick out and pushing it into her. Her back arched as I buried myself into her. I grabbed her hips and began fucking her hard and fast.

"That's it fuck me," Lauren yelled. She began pushing back on my dick.

I slapped her bare ass cheeks as she bounced back to me. "Love this fucking ass," I said with each slap. I left my handprint on her cheeks.

"She might have bigger boobs, but I out ass her any day," she smiled as she looked back at me.

"Definitely," I said as I grabbed her hips again.

"Fuck it," she said as she pushed her ass higher into the air against me.

"Oh, I am," I said fucking her pussy as hard as I could.

"No, fuck my ass," she said.

"You mean that?" I asked as I pulled my dick out.

"Of course, I know you have been thinking about it," she said looking back waving her ass from side to side.

"Yes, but I hadn't done anal before," I admitted.

Lauren turned around shocked. "You haven't?"

"Nope," I shook my head.

"Not a surprise," Lauren nodded. "You do have a very thick dick, and long, most women would be scared of you entering them and the thought of you putting it in their ass, well I am sure they would run."

"Yes, that usually happens," I smiled. "It's okay if we don't..."

"I am not most women," Lauren said as she pushed me back on the chair. She looked at my dick still glistening from her pussy juices. She looked at it like it was something she wanted badly. "I want it deep inside my ass, and I want you to cum inside me."

Lauren turned around as she spread my legs wide. She rubbed her ass against my dick. I watched it slide up and down between her ass cheeks. "Damn that even feels good," I said.

"Never rubbed your dick between an ass like this have you?" she said moving her ass up and down.

"No," I answered watching my dick sandwiched between her cheeks.

She reached between her legs and held my cock steady as she lowered herself down. I felt my cock at the entrance of her ass. She held the head tight as she came down. I felt the head pierce her then she let go as she began to take it inside her.

I moaned as I felt the tightness of her rectum grip every inch of my dick as she lowered herself. Lauren stopped for a moment then slid up, then down. "It's a big fucking dick, have to take my time with it," she said.

I grabbed her boobs from behind and squeezed them. "That's it play with them, squeeze them," she moaned. Lauren held onto my knees as she slowly bounced up and down on my dick. "Damn I can feel every inch of your dick in my ass."

Her dirty talking made me throb harder. "Keep doing that," I moaned in her ear.

"What tell you how much I love the feeling of your dick inside my ass," she looked over her shoulder at me.

"Yes," I moaned. I felt my dick going deeper into her as she took more of it inside her.

"I love it, I want all of it, I want to bury you balls deep in my ass," she moaned. I could tell it was turning her on as well. "I want you to fuck my ass till you dump your warm cum inside it."

She was bouncing faster now, taking more of me inside her with each movement. I opened up her shirt and squeezed her chest through her bra. "Oh fuck," she moaned as I pressed them together. "Don't stop," she ordered. Bouncing harder.

I pulled each boob out of the confines of her bra. Squeezing and pinching the nipples. Lauren rocked her head back as she took me all the way down. She stopped as she grinded down on my dick. "You took it all," I whispered in her ear.

Lauren nodded and began to bounce and grind hard on me. I pushed her up and bent her over. "That's it fuck my ass, fuck it hard," she screamed.

I buried my dick deep between her ass cheeks. I watched as she took it all inside her. I slapped her hard on each cheek. "That's it use me, fuck me, treat me like your fucking boss slut!" she said. "Fuck your boss in the ass!"

I fucked her as hard as I could. "I'm cumming," I roared. I pulled back on her hair.

"Dump it, fill my ass with your cum," she screamed.

I lurched forward and stood on tip toes as I came inside her. With each spasm, I throbbed shooting cum inside her. Finally, I fell backward into the chair.

"Thank you," she smiled as she kissed me.

"I should be thanking you," I said.

"Nope, never," she shook her head.

"Now you had better go," Lauren said as she tried to get to her feet. She steadied herself by using the desk. "It might be a while before I can walk properly. I should be getting used to this feeling already."

I gathered up my clothes, then put them on as she sat down on her seat. "Don't forget you're meeting with Samantha tomorrow."

I walked out of the office nearly everyone had left except for a few that had come in late. I walked casually to the elevator. When I got to my car, Eric was standing by it. "Heard you are taking a road trip with the ice queen."

I shook my head as I opened the driver side door. It was surprising that he knew already, news traveled fast in this place. He stood next to me. "Yes, how long is the drive?" I asked.

Eric had been to every state at least once while he was in the military. "Oh, about eleven to twelve hours give or take," he smiled.

"Great," I shook my head.

"Want a piece of advice?"


"Don't stare." He said as he moved away from the car.


"I may be older than you, but I notice things, let's leave it at that," he walked over to his car then got in.

I shook my head again then got into the car, thinking what was going to happen on a twelve-hour road trip with Samantha.

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