tagAnalTaking The Power, Round 02

Taking The Power, Round 02


We walked down the street to our favorite neighborhood restaurant. We had spent many nights there eating with her hand under the table roaming up my leg to my crotch. This evening would be no different. We got a table in one of the dimmer corners of the restaurant. No sooner had we sat down than the dirty talk commenced again.

"Did you like that, baby? Did you like me fucking you? I hope so. I wanna do it again tonight."

I was so overwhelmed by the experience that I could only say yes. That sent her hand back up to my crotch. I tried in vain to concentrate on my prime rib dip but I just couldn't help but think about round two with Denise and the strap-on. We hurried through the meal, paid and left. I was almost giddy with excitement about our earlier strap-on sex and was stoked with anticipation for what was about to happen. Even though my ass was a little sore from Denise's intense pounding I was enjoying the feeling of walking. I could still feel the remnants of the lube in my ass with each step I took. It was a delicious feeling; it reminded me of the amazing sensations Denise's solid fucking gave me.

Once back at my apartment Denise took a slightly less hurried approach. We went immediately to the bedroom but we started by talking about the experience. Denise had been more forceful and commanding in our earlier encounter than I had ever seen her. She told me about how powerful and thrilling it was to finally be the one in control of fucking someone. She still loved the abandon of having a man thrusting into her pussy or ass. Her experience with the strap-on had given her a whole new experience which she really enjoyed. She liked claiming the mystic power of fucking--being the one giving pleasure to a partner by actively thrusting into them. I just liked the feeling of having someone fucking my ass again. The roles or circumstances of it weren't as important as actually having something in my ass.

This time I took the lead. As our conversation trailed off I leaned in and kissed her deeply. I ran my hands through her long, curly hair as I held her in my embrace. I savored the softness of her lips and the musky scent of her womanhood. She started to melt into the throes of desire and sent her hands searching across my chest brushing against my nipples. The intense kissing continued for several minutes. Ultimately she reclined on the bed and I followed her down, trailing kisses along her neck and down past her glowing, soft breasts to her stomach area. I lightly nibbled and licked on her fair abdomen. I took my time working my way down to her pleasure triangle. Invariably, she moaned in pleasure and delight. One thing I appreciated about Denise is that she kept her pussy all natural. There was no fancy clipping or grooming; just the soft, curly pubes that God gave her.

I moved down onto the floor so that I could get easier access to her pussy. I'm not the biggest fan of going down on a woman but I wanted to give Denise something very special and enjoyable after what she had done for me earlier in the evening. I let my tongue wander lazily over the lips of her pussy, giving her subtle nips every now and then. She started to coo and roll her head around in utter enjoyment. Few things are as purely erotic as watching a woman writhe around in ecstasy. Her pleasure was all the encouragement I needed. I moved my hand up to her pussy and began to softly stroke her clit while I continued nibbling.

She was so caught up in the pussy-licking that she started twisting her nipples. That gave me the green light to climb up on the bed with her and kiss her deeply. She always enjoyed kissing me after I had gone down on her. She enjoyed the opportunity to taste a little bit of her own juices. This time it sent her into a serious pleasure state. While we kissed I grabbed one of her small vibrators from under the bed, turned it on low and touched it to her clit. (We fucked so often that she left some of her sex toys at my apartment.) The surprise caught her off guard. Soon she was bucking and moaning and gritting her teeth as she prepared to jump off the orgasmic cliff.

The vibe hit its target and sent her shuddering into a strong orgasm. I grinned like a silly fool; I love watching a woman blast past the point of no return and explode into an orgasm. After she had calmed down a bit I whispered into her ear: "Isn't there something else you wanted to do?" She didn't need to be reminded twice. She was more than ready to climb in the harness. Our encounter earlier in the evening had begun dramatically when she arrived at my door naked except for her short leather skirt and the strap-on concealed under a long coat. This time we made the harnessing part of the foreplay.

I retrieved the dildo from the bathroom counter where it had been washed and dried. I walked into the room stroking it seductively as though it were the real, live cock of a hot lover. I kissed it right on the tip and shot Denise a mischievous smile. As I walked over to her I ran it across my cheek and my lips. I climbed on top of her and pressed the dildo in between her breasts. We kissed yet again and rolled the dildo back and forth between the two of us. I slid down onto the floor once again and picked up the harness. I tickled her feet lightly and she lifted them up. I slid the dildo harness up over her legs and past her knees. At that point she stood up and I slid the harness up the rest of the way and buckled it in place. She handed the dildo down to me and I snapped it into the retaining ring on the front of the harness.

To add to the effect I started rubbing the dildo with my hands, simulating the kinds of things I would do if it were a real cock. I took the opportunity to turn the little vibrator in the base of the dildo on. It gave Denise a pleasing buzz. She put her hand on my shoulder and gave me a little push, indicating that it was time for me to get down on my knees.

Our earlier strap-on session was very powerful and authoritative; she showed up ready to fuck and put me in my place. This second encounter of the night was far more tender; she wasn't the dominant top, she was the guiding lover. I turned around and knelt on all fours. She followed me and laid on top of me. I could feel her full, round, luxurious breasts pressed against my back with their silky warmth. I could feel the dildo hanging between my ass cheeks. I could feel her hands stroking my chest and abdomen and ranging farther down toward my cock which was already mostly hard. I had been aroused through our entire second session but not with the same desperate urgency as the first time. That gave me more time to relax and enjoy the pleasure and not just power through it

She started stroking my cock and bringing it to full hardness. The added arousal started my ass to relax. The earlier pounding had gotten it reaccustomed to taking a cock. It was very ready to accept Denise's strap-on. Once I had reached maximum hardness she grabbed the bottle of lube and squirted some on her fingers. She began working it into my ass. I didn't need much working this time and I was ready to accept the dildo very quickly. I told her to go ahead and slip it in which she gladly did. I was so ready for her that it popped in easily. I raised my head back and sighed deeply as she gave me her special gift. This fucking was much more slow and deliberate. She slowly pulled the dildo back and then pushed it back in just as slowly. I was reeling in absolute pleasure as she continued her slow, methodical thrusting. Having her body pressed against mine gave it a new sensual edge.

After about ten minutes of fucking me from behind she was getting a little bit tired. Since it was her first night of fucking someone she didn't have the stamina that comes from experience. She withdrew from my ass and got up from the floor.

"Baby, if you want more of this in your ass you'll have to do the work for it. I'll climb up on the bed and you can join me."

I didn't hesitate. I was lost in the moment and didn't even think about it. Once he had positioned herself on the bed I straddled her and impaled myself on the dildo. It felt wonderful to have the dildo back in my ass. I began bouncing up and down on her cock while I enjoyed the view of her gorgeous tits spread out across her chest. In that position she was free to return to stroking my cock which was at maximum hardness.

It didn't take much of her stroking and my ass fucking before I was absolutely ready to come. I dropped down hard on the dildo one last time as she jerked my cock to its final orgasm. I savored the fullness in my ass while it clenched tight around the dildo and my balls unloaded their load of cum all over Denise's tummy. I was completely spent!

We rolled over onto our right side so I could dismount her mighty cock. It slid from my ass and left a void inside of me which I knew I would want filled again very soon. We laid on the bed for quite a bit longer, both of us exhausted and breathing deeply. It was a perfect end to an amazing night.

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