tagErotic HorrorTales in Slavery Ch. 04

Tales in Slavery Ch. 04


Author's Note: I wasn't going to add another note, save for to thank my editor, Talynnda, again for her continued patience, and her superb editing ability. But as that this is a erotic horror submission I would warn my reader that this story is primarily homosexual in nature, but additional content prevented me as submitting it as such. So please read at your own peril.


I awoke to the soft ring of chains. It wasn't yet twilight, and a sliver of late day sunlight peeked through the barred window. I stood slowly, my abdomen cramping with the abuse my pussy had endured in the past twenty-four hours. I ignored it, and walked out into the hall to visit the bathroom. I took the liberty of a quick shower, letting the heated water pelt onto my slightly stiff neck, and washed away the ignored mess left from the night before.

Turning off the dual shower-heads I stepped from the shower and wrapped myself in a thick white towel. As I exited the bathroom, I again heard the clank of chains behind the closed door directly across from the toilet. I pressed my ear to the door listening to the muffled cries, and more of the singing of metal links.

I reached forward and tried the knob, it was unlocked, and swung open. It was the room with the swing, and Cid stood bound to a vertical rack I had not seem the night before. His eyes darted to me as I entered slowly, a fat ball gag preventing him from anything but another muffled cry.

"Have you been like this all day?" I asked him, as I removed the gag.

He swallowed thickly, licking his lips, and nodded slowly. "I shouldn't have treated you as I did." He spoke weakly. "I didn't anticipate our master becoming so enraged. But I knew I should have left you when you told me you weren't interested."

I said nothing, silently agreeing. I may have been more willing to play with him after I had been rested, but I wasn't going to admit that to him. I checked the locks that held his arms and legs to the rack, and realized that without the keys to the Master Locks I wouldn't be able to free him from his minor torment. "He hasn't hurt you?" I asked taking a step back to look him over, and adjusted the towel, as it had slipped from my petite breast. My eyes were drawn to a bit of redness left on his neck from where master had torn his throat, but it wouldn't leave a scar.

"No, not after he took you to bed." Cid said, his head hanging until his chin rested on his chest. "Julien returned and bound me to this, and without a single word, he left." Cid shuffled his feet, trying to find some comfort, the shifting of the 3 inches of chain chimed throughout the silent house again.

I nodded, and started to force the ball gag back into his mouth.

"Wait, what are you doing?" He asked, as he jerked his head from side to side.

"I'm putting this back in you mouth, what does it look like?" I told him as I smashed the gag into his mouth and quickly buckled it. "I'm leaving you as Master had you." I stepped back checking my handy work to make sure Cid was in the same condition as he had been in when I arrived, then I turned on my heels and left, closing the door silently.

I was curious about the other slave, I had only seen her for a few seconds after Master unloaded me from the van, and then she had still been sleeping. As I explored the hallway, I noted that four of the doors had locking mechanisms on them, my door was one of them. None of the doors appeared to actually be bolted. The first of the four doors bearing a lock was the first door of the hall. I opened that door slowly, it looked lived in, and smelled lightly of sweat with undertones of sex. But it was empty, I guessed it belonged to Cid.

The next room was clean and empty, harboring only a king sized bed. The last door I opened revealed what I was looking for. She still lay sprawled across the bed, a black sheet pulled partially across her stomach and chest. She snored softly, her ample chest rising and falling rhythmically.

I smiled and shook my head, wondering if our master hadn't given her a dose of a sleeping agents, but realizing that she was probably just as exhausted as I had been. I doubted that many slaves had learned to deal with sleep deprivation as well as I had.

The sun had fully set as I pulled her door shut, and made my way into the living room. My stomach growled angrily, so I made my way into the kitchen. After peering for several minutes into the fridge I decided that a ham sandwich would have to do.

I'd just made my second sandwich when I heard the hum of the garage door opening, and the rev of an engine as it pulled into the garage. From further inside the house there was another muffled scream from Cid. I shook my head and took the sandwiches to the table. I had just taken a healthy bite of my first sandwich when I heard the door open and the click of boot-heels on the hard wood floor.

I looked up as Master walked into the dining room, and was awed by his dress. His long black hair was neatly tied back at the base of his neck, he wore a leather vest over his pale chest, matching pants covered his long legs, and black riding boots completed the ensemble. He carried a bag overflowing with an appalling variety of whips, canes, and other torturous items.

Taking stock of the outfit and the bag of toys, I lowered my head. I'd lost my appetite and let the sandwich drop to the plate, as anxiety churned in my stomach and restricted my airways. I doubted that the toys were meant for me, but I knew better than to assume anything, and I didn't want to watch him hurt Cid or anyone else.

As Master stepped behind me, he touched my back lightly. I tensed, the pleasure of last night seeming chimerical. He looked too much as past masters had before they updated my vocabulary of what this slavery meant. He ran his hand lightly over my back and brought it to rest on my shoulder.

I tilted my head, taking a deep breath, ready for what ever Master was going to do. He let his hand drop, sighing, "Back to square-one, I see," he said quietly.

I lowered my head visualizing past masters, and highlights of what I had endured when they had been garbed in a similar fashion. I knew that blood was easily wiped from sealed leather, and that most preferred leather for brutal acts, when they chose to wear clothing. "Lord, you aren't going to kill him, are you?" I asked meekly, forgetting the conversation we'd had the night before, my eyes studying the intricate grains in the walnut tabletop.

"That's my prerogative," his tone was cold enough to rise goose flesh across my skin. "Why would you consider pleading for his life?"

I shock my head, carefully choosing my words. "He didn't actually harm me, Lord. In a bizarre way, I even enjoyed it," I swallowed hard, holding back the bile rising in my throat. I knew the consequence of this conversation could presumably free Cid only to put me in his spot. If it had been a different master I wouldn't have had to fight the fears of intense pain, I hadn't felt them in nearly four years; since I'd given up.

I couldn't conceive that this master was capable of both extreme pleasure as well as inordinate pain. My life had been so black-or-white, that the introduction of gray was almost unbearable. I felt tears well-up in my eyes, fearing that as Master thought and as the silence grew, I was making the world a much harder place for Cid and myself.

"Why are you trying to protect him? I saw everything he did, heard everything he thought when I embraced him last night, and later I felt everything you experienced when I took you," Master sat down in the chair beside me. His voice was still glacial. "If you take all of the pain upon yourself it doesn't get any better. You know this."

I looked at him, angry that he would point out something to obvious, the tears finally flowing down my cheeks. "If I take it, no one else will have to suffer for it. And I can handle it." I spoke through my teeth, already feeling the coming punishments. A voice in the back of my head began screaming that I should slit my own throat to save myself from the Hell I had just unleashed.

"My little whipping boy...." Master muttered as he shook his head sadly. "I'll make you a deal, I'll go easy on Cid; maybe even let him enjoy it some, as long as he doesn't set me off...." he turned looking directly at me, his eyes cold, the color of steel boring into my soul. "If you stop trying to be a martyr."

I looked away, and nodded slowly. "I will try, lord."

"That's all I ask." He said his eyes warming slightly. "Now I'm going to go and wake the other girl. I want you both to learn from what happens to Cid. I know you have already learned this lesson many times over; but I don't want you to forget. Although I am a easy master, you should not go against what I have told you."

I lowered my head, looking at the sandwiches I no longer had the drive to eat. Master stood, and patted my back reassuringly. "Meet me in the swing room, I'd rather get this over quickly. I don't particularly enjoy punishing anyone."

"Yes, Lord," I whispered, watching him walk quickly out of the kitchen and disappear down the hallway. I stood slowly and disposed of the uneaten sandwiches in the garbage. Then, turning to do as master directed, I walked slowly, wishing that there was some way I could avoid watching Master punish Cid. One of the few things in all my years in slavery I had never been able to cope with was watching another slave being hurt.

At the door of the swing room I paused again, inhaling deeply and releasing the breath slowly. I opened the door and silently made my way to sit in a corner not occupied with one torturous device or another.

Cid appeared to be sleeping; his knees were bent, letting his arms take the bulk of his weight, his breathing was slow and deep. I guessed it was a front, and that he hoped that Master would take pity and let him sleep.

I sat down, as Master and the other slave walked in. The slave's eyes were still heavy with sleep, and she gazed around the room only half seeing. Master leaned down to whisper something I couldn't hear, and pointed toward me. She nodded and made her way over. She sat down and yawned, her eyes still wandering lazily over the room. "What's going on?" She asked, as her eyes came to rest on Cid's bound form.

"I'm sure that Master will explain before he starts," I whispered.

Master stepped over to Cid, dropping the bag of whips and pulling a tiny set of keys from his pocket. He moved with unnatural speed as he released Cid's arms and stepped back as Cid crumpled to the floor. "This is a punishment," Master stated, looking up from Cid to be sure he had our attention. "I would like to believe that I am a gentle master, but I would be daft to allow any of you to disobey my few simple rules," he knelt down and released the cuffs from Cid's ankles. "Learn well from this lesson, for it is the last I hope to ever give," he stood, his eyes on me. "After we have finished here, I will go over those rules with you, as well as a few other issues."

His eyes turned glacial as he turned his gaze to Cid. "On your feet, slave," he spoke the last word with such venom that the slave beside me cringed and tensed, as if she too were about to stand.

Cid stood slowly, his knees rubbery. His head hung low, his eyes fixed to the spilled contents of the bag Master dropped. I watched his eyes fall shut, and he shook his head in disbelief. These were not the kind of toys that some vampires used to warm a slave, most of these whips were meant to draw blood.

I followed our master's every move: he studied the swing for a long time. Then he shook his head, judging that it would not work for what he had planned. He collapsed the swing and moved it out of the center of the room, moving the rack that Cid had been bound to into its place. He rotated the rack slightly, so that I had a perfect view of the vertical table, then stepped back so he was slightly behind Cid.

"This is your only warning, Cid. If you disobey again, in any way, I will deliver you to the next clearance sale myself," Master growled, appearing to take no pleasure in the tiny shudder that passed through Cid's body. He reached up and unbuckled the ball gag. "Face against the rack," he ordered. "Arms above your head."

Cid struggled to obey quickly, his legs apparently still numb. He smashed his cheek against the table, and raised his arms. Master clamped his wrists and looked him over. "Get as comfortable as you can, you may be like that for a while," Master told him quietly, running his hand over his smooth back, his voice thick with remorse. "You know that I don't want to do this, but you have forced me to," he pulled his hand back, curling it into a fist. As it uncurled he brought it down quickly, landing a stunning blow low on Cid's left shoulder.

Cid flinched under the stinging blow. Master let his hand drop, leaving an angry hand shaped welt. He turned his attention to the bag, reaching down to remove a two-inch wide split-tongue. I frowned, the force needed to draw blood with that split-tongue would break bones. In my past many of my masters had used a similar flogger to warm my muscles for even harsher treatment, I hoped that Master had the same plan.

Looking away, I heard the double thump-slap of the split-tongue, followed by a grunt from Cid. I couldn't bring myself to watch, as Master fell into a rhythm with the flogger. About ten minutes later the monotony was broken, as Master dropped the split-tongue, and reached into the bag for another toy.

I took the opportunity to look Cid over, relieved to see that Master had only warmed his back to an angry red. The skin was over sensitive, and Cid would feel the coming blows as though they were edged with blades, but the delicate muscles would be less likely to be damaged.

Master's next choice chilled me: rattan canes were well known for the pain they could convey. As Master took position behind Cid, I watched as his jaw clenched. He took aim, and struck Cid's right shoulder with such force Cid's legs gave momentarily, and he hung limp from the cuffs at his wrists, a long wordless whine flowing from his lips. The fiery mark it left quickly filled with crimson.

Clenching my eyes, to avoid the barbarity, I tried to focus my thoughts on the pleasures I had felt the previous night. But I couldn't stop my ears as Master lashed Cid's back seven more times. When Master had finished Cid was sobbing, his body retching as he struggled to hush himself. I didn't need to look to know that Cid's back had been severely split by the abuse.

I heard the rattle of chains as Master released Cid, and the grunt as Cid staggered away from the vertical table. Watching from the corner of my eye, Master helped Cid to sit on the floor. With Cid out of the way, Master pulled a pin from the under side of the rack, and it rotated to a level position.

"On the table," Master barked, his voice sounding empty. "Sit." He reached down, to help the sobbing slave onto the table. "Lay back," he told Cid, pushing gently on his chest. "We haven't finished just yet."

Cid arched his spine as his tenderized back pressed against the table, but he'd gotten his cries under control, and he watched as Master let the black leather vest drop from his shoulders and to the floor. Cid spread his legs, anticipating that Master's attentions would be there next.

"I'm sure you knew this was coming," Master whispered, as he released his leather pants, and let them fall to his ankles. I watched transfixed as he took his limp cock in his long fingered hand, and, without stimulating it, forced it to grow.

Cid whimpered, his eyes silently pleading with our master to be kind. Master shuffled forward, and positioned himself between Cid's outstretched legs. A crease of thought warped Master's brow, and he stepped back.

"You don't deserve to watch me fuck you." Master hissed, as he stepped out of the leather pants.. "Turn over." Master helped Cid stand once more then pushed him onto his stomach. Taking a length of rope Master bound Cid's arms tightly behind his back, leaving him otherwise untethered, and bent over the table. "That's better," Master breathed deeply, as he looked down at Cid's exposed ass.

His cock bobbed obediently as he took a bottle of lube, and applied the tiniest amount to the head. "I should fuck you dry," Master said, as he stepped up, his pulsing rod nudging Cid's ass cheeks. Cid whimpered again, louder than the previous . His ass quivered as he fought to keep from clenching his cheeks. He turned his head away from the other slave and me as master parted his backside, and began guiding the tip into his tight hole.

Beyond the head of his dick, the lube Master used would dilute quickly. I looked away as master shot forward burying his rock hard cock in Cid's ass. Cid's entire body jerked, as he tried to escape the violent force as Master split him open. He remained utterly silent as Master pulled back and plunged into him again.

I turned back to look at Cid's face, his eyes were locked open in agony, and his mouth worked silently, forming incoherent words. His whole body quivered with the tearing vigor Master showed his stretched ass.

Master's face was contorted, as though he were feeling the same pain as Cid. His eyes moving over the bleeding stripes across Cid's back.

A few moments into the rape, Cid began to relax. Turning my attention back to the pounding, I saw a few tiny splatters of blood on Master's legs. Cid had torn, and the blood was working as a lubricant, giving him momentary relief.

He slammed into Cid a few more times, then stopped holding himself deep within Cid. He reached forward and grabbed a handful of Cid's short dark hair, and ripped him brutally backwards, leaning down to drive his teeth into the muscle at the base of Cid's neck. Cid cried out, tears streaming down his cheeks.

As Master drank, his body spasmed, his hips rocking quickly against Cid's backside, shooting ice-cold jism into Cid's bowels. Master drank for several long minutes, Cid's cries becoming weak, and then silent as his eyes rolled in their sockets. I bit back a cry of mercy, but not fast enough, "Plea-" escaped my lips before I could bite my tongue. When Master released Cid, he fell limp onto the table unconscious, or; as I judged, dead.

Master stepped back, his cock dropping away from Cid's motionless body. He looked down for the first time, at the other slave and I, since he's started the punishment. The other slave quickly lowered her eyes, humbled by the experience. Master gave me an apologetic smile, before he turned and left the room.

I turned away, tears falling freely, and sobbed into the back of my hand. My world was collapsing into despair. Then I heard a ragged breath, as Cid began to wake. I looked back to see Cid's eyes flicker. I sobbed again, the despair I had felt a few seconds before becoming grateful relief.

I stood, and began untying his arms. The lashes on his back were angry looking, but all but the deepest of them had stopped bleeding. "You'll be ok, Cid," I whispered, helping him to roll over. The twin holes where master had feed were still oozing blood, I knew they would leave mean scars.

Cid's smiled stupefied, his head still rolling uneasily from side to side. "That was a hell of a ride," he whispered. "But I think if I don't get some release, my cock is going to explode," He grinned again, lifting his head and shoulders enough to survey his throbbing erection.

I stepped back, in disbelief. "You're not hurt?"

He laughed hoarsely. "No, Julien and I usually play that rough." His face became somber, and the humor in his voice died. "The whipping, although not unusual, was more severe than it has been in the past. But not kissing away the bites and lash marks so they will leave scars. Those are my punishment." Even his penis seemed disheartened by the severity of the discipline, shrinking down to an unaroused size.

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