tagInterracial LoveTame the Untamable Ch. 02

Tame the Untamable Ch. 02


*Ha, bet you guys didn't see this one coming! Well, I didn't abandon this story; I just wanted to finish Please Cowboy? first. Hope you guys like because I switched the way this story is going to go. Oh and hopefully I can fill in some holes you guys keep talking about with Scott and Lily. So, thanks for all those readers who have stuck with me, emailing me about this one story...lol. Ta ta for now.

Chyna Marie*

Loral could only think of one thing that would get Cade's attention and also benefit herself, especially since she was doing it for school. Loral Hunt was packing. Yes, she was finally packing up her little apartment to move to Boston for a year to finally finish her degree away from her crazy family and friends. Everyone hovered over her, but now that Lily has Luc, no one, besides Cade, hovered over her anymore. Well, Scott does call her a lot, but that's when Lily is too much to handle and she has to be the one to calm Lily down.

Loral found herself rolling her eyes thinking about her sister and future brother in law's relationship. They were a match made in hell, but apparently they thought they were a match made in heaven. They have their good times, but as Loral thought back to the whole Lily and Scott drama, they defiantly had their bad times.

Lily and Scott played a game of 'I don't want you, but I still want you', which confused the hell out of her. That game only ended up with them both in bed with each other and Lily now pregnant with her second child. Loral, personally thought that Lily gave in too easily, especially since Lily was all about the whole, Scott needs to leave her alone and only be there for the baby crap. Everyone and their mother knew that Scott would be there for both of them every single day. Scott's father raised them right. Though during the whole thing, Scott was over her place wallowing in a bottle of Jack, crashing on her couch. Well until her and Cade, basically told him she was feeling the same way, she was just using all of her energy working out.

God her family was too crazy to handle, that's why getting away was the only option for some sort of freedom and she needed her freedom.

"You know Cade, if you're just going to stare at my ass and not say a word, you could have done that when I go to the goodbye party, Kyle and Brody are throwing me." Loral threw over her shoulder as she taped up one of her last remaining boxes.

Cade McKay found himself gritting his teeth at the sound of the tape being stretched over the box. He didn't even know why he was here. All he wanted to do was go home to the ranch, pour himself some Scotch and let the time past until he heard the news of her leaving.

Instead, he found himself letting himself through her front door, hungry for the taste of her sweet cream, desperate to pound into her with his throbbing cock. He had never been this hard in his life. Loral cleared her throat as he adjusted himself, before walking further into the room.

God she was beautiful, he thought as he watched her reach for a book off a high shelf. She was only in one of his ratty wife beaters and a pair of her old cheer shorts, but she was still gorgeous, even without a trace of make-up on. Loral was his, he knew it deep down, but he knew she didn't.

"Loral, you packed yet?" Loral held back a shiver as her name left his lips. The huskiness of his southern accent was filled with lust and something else, something Loral couldn't put her finger on. It was almost the sound of longing, something that has been a part of her heart for the longest time.

Fuck. That wasn't what Cade wanted to say to her, but...shit. Loral tensed as she place the book into an overcrowded box. Cade silently cursed himself. He ran a hand roughly down his face, knowing an argument was in hot pursuit.

"You just can't wait to get rid of me, Cade." She muttered as she turned around to finally face him. Her hazel eyes watched him with angry lust. Cade held back a smirk as he watched her nipples spike underneath her shirt. She was as turned on as he was. He bet her panties were soaked, especially as she clenched her thighs.

"That's not what I met, Kiddo." He sighed. Loral felt her blood begin to boil. He called her 'Kiddo'. After all of this time, after the months of ignoring him, pretending to date the losers in this town, he still had the nerve to call her fucking 'Kiddo'. She snapped.

"I am so fucking sick and tired of you calling me Kiddo. Cade, I'm not a fucking kid anymore!" She screamed at him as she picked up the roll of tape. She threw it at him, but he quickly dodged it as he glared at her. Loral smirked.

"What is wrong with you, Loral?" he growled. She shook her head.

"Nothing's wrong, Cade. You believe I'm a fucking kid, but you should ask Brian how much I'm a kid. He'll tell you how he fucked me in the stables, in his shower, oh and in his truck. Jake, well that wild boy fucked me in a crowded club on the outside of town, thankfully it was dark. Henry, see, he's a freak. He actually tied me down and fucked my ass in front of his brother." Cade's clenched his hands into fist as he thought about beating the living shit out of all those boys. Yeah, he heard the stories of her little sexapade and it took all his control not to kidnap her and teach her a lesson or two about who that pussy belong to.

"You better shut that mouth of yours, before I put it to better use, darlin'." Loral rolled her eyes as she turned back around.

"What do you want, Cade? I don't recall myself calling you to come visit me, no one died in the family, and I sure as hell don't want you here." He could hear the hurt and irritation in her voice. He gave a weak smile. Loral was trying to put up an angry appearance, but he knew deep down she was as hungry and lost as he was. He sighed as he came to terms about what was going to happen before he left her apartment.

He was going to fuck her.

He needed to just to get her out of his system. No more of the stolen kisses, or the grope session they tended to have every time he came over after a long day of work. He wanted the real thing. He needed the real thing. They both did.

"I came here to see if you needed help packin'." He lied as he slowly moved further. Loral laughed.

"That is the biggest bull I've ever in my life, Grandpa. You came here to fuck me, but you still think I'm that little kid who followed you around everywhere when I was little. Guess what, Grandpa? I'm tired of waiting for you to grow some balls and fuck me. I've moved on."

"Don't call me, Grandpa!" He shouted. Loral didn't even flinch. She just shook her head and walked into her bedroom. She heard Cade's big feet stomping close behind her.

"Now you know how it feels, Cade." She said as she went into her empty closet to grab the last box. Cade watched as she began tuning him out. She went through her two bedrooms, grabbing anything and everything that needed to be pack. He stayed in the same place, not wanting to leave yet. He couldn't leave her yet. God, he couldn't take her ignoring him.

"Damn it, Loral! Stop ingorin' me." He ground out in frustration as he marched into the living room. She was tapping up her last box before his little outburst. Her eyes narrowed as she turned around. She watched as he stuffed his hands into his slacks and his eyes narrow. This was it, she thought as she made her way passed him into her bedroom. He wanted to have this argument, then so be it. She rather be sitting down on her comfy bed for the last time in her apartment, then stand in her box filled living room.

As he came into the room, Cade found her sitting on her bed, legs crossed as well as her arms. She was looking at him with disgust and annoyance. Never, in the twenty one years he's known Loral, has she ever looked at him like that. He hated it. He never wanted to see it on her face again.

"What do you want, Cade? Speak up, you know I don't have all day." He arched his eyebrow at the snap in her voice.

"What else do you have to do? None of my brothers are expecting you, none of your siblings are either. You have nothin' to do today and since you packed up every last thing, it seems you're done for the day as well." She wrinkled her nose, something she did when she was thinking of something to lie about.

"Well, maybe I wanted to leave town early. My family and your family will always be here. Maybe I wanted to skip the party and leave."She said running a hand through her hair.

"You're going to that party." He stated, walking further into the room.

"I don't have to if I don't want to, Dad. Cade, you're not my father, you're not my boyfriend, and you're not even my friend. I wanted you out of my life months ago, but you keep coming back."She yelled, sending a spike straight to his dick.

"I keep coming back because you're mine, Loral. You dated and slept with those boys, just to get back at me. All of us know it." She simply shrugged.

"I needed to get laid, Cade. You surely weren't stepping up to the plate, so I found it elsewhere."

"Don't push me, Loral." He growled moving closer towards her. She blinked her eyes innocently.

"How am I pushing you, Cade?"

"Keep pushin', darling. You will not like the consequences. She rolled her eyes. Here was Cade, the he-man. Should I be scared, she thought to herself with a laugh, yeah right. Cade was nothing, but words. He wouldn't touch me to save his God damn life.

"Once again, you might not like the consequences." Loral saw his lips thin and jaw tighten. Oh he was really angry now, well so was she. She stood up, fist ready.

"What consequences, Cade?" She snapped jabbing a finger in his chest as he came even closer. Then it dawned on Loral and the thought made her furious. "You think I'll be like your ex-wife huh? You think I'll be just like her, pretend to love you and then leave you? How dare you? How dare you put me in the same category as her."

"Well you are just like her." He shouted, but quickly regretting the words as they left his lips. Loral froze. All this time, he wouldn't touch her because he thought she was like Dana. How could he? Hadn't she proven she wasn't like her the moment she turned eighteen?

"You think I'm just like her?" she whispered, furiously. "I've done nothing, but love you Cade. She froze that fucking heart of yours, not me. Not me, Cade! Why can't you see that?"

"Because ya'll women are all the same, Loral. You're just a kid and you think you can love me. You are not the brightest of the bunch I can tell you that." That right Cade, he told himself, make her hate you. If she hates you, it won't be so hard on her once she leaves.

"Really?" she asked as her head tipped to the side. "I'm just like Dana, right? I'm a woman, who only loves you for your money, who will have an abortion behind your back, so all of your attention will be on me. You must think I'm pretty heartless, Cade." He shrugged as he gripped her finger that was driving him insane with the excessive poking.

"If the shoe fits." She gasps, snatching her hand away.

"Get the fuck out of my place, Cade. I can't believe that I ever loved you. You're one soulless son of a bitch." Cade winced at the icy tone dripping from her mouth. He was causing this hurt, this struggle inside of her that was killing him inside. God he just wanted to hold her, to love her, to show her he wasn't soulless. She would never believe him now, especially after everything that was just said.

"Didn't you hear me, Grandpa? I said get the fuck out of here. You are no longer welcomed in my life anymore. You mean nothing to me, nothing!" She cried. Cade gripped her upper arms, crushing her to his chest.

"Don't you dare cry. Don't. You. Fuckin'. Dare." Loral began to fight him. She couldn't believe any of this had happened. Not Cade! Why did it have to be Cade? Why did have to be the one to break her heart into a million pieces, a heart she saved just for him all those years ago.

"Let me go, Cade." She cried, struggling to get free. Cade shook her, stopping all of her efforts. She looked up at him through tear filled eyes.

"I should just fuck you and get it over with. We both want it, we both need it. Do you want it, darlin'? Do you want my cock pounding inside that pussy of yours? I bet you it's tight. I made sure no little boy you found yourself attracted to, didn't come close to you." Loral's eyes widen in shock.

"I'm don't want to fuck you. Maybe I'll go to Brody to fulfill my McKay lust. I don't need you anymore, Cade." Something in Cade snapped as he heard the ending words. She would not go to his brother or anyone else for that fact. Loral was his and she needed to know that.

"Cade-"His lips covered hers, stopping whatever protest, knowing that whatever else she said would slide the dagger further into his heart. He felt her trying to pull away, but he wouldn't let her. He intertwined his hand into her hair, pulling it roughly to make her stop. She whimpered against his lips as he deepen the kiss.

Cade took her lower lip, sucked it gently, before he nit into it. She gasped, her mouth slightly opening giving Cad free rein. Cade slid his tongue into her mouth, he was trying to be somewhat gently, but Loral wasn't having it. She leaned into the kiss, bringing her hands to his hair, gripping it as she tried taking control of the kiss. She smiled on the inside as Cade growl, reclaiming this kiss as his. She didn't have a problem with it.

But, man, can this man kiss.

She could feel herself shaking against him, trembling in anticipations. She wanted this man. She hated this man. Her mind was filled with the pros and cons of the situation, trying to weigh them out, but his mouth was so soft, yet firm, against hers everything seemed so jumbled.

He tore his lips away from her as he moved his hands to her rear. He found himself picking her up and tossing her, not so lightly, onto her bed. Loral huffed, pushing her hair out of her face. She sat up, watching Cade unbutton his shirt.

"I'm goin' fuck you, darlin'. I'm goin' get you out of my system before I let you walk out of that door. Do you understand?" Loral looked up at him. His face was savage. Filled with undeniable lust that had her panting. This was finally going to happen. Oh shit this was finally going to happen.

"Maybe we shouldn't-"

"Take off your clothes, Loral before I have you over my knee." Loral gasped. The look in his eyes intrigued her. Dominance, control, swirled in those baby blues that had her pussy quivering.

"Cade we-"

"Now, Loral and I'm not askin' again." He growled, taking off his slacks. Loral licked her lips as she slowly took off his old wife beater, exposing her golden globes. The cold air hardened her nipples and Loral couldn't help, but shiver. She laid back against her bed, hooking her thumbs into her shorts and pulled them down, lifted her legs straight up as the shorts reached her knees, teasing him as she pulled them completely off.

As she put her legs back down, Cade watched as she slowly widen them, letting him get a good look at the wet spot on the middle of her panties. He couldn't look away as she slid her hand down her breast, passed her navel, teasing at the edge of her panties. Before she could place her hands inside, Cade took her hand in his. He came over her, taking her other hand and placing them above her head. With a look, she kept them up their without argument.

"That pussy belongs to me. It is mine." Loral nodded. He pinched her nipple hard, Loral arched as tears came to her eyes. "Tell me who it belongs too?" he demanded as he released the abused nipple, only to ease the pain with his tongue.

Loral moaned as he began to suck the tender peek, giving it no mercy as he assaulted it. "You, Cade. It belongs to you." Cade switched, paying the same attention to the other. Loral swore she was about to come. No one has ever made her come, from sucking and playing with her nipples.

"Cade," she gasped in shock as the feeling of her panties being torn from her body. He cupped her mound, leaving no room for teasing. Loral's clit was throbbing. Her core was weeping. She needed something. Anything.

"Cade...please..."she begged as she felt his lips make open mouth kisses all the way to her bare mound. He was teasing her. Why was he teasing her? Oh God she did not need teasing right she need-

"Oh my God," she cried out as she his cool, wet tongue straight up the center of her pussy. Her hips shot off the bed, but Cade's hands gripped her hips, pinning them to the bed. Without warning he began a full assault. Oh dear God that tongue of his wiggled deep inside her weeping cunt, licking inside and out.

"Oh...yes...," she moaned as he flatten his tongue to lick all the way up to her swollen clit, lashing it with teasing licks. Her head was pounding, her blood was pulsing as the feeling of her orgasm nearing. She groaned as he removed his tongue, denying her orgasm.

"Fuck you," she moaned before he plunged two of his thick finger into her as his mouth sucked onto her clit. Loral flat out screamed at the suction and the plunging fingers that found that wonderful spot. Within seconds she was soaring, she almost past out as she forgot to breathe, but it was worth it.

"Who did that to you?" she heard him ask.

Oh Lord. Was she really supposed to talk after that earth shattering orgasm he gave her? Loral opened her eyes and looked into his blue eyes, that seemed black with lust.

"You, Cade."

"Good girl," he rasped as he against her throat before he aligned his cock at her entrance. This is what they both were waiting for. After all this time it was going to finally happen.

"A condom," he heard Loral whisper.

"What?" He asked raising up on his elbows to look down at her. She blushed shyly as she turned her away from his view.

"We have to use a condom, Cade." She said reaching over her bedside draw, praying she left one there. She felt around and thank God. There was one left.

"Loral I'm clean," he told her as she went to hand it to him. She shrugged.

"So am I, but I'm not on birth control and I do not want to get pregnant right, especially because I'm leaving." He sighed. He didn't want to get into this with her, but he would have loved for her to call him in a few months and tell her she was pregnant with his child.

"Okay." He sheathed himself. Loral tensed when she felt the head of Cade's cock began to enter her. God he was bigger than any other man she's been with. She had to admit to herself that she was a little scared, but she was also whimpering for him to just be in her.

"It's okay, Loral. Don't tense up, darlin'." He said as he slowly entered her. As soon as he felt her relax he thrust into her to the hilt. He caught her whimper in a heart stopping kiss that had her heart breaking. She knew this was some sort of statement or his way of trying to claim her, but she wouldn't believe it. She was just a fuck to him, nothing.

She tore her mouth away from his and closed her eyes. He saw what she was doing. It wasn't that hard to figure out his Loral. She was hiding from him.

"Loral open your eyes," he demanded as his strokes became harder and faster. Loral shook her head moaning as she wrapped her legs around his hip. Cade reached down between their sweating bodies and pinched her clit.

"Cade!" Her eyes shot opened at the pain/pleasure that ranked through her body. She stared up at Cade, who looked like he wanted to strangle her.

"You will keep your eyes on me. No more hiding." He told, ramming into her without restraint. Loral gripped his shoulders, her nails scratching, leaving their mark. Cade wasn't going to last long and he could feel Loral on the brink.

He held onto to her hips as he thrust in and out of her. Her headboard banging into her wall as he banged her roughly. He had to cum, but he wasn't coming without her. He squeezed her clit on last time and there it was. It came so fast for both of them, that sudden blackness surrounded both of them. The last thing Cade remembered was spilling his seed into the condom.

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