Tammy Saves the World Ch. 02


"You like to be tongue-fucked in the ass baby?" Wendy whispered in his ear. "You love that little wet intruder in there, don't you honey... probing at your tight bottom... making you so fucking hot..." she added. "Ohhhh yessss baby... you need to cum darling..."

Tammy felt the twitch in his loins and quickly returned her mouth to his cock, her lips rippling along his shaft as she pushed her middle finger deep into his ass. Only a few of her male lovers had accepted this kind of attention, even though they all wanted to do it to her -- and more. It excited her to feel the smooth insides of her man's asshole while she sucked on his penis, and knew that it would bring a more intense orgasm from him. TC's cock grew larger still in her mouth, filling her throat as she fingerfucked his butt. His moans grew louder, his hips pushing upward to try to get more of his meat into her, then he spasmed. His body shuddered. His hands reached down to hold onto her head. "OhhhKkkk yesss... suck it baby... suck my cock... SUCK ITTTTTT... OHHHHYEAHHH..." he howled. Then she felt the first spurt of his seed splash in her throat, and began swallowing. His orgasm seemed to last a long time, longer than normal anyway. It felt good to give him this much pleasure, to make him feel this good.

Wendy's fingers flashed over his body, bringing more pleasure as her lips and tongue worked on his neck and ears. "That's it TC... cum for Tammy... give her your seed, you beautiful man... god I love you baby..." she whispered in his ear as the last of his spasms began to subside. She really felt good when he was enjoying sex, whether with her or another lover -- and she knew how much he had anticipated making love with Tammy. He called her his cyber-vixen, a woman he would always want, no matter how many times they were together.

TC could normally hold off his climax regardless of the situation; but Tammy's mouth was too much this time. Everything she did was perfect, and his passion was fully in control. He felt the last of his load ooze from his cock into her hot mouth, her lips gripping his dick as she sucked and swallowed. The finger in his ass had driven the intensity up too quickly for his mind to stay on top of, and pushed him over passion's peak with a power he was simply unable to stop. "Ohhhh baby... that's so incredible.... just so fucking incredible..." he told her, his fingers running through her golden curls as she drained him, then cleaned his organ with her tongue. "Ahhhhmmmm.... No more baby... easy...." he moaned, pushing her head up to withdraw his cock from her face. He looked down as they disconnected, watching her beautiful smile and sparkling brown eyes. "Thank you honey. Thank you." he said hoarsely, returning her smile.

"Oh TC, it was delicious." Tammy responded, licking her lips. "Besides, that's why I'm here, right?" she giggled, kissing his thigh then accepting his hand to help her up. Tammy sat on her stool next to him and took a bite of the tasty chicken along with a long pull on her punch. "I just think this is so cool, to be out here with the two of you, fantastic food, fabulous sex, and nothing to worry about." Tammy told them. "Okay Wendy, so what do you have up your sexy sleeve?" she asked.

Wendy chuckled. "You're just going to have to trust me -- until after dinner anyway." she replied, taking a couple of small bites of chicken. "Just know that it will take you beyond anything you've ever experienced honey." Wendy laughed, squeezing TC's thigh.

"Really!" Tammy responded. "Anything I should know about to prepare myself?"

TC leaned over to give Tammy a kiss. "Honey... Wendy is going to make you feel good -- and you're going to get that massage we promised." he told her.

"Oh... okay... that'll work... a massage and a good shag will do." Tammy said, smiling and returning his kiss.

They finished the appetizer and another glass of punch, then Wendy chimed in. "Hey kids, I think I'm going to put the veggie skewers on the grill. Dinner will be less than thirty minutes, okay?" Without waiting for a response, Wendy opened the cover on the grill, adjusting the burner before carefully placing the three generously-loaded skewers on the grill. She closed the cover and glanced at the clock, then turned back to her friends. "I hope you like Polynesian cuisine, Tammy." she said, lifting the top of the kettle to check the ribs. She picked up the tongs and flipped the three racks of juicy ribs. "Perfect!" she said, reaching down to close the lower vent. "Okay babies, I'm gonna go set the table. You two just relax."

Twenty minutes later Wendy transferred the ribs to one serving container and the veggie skewers to another. "Dinner is served, my darlings." she told them, waiting for TC and Tammy to get up before she headed inside. As they took their seats Wendy went to the fridge to grab another pitcher of punch, bringing it to the table and pouring all three glasses before taking her seat. They ate in near silence, the only sounds being the 'ooo's' and 'ahhhh's' in appreciation of the delicious dinner Wendy had prepared. Serving sizes were generous; but not so large they didn't finish everything, leaving enough room for the dessert.

After dinner they retired to the deck once again, watching the sunset as they let the food settle. Tammy snuggled between TC and Wendy, enjoying the warmth of their bodies as the sun disappeared bringing a chill to the air. Wendy gave her a little kiss. "Give me ten minutes honey. I just need to warm the room and do a little preparation for your evening of pleasure." she said softly.

"Mmm... I like the sound of that." Tammy replied, returning the little kiss. She watched Wendy's taut behind jiggling slightly beneath the shorts as she walked back into the house, a low moan escaping her lips.

"She does have a sexy bum, doesn't she." TC chuckled, holding Tammy close against the chill of the night air.

Tammy leaned close, pressing herself against him. "So... what's she doing in there?" she asked, knowing he wasn't going to tell her. "I mean... it's a massage, and I'm sure it'll be special, but..."

"Honey, you have no idea. One of Wendy's skills is massage therapy, so she really knows what she's doing. This is one massage where you are guaranteed a happy ending -- more than one." TC laughed. "Now just relax. She'll come get you when she's ready."

Five minutes later Wendy came back out, dressed only in a silk robe, her hair tied back with a matching ribbon, a colorful bouquet of tropical flowers above her left ear. "Okay honey. I'm ready for you." Wendy said softly.

Part 4 -- the Art of Sensual Massage

Tammy followed her into the room she hadn't seen before, the room with symbol of Eros over the door. The fragrance wafting from inside was powerful, yet soothing. The sounds coming from the surround system were of nature, the chirps and whistles of birds, the cooing of owls, a cats purr, and the bubbling of water. As her eyes adjusted to the candlelight Tammy saw an unique table, with most of the attributes of a massage table; but with some additional features she wasn't familiar with. The sheet was covered in flower petals. Without being asked, Tammy tossed her shirt on a convenient char and slipped out of her shorts. Then she stood and stared at the massage table and it's features. A pair of what she could only call stirrups on each side, and while one end had the usual 'cradle' for her head, the other end appeared to be capable of spreading out to the sides.

"It's our own design -- well, TC's design really -- for either normal therapeutic massage or erotic massage. Or both." Wendy said softly, patting the cushion. "Come on up baby. We'll start with a conventional therapy and see where it goes from there. On your tummy first." she added.

Tammy climbed up onto the table, laying on her tummy as Wendy had asked, with her face in the cradle. Wendy pulled the soft blanket over her lower half before pouring a palmful of her personally formulated oil and rubbing her hands together. Tammy could feel the power of the oil as soon as Wendy's hands found her shoulders and began to knead the potion into her body. She was warmed in an instant, her body becoming a part of the table as Wendy's expert fingers worked the oil into her back. The hands reached her bottom, spreading oil over her cheeks before slowly working their way back up. The blanket was pulled up again, and Wendy worked the oil into Tammy's arms and hands before tucking them under the blanket. "Okay so far honey?" Wendy asked, resting her hand on Tammy's ass over the blanket. Tammy let a small moan escape to let Wendy know she was fine.

Wendy moved to the other end of the bed, pressing gently against Tammy's hip and thigh on one side, testing for tension. Then the blanket was gently moved away from that leg and Wendy gathered more oil before beginning to knead the lithe thigh. She let her fingers get very close to Tammy's warm center, just close enough to tease. It wasn't time for that yet. Her hands worked their way down the silky flesh, grazing over the sensitive spot behind Tammy's knees before working out the tight spots in her calves. She was careful with the girl's feet, as she knew many people who were ticklish -- a response that pretty much undid everything she was trying to accomplish. Having covered her body with the special oil, Wendy walked up to Tammy's head and rested her hand on the back of her neck. "Just relax now. Concentrate on your breathing babe. I'll be back in a few minutes." Wendy said softly, giving Tammy's neck a gentle squeeze. Then she padded softly out of the room, leaving the pretty blonde to soak in the soothing sensations Wendy had created for her.

Wendy found TC finishing the cleanup after their feast, walking up behind him to press her firm breasts against his back as she nuzzled his neck. "Hey baby... you going to play assistant in a while?" Wendy asked, reaching around to fondle his package through the thin fabric of his shorts.

"Sure honey." TC replied with a chuckle. "If that's what you want me to do."

"Well..." Wendy began, her fingers wrapped around his manhood. "If she doesn't want you, I most definitely do...."

TC twisted around, taking her beautiful face in his hands and pressing his lips to hers. The kiss was a brief one; but very hot. "Baby... you know you can have me any time you want me. We have some very special company, and tonight is her night to be pleasured." he told her, reaching down to give her a playful swat on the butt. Their lips came together again, this time with Wendy's hands tugging on the back of his head.

"Okay baby. I know, and believe me Tammy is going to feel really good -- if she doesn't already." Wendy told him. "I'd better get back to her for phase 2..."

"Just let me know when my -- um -- expertise is needed." TC told her, watching the sensual sway of her backside as she walked away. He let out a wolf whistle, Wendy returned a wave and added an extra twitch of her butt before she was out of sight. Damn she's hot! TC thought, his cock twitching both from her attention and the sight of her tight ass.

Tammy had done as Wendy said, focusing on her breathing. It was a common technique used for meditation, so it wasn't new to her. What she realized after a minute or two was that the massage oil was warming the entire surface of her skin, stimulating her as she lay there. She tugged at the blanket, letting it slip off of her to the floor. The air in the room was warmed by the fire Wendy had started in the fireplace, a fan blowing heated air toward the table. She heard the door open, recognized the soft steps as Wendy approached her. "Mmm... getting warm honey?" Wendy asked her, gently grazing her fingertips over Tammy's thigh. "I guess it's time for the next part of the massage then."

Wendy took the bottle of a second potion and poured a palmful, rubbing her hands together before she brought one hand down between Tammy's legs. The blonde's thighs spread to give her access, and Wendy gently rubbed the oil into Tammy's soft lips, letting a finger insinuate itself between them without actually penetrating. Tammy's hips writhed gently on the table, a soft mewl escaping her from deep inside. Wendy made sure the oil was thoroughly distributed between the girl's folds and around her clit -- which was already stiff and sensitive to the touch. A finger touched the little wrinkle between Tammy's cheeks, rubbing the warming oil into the tender ring. Wendy knew her anus would be sensitive after the sodomy of the previous evening; but she had something very special for this massage. She grabbed the bottle of oil and let several drops fall into the crevice of Tammy's ass, then worked it down to the little star with a finger. "Relax baby... this is going to feel sooooo good...." Wendy said softly, worming her little pinky into her lover's bottom. Tammy moaned, her body trembling at the lewd contact.

Wendy reached over and picked up a very small vibrator, made just for this situation, and coated it with the oil before positioning the tip at Tammy's pussy. The toy was really designed for anal use; but Wendy knew it would be best to begin this way. "Relaxxxxxx.... Feel the warmth... Let your body go..." Wendy said softly, pressing the little tool a few inches into Tammy's cunt. She flipped the control to it's lowest setting, knowing that her lover wouldn't be able to resist the pleasure. A gentle push and the little toy slipped all the way to it's lip inside Tammy's warmth. "There we go baby... now let's turn over onto your back..." she said softly, helping her friend roll over.

Tammy's body throbbed, the newest sensations raising her level of pleasure as Wendy rolled her onto her back. Then the hands were on her again, kneading at her flesh with the special oils that warmed her skin and penetrated to her very soul. "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." she moaned, unable to find a single point of focus as Wendy molded her breasts, teasing at her sensitive nipples while coating them with the potion. Her hands worked their way down her torso, applying the perfect pressure on her lower belly as the tiny tool hummed away inside her. Wendy's fingertips grazed over her clit as she squeezed a few drops of the oil there, the fingers spreading the warmth around her nub in maddening little circles. "Ohhhhfuck..." Tammy moaned softly. The hands proceeded down one thigh, then up the other.

Wendy loved watching her lover writhe as the intensity rose, the fragrant musk of her womanly heat blending perfectly with the scent of her oils to create an erotic aroma much like a pheromone. She was getting hot now, taking in Tammy's excitement as her own hands roamed the succulent flesh. "Shhhhhhh baby... relax..." Wendy said soothingly as she went to the cabinet and withdrew a small electric tool with an odd looking tip. She reached into the jar of flower petals and selected several of the velvety-soft wafers, deftly tucking them into the tool's tip before she flipped the switch on. The wafers turned slowly, then faster as she moved the control with her thumb. She turned it off and reached in to take a handful of the petals, then moved back to Tammy's still writhing form. "Okay my baby girl... time for Polynesian Pleasure..." she said softly, tossing the flower petals into the air and watching them settle onto the girl's beautiful body. Wendy lowered her head to take a nipple into her mouth, gently sucking the sensitive nub as her tongue flicked over the tip. A few moments later she moved to the other breast, suckling on the nipple as she had the first.

Tammy's passion rose higher as she felt the first delicate touches from the slowly rotating flower petals. Wendy's technique was practiced, one hand guiding the petal tool as the other gently stroked her belly. "Ohhhgawd... kiss me baby... please..." she pleaded; but Wendy remained at her side. She felt Wendy's tongue sliding down her mons, finding her clit -- but just briefly. Then she was gone, and Tammy sensed the table moving beneath her legs, the ends spreading apart to splay her open. Moments later Wendy was between her thighs, gently grazing the sensitive skin with her fingers as the sexy island girl lowered her head to plant a wet kiss on her pussy. "OHHHHMMMMMM...." Tammy groaned, her hips pushing upward to try and capture Wendy's mouth.

Wendy sucked on her lovers clit for a few minutes, letting her passion build to a new plateau. Her fingers deftly found the control and turned up the intensity on the tool in her cunt, then gently pulled it out to run the humming tip over her clitoris before reinserting it. She sensed Tammy's lust rising more quickly, and began stroking her sides gently. "Ohhhhh baby... relax...." came Wendy's soothing words.

TC had entered and was watching, enjoying the show until Wendy gave him her cue. He didn't need to touch his cock, it was fully erect just from the stimulating scene unfolding in front of him. Wendy was bent at the waist, and her naked butt beckoned... but he knew better than to get involved until his woman was ready -- and then it would most likely be some attention to be paid to their guest. Wendy looked his way, nodding to him. He walked quietly to the head of the table, kneeling next to Tammy's pretty face, then he gently brushed his lips against hers. He was ready when her arms tried to grab him, holding them back as he pressed his mouth to hers in a passionate kiss that would last several minutes. The muffled squeals coming from her throat told him she experienced the first of what would be many orgasms while they kissed, and he made certain she was well on her way to the next plane of pleasure before he broke the kiss. He glanced down, noting that Wendy was now using the flower petal tool on her belly, just above her pussy. "Feel good baby?" he asked, looking into the molten pools that were Tammy's eyes.

Tammy looked back at him with pure lust in her eyes. "I want... your cock..." she said hoarsely, licking her lips suggestively.

Instead of simply complying with her request, TC pressed his lips to hers again, kissing her hungrily as his fingers found a flower petal and began lightly pinching a nipple with the petal's softness. Her arms flew around his neck, pulling him hard against her as their tongues dueled in the war of lust. Another minute of that and Tammy was on fire once again. TC broke the kiss, and stood up to position himself at the head of the table. He reached down and adjusted the cradle, giving his cock free access to her waiting mouth. As he positioned himself to slide his organ between her lips he reached down and took both nipples with a flower petal 'buffer'. With a subtle motion of his hips he slipped an inch of his meat into her sucking mouth, her tongue lashing at the head. TC glanced down, watching Wendy as she lowered her mouth to Tammy's pussy again, swirling her tongue around the blonde beauty's clit as she fucked her with the humming little toy. Tammy's mouth worked feverishly at his cock, moving as much as she could with her head in the cradle.

Wendy slowly worked the little toy in and out of Tammy's drooling pussy, her lips and tongue maintaining gentle but persistent contact with her clit as she watched TC's cock slipping into Tammy's mouth. She knew he had carefully coated his penis with the oil that numbed things such that he could prolong his climax as long as he wished. She also knew he would not let Tammy's expert oral ministrations get to him any time soon. She recalled a similar scenario with him, and he had been in her mouth more than an hour while he teased her to several small -- but divinely intense -- orgasms. Tammy was hot, and would essentially be in a continuous climax from now until whenever she cried out for them to stop -- and it would be pleasurable for all three of them the entire time. Wendy gently withdrew her mouth from the succulent pussy and looked up at TC, motioning to him that it was time...

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