tagNovels and NovellasTaking the Risk Ch. 14

Taking the Risk Ch. 14


Thank you to all those who have left messages, and as I write I am taking your suggestions to heart, I hope you take Misha and Froo to yours/

This is a slow, romantic build between two lovers who have found each other.

Character based, the story is about people who care and want to give pleasure to each other, in all aspects of their lives. But to love someone, you must learn to love yourself.

If you like romantic stories please enjoy, and please give feedback, as the ending is not yet written! Just like in real life.


Slowly becoming awake, Misha lay on his stomach, his head pillowed on his bent arm, his body spread out across the bed, one leg thrown out to the side, alone, no sign of Froo next to him, no warm body to snuggle up to.

Turning over onto his back he unconsciously scratched at his chest, trying to listen out for sounds in the apartment. Remembering last night and her reaction to him when he got a little angry worried him.

If they were to have a strong and happy relationship he knew he was going to have to help her to understand that he would never hurt her if they lost their temper with each other occasionally. It was only natural that sometimes they would disagree and have words, and he didn't want to always walk on eggshells around her, the strain of trying to act unnaturally would be the kiss of death in any relationship, for both of them.

He needed to build up her belief in herself.

Climbing out of the bed, he padded naked out into the hall calling out for her, "Froo, where are you?"

"In here." Her voice drifted down to him from the other end of the small apartment. He found her in the kitchen, the fridge door open with her standing in front, pulling out a carton of orange juice.

"I got lonely in the bed without you there. How long have you been up?" Standing behind her, he reached over her shoulder, reaching for the carton of milk and holding it up to his mouth taking a long swig straight from the oblong box.

Glancing over her shoulder as he tipped his head back drinking, "Not long, are you hungry, do you want some toast and juice?"

"Yeah, that would be nice. But before then I want you to come with me." and putting the carton back in the fridge, he took the juice carton from her hands and put it down on the counter behind them, then closed the fridge door.

"Come on baby, I want to show you something." Taking her hand he led her down the hall to the bathroom and positioning her in front of his naked body, so that she stood facing the large mirror over the sink, he told her, "I want you to look at yourself in the mirror Froo. Really look at yourself."

Froo looked at the reflection of the two of them. There she was, her reflection looking back at herself, soft brown hair around her face, her body encased in the plain white cotton shapeless nightdress. Her face devoid of make up, framed against Misha's wide strong chest, his handsome face above hers.

Starting to turn around, she felt him hold her still, his hands on her shoulders.

"No, stay there and really look at yourself."

"Why. I hate looking at my self. I know what I look like."

"No you don't. You think you do, but you don't. The tape in your head is playing back the wrong picture, and you're listening and believing. What I want you to do is see yourself as I see you, as you really are. I want you to see us in the mirror, see me as I really am, and not as some image that you have."

Trying to move, she felt his hands tighten." Stand still Froo and really look. Tell me what you see."

Looking in the mirror, a pained expression on her face she looked at herself, "I see an overweight, boring thirty year old mum. I see a pushy tall and very good looking naked man standing behind her."

"Shall I tell you what I see? I see a lovely person, a caring mother of a little boy, a sexy woman with a beautiful face, skin soft and clear, and stunning deep green eyes framed by long lashes. A sweet mouth that when it smiles melts my heart, and lights up a lovely face. I see a woman who is fun to be with, interesting and intelligent,"

Misha continued, "I see a feminine body, soft and inviting, a woman not a girl. Lovely full breasts, a round inviting soft tummy, shapely legs, generous hips that when you walk move in the most sensual way, causing your bottom to roll and call to me, giving me erotic thoughts. I see a woman that has triumphed over a bad marriage, a woman that is careful and kind, sweet and sexy, and Froo my love, I see a woman who has never appreciated herself, or loved herself, and in life, you can never really love someone else fully, or believe they could love you until you love yourself."

Froo stood there, tears starting to pool in her eyes, as she continued to listen to the quiet voice behind her as he told her, "The image you hold of me Froo is not real, it's just an image. When I look in the mirror what I see is a man who is kind, patient, a good friend to others. I see a man who likes himself, likes how he looks, and likes what he is doing with his life. I see someone who is strong, but knows when to hold back, is easy going, laid back but knows what he wants and isn't frightened to go for it. I see a person who is not perfect, but can admit it without it bending himself out of shape, and knows there is room for improvement, but hell, I ain't going to let it dominate my life Froo, I'm just going to try to do my best, which is all I can do. I am someone who can lose my rag, but I'm human, I make mistakes, and so do you sometimes, but that is human to. The trick is to forgive yourself when you do, and move on."

Kissing the top of her head and folding his arms across her front, he pulled her back against his chest, "I see a couple, a man and a woman. People who can enjoy each other, have fun, explore and experience life together, care about each other and support each other when things get difficult. Now tell me again what you see?"

Shaking her head, the tears running down her face, she was unable to speak for the emotion in her throat. Misha lifted up a hand and tucking her hair behind one ear bent down and kissed it. Slowly he lifted up the nightdress, raising it up so that it uncovered first her knees, and then her thighs. Watching her face looking back at him in the mirror, he kept on revealing more of her body, her soft thatch of light brown curls at the apex of her thighs, then the swell of her belly, and all the time he watched her eyes in the mirror, the tears hanging there on the edge of her lashes, wide and green, like small bright emeralds that had been washed in the rain.

Breathing slowly, her heart beating Froo stared at the reflection in front of her, Misha's blue eyes warm and sensual as he carried on lifting the white material, moving it over her navel, to under her breasts, and then she heard him whisper, "Lift up your arms babe, stretch out like a cat for me, look at yourself and really see yourself as I see you."

Froo lifted up her arms, as the cotton continued its journey up, higher and higher over her face and up her arms, until the fabric no longer touched her body. Closing her eyes, she stayed stretched out, Misha's hands gently stroking her skin with his fingertips, "So soft, like silk." he crooned in her ear, "and so pale against my darker skin. I love the contrast, and I love the little mole you have on the underside of your left breast." and his fingers stroked the breast, swirling around the tiny small mark, "I love your sexy nipples, they stand out at me, hard and firm, and when we made love the other night I could feel them rubbing against me, so erotically." She sighed as he ran the back of his fingers across her nipples, once, twice soft as a feathers touch.

Leaning back against him, arms raised, eyes still closed, she listened as he talked to her, her mind absorbing the compliments and the sensations on her body, making her feel warm and wanton. She felt his fingers wander down to her tummy.

"I love your navel, it dips in like a little love hole, surrounded by soft silken skin, a place to rest my head, like a little pillow, just made for me." and then his fingers reached her mound, "Mmm, Froo, some men love their woman to shave themselves down there, but I don't. I love your silky curls, it shows you're a real woman, and it points down to heaven for me."

As he was talking she felt his hand slide down between her thighs, his middle finger slipping between the folds to gently rub her hard nub, back and forth, sliding across the sensitive bud, the heat starting to build inside her groin, the flutter in her belly, the pulse growing stronger as he lightly touched her.

"Open your eyes baby and watch, see yourself in the mirror, so sexy, so beautiful, so erotic."

Fluttering at first, her eyes opened and looked at the man and the woman in the mirror. She hardly recognised herself, arms high above her head, her breasts raised up and thrust forward, nipples hard and pointed. Her eyes glittered, not just with tears now, but with excitement, her mouth slightly open, her breaths shallow, her cheeks flushed, she looked wanton and desirable, and behind her the man, looking at her with a sensual caress in his eyes, one dark golden arm pointing down across her body, his hand tucked between her thighs, the other holding her in place around her waist, giving support.

"What do you see now Froo, tell me what you see?"

"Someone who's being loved."

"Yeah baby, someone who is worth being loved." and his nail scrapped faster across the now engorged clitoris, making her melt as the sensations started to assault her.

Watching in the mirror she stared fascinated as he worked her, his finger bringing her higher and higher, the sight so erotic, so fascinating, she couldn't take her eyes away, until she came, her eyes then closing in pleasure, her arms dropping down to cover his as they showed her just what a little bit of heaven is really like.

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