Tammy Saves the World Ch. 02


Tammy loved the spontaneity of the moment, loved TC's touch as his fingers grazed down over her breasts, still damp with his saliva. The kiss continued, a hungry, passionate kiss that fueled the heat between her legs. His fingers roamed down her belly, gliding on top of the triangle of fabric covering her womanhood, bringing a soft mewl from her diaphragm. Her thighs parted to give his roaming fingers ready access to her loins. Their lips parted, hands groping at one anothers bodies. "Oh gawd TC... I need you baby... I want to feel your lips on my pussy... pulllleeeeease..." she pleaded, her hands pushing at his head.

"Yes baby... yes... oh yes..." TC replied, letting his tongue twirl around each nipple as his fingers slipped beneath the crotch of the bikini. Her cunt was on fire, oozing her fragrant nectar as he slipped a finger into her. Her hands pushed at his head again, moving his face closer to her seething center. As he got closer his senses were filled with her fragrant musk, the sure sign she was ready for more. "Gawd Tammy you smell so good... so fucking good..." TC said softly, his finger curling inside her to reach her spot. Her body trembled, her hips writhing under his hands as his tongue moved down her belly and traced a path over one thigh. He moved around to position himself between her lithe legs, sitting on the stone seat and taking in her beauty. His fingers never left her, one slowly working at her pussy as his other hand roamed over her torso and legs. "Oh princess...."

Tammy's body was writhing involuntarily as her lover teased, her hips pushing up toward him as he leaned in close, his light kisses covering her inner thighs as he lifted her knees over his shoulders. "Ohhhhhhbaby.... Gawd... Kiss me... Lick me... SUCK MEEEEEEEE..." she pleaded, her hands reaching out but finding only air. Then she felt his fingers tugging the bikini aside to expose the plane of her cunt, felt his lips slowly approach her sensitive folds, his tongue lightly flicking at her nether lips. "ohhhhmmmmmmmmmmMMMM.." she moaned, thrusting her hips up to his mouth. "ahhhhhFUCKKKK..." she growled, her body shuddering at his touch.

Tammy was as hot as he'd imagined, her entire body responding as he worshiped her with his hands and lips. He gently moved her toward him, making sure the pillow remained behind her head, then buried his face in her wetness. He heard her squeals; but was now consumed with the need to give her pleasure. His lips and tongue worked at the soft folds of her labia, tasting her, loving the feel of her sensitive flesh. He slipped two fingers into her cunt, curling them to her spot as his lips gently surrounded her clit and began to suck. Her passion quickly rose to the level he knew he could maintain, and he began to give her that incredible ride he had practiced. Holding her right at the edge, giving her little glimpses of the ultimate pleasure; but keeping her just short of orgasm. He knew his cock was hard and ready; but this wasn't about him -- it was about Tammy and her pleasure. He knew this place -- out in the open and spectacular beauty of nature -- would only serve to take her even higher. And much as he would love to give her back door attention, he knew she would be extra sensitive there, and that would put her over the edge in an instant.

Every once in a while Tammy's eyes would flutter open and she would see the towering pines above her, the brilliant blue of the sky beyond them. She'd had sex outside plenty of times; but not like this. She felt like she was literally on fire, her body throbbing as TC expertly manipulated her most sensitive parts. He somehow knew when to back off -- and exactly how much -- so she felt she was having a continuous orgasm. His fingers knew just where to go inside her, his lips and tongue knew exactly how to stimulate her, and the sensations were incredible. Her fingers tugged at his hair and pulled on his ears as her hips ground her cunt into his face. It wouldn't be long... she couldn't hold back... it was just too much... "ohgawdbayBEEEEEE.... OHSHIT... OHMYGAWD... nnnnGHHHAAAAAA... OH... AH... AHHHH... CUMMMINGGGGG..." Tammy howled, unable to hold back any longer.

TC felt her first spasm and knew he wasn't going to hold her back this time. He added a third finger in her tight cunt and began swirling his tongue around her hard little nub, sucking at her clit as he held her body down with his other hand on her belly. She thrashed around beneath him, the viscous nectar flowing a river from her twitching pussy. Her hands pulled his hair and tugged at his ears as he worked at her hot center, letting her go to that place he'd wanted for her. The first couple of times she tried to push him away he resisted, maintaining his oral contact despite her squeals for him to stop. Finally he let her push his face from her seething crotch, gently withdrawing his fingers from her gushing vaginal channel. Then he pushed her knees back and leaned down to give her a quick kiss on her little wrinkle, bringing another squeal. TC carefully let her legs down, setting her feet on the stone seat on either side of him. His face was wet with her juices; but for now he was leaving it there, loving the reminder of where he'd just been. He let his fingers graze up her sides to her lush breasts, giving each nipple a caress. "Mmmm... that was nice baby..." he whispered.

Tammy's breathing didn't settle down for several minutes, taking a bit longer than normal due to the altitude. Finally she opened her eyes and sat up, her elbows holding her shoulders off the table. She looked at her lover, a sweet smile crossing her face. "Wow." she said, giggling. "Just... wow..."

TC returned her smile, stroking her sides with his fingertips. "Yeah... wow..." he replied. "That was pretty fucking awesome baby." he told her, leaning down to kiss the silky flesh of her thigh. "And I love making you cum." he added.

"Damn... I haven't cum that... deeply... in a while." Tammy told him, swinging one leg over his head and climbing down from the table. "I mean... everything... the setting... the things you did... holy fuck that was nice." she added, leaning over to kiss him. "Now... did you say something about a picnic?" she asked, chuckling softly. "Cause I could use a l little snack right now."

TC got up and walked over to the bike, opening one of the saddlebags to pull out one of the two 'picnic baskets' Wendy had put together. He handed it to Tammy and opened the other bag to grab the second basket. They opened them on the table after folding the blanket and returning it to the bike's trunk. Inside were several smaller containers with a variety of delicacies. One held some genuine beluga caviar, another had spicy Cajun sausage slices, while a third was stuffed with green olives. A small box had crackers, another had slices of some pungent but delicious cheese. Carefully packed in the second basket was a bottle of wine with glasses and a corkscrew. "Wendy always thinks of everything." TC said, uncorking the pinot noir and pouring them each a half-glass. He held his glass up. "To a beautiful beginning to a wonderful and satisfying day." he said, a perfectly serious look on his face.

Tammy cracked up, unable to contain her laughter. Then she touched her glass to his and took a sip. "Yeah baby, a very satisfying day so far."

They shared the delicious snacks, feeding each other and doing the things lovers did while eating. On multiple occasions they found themselves in an embrace, their lips feasting on each other instead of the food. TC took it easy on the wine, knowing he had a ride to deal with. Tammy had her share of both the wine and the food, enjoying her new friend and the new surroundings. The whole thing was just a bit surreal. This man from an internet porn site who has a private jet flown out to pick her up and bring her here, the exquisite Polynesian girl who loves sex as much as she does, the sensual magic of Wendy's potions and candles, and the incredibly erotic sex from both of them... she didn't know what to make of it; but she wasn't going to question a thing. It like heaven for the Wicked Vixen.

While Tammy daydreamed, TC had carefully packed everything up from their lunch and had it back in the bike. He walked over to her and put his arm around her shoulders again. "How ya doin', princess?" he asked, kissing her ear softly. She leaned into him, letting her free hand roam over his chest.

"I am so much better than good TC. This whole thing is just amazing." Tammy began. "Okay, so I was hoping for a good time, hoping that we would enjoy each others' company, wishing that Wendy would be sweet, and of course wanting the sex to be good... But all of this is just way beyond that." She hugged him tight, pressing her lips against his neck.

TC returned the hug, his fingers stroking the back of her head. "I'm glad baby. Really glad. It's always an anxious thing to meet somebody for the first time when you know both of you are hooking up for sex." he chuckled. "But I could tell from our online stuff that we were going to enjoy this -- more than a little. Wendy and I would be together when I was online posting to your thread or PMing you, and half the time we would end up just ravishing each other. We would just get so fucking hot we couldn't hold back." he added.

"Really?" Tammy responded. "How come you never told me?" she asked, giving him a playful slap. "Fuck, I always told you what your words were doing to me." She laughed, reaching over to pick up her leather pants. "Guess we should be heading back, huh?" she suggested, pulling the pants on in a single smooth motion. "When is Wendy expecting us?" she asked.

"Oh, we have a little time; but we can take the long way back." TC replied, helping her with the zipper between the jacket and pants before pulling his suit on. "We can easily take a couple hours and ride through some amazing country, I hope that's okay."

"Mmmm..." Tammy said, leaning close to give him a kiss. "Anything for you baby." she whispered, giving him a wink. They pulled on their helmets, checked the intercom, then climbed aboard and headed out. Instead of going back the way they had come up, TC headed further up the mountain, taking an alternate route that wound down into a beautiful canyon. He was right, the scenery was awesome, and Tammy found herself lost in the beauty. The gentle throb of the machine, the cool, clean air, and TC's calmness at the controls gave her a confidence she sometimes found difficult when riding with someone she didn't know. She could just relax and look around at the stunning scenery, enjoying a day outside.

The two hours went quickly for TC, the curves in the pavement keeping his attention until they turned onto his private drive, the sensor swinging the gate out of their way. Wendy's car was already back, although she was parked next to the door instead of over to the right side of the carport. He knew she'd done some shopping, and no doubt just shortened the path to unload. TC rolled into the port next to his RS8 and came to a smooth stop, the engine shut down before the wheels came to rest.

"Cool." Tammy said, swinging her leg over the trunk and hopping to the ground. "Nice ride TC, thanks!" she told him, watching as he flipped the stand down and climbed off the machine.

"My pleasure doll. It's all relaxation from here sweetie." he told her, pulling off his helmet and taking hers. He took a deep breath, noting the smells of Wendy's 'Polynesian Barbecue' in the air.

Tammy noticed TC's gesture, then the same wonderful smells. "Mmm... that smells good." she said, following TC as they headed into the pass-through, dropping their helmets in the gear room on the way by. Wendy was in the kitchen, doing some prep on part of the feast. She smiled, setting the knife down and coming over to give them both a hug and kiss.

"Hey babies. How was your ride?" she asked, walking back to her cutting board.

"Incredible. Really... just... incredible." Tammy replied. "And thanks so much for the picnic honey. It was great." she added.

"Glad I could add to the day girl." Wendy responded, turning to give her new friend a smile and a wink. "Hey... why don't you go take a quick shower in the front bathroom so we can relax a while before dinner." Wendy suggested.

TC chimed in. "I'll come with ya babe. I could use a shower too." he said, glancing at Wendy with a wink. She hadn't told him the details of her evening plans; but figured she probably didn't want Tammy to accidentally see the 'pleasure room'. He knew the 'massage table' was a part of it; but everything else would a surprise to him as well. Wendy always managed to bring it when it came to such things. He led Tammy into the front bathroom, the one where she'd had her bath, and they both stripped out of their riding gear in the dressing area, he pulling off his jeans and t-shirt while Tammy was out of her bikini in the blink of an eye.

Tammy followed him into the large glass-enclosed shower, the water already running and at temperature. The washed each other thoroughly, with the expected amount of grab-ass going with it. By the time they were ready to rinse, TC's cock was at attention thanks to Tammy's skilled fingers. "Now babe... I'm thinking you should wait a little while for my main man." he laughed, backing away from her as he took a handful of breast. "I promise there will be plenty of him later honey... really..." he told her, leaning over to give her a soft wet kiss. They both noticed the abrupt appearance of Wendy, who dropped two folded piles on the bench outside the shower.

"Just brought clothes guys. Carry on." she laughed, turning around to head back out the door.

TC turned off the water and reached up to grab them each a towel, handing Tammy one and quickly drying himself with the other. He popped the door open and stepped out onto the large mat, turning to the bench to find a pair of very comfortable satin shorts and a matching smoking jacket for himself. For Tammy there was a similar pair of satin shorts and matching jacket. It took them seconds to dress, then they headed out to join Wendy.

Part 3 -- Polynesian Party

"Hey guys. Have a nice shower?" Wendy laughed, checking the coals in the kettle.

"Yeah... it was okay... couldn't convince TC to have any fun though." Tammy replied, teasing TC.

"Well doll, you do need to save a little something for later." TC told her, holding her close. "Wendy has a few surprises for us, I think." he added.

Wendy turned to face them with a big smile on her face. "Why yes I do." she replied, giving them a wink. "This evening's meal will be a genuine Polynesian barbecue, with spicy sweet and sour ribs smoked to perfection, a salad of fresh fruits marinated in pineapple and a touch of the best rum, and skewers of vegetables cooked on the grill. Our appetizers are almost ready, so kindly have a seat wherever you like, my friends." TC and Tammy took seats at the observation bar as Wendy poured them each a cooler of something tropical before returning to the kettle to place the ribs on the grate.

Tammy took a sip. "Mmm... this is delicious Wendy! What is it?" she asked, taking another sip before she set the cooler down.

"I call it 'Polynesian Punch'" Wendy replied with a giggle. "The primary ingredient is pineapple juice, with a splash of pomegranate, some fresh apple and banana, and just a few jiggers of a rich, mango-rum liqueur from the Philippines." she explained. "Glad you like it!"

"Excellent honey. Really refreshing, as always." TC complimented her. He noticed that she, too, wore satin shorts and an open shirt similar to those she'd chosen for Tammy and himself. His gaze was momentarily stuck on her firm derriere as she bent over to adjust the lower vent on the kettle. He let out a low whistle, licking his lips.

"TC, you are just an ass fanatic, aren't you?" Tammy laughed, slapping him affectionately on his thigh -- only an inch from his stirring loins. "I mean really man, didn't you get enough ass between Wendy and me yesterday?"

Wendy straightened up and turned around. "TC does love the derriere; but then I love it when he does my bottom. Don't you Tammy?" she teased. Wendy pulled the top from a small pot on the gas-fired grill, poking at the contents with a fork. "Okay kids, our appetizer is ready." she told them, picking up the pot and pouring the chicken tenders into a serving dish. "Go easy for a few minutes. They're really hot." she warned, placing a small plate and fork in front of each of them and a serving spoon in the dish.

TC dipped the spoon into the spicy looking chicken bites and placed them on Tammy's plate, then did the same for Wendy before finally serving himself. He stabbed his fork into a piece and held it up, blowing on it to cool the sizzling meat. He took a small bite, savoring the flavors. "Oh god Wendy... this is exceptional baby... really, just first rate." TC told her.

Tammy followed his lead, taking a small bite. "Damn girlfriend, that is wonderful!" she exclaimed. "What's your secret?"

"I use nothing but the purest Polynesian spices. There's a great little shop in town that gets them for me. The chicken was pre-cooked before you arrived, then marinated for two days in some Jamaican pepper sauce mixed with the spices. It's my own recipe; but TC seems to like it!" Wendy replied, looking over at her man.

"Indeed I do baby. There's one thing for sure about our relationship, we both enjoy culinary exploits and we are both very creative with food." TC responded, leaning over to give Wendy a kiss. "I love you baby." he added, giving her bottom an affectionate squeeze through the satin shorts.

"Awww. You guys are so cute." Tammy cooed.

"And the sex is great, too." Wendy giggled, grabbing the pitcher to refill their drinks. "We'll put the veggie skewers on a few minutes before we're ready to eat. They don't need much more than a bit of warming to get crisp around the edges. The ribs can go pretty much as long as we want them to go, once they're done. That will be another thirty minutes or so." Wendy told them. "Other than that, we're free to do whatever we want." she added, raising her eyebrows.

TC was abruptly surrounded, with Tammy to his left and Wendy to his right. "Hmmm... you girls have something on your minds?" he asked, letting one arm encircle each waist. In response he felt soft fingers on his inner thighs, lightly grazing his flesh just an inch from his rising organ. The fingers on his left thigh drifted up and under the loose shorts, teasing at his dick without encircling the shaft. Then the other set of fingers moved in to do the same with his balls. Lips found his neck on both sides, nibbling at his skin as the fingers teased.

"I never got to thank you for the lovely ride -- and the pleasure." Tammy whispered, letting her fingers wrap around his dick. "I want to suck your beautiful cock... mmmm... taste your cum.... mmmmmm... now...." she moaned, gently sliding down from her stool to take up station between his thighs. She lifted his legs to put them over her shoulders, wrapping her arms around them to expose his meat. Her talented tongue swirled around his cockhead as her fingers gently danced along his shaft until he was rigid. "MmmmmmPHHHHHHGLLGHPHHH" she grunted loudly, engulfing his penis in her mouth.

Wendy moved behind her man, giving him support from behind so he could relax and enjoy what Tammy was doing. She let her hands roam over his torso and chest, lightly pinching his nipples as her lips nuzzled his neck. "You like this, don't you baby?" she asked, knowing the answer. "Love having your beautiful cock sucked.."

TC watched as the pretty blonde moved her soft lips on his shaft, her eyes on his as she made love with her mouth. Tammy was a pretty girl, and as always was more beautiful in this situation, her hot mouth taking his organ with long, slow strokes. She went all the way down on it, closing her eyes and holding him deep in her throat as she sucked. Her fingers gently grasped his balls, tickling them and teasing at his anal ring. She opened her eyes as a finger pushed at his little opening, a sparkle coming to them as she slowly withdrew from his cock and lowered her head between his legs. Her fingers wrapped around his dick as her tongue probed at his asshole, wriggling a half-inch past his sphincter. Wendy reached down to pull his knees back, giving Tammy easier access to continue her oral assault on his butt. "ohhhhyessssss... feels so fucking good baby..." TC moaned as Tammy's curled tongue pushed inside his niggardly little hole.

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