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Tales from Snippettsville Issue 04

bySnippettsville Group©

Hello, and welcome to the fourth issue of Tales from Snippettsville, Short Stories From A Small Town.

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Contents of Issue 4
Scared Of Heights by PierceStreet
The Golden Oak by wildsweetone
A Peaceful Place by BlackSnake
Wishes by sailorm72003

Header Picture, (c)BlackSnake, 2003
Footer Picture, (c)Alex de Kok, 2003

Now read on...

* * * * *

Scared Of Heights by PierceStreet

"Are you OK?" Molly yelled up to the young man standing on the cliff ledge. He was shaking like a leaf.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"You don't look fine," she said almost conversationally.

"I'm scared of heights. I thought maybe I'd confront my fear. OK with you?"

"Boy," Molly thought to herself, "give a damn about your fellow man and all you get is attitude." She didn't know the guy, so he was probably one of the college guys that came up to Green Lake on weekends to camp. "He's kind of cute."

Molly was out fishing in her Dad's bass boat when she noticed him standing on the cliff overlooking the lake. The popular lookout had an easy trail leading up to it from behind.

His attitude sparked her mostly latent brat tendency. "If you really want to overcome your fear, jump! The water here is deep."

The guy went white as a sheet.

"Come on," urged Molly, "all the kids do it around here."

His knees where shaking now like he was doing some native dance.

"What's wrong?" she challenged, "Never done anything impulsive?" He shook his head no.

"Jump, and maybe I'll do something impulsive too."

"Why the hell did I say that?", Molly wondered. "You can be a bratty little bitch sometimes. Oh well, he isn't reacting. Time to up the stakes." She whipped off her t-shirt, and looked up at him, giving him a good look at what she was offering. Still he stayed frozen. He wasn't going to jump, and his male ego wasn't going to let him turn and walk away until she left. Molly scooted back to the outboard and started it.

A scream made her look up. The guy had taken a running start and leaped.

He hit the water and disappeared below long enough to concern her. He bobbed up near the boat. Molly laughed, "You crazy asshole."

"Shit." thought the tomboy. "What am I going to do now?" Then it occurred to her, "I've had guys exaggerate, scheme, and tell me sweet lies to be with me, but never has one done what he feared the most." She helped him into the boat, and wasn't surprised when he thought it his right to press his wet body up to hers and kiss her deeply.

"Sit down." she commanded, as she put the boat in motion. She pulled the boat into a secluded cove and tied it to a tree. They waded ashore. He turned to her, grabbed her arm, and pulled her to him. His hands explored her ass while they kissed, then started working her shorts down. Molly pulled his shirt up over his head, then unbuttoned his shorts. Things were moving fast, the release of adrenaline making him frantically horny. And it was catching, and all too soon, they were on the ground, he buried in her, her legs wrapped around him.

He was approaching his climax, when Molly admitted to herself it wasn't going to happen for her. Normally it did, but normally there was more foreplay then this. It was OK, it still felt good, and he'd confronted his worst fear. He deserved a reward.

Movement caught Molly's eye. There was someone on the hillside above. At first she panicked, then recognized Jack from the diner. She motioned for him to be quiet, and not disrupt the young man's pending orgasm. Then something amazing happened, Molly felt her own orgasm come out of nowhere and overwhelm her. Molly shouted her joy to the world, or at least for Jack to hear.

And an exhibitionist was born.

* * * * *

The Golden Oak by wildsweetone

The wooden kauri penholder sat on the desk, its ink pen held in the manicured hand of Mrs Dresden, sole remaining owner of The Golden Oak.

The Golden Prison would be infinitely more correct, she thought as she signed each goatskin sheet in front of her. The new Deed completed, she folded then replaced it in the vault behind the Renoir.

Her family originally from Duchy English soil, Elizabeth recalled her mother talking about 'Home' and how Snippettesville would never equal what they'd been forced to leave behind. Having no siblings, she had inherited the property alone.

"Aunt Elizabeth, are you finished in here yet? I need you upstairs for a few minutes." That Kevin leaned with indifference against the oak doorframe did nothing to dispel his air of excitement.

"What is it now, Kevin?" Elizabeth did not lift her head.

"For God's sake, Aunt. Just leave that paperwork and come upstairs."

Unwilling to wait for her to finish her paperwork, he took Elizabeth's hand then firmly propelled her through the door and up the highly polished oak staircase.

"Kevin dear, I simply don't have time."

"Yes Aunt, you always have time for this." He led her firmly into his own room and pushed her backward onto his four poster bed. The curtains trembled as the bed rocked with her slight weight.

Unable to help herself, she smiled as she watched him kick the door shut with his foot. He undressed as he sauntered towards the bed. Clothes strewn all over the room like scattered remnants of tornado struck homes.

She watched his firm body as he straddled her. At her awed expression, he slipped inside her warm wetness without preliminary playing. Like sweet wine smeared over her skin, he slid in and out without difficulty. When the sharp intake of air paled her features, he brought her back to reality with a sharp slap across her alabaster face. Immediately she drifted into the space known only to submissives where all life ceased to exist and all thoughts cleared her mind. The hot sting from the slap kept her attention solely on him and she moaned as he lost control pumping his shaft deep inside then collapsed upon her lean body.

Elizabeth drifted then, a heavy sleep enveloping her body. She did not feel the prick as the blade slid home. With a last sigh, she lay still. The red river of blood seeping from the wound and soaking into the white sheet.

Kevin removed the stiletto from her body, wiping it on the sheet beside her then pocketed the weapon. He dressed and without looking back at her, he left the room. Once inside the study, he pulled the Renoir aside, turned the vault knob listening for the telltale clicks until the heavy door opened.

He reached inside, lifted out a wad of papers and spread them across the top of the oak desk. Grabbing the Deed, he opened it staring at the signature scrawled at the bottom of each page.

All five pages had the inked word 'Sub'. Roaring with anger, knowing the Will was void and the estate proceeds would go to the originally intended new Snippettesville Kindergarten, Kevin threw the offending document to the floor. He had no possible way open to pay off his gambling debts now.

He sat on the leather chair behind the desk, reached for the bottom drawer, opened it and gripped the cold metal gun in one hand. He lifted the barrel to his mouth, stared straight ahead at Elizabeth's portrait and pulled the trigger.

* * * * *

A Peaceful Place by BlackSnake

Kimberly could hardly believe just how peaceful Snippettsville was. In the city, she never would have dreamed of leaving a door unlocked. She opened all the windows and doors to let the morning fresh air and breeze blow through the house.

Still wrapped in her bath towel, she stood out on the back porch feeling the cool breeze against her fair skin. Everything had the feeling of a quiet poem. Her husband, Daniel had promised to find her a nice place to live once they got married, but she didn't imagine a place so perfect.

"Well Mrs. Adams," Daniel said walking up behind his new bride, "you said you wanted a place where you could run naked."

Kimberly turned around smiling at her husband as she backed onto the top step holding her towel with both hands. She spun around leaping from the steps landing barefoot on the grass and letting her towel float to the ground.

Daniel snatched his towel from his waist and chased after his naked wife. He tried to catch her before she got to the hammock, but she was in far too good shape for him. He had fallen in love the first time he saw the way her calves poured into the back of her heels like an upside down rain drop. Her beautifully sculptured thighs and curvy hips set off her plump little ass. He hadn't been much for tits, but she had enough to fill his hands, which he was very happy with.

Kimberly giggled as she climbed into the hammock and made room for her husband. She kissed him as he relaxed next to her swinging under the trees. "This place is so beautiful," she said laying her head on his chest.

"Yes, but I wonder what the neighbors are going to think seeing us naked out here," Daniel said.

"I don't care…let them look. I love this place," Kimberly said. "If they look hard enough, they may see something else." She giggled and began stroking his cock, making it hard.

"You're bad," Daniel chuckled.

"O' yeah," she said rolling on top of him and guiding his cock into her. "How about now?"

"O' you're really bad," he kissed her lips sucking her tongue into his mouth.

They were getting into motion when the blast from the sprinklers hit them. They rolled out of the hammock and ran up on the porch laughing and giggling. Kimberly wrapped her arms around her husband's neck and kissed him deeply. They fell against the doorframe passionately grasping each other's bodies. Kimberly got her legs up around Daniel's waist as he thrust his cock into her.

"Ah!" she cried out, holding onto him tight as she felt the length of his thick cock hit her g-spot.

Daniel grunted and drilled his cock into the softness of her love canal. He had married her two months after they had met and moved her to this quiet town to have her all to himself, and he had planned on having her as often as he could.

"Yes! Fuck me!" Kimberly cried out.

He loved the way she talked dirty during sex, and she really loved having sex. She told him it was because he had a big juicy dick. Everything she said to him seemed to make his dick and strokes harder.

"Fuck my pussy with that giant dick," she said rising and falling in his arms on his rock hard cock.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" Daniel grunted slamming her against the door with each stroke leading towards his orgasm.

"That was great!" someone said.

* * * * *

Wishes by sailorm72003

The Gang had decided to go out to the lake for a barbecue and swim. Green Lake was a fine party spot, and it was appreciated during these early days of summer by the young people that didn't leave Snippetsville after graduating from high school, and those twenty-somethings who commuted from Snippetsville to jobs in the city.

Swimming and sunning, tag football and frisbee occupied the early evening hours. As the western sky began to mellow and redden, the bonfire was started. Hot dogs and chips were on the menu, washed down with plenty of cold beer from Jack Carr's store.

After eating, Staci and John slipped away from the beach picnic together, making sure that no one was looking as they ducked into the cover of the trees that backed the beach. Hand in hand, giggling and shushing each other, they worked their way around the spit of land that separated two coves.

"Dammit John, slow down, I just ripped my shirt," Staci complained.

"So what?" John answered, "No one around to see anyway."

"Yeah, what about you?" she snapped, "You're around."

"Since when do you care if I see your tits? You haven't stopped me since we graduated!" John laughed, as he took her in his arms and kissed her.

Staci felt herself melting into his embrace, and her momentary irritation began to fade into warmer, softer emotions.

"Let's swim," she whispered. Pulling away from John, she removed her clothes, dropping them to the sand and wading into the water. John lost no time following suit, and the two swam for a while, then lay in the shallows with cool water lapping around their legs and gently touched each other.

They looked up at the dark sky, watching the stars appear and listening to the sounds of their friends in the next cove. Occasional sparks from the fire drifted out over the lake, looking like miniature shooting stars as they burned out.

"I wonder if you can wish on those, do you think?" Staci asked John.

"I don't know, but you can try. What do you wish for?" he asked.

"Hmm, I wish you would make me purr," she answered, and rolled onto her side in the shallow water, facing him and reaching out to caress his chest.

John turned to her and put his hand on her waist, sending little shockwaves along her legs and around her belly. "I'll do my best!" he promised, moving his hand lower and onto her thighs, into the warm triangle between her legs. He could feel her warmth even under the water, as he used his fingertips and gently teased and twisted the curly hair there, feeling her lift her upper leg to allow freer access.

Staci sighed with pleasure, as his fingers moved onto her cleft, along the soft skin of her inner thighs, and then cupped her pussy lips firmly in his hand, pressing her clit with the heel of his hand as he pushed a finger into her. She put her own hand out, feeling his hardness and began to gently stroke him.

"Like velvet over wood," she said, and then lost all thought in the pleasure his fingers were giving her.

John rolled onto Staci, lips meeting and tongues dancing together as their movements grew more hurried, his fingers working into her faster and deeper. She parted her legs, opening herself for him and he slid his cock deep into her, feeling the warmth of her surrounding him.

Afterward, as they were dressing, Staci looked up into John's eyes, winked, and said "You can wish on embers!"

* * * * *

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