tagNovels and NovellasTaking the Risk Ch. 17

Taking the Risk Ch. 17


This is a character driven story, of two lovers, Misha and Froo. But in life, no relationship is in isolation and theirs is no different.

I have incorporated some of your suggestions into the story and would like to thank those of you who have sent messages saying they are enjoying the story so far, and have commented in which direction they would like the story to go.

This chapter is for you guys, and you all know who you are.

Please send feedback, and like in life, you never know what is round the corner!


The sleek black sports car sped up the Motorway, the fields of Bedfordshire each side covered in a light sprinkling of snow. On the radio Springsteen pounded out, singing a song of urban America, whilst Misha's fingers drummed out the beat on the wheel under his hand.

His mind was on Francesca, and the fact that each time he had told her he loved her, she had never replied back, never said how she felt, never told him that she cared for him in any way.

It had all happened so fast, he knew it was something that had hit him at first glance, love at first sight, and that for her it wasn't. But he had no real idea how she did feel, and it hurt him, needing to have some verbal confirmation of her feelings, needing to hear the words.

He could see in her eyes that she cared for him, but to what level? When they made love, he could see deep passion in her eyes, when he was with her during difficult situations he was beginning to see the trust in her eyes, and when they were out, socialising with each other, or with others, he could see the pleasure of sharing moments of fun together. But not love, not what he wanted, and needed.

Putting down his foot on the gas, the car sped up, overtaking the other vehicles moving slower in the inside lane, getting closer to the junction where he would turn off for Milton Keynes, and the video shoot.

Clearing his mind of his private musings, he started to concentrate on the job at hand and the client they were doing the shoot for, sorting out in his mind any problems that might arise and how he could solve them in advance.


Froo sat on the floor, Jace in front of her, running a small toy car into the brightly coloured miniature plastic garage, and making little noises that simulated the noise of an engine. Smiling at the memory of how her son so easily accepted finding her and Misha in bed together that morning, and the look on Misha's face when he had to deal with it made her happy.

After he had left for work, she had sat eating some toast and thinking about what had happened in her life over the past three weeks, and how the sexy charismatic man had seemed to infiltrate it, becoming such a focus and turning her quiet life upside down.

Just thinking about the wonderful sex made her tummy flutter. He made her feel so special, her body alive, vibrating with feelings she had never felt before. His gentleness with her and his sense of fun made her feel relaxed, happy, safe and protected. She remembered how he had stood in front of the bathroom mirror, stroking her body and telling her how beautiful she was to him, and how just a little look from him at her parents had made her feel stronger, able to stand up for herself against the small barbs from her mother.

There was a side to him that was a little overpowering, organising this meeting so fast with the Lawyer and now telling her she was staying down at his place tonight. Was she falling into another relationship with a man who would take over her life, believing he knew what was right for her?

Not having been divorced that long, and having very little experience, she was worried that life was going to repeat itself. After all Misha was only the second boyfriend she had ever had, and she had married her first, and look what a disaster that had turned out to be.

It had only been three weeks. Maybe he would tire of her soon? Move on. He was so good looking, he could have anyone. Why was he spending his time with her and her son?

Best to just enjoy the moment while she could, enjoy it whilst it lasted. Until he found someone else maybe. Someone who was really more his style.

Someone without all the added complications such as an abusive ex husband and a young child in tow.


Froo's mum listened to the voice in her ear, the plastic handset held against her head buzzing with advice from Angela, her best friend.

"I agree, he says that he's living here now, but what about in the future, what if he decides to go back to America and takes Francesca and Jace with him, when will you get to see your grandson? Once a year if she comes over here for holidays, if you're lucky!"

"I know, and you know what she's like. She'll end up doing whatever the man says. Doesn't ever listen to me. I told her years ago when she first met Gary that she should wait, not rush into relationships, and now she's doing it again, and with an American of all things."

"You said he was very good looking."

"Yes, I've no idea what he sees in Francesca, it's not as if she's the most gorgeous woman he could find. I know she's pretty in a gentle kind of way, not like Lorraine, classy and slim, but sweetly appealing in an average sort of way. Maybe he'll get fed up with her having a child around all the time?"


"Well I'll just have to hope he does get fed up, or I might just lose seeing her and Jace, and it would kill me if she moved away."

"Pamela, wouldn't Gary have a say in his son moving to another country, I'm sure he'll put his foot down."

"If push comes to shove, he would. Maybe that's the answer, if I remind her that Gary is the father and wouldn't want his son to live over there in another country, half the world away. That she should keep that in mind, if she continues with this man."

"I'm sure if you put it like that she'll reconsider."


Diane stood arms crossed over her chest, a look of petulance across her pretty face.

"Just one weekend without the kid Gary, that's all I ask. One weekend to ourselves without your son hanging off you."

"Sugar, I know you want to go away by ourselves, but he's my son, he's part of me. Either take both of us or none at all. It's non negotiable."

"Look Gary, I'm not saying no to every weekend, just this one weekend alone. You and I. We could go on the ferry across to Amsterdam, make it a long weekend, have some real fun, and you could see your kid during the week to make up not seeing him this weekend. How about it? Sounds good?"

Slipping her arms around his neck, and rubbing her body up against his, she whispered to him, "I hear they have all types of fun things to do in Amsterdam, things you would really like, away from small prying eyes. Things I would like to do to you, and you to do to me."

Gary slipped his arms around the blond woman's waist, pulling her tighter against his groin.

"We might even get some new ideas, smoke a little weed, chill out, get pissed, behave badly. Very, very, very badly. What do you say. A dirty weekend in Amsterdam, just three little days alone. No work, no distractions, just you and me and lots of sex."

A hot flush was rising up the man, erotic pictures filled his mind, and she knew she had him as she wiggled her hips against his, feeling the hard erection behind his trousers, and the interest she could see now lit behind his dark brown eyes.

"Just this one weekend Diane. This one time."

"Mmmmn just keep in mind Gary what I'm going to do to you when I get you alone over there."

"And what's that Sugar?"

Rising up on her toes, and placing her mouth by his ear she proceeded to tell him, in very explicit detail.


Misha took the ringing mobile out of his pocket, and saw it was a call from Froo. Walking away from the area that was being set up and lit ready for the shoot, where the two members of staff to be filmed nervously rehearsed their lines about how great their company was to work for, and how they enjoyed their jobs, he found a more private spot to talk.

"Hi babe, what's up?"

"Misha, I'm so sorry to call you when you're busy, I hope I haven't interrupted anything?"

"No problem, we're just setting up a shot, very boring and long winded, what's wrong, I can tell there's something by your voice."

"Gary called. He wants Jace tonight as he's going away for the weekend, and can't have him then. I'm sorry if it mucks up your plans but I won't be here for you to pick up on time, and I will have to pick him up early tomorrow morning."

"No problem, what time does he want you to drop him off?"

"About seven."

"Phone him back and tell him we will drop him off at about eight, I'll make sure I get over to you earlier than I planned, and we'll drop him off before going down to Guildford. Tomorrow we can pick him up real early, say eight thirty and still get back down for the appointment."

"He won't like it if I tell him that."

"Tough. He's the one that is making the change of plans at the last minute; he'll have to wait for us to do the drop. I don't want you to do it alone, nor for him to come over to pick Jace up when you're by yourself."

"What if he insists?"

"Froo, you have an entry phone system, just don't let him up. Tell him it's our way or no way. I know you can do it. If he shouts down the phone at you put the phone down. Take control, start to teach him that he has to work with you and not order you about."

"He'll be furious."

"Not as furious as I'll be if he upsets you in anyway. Call me back if you have any trouble, and Froo, you can do it. Your strong, you're in control and you have the power."

Froo sat there, the line now dead, dreading making the call to Gary, but knowing she must. Misha was right. For so long she had let him take control, run when ever he told her to, tried to placate him, and it hadn't worked. Now she was going to show Gary that he would have to compromise, deal with a new Froo, she was going to get back some control into her life.

Reaching for the phone, she mentally rehearsed what she was going to say, butterflies in her tummy, but determined that she was going to be strong and get her way.

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