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Talon Ch. 06



I was a little eager to get this story out so.....I didn't get and editor to look over this chapter. If there are any mistakes they are all mine. Sorry....But I hope y'all like the chapter in spite of them.

Now I give you the final chapter of Talon's story.


Trevor cursed.

He knew Talon was close behind him and holding the woman was slowing him down. It was time to kill the hunter so he could enjoy the woman, Tina, in peace.

Stopping he dropped the bitch on the ground not caring if he hurt her more than he already had. She would be a distraction for Talon, he wouldn't risk hurting his mate in a fight. He changed to werewolf form and picked Tina back up holding her soft body against him.

He knew Talon wouldn't attack him outright if he had Tina between them but also knew that Talon would look for an opening. He was going to make damn sure that Talon wasn't going to get one. Crossing his right arm over her stomach he pressed four of his razor sharp claws into the soft flesh of Tina's left side. Within seconds the sweet smell of her blood surrounded them filling his lungs causing his cock to harden as lust filled him.

Soon Talon would be smelling her blood as well.


He was close. Talon could smell Tina so strongly it was like she was running beside him. He sped up not caring about the noise he was making as his feet hit the dry dead leaves that carpeted the ground all around him.

Blood. He could smell Tina's blood and his wolf roared in rage. He was going to kill the bastard if it was the last thing he ever did.

He slowed down as the smell of her blood became even stronger. They came into view a short distance away.

Talon could see that Tina was breathing but she was limp and unmoving in the rogues arms. She wasn't gravely injured as far as he could tell but her side was slightly bleeding where the bastard had his claws buried into her side.

Talon forced himself to stop a few yards away from them even though all he wanted to do was charge the rogue and pull his mate from the bastards arms.

The rogue laughed softly and his eyes twinkled insanely as he gloated, "Ahhhh.... finally. I get to kill you Talon."

Talon didn't respond but his hands fisted at his sides. It was the only outward sign of his growing fury and helplessness.

The rogue continued to gloat, "But before you die I'll let you know what will happen to your mate," he laughed evilly, "I'm going to fuck her until she can no longer walk. I'm going to rip her apart on my cock and you wont be able to help her because you'll already be dead." He closed his eyes and inhaled as if savoring a scent, "I can already hear her screams and her pleas for me to stop. Then when she's to weak to fight me anymore she'll join you in death."


Tina stayed limp and unmoving, despite the pain in her side. She had regained her senses when the rogue had lifted her from the ground. It had taken everything in her to remain limp and not flinch or cry out as the rogue had buried his sharp claws into her side.

She knew Talon and the rogue were both going to be to distracted to notice that she was now fully conscious. She opened her eyes and looked directly at Talon and smiled sadly. Knowing what she planed could mean her death she scent all her love and regret to Talon through there link and began to transform into her werewolf form.

Tina couldn't let the rogue kill the love of her life, she herself would rather die than see Talon murdered.

She heard the rogue shout in surprise and Talon's shout of denial as she felt a searing pain in her side. The rouges grip on her tightened making his sharp claws cut deeper into her flesh. She turned and ignored the terrible pain as his claws to slash deeply across her stomach and bit into the rogues throat.

Tina's wolf half moaned in pleasure and her human half cringed as his blood filled her mouth. With a quick jerk of her head she tore out his throat. His blood squirted in a wide ark and fell to the ground as the rogue stumbled back from her. His body crumpled to the ground with a muffled thud.

To her the whole thing seamed to have lasted hours but in reality it had only been seconds.

Suddenly Tina's head began to pound and she felt light headed. Tina began to turn toward Talon but her legs refused to work and gave beneath her. Before she could hit the ground strong arms wrapped around her and lifted her.

Tina tried to speak out loud but she didn't have the energy to do is so she scent her thoughts to Talon. "I love you Talon."

Her eyes were no longer open so she couldn't see his face but she could feel and smell his rising panic.

"I love you to baby, just hang on and tell me what to do." He said out loud, his voice breaking with emotion.

"I'm going into shock," she said as her body began to shake. "if you don't get to my medical bag and sew me up soon I'll die from blood loss. Use what's left of my clothes to slow the bleeding then get to my medical bag." She knew her thoughts were growing weaker and she could only hope he caught her whispered thoughts.

Talon laid her gently on the ground and grabbed up her clothes. They were torn to shreds since she hadn't stripped before changing forms. Even now she was still in her werewolf form with four deep slashes horizontally across her stomach that was bleeding slowly but steadily.

He shook off her shirt then pressed it over her wound. Once he had it placed where he wanted Talon snatched up Tina's ruined pants and ripped a strip of cloth from the side of them. As gently as he could he tied it tightly around her waist to hold her shirt in place hoping the pressure would stop the bleeding or at least slow it until he or someone else could stitch her up. When he tightened the strip of denim around her she gave a weak groan of pain. The sound almost ripped his heart from his chest.

Once again he picked her up and took off through the woods. Taking the same path as before and ran like the hounds of hell were nipping at his heals. Running faster than he ever had in his life.

As he ran he continuously talked to Tina. Keeping her awake despite the pain she was in, knowing that if she lost consciousness this soon he could loose her forever.

"Stay with me Tina. Don't leave me so soon after I've found you."

"I'm still here I aint going anywhere, at least not yet." Was her weak reply.

Tears stung the back of his eyes as he heard the weakness in her mind. He held her closer to him and lightly kissed her lips.

"Your not going to die baby, I wont let you."

"I'm so tired, Talon."

"I know baby just hold on we're almost there. Stay awake for me a few more seconds."

The forest was a blur around him as sped through the it. Talon kept his hold on Tina light as he jumped a fallen tree, and avoided low branches, trying not to jar her and cause her anymore pain. They were close to the ranch house where he had left Rick earlier.

"I really do love you Talon, with all my heart. I'm not afraid to love you now.....not anymore."

Her words lightly floated across his mind as they broke through the trees line. He was only a few steps out of the trees when Tina went completely limp in his arms. He feared that he had lost her.

As he ran across the yard he checked to see if Tina was still breathing. He said a silent prayer of thanks when he felt her chest rise and fall in shallow breathes.

He ran toward the house and took the porch steps two at a time then barged through the front door. Once he was inside he paused finding the woman from earlier running into the room from the kitchen he demanded, "Bed and medical bag."

"Take her to my room, its down the hall, second door to the right." The woman said as she pointed to the hall then quickly headed out the front door for the medical bag.

Moving swiftly down the hall. He entered the woman's bedroom then immediately laid Tina on the bed. Talon wasn't concerned about the blood and dirt that got onto the dark green comforter.

Gently Talon removed the blood socked bandages, bearing her wounds. Four jagged slashes cut raggedly across her stomach and weren't as deep as he had initially thought but she was still loosing blood. Where is that woman with Tina's bag?, he thought as stood and started to pace nervously.

If she wasn't stitched up soon........she would die.


Anna came into the room moments later with the medical bag. She set it on the bed beside Tina then moved back to stand in the doorway.

"Do you know how to stitch those?" She asked softly as she pointed to the bleeding slashes on Tina's abdomen.


"Just hold on a sec and let me get Randy, he knows how to do it. He's the one who sews up the minor wounds on the animals when the wonder to close to the barbwire fence." She turned and quickly left the room to find her brother.


Randy silently sat beside Rick as he laid so still on the couch.

He hoped Rick was going to be alright. He didn't know how hard Rick had been hit but from the look of the shallow gash on the back of his head it had to have been a hard blow. He wouldn't be surprised if the man had memory loss after a hit like that.

When his sister Anna rushed into the room he tore his intense gaze off of Rick's handsome face and met her worried gaze.

"Hurry brother. We need you to sew up Tina's wounds before she bleeds to death."

With a last lingering look at Rick's prone body he stood and fallowed his sister into her bedroom.

When he stepped into the room Talon moved from his place beside Tina. Randy went to the spot the Talon had just moved from.

He grabbed Tina's medical bag and opened it. He rummaged through it pulling out the things he needed. He looked for a place them then finally he placed them on the bed beside Tina where the bag had been.

Leaning over the edge of the bed he examined the four slashes then picked up the package that contained the sterilized wipes. First he cleaned around the wounds then cleaned the wounds themselves. He placed the bloody wipes in his sisters hand. As she left to throw them in the trash he picked up the package that contained the sterilized needle and thread and ripped it open.

Taking a steadying breath he pulled the edges of the deepest cut gently together, lining them up and began the first of many stitches.

Two hours later he finished four rows of a hundred and two even stitches.

Tina's bleeding had stopped and she was quickly beginning to heal. The stitches could be removed tomorrow sometime around late afternoon since she seamed to be healing as rapidly as werewolves normally do. He estimated that she would be fully healed in three days time but she would still be a little sore.

Now that the danger had passed all they had to do was wait for her to wake up.


Tina knew she had to be dreaming.

She was sitting at her parents kitchen table. The morning sun was shining brightly threw the windows as her mom and dad ate there breakfast. Her dad said something that she couldn't quite hear and her mom tipped her head back and laughed.

Until that moment Tina hadn't realize how much she missed her parents. They both looked so happy and it filled her heart with joy to be able to see them again after all these years.

But as dreams always do the scene changed, slowly fading from one scene to another.

Now she was in her bedroom in her cabin. She was laying in her bed and she turned on her side. Talon laid beside her and had his head propped up in his hand as he watched her. It looked like he had been watching her as she slept.

She matched his smile as she let her gaze drop to his bear chest and would have looked further down if the sheet hadn't been covering him from the waist down. She reached out and slowly removed the sheet, uncovering his sexy body one heat inducing inch at a time.

When she fully uncovered him she dropped the sheet and reached out and wrapped her fingers around his hard throbbing cock and slowly moved her fist up and down the hard length of him. He moaned the deep sound causing an answering shiver to run through her body. He reached down with his free hand and covered hers, squeezing to tighten her grip around him as she slowly moved over his length.

Looking deep into his eyes she leaned forward licked the head of his cock with the tip of her tongue. Slowly she lapped up the salty drop that had seeped from his slit. She pulled her tongue back into her mouth, closed her eyes and moaned as she savored his flavor.

When Talon moaned again she opened her eyes and smiled slyly at him. She leaned forward once again looking into Talon's passion glazed eyes and opened her mouth to take in his pulsing manhood...

The scene faded into another one once again and Tina almost screamed in frustration.

She looked around her and couldn't see anything but an inky blackness. Straining she tried to find a source of light, anything that would chase away the darkness that seemed to creep in on her but she found nothing.

Startled Tina cried out in fear as an invisible force pulled her against a rough damp wall. When she tried to move away from it she felt cold metal surrounding her wrists and ankles. Her arms were spread wide and held tightly in place by the metal cuffs. When she looked down at her wide spread legs she discovered she was also naked. Fear ate at her as she tested her arms and legs to see how far she could move them. When she couldn't move more them a few inches she groaned in frustration.

A flame flickered and burned bright then a second one burned to life as a candle was lit. Tina's heart began to pound in fear as she realized she didn't know where she was or even how she had gotten there.

The match light was blown out and soft light from the single candle filled the room. When her eyes adjusted to the dim lighting she cried out in horror when she saw the man who held her prisoner was none other than the rogue himself.

"Let me go!" She cried out desperately as he began to walk toward her. He just smiled at her evilly. She franticly began to fight against the cuffs that bound her.

He didn't make a sound and said not a word as he stopped a few inches from her. She kept her eyes on his face and didn't see his hand as it suddenly reached up in between her wide spread legs.

Tina struggled and screamed as she suddenly felt his fingers being shoved into her dry tender flesh and his thumb roughly smashed down on her clit. She continued to struggle as his fingers pulled free from her body and his hands brutally grabbed her hips. He jerked them forward arching her back and causing the cuffs to painfully cut into her wrists and ankles.

Holding her still as he moved his hips slowly back and forth sliding the head of his cock along the outer lips of her pussy. She began to struggle harder as she felt the head press harder against her, opening the lips of her sex.

He moved his hips again and aimed his cock at her dry opening, "Take all of me bitch," then with a growl he shoved his hips forward ramming his cock into to the hilt.

"NO!" Tina screamed as his cock surged into her dry pussy and fought harder against the hands restraining her........

"Tina it's just a bad dream, baby. Wake up."

Tina jerked awake to find Talon's body gently holding her down on the bed. She hissed as pain raced across her stomach like a hot burning flame.

"Tina, sweetheart, your going to have to be still or your going to open your wounds again. It has only been four hours since Randy finished stitching them."

"W...what happened?" She asked as Talon moved to lay at her side.

"You don't remember?"

Tina shook her head and moaned as the room began to slightly spin.

"You were caught by the rouge."

Tina laid still as the room slowly stopped spinning and her mind cleared. She cried out and reached for Talon, her body trembling as the memory of what had happened earlier came back to her.

Talon held Tina tight against his chest, mindful of her injuries, as her body shook. When she mumbled against his chest he pulled back and smiled down at her.

"What did you just say? I didn't hear you."

She looked down at his chest and whispered, "I love you Talon."

Tears filled his eyes as he lightly placed a hand against her cheek as their eyes met.

"I love you to baby."

He bent his head and gently kissed her lips. Slowly he pulled his head back and narrowed his eyes at her.

"If you ever jeopardize your life like that again I'm going to put you over my knees and spank that beautiful ass of yours."

Her eyes were angry slits as her eyebrows came down.

"You wouldn't dare."

Talon felt his lips tugging at the corners. "Try me."

Tina growled when she saw him trying his best not to smile and would have pounced on him if her stomach wasn't in such bad shape.

"You just wait. I'll get you for that statement, Talon Hunter."

Talon stopped fighting the smile that insisted to be let free. Leaning down he nuzzled his face against hers before puling back once again.

Looking deep into Tina's eyes he asked, "Why?"

Tina knew what he was asking and didn't pretend otherwise. She reached up and cupped his face in both of her hands. "I couldn't stand the thought of him killin' you. I knew that since he was holdin' me you wouldn't attack and risk harmin' me." She lightly rubbed her thumbs back and forth over his cheek bones, wiping his tears away. "I knew that he would use me to get to you and once he had you he would kill you then do God only knows what to me before he killed me to." Her throat got tight making her next words come out husky and strained. "Talon, I love you and I couldn't stand the thought of you bein' killed cause of me. So instead of riskin' both of our deaths I attacked and made damn sure that if I was goin' to die, you would live."

Talon couldn't speak and there wasn't enough words to explain how he felt in that moment. So he did his best to show Tina how much he loved her.

Talon lightly pressed his lips against hers and gently ran the tip of his tongue along the seam of her soft lips. He lightly nibbled on her bottom lip and when they opened as she softly moaned he pushed his tongue past her lips.

Her sweet flavor rolled over his tongue as she kissed him back. He could feel her fingers run through his hair as she moved her hands from his cheeks to the back of his head, causing his lips to push more firmly against hers.

As there kiss deepened fiery tongues of passion began to lick away at his body causing him to harden. Talon knew that if he didn't pull back soon he could wind up hurting Tina.

Tina growled as Talon pulled away. "God Talon don't stop now."

Talon laughed softly. "Your still hurt Tina and I'm not going to make it worse by bumping you around."

Tina laughed and winced as it caused pain to spread across her stomach. When the pain lessened she raised her eyebrow at him. "Bumpin' me around? And here I thought I was the one with all the speech problems. You couldn't come up with anything better than that?"

Tina said with a slight smile playing across her lips.

Talon laughed softly again then bent down and tenderly kissed Tina's forehead. "Lets get some sleep and I'll have a better fraise for you when you wake up." Talon gazed into her eyes. "I love you Tina."

"I love you to Talon." Tina said she closed her eyes.

Talon move back and changed forms. Once he was finished he laid his head under her chin which put his muzzle across her throat.

A short time later both of them were fast asleep.


Sorry it took me so long to get this chapter out. I'm to blame this time lol. I had to have emergency surgery and had to recover from that. While the were doing the surgery they discovered a couple of spots on my liver so I'll be having that checked out soon to. I don't know how long it will take me to get Rick's story finished but I'll be working on it whenever I can.

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