tagNovels and NovellasTaking the Risk Ch. 03

Taking the Risk Ch. 03


This is a slow, romantic build to hot sex, between two lovers who find each other. Character based the story is about people who care and want to give pleasure to each other, in all aspects of their lives.

If you like romantic stories please enjoy, and give feedback please as the ending is not yet written! Just like in real life.


Misha stood outside the restaurant, the wind cutting through his leather jacket and the V neck black cashmere sweater he was wearing, its icy fingers reaching into his skin. Rubbing his hands together and stamping his feet he looked down the road to see if there was any sign of her.

After her sister Lorraine had said yes to baby sitting for her the next night, Misha had tried to arrange to pick Froo up from her place, but she had insisted on meeting him at the restaurant. So here he stood a hard ball of panic in the pit of his stomach in case she didn't turn up, and freezing to death.

Suddenly he saw her walking towards him, and his heart did a flip flop, the cold forgotten, all his focus on the woman getting closer with every step, her body enveloped in a shapeless dark grey coat, her hair sparkling with the damp.

"Hi, you're here! I'm glad you came."

"I'm sorry I'm a little late, my son did a big scene when I went to leave, and it took a while to settle him down."

Misha turned and opened the door of the restaurant, allowing them to go in out of the cold and into the warmth. A waiter approached and Misha gave his name for his reservation and helped Froo out of her coat, before removing his and handing them to the man standing waiting next to them. Following the waiter to their table, Misha stood until Froo was seated before he sat down and smiling looked across at her.

She looked so sweet, her cheeks slightly pink, either from the cold or embarrassment, he wasn't completely sure, and her hair curling around her face from the damp. She wore a scooped neck top that showed the beginnings of her cleavage, and Misha's eyes automatically roamed down to admire her lovely attributes.

She wasn't skinny, or even slim, but softly feminine, her curves inviting, her breasts generous and her skin, where he could see it in the scoop part of her sweater soft and creamy.

"What would you like to drink?" Misha asked dragging his eyes away from her body, and up to her face. The waiter handed them the menus, and unfolded the light blue napkins for the two people sitting opposite each other at the small and intimate table, the light from a small candle in a light blue holder giving off the gentle smell of roses.

"A diet cola, please."

"Do you want some wine with your meal? Red or White?"

"No thank you, just some still water."

Misha had a short discussion with the waiter and ordered a bottle of house red and the drinks for Froo.

A silence settled over the table as the couple perused the menu, Froo self conscious about what to order, and the prices. She had some money in her purse, but it didn't look like nearly enough to cover her half. That is if she had to pay. She was so unsure of dating etiquette, do you go halves, or does the man pay nowadays? What should she do? Order the cheapest thing and just wait and see? Or should she say something now, maybe check and see, or would that be churlish?

"Do you like fish? Because I can recommend the Sea Bass here, and they also do a really good Calves Liver."

Froo looked up, "Umm I, Ummm, Misha ............." she started to say, embarrassed and unsure how to put the delicate question of the cost of the meal.

Misha looked across at her, a frown on his face at her obvious worry about something, and then it clicked.

"Froo, I've invited you out tonight, please choose what ever you want, the meals on me."

And then she gave a big smile and his heart just melted.

After they ordered and while they waited for the meal to arrive, Misha asked Froo about herself. Self conscious as ever, she didn't know what to say, so she summed up her life in one sentence, "Met my future husband at sixteen, married at twenty one, mother at twenty five, divorced at thirty. Just your every day boring life."

Misha's eyebrows frowned causing deep creases between his eyebrows and said, "Back up, start at maybe fifteen. What ambitions did you have at that age, what did you want to do with your life then?"

Froo laughed, "Fifteen, I just wanted to go out and enjoy myself, what about you?"

"Fifteen, I was training for my school and county swim teams, looking to be chosen to swim for state, and then eventually the Country, main focus the Olympics."

"You're joking?"

"Nope." leaning his chin on his hand, "I was very focused, made the state, got a scholarship at UCLA, then was in a car smash that put an end to my dream at the age of twenty-one. You know that cartoon where you have a person in a hospital bed covered head to toe in bandages, arms and legs akimbo?"


"Well that was me." and laughing said, "and it was the best thing that happened to me."

"What do you mean?"

"Well for eight weeks I was dependent on people to help me. To feed and wash me, help me do all the daily things you need to do, and it taught me to appreciate others instead of being so focused on myself. Having to talk to people as I lay there in traction unable to move it taught me that everyone is interesting, with their own story, and it also taught me that life is for living and enjoying as you only get one shot."

Looking at the lovely woman in front of him, his clear blue eyes smiling into hers, he whispered, "Now tell me your story, what your hopes and dreams are, what you like, what you hate, and why you think your not interesting and worth knowing. Because my lovely and very beautiful Froo you are an expert at deflection and it is not going to work on me."

Froo sat there a wonderful glow settling over her, he had called her lovely and beautiful, and no one had said that to her in so long, especially a man, and one as attractive as Misha.

During the next couple of hours, as they ate the meal they had ordered, Misha slowly drew out of Froo all about herself, the soul music she loved to hear, the nineteen fifties film Noir movies she liked to watch, what she did at college and how she had wanted to teach history, but ended up working in a local department store in the accounts department. How she met her husband and got married only to find out it was a mistake, but too scared to admit it to her family, until last year. She told him about her love of good art and going to the London Museums and art galleries, and how she wished she could have travelled and seen the world, but never got further than France and Spain."

Misha listened, entranced by her, realising that there was a lovely, interesting woman who for reasons he still had to find out, had been stopped at reaching her full potential, and knowing that he wanted to be there to watch her to find it.

As she spoke he watched her face, animated and glowing, her voice sweet and gentle, her mouth so kissable, and he could feel himself falling deeper for her, the initial electric attraction and connection that had happened the night before, taking deeper root, and spreading like tentacles through his soul.

He had lived, and loved before. He was a man who enjoyed the company of woman, and had very rarely been without a companion in his life, but for some reason he knew, deep down inside of himself that this was the one for him, and he was going to help to build her confidence that had been destroyed and start to live, making a life together.

As they walked back to her car, Misha held her hand in his, warm and large it engulfed her small one.

She had so enjoyed the evening, feeling so much more relaxed than when she had arrived, nervous and scared. But he had put her at ease, listening to her as she talked, and telling her funny stories about himself. Making her laugh at the ridiculous picture he painted of his cousins and himself walking around a multi storey car park last week when they went out to a shopping mall, and only after walking around for nearly an hour on all the different levels, looking for the missing car, convinced it had been stolen, remember that they had parked in another of the malls car parks, and all of the four cousins laughing so much at their stupidity they fell to their knees, gasping for breath.

He told her about his family, large and boisterous, the cousins all close, competitive at games, and how over the week with them he had been fleeced at a running poker game, his cousin Corey winning his money and then taking him out for the night to one of the most popular clubs in town on New Years Eve, and thanking Misha for bank rolling the evening at the end of it.

When they reached her beaten up ten year old Ford Focus sitting parked in a side street she got the keys out of her bag ready to open the door, turning and about to say thank you for such a lovely evening, she found herself looking up, Misha standing close.

He put his arms each side of her against the car and leaning down, his eyes watching hers, bent his head and kissed her. Soft lips against hers, his mouth slightly open, warm and gentle, his lips moved, nibbling and caressing, and then she felt his arms snake around her, pulling her in close to his body as the kiss increased. His tongue met hers, rubbing and swirling in a sensual dance, a low moan rumbling from his chest as his arms tightened, his hips leaning in close, the cold night around them forgotten.

Slowly the kiss finished and Misha buried his face into her neck, kissing and nibbling her neck with his teeth, his warm mouth moving down towards the collar of her coat, her head leaning back, her eyes closed, waves of pleasure warming her.

She felt him undo her coat and his arms reach in, his hands sweeping up her back, his face moving down, until his open mouth gently sucked at the base of her neck, before rising up for another deep and passionate kiss.

"Froo," she heard him say in a hoarse, deep growl, just before turning his head and kissing her again, his clever tongue plunging deeper, his hands moving up and down her torso, his hips pressing her body hard against the side of the car.

Panting slightly she drew back, her trembling hands pressed against his chest, her mouth wet, lips tingling, her voice faint and shaky, "Please Misha."

"Please what Froo? Please more? Please don't stop. Because I know I don't want to. I could stand here all night and just kiss you, and never want to stop."

"I'm scared."

"No need to be, I'll never hurt you."

"You don't understand."

"What don't I understand Froo? That I want you, that I need you, so much it hurts. That last night I went home from your sisters and lay in bed just thinking about you, burning up with thoughts of you." and bending down he kissed her again, deep and slow, his clever hands sliding up her back, inside her coat, to the back of her neck, holding her still for his mouth as it took hers in a kiss so sweet it took her breath away.

As he slowly broke the kiss, he leaned his forehead against hers, whispering to her, "I promise never to do anything you don't want. I understand you're nervous and this is all new to you. Let me take you out for dinner again tomorrow, we'll take it as slow as you want, just let me see you again."

"Umm, I don't know. I'm not sure I can get a babysitter for tomorrow, and Jace would be upset if I didn't spend a third night with him."

"Let me take you both out, you have to eat. I can take you both out. Does he like burgers?"


Kissing her forehead, he whispered, "Then it's a date, Burgers and the three of us. Tomorrow, I'll pick you up at your place, about seven, and we'll go and eat, and I promise to behave."

Smiling Froo looked up into his bright blue eyes, "Make it six, he's only four and gets hungry early."

"Six it is." and bending down for one last kiss, his mouth closed over hers before he pulled himself away and helped her into the car. Bending over, his head looking in at her through the open door, he said, "Drive carefully, and I'll see you tomorrow." before closing it.

Misha watched her pull out of the space and drive away up the road. His groin was tight in his trousers, his heart beating fast, his mind like mush.

So this is what it's like, real passion, and real love. Tonight was just the start, and he was looking forward to tomorrow, his plan of winning her taking root in his brain. For he knew it wasn't going to be straight forward, but he was a patient man, and he was in for the long term.

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