I hated to be a quitter but had to give up, my jaw was hurting and I was having difficulty breathing.

"I'm sorry baby. I have to stop," I said and crawled up the bed next to her.

"No, no, don't be. You got me closer than anyone ever has. You can fuck me now if you want."

"No, thanks. We know that doesn't work for you."

"But it will work for you."

"I can't get you to orgasm and I'm exhausted. Thanks anyway."

The naked woman next to me was named Tammy. We had been lovers, then we became close friends and work partners, then she decided she was a lesbian. She had figured that if men could not satisfy her women could but that had not worked out either. We had not been a couple for six years and seldom saw each other but we were still in constant contact.

That Thursday evening she had called and asked me to try again but it would be just another a failure. I had eaten her pussy in every way a pussy could be eaten and twice she got close to cumming but her passion suddenly deflated both times.

"Can I stay in your bed tonight?" she asked.

"Of course, you can stay in my bed any night. I'll cook you breakfast in the morning"

"Thanks. And no I'm not crying."

I did not answer and scooped her into my arms and softly kissed her lips. Eventually her tears ceased to flow and she fell asleep in my arms.

I was in love with her once and I still loved her as a friend. Maybe more than that. The few times we had been together over the last couple of years were for the same purpose of her visit that night. She had hoped I would gift her with an orgasm.

Nothing worked. We tried oils, vibrators, cream, and beads. We tried every conceivable position including some that proved to be painful and some had us laughing out loud. I had gotten her close often but she had always taken a step away from the edge.

She went to doctors and all said there was nothing wrong with her physically so she went to psychiatrists. Her last psychiatrist dismissed her as a patient and ate her pussy, fucked her with dildos, a strap-on, vibrators, and cucumbers but eventually that woman gave up too.

Tammy had thrown herself into her career in law but I had resigned mine to become a security advisor in a small town down the coast. Our offices were nearly a hundred miles apart so getting together had become a rarity, but she was still my favorite woman to wake up with each morning.

Over breakfast we talked about our lives and she asked me why I had not married Gabrielle.

"I thought Gabby would have been a good wife and mother but before I got the nerve to ask her to marry me she fucked Jason. She apologized and cried and swore she would be faithful but I knew I could never trust her so I accepted the job offer here. I have not heard from her since."

"She married Al and they swap with Jason and his wife. She cheats on both with her boss. You dodged a bullet there."

"I'm not surprised. Is Ben still trying to get you to marry him?"

"No, he gave up over a year ago, found a girl on a web site and met her last month. It might work for them."

We ate in silence then took our coffee to my patio. She was wearing only a t-shirt that was high enough up her body I could see her pussy. I leaned over and kissed it before she sat.

"Why don't you fuck me?"

"I do fuck you."

"Not last night. Not every chance you have. Just because I can't have a climax doesn't mean you have to do without. And I would certainly feel better if you enjoyed me."

"Thanks, I may need to if I don't get laid soon."

"How about now?"

"No, but maybe tonight if you are staying in town."

"I am staying in town and you sure as hell better fuck me."

I smiled and kissed her lips. It crossed my mind I might still be in love with her but we were definitely incompatible. My inability to make her cum would eventually eat into me; already had.

Tammy returned my kiss then started her own kiss as her hand exposed then gripped my semi-erect cock. My cock loved the attention and became firmer but not enough to fuck. She ended the kiss with a sigh.

I sat her on my lap and hugged her. "We do well with the cuddling and kissing part. I love kissing every part of your body. A hundred years ago that would have been enough."

'Yeah," she said and settled into my arms. "What are we doing today?"

"We are going to the beach, do you have your suit?"

"Yes, you need to see me in my bikini anyway. I look good in it."

"You look good in anything and out of anything. Let's get ready."

She looked fabulous on the beach and some men got in trouble with their wives for looking too long. She told me some wives got in trouble for looking at me too long but I did not see that.

We had a fun time at the beach and she used my shoulders as a diving board. Sometimes as she came up from underwater her tits would be out but she did not hurry to cover them. Once before she surfaced she pulled my suit down and swallowed my cock.

We looked and acted like lovers and we knew we did but continued in that same vein until the sun got too much for her. We went home, took showers, then dressed and went out for dinner. She wanted Italian so we had shrimp linguini with garlic sauce and some sweet white wine.

I led her to the lesbian biker bar and many of my women friends were very happy when Tammy kissed them on the lips. Hands gently brushed her tits and ass as she carried animated conversations with the women. The problem with that was that it made her horny. When we got home she became a bit depressed and a bit angry. We were nude on my loveseat drinking wine.

"You are going to fuck me tonight, right?"

"Yeah, that's what you want isn't it?"

"That is exactly what I want," she said and sat on my lap then continued to drink her wine.

A few minutes later I heard her sigh or maybe it was a moan. I figured my cock was kissing her pussy. I kissed her lips. She did enjoy foreplay and loved when I sucked and nibbled on her tits so I did that too. My cock kept on growing and she adjusted her butt on me a bit. She was suddenly embarrassed and stood up saying she was going to pee then bring us some coffee.

"I'll fix the coffee," I said.

We returned to my loveseat and drank our coffee and kissed. I caressed her pussy as she caressed my cock.

"Where you ever tempted to marrying me?"

"Yes," I admitted. She seemed to be waiting for an explanation but I decided not to rehash that time of our lives.

After a few moments of silence she said, "I would have."

We kissed and realized we were still in love with each other but said nothing. My cock however really wanted her and became very ready. She straddled me and sank her pussy over it.

"I love the way your cock feels as it slides into me. I love how your cock feels when it's in me. I love how you love my breasts, caress my body, and bite my neck. I would marry you now and would be faithful to you. I know you would not be happy with my hang-up but we know that is apparently a permanent disability and I'm sure you would be able to get past it. Marry me."

I remained silent. I did think we would make a good married couple and knew she would be faithful to me but her disability was very likely too much of a barrier.

Our fuck intensified and I accepted her voracious kiss but did not get my hopes up. We had been there before. I caressed her ass and slid my finger over her crack. She paused and moaned. I pressed my finger to her anus, a first for us and she flew into a vicious fuck. Then I slid my finger into her ass.

Her body exploded into orgasm. She howled and shuddered and cried. Her body became limp over mine. Her orgasm had been such a surprise I had not cum. She moaned when I slid my finger out of her ass.

I waited for her to recover then I kissed her. She looked at me with an embarrassed and a stunned expression on her face. A tear ran down her cheek. I kissed her again.

"Yes, I will marry you," I said.

She screamed and kissed me as she cried and giggled. I had found the trigger and suddenly all of my reservations about marrying her vanished.

Thirty or fifty kisses later either she or her pussy noticed my cock was still very hard and she resumed fucking me. That fuck was soft and gentle; which was her usual way of masturbating me with her pussy. My hand stayed away from her ass until the fuck began to get her attention. I slid my hand over her ass and she had another orgasm.

My finger was not even touching her anus so her orgasm again caught me by surprise. Her loud groan and her shudders lasted less time than the first orgasm and she was soon fucking me again as she giggled and kissed me. I stopped her and carried us to bed with my cock still impaled in her pussy.

I got in bed with her over me and we kissed as she resumed her fuck. I waited until I was in need of ejaculating into her then slid my hand over her butt and penetrated her ass with my finger.

Her explosive orgasm matched mine and we could not kiss for a while from lack of breath and when she recovered her kiss was soft.

"I love you," she said.

"I love you," I said.

We fell asleep as we kissed.

When I woke up the next morning she was on the love seat in the living room on the phone. She said bye to her caller and said, "I have submitted my resignation from the bureau. I was not leaving your house until you threw me out and I am very happy it will never come to that. I was talking to my brother and told him to send the movers down."

"What made you decide to live with me?"

"I have always wanted to live with you and when I noticed you had stopped dating I realized you were still in love with me. I knew I could convince you to marry me even with my affliction. Yes I know you had not answered but I figured that if the answer was no you would have said so I gave myself to you."

She was right. I probably would have delayed my decision but I knew she would eventually be my wife.

She continued, "I have also decided that a finger in my ass will probably be unnecessary soon. I had always been terrified just before I climaxed so I stopped the rush before it overwhelmed me. Your finger distracted me and I just flew into it and happily I did not die.

My second orgasm came from just the memory of the first. My third orgasm would have come anyway but I realize I loved your finger in my ass. Your dick should be very afraid by now. What gave you that perverted idea anyway?"

"When you were first on my lap last night you seemed to be distracted and at first I thought my cock was kissing your pussy but when you got up I saw my cock had been kissing your ass. It was worth a shot I thought."

"You were right about that. That monster of yours was determined to get into my ass and I was afraid my ass would invite it in so I got up."

We gently fucked again that morning as she sat on the kitchen table. Her orgasm a lot more intense than the fuck and she groaned while trying to break my ribs in her embrace. My hand had not touched her ass.

We kissed until she was fully recovered and said, "I don't want to get dressed."

"It will make getting undressed later a lot more fun."


We ate brunch at the resort then somehow wandered over to a jewelry store. She went to a specific ring and asked to try it on. "Perfect," she said.

I took out my wallet and handed a credit card to the clerk. I knew I had been set up.

As we walked out Tammy said, "We have just cleared out the day. Let's go home and fuck."

For the next two days she just wanted more, many more but after two days she said her pussy was too sore to enjoy the fucks. She was right, my cock should have been very afraid.

Then I made a horrendous mistake; I ate her pussy. For the second night that weekend I went to sleep with painful jaw and short of breath.

She was right about the necessity of a finger up her ass, she had orgasms without it when we fucked. However most of the time I was eating her pussy my finger was in her ass, my thumb was in her pussy, and her clit between my lips. She went from one orgasm to another until she crawled up the bedroom wall to get away from me. I was relieved.

That Sunday we did not fuck before we went out for church services. She was the star of the morning and everyone came over to congratulate us. We joined friends for lunch at an upscale Latin restaurant and remained dressed when we got back home, well, she wore a t-shirt and I wore gym shorts. We cooked dinner together and kissed a lot but made no overt signs of wanting sex.

In bed that night we cuddled together and kissed.

I said to her, "You were right, I would have been fine living with you if you had still been handicapped. Today was the best day of my life. I love you."

She sobbed and kissed me over and over until we went to sleep.

We married and were very happy together even though she had resumed eating pussy. It was always a rare event and was never planned. It usually happened on a night we had spent dancing and drinking at the lesbian biker bar. That happened about once every two months or so.

I was OK with it since the other woman was on our bed when Tammy made love to her. We liked to fuck while she was eating pussy and did not mind when I sucked her partner's tits or when I ate her lover's pussy as she sat on my face while Tammy fucked me.

One night as we played before a fuck I fucked Tammy in the ass.

I had caressed and poked her ass with my cock often and she seemed to have enjoyed it, we both understood it would eventually happen. On our previous fuck the night before the head of my cock had slipped halfway in and I realized she wanted it.

I had used the lubricant gel on my cock as Tammy got on her hands and knees. She liked to be fucked that way but also knew it was not one of my favorite positions; she knew what would happen and wanted it. My slippery cock had nestled onto her anus and was slowly sliding in. Tammy was becoming very excited and I began to push and relax, push and relax. I pulled away and slid a finger in then two fingers in. She moaned.

I fucked her ass with my fingers as I caressed her clit. As she began her climb to a cum I added a third finger and as she plunged into orgasm I removed my fingers and slid my cock into her ass. She groaned as another orgasm swept through her. By the time it had run its course my cock was deep inside her.

I kissed her neck and caressed her for a few moments then slid my hand over her pussy again and pressed it back as I pushed my cock into her. She began a long agonizing string of orgasms and I was soon fucking her ass hard until my biggest load of cum ever shot into her.

She groaned loudly and whimpered but I kept fucking her to another cum then slowed to a halt. She again groaned when my cock slid out of her then fell asleep in less than twenty seconds.

Ass fucks are now routine in our love making, we do so at least once a week. She does not bring girlfriends home as often just in case my cock ends up in her ass. Tammy does not want anyone to know; she thinks it's too perverted.

She did drive two hundred miles to get lubricants specifically made for ass fucks and when she wants me to fuck her ass she makes sure I see her apply it to her anus before putting a drop on my cock then gets in the position she wants.

She has a special pillow to drape herself over that is washable; it gets covered with sex juices each time.

We had never even considered ass fucks before we found her gateway to orgasms. We never thought she could have orgasms directly from the ass fuck but she does. She said that while on the pillow her clit can feel my cock but from a different angle. She does love pussy fucks and really loves when we fuck while she sits on the table. I do too.

I never thought I would end up with such a sex driven woman and now I'm hoping she remembers we are getting old.

We never had children, her ovaries were misshaped and my sperm could not find the egg. We investigated in vitro fertilization and were assured it would work but we were in our thirties and were leery of the idea of coping with a teenager when we were in our fifties. We decided we were fine without children. Soon she was telling all who asked, "Children get in the way of fucking."

We fucked in my office, at restaurant parking lots, in the beach waters and on new moons on the beach itself. We fucked under the lesbian bar and on the roof over the beach pavilion. She got big orgasms quickly in such places.

She settled on three women whose pussy she adored to eat and loved for me to fuck her in the ass as she ate pussy. I had convinced Tammy that her sex partner would not be able to tell which hole my cock was in. We were happy.

Then we met some aliens and the town moved.

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