tagBDSMTali Ch. 07

Tali Ch. 07


A short chapter, but I think it was a good stopping point or you guys might have been waiting for another few months!

If you haven't read the previous chapters, please do so. These chapters are not standalone. Of course, my normal disclaimer... no sex involved.


"So what were you humming earlier?" he queried.

Tali blushed, recalling the whole episode earlier where her master had snuck up on her, causing a whole scene to unfold.

"I... I don't know master, I apologize for being careless. I don't know what came over me," she wished she could say that she'd never do it again, but promises like that were hard to keep. "I know you already had to punish me today, master, but... I... umm.." she faltered. She was being greedy, and needy, and high maintenance! But... but she didn't know what else to say... "Please, master, will you punish me to help me remember? I.. I don't want to disappoint you anymore.. please!"

"Help you remember...what, exactly?" He intended the question to be playful. He should have known it wouldn't be received that way.

She realized, now, that her plea was ambiguous. Help her remember the tune, or help her remember not to hum again? She just about hated herself at this moment. She put down the fork she had been using to eat, noticing that she had clenched her fists so hard that the handle had imprinted itself in her hand.

Miro looked down at her and realized he didn't help the situation with his question. He wished he could just move out and hold her, but now his breakfast tray was in the way.

"Girl... I'm sorry, it's okay, come here."

She hated that he was sorry. She wanted to protest but she had just been punished for speaking out earlier, and she refused to make the mistake again so soon. She shifted on her knees and wobbled a little closer to him.

"Higher, come on."

She lifted herself off her heels and leaned in. He put a hand around her shoulder and drew her closer, so her head rested on his shoulder, careful not to disrupt his tray.

Tears leaked out of Tali's eyes. She didn't know what to do. She was out of her element, and he was comforting her. She felt weak.

"There's no reason to punish you. I enjoyed listening to you, and certainly, not everyone knows where the tunes they hum come from."

Even though he said that, she still wracked her brains to try to figure out where she had heard what she had been humming. She wanted to be able to answer everything he ever asked! She simply couldn't remember though.

"Thank you, master," she replied with the only thing she could think to say.

"Now, what do you say we finish breakfast and go buy you some new clothes?"

"Umm..." New clothes?

"You hadn't forgotten that we were going to do that, had you?"

"No, master!" Tali knew he had mentioned this last night... but... she just couldn't imagine having money spent on her for something she didn't even need! She hoped she could keep herself together during the trip.

"So why the hesitation?"

"I... I just hope I don't do anything to disappoint you, that's all," she said, her voice falling off at the end, knowing that her own tendencies could betray her. She seemed to find a way to screw everything up lately.

"Don't worry about it so much, girl, or you'll just make it inevitable."

"Yes, master."

She went back to her plate, and he back to his. After they were done with breakfast, she washed the dishes, and he took her to a place to buy some clothes.

"Tali, let me know what you like, and I'll make the final decision on what we will purchase in the end, alright?"

"I..." she looked around. She was surrounded by so much variety, she didn't even know how anyone could figure out what to buy. "I'll try, master."

He let her knew the general area where he'd be, and let her roam.

Tali wandered for a while. Maybe she just needed to find a shirt? She browsed around, but every time she found something that looked nice, she checked the price and was floored by how much money everything cost.

It wasn't that the clothing was expensive... it was that she was used to wearing old, ratty clothes... nothing new off the shelves.

Eventually she found some items on sale, a plain looking shirt that would seem to fit her decently caught her eye. Nothing flashy. She picked it out, smiled, and made her way back to her master.

"One shirt?" He sighed, "Tali, we're here to get you a whole new set of clothes, not just one shirt." He flipped the price tag up and had to hold in another sigh. "This is the cheapest thing you could find, wasn't it."

Tali's legs shook. Her knees threatened to buckle. Her eyes watered, and her lips trembled, "please.. m..master," she whispered, eyes darting around to make sure nobody was around to hear. "I.. I'm sorry I've disappointed you," she could hear it in his voice.

He knew he couldn't do anything to dissuade her thoughts here, so he did what he knew they were both familiar with.

"Okay, girl, you will pick out three sets of everything, and the reason for choosing what you do will not be related to the price," he commanded. Miro almost held his breath as he watched her face.

Tali's eyes widened in shock, processing what he just said. Three?! That felt like enough to last her a lifetime! Three brand new sets... and she knew the cost would be more money than she ever handled at once. How could he spend so much money on her? How... She realized, of course, that he just gave her a clear command. Why did any of that matter? She knew she must obey him.

"Yes, master," she whispered.

He let out his breath. Crisis averted.

"Go along then."

"Yes, master," and she went back the way she came, this time with a set goal in mind to reach.

Tali started to let herself be drawn to clothing she instantly liked as she browsed, but she just couldn't get past the prices that she was seeing. Why would anyone pay this much for clothes? How could she let her master pay this much for her? She had to remind herself though... he said that her choices must not be influenced by price.

She let out another breath and sighed. Resolving to succeed and please her master, she stopped looking at price tags altogether. In short order, she was able to go from section to section, picking out the top three things that drew her eyes.

"Umm..." she caught his attention when she found him, trying her best to keep anything from toppling out of her arms.

"Ready?" he asked.

She nodded, and they headed over to a counter to pay. She gaped as the number rose, higher and higher. Why did she have to go with that blue one that was so expensive? She was sure she could have found something cheaper that she liked! She started thinkings of ways to pay him back. And still, the number kept climbing.

"Master..." she whispered, "there were some other things I saw too.. may I go switch some out?" She was sure there were cheaper options that she liked back there.

"No, stop worrying about it."

Tali whimpered a little and nodded, deliberately avoiding any eye contact with anyone about. Just how spoiled would they think she was? Surely nobody ever spent this much just on clothing! Stop worrying... she took a breath and let her mind zone out.

"Tali," he snapped her out of it. He was carrying all the bags and walking away! The shame and embarrassment hit her immediately.

She ran up to him and started to take the bags off his arms. He resisted her attempts.

"Please?" she pleaded, "I'm sorry for not paying attention," she shivered, knowing that was definitely grounds for punishment. She couldn't stand watching him hold everything... and items purchased for her nonetheless!

"No. In the real world, I'll look like a fool for having my girl carry everything."

Normally, she would have dropped it there. Arguing with him was an impossibility. Mindless obedience without questioning was natural... but nothing was natural these days.

"I... I could carry some of it? We.. we could split the bags? Please?" she mentally added "master", but there were others nearby as they were walking towards the exit now. She continued to hold her hands out a little, ready to receive.

He gave a little puff of breath which became a smile. He split the bags in half and handed them to her. Her face broke out with such happiness and gratitude.

"Thank you!" she said, with a little skip added to her step.

"You're welcome, girl," they were alone again. He ruffled her hair a little, watching her expression become one of bliss.

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