tagFirst TimeTammy Tate Ch. 02

Tammy Tate Ch. 02


Note: Please read Chapter 1 to get up to speed with the story so far. Most of you enjoyed the story so thanks for your votes and feedback. There is not a lot of sex in this chapter. All rights reserved.


Tammy tried to concentrate on what the teachers were saying that day but couldn't stop thinking about Brad. She heard the whispering and saw the stares but kept her head down. Since she was open during the fourth period she headed to the library to get some privacy.

"Hi," Brad's voice said from behind her. "Can I sit next to you?" He didn't wait for an answer.

"I'm not going to talk to you," she said firmly feeling excited being so close to him.

"I shouldn't have said I love you. But you see I'm feeling something different...something I've never felt before. You know who I really am and we grew up like brother and sister."

She turned. "And you love me like a sister?"

"Partly...at least that's what I've always thought you were to me. Until the other night when...when we kissed. I felt something wonderful...something I've never felt with another girl before. Can't we work this out? I know you are committed to studying and being number one and I have to concentrate on the team. There has to be a middle ground where we can both get what we want....and be together."

"I can't concentrate either. I'm just afraid that it will overwhelm me...us. Neither of my parents went to college and we don't have enough money for me to go without a scholarship." She fought back the tears.

He reached to take her hand under the table and was surprised that she let him. "Think about the time you need for school and I'll do the same for football and school. At least if I know that I can see you one day per week I think I can..."

She rubbed her soft thumb over the back of his large right hand. "OK....we only see each other on Friday and Saturday nights. No phone calls until after 10PM."

"Everyone in the school is wondering if we are going out? Will you go out with me?" He asked.

She smiled knowing he didn't know how long she had waited to hear those words. "Yes." She looked around to make sure they were alone and leaned over to kiss him. It was a soft lip rub at first that quickly grew into open mouths and tongues mixing together. "Now leave so I can prepare for my advanced Physics class."

"Oh yeah....uh I had to have another math class and they signed me up for Algebra II. Maybe you can help me with it?"

She rolled her eyes since she had Algebra II in the sixth grade. "Sure."


Gina was sitting alone in the lunchroom eating a PB&J sandwich when she noticed someone sitting next to her. She turned and saw Tammy. "I thought we were not friends anymore."

"If I lose you as a friend I'll lose all my friends," Tammy said noticing that the other students were looking over at her. "I have some news."

"You're pregnant."

"Shhhh," Tammy gushed quickly. "That's one rumor I don't want to get out."

"What is it?'

"Brad asked me to go out with him."


Tammy lifted her eyebrows and smiled.

"I'm jealous...but am glad to get my BFF back." They heard some louder whispering and turned to see Brad walk in. He stopped and looked around until he saw them and walked their way carrying his lunch tray.

"May I sit with my girlfriend?" He said it loud enough for others sitting nearby to hear it.

"Do you want me to leave?" Gina asked.

"No stay," Tammy smiled as Brad sit next to her and leaned over to kiss her. This time the kiss was slightly more than a peck but it was enough to seal the deal that they were going out. Half way through lunch Amy tossed away her trash and moved into the seat across from Tammy and Brad.

"I'm glad you two are going out."

Tammy waited for the "but". It never came. "Thanks Amy and if you still want to be roommates at Rutgers it will be great."

"I thought I was going to be your roommate." Gina frowned.

"Uh...you are going to Seton Hall," Tammy laughed. "And we all know the Scarlet Knights hate the Pirates."

Tammy stayed late in the Physic's lab getting her senior project started. Now that she was going out with Brad and knew she would spend time with him on the weekends she could concentrate again on her classes. Brad told her that he had football practice until it got dark and would be doing homework afterwards.


Emily Tate was warming up Tammy's dinner when her daughter walked into the kitchen and kissed her on the cheek. It was something she had never done. "What's the occasion?"

"Nothing," Tammy lied. She tried to hold back a smile but couldn't.

"Did you get a good grade on something?"

"Nope." She reached into the refrigerator and pulled out a carrot. "Is Dad upstairs?"

"Yes, he has to got to work early tomorrow." She noticed that her daughter was still smiling. "OK...what's going on?"

"I'm going out with someone."

"My god...praise the lord," her mother exclaimed.

"Hey...you've never bugged me before about dating anyone."

"Bradley's mom stopped by this morning and told me that you two were dating and I thought she was crazy. What happened...wait..do I want to know what happened?"

"Nothing....much...well not what you are worried about anyway."

"Honey..are you sure about this? I mean he's got a reputation for going out with a lot of girls. You really don't have any experience and I don't want to see you get hurt."

"I turned him down at first until we set some rules about studying and dating. Nether of us will have time during the week. I do need your help on something."

Her mother knew what it was before she said anything. "I'll help you. I'll set up an appointment with my gynecologist for after school this week. Just promise me that you will be careful. This will be your real first boyfriend."

"He's been my boyfriend since we were five," Tammy giggled. "We just took a break."


Brad had his best practice in over a week. Even the coaches stopped him and patted his back. "I'll be ready for the City Scrimmage," Brad told his head coach Mark Dillon.

"You better be. As reigning state champs we will have a target on our backs and you will probably have the biggest one. I can't afford for you to get hurt and have to play a sophomore. Also, the head coach from Tennessee is going to be at the scrimmage. Since you haven't signed a letter of intent he's hoping you will switch to his school."

"I gave my verbal to Rutgers. It's my word and...and I have friends going there."

"Yeah, I heard. My 14-year old daughter checks the School's Facebook page. Sounds like you went for the brains this time."

Brad laughed. "Are you saying my other girlfriends were bimbos?"

"Whoa...don't be putting any words in my mouth. I don't need a pack of cheerleaders after me."

Brad laughed again. "Are we uh..finished? I need to get to my books."

"I'm liking this new girl already," Mark laughed.

Brad ate quickly and hurried to finish his homework so he could call Tammy at the agreed upon time. As soon as the second hand hit twelve and it was 10 PM he speed dialed Tammy. He heard it buzzing her phone and also heard music outside. He held the phone to his ear and saw her standing below his window.

"Hell...lo," she said in her best sexy voice.

"What are you doing in my yard?"

"Playing our song on my phone."

"Our song?" he repeated knowing he was going to be in trouble for forgetting it.

"Duh...Dirty Dancing?"

He laughed. "Sylvia."

"Yes Mickey."

"How do you call your loverboy?"


"And if he still doesn't answer?"

"Oh Loverboy."

"And if he still doesn't answer?"

"I simply say...Baby, oh Baby, my sweet baby..you're the one."

He chuckled and sang with her. "Baby, oh Baby, my sweet Baby, you're the one."

"At least you remembered the lyrics," she said. "Is your backdoor open?"

"Uh...maybe...are you planning on being bad?"

"Not real bad....but a little."

"Meet you at the door in a few seconds." He said hanging up and peeking out to see his parent's bedroom door closed. When they were young he snuck in her window and she snuck in his back door. After tiptoeing down the back stairs he moved to the door but didn't see her. "Shit."

"I'm behind you,' she giggled as she moved up to his back and pressed her braless tits into his brawn. "You still keep the key under the flower pot."

"I thought we were only going to call at 10PM," he whispered feeling her fingers move down over his bare navel to the top of his nylon shorts.

"If we talked on the phone I couldn't do this," she said kissing his neck and moving her fingers under the elastic waistband.

"Wait...not here...my parents might come down the stairs. Let's go to the room over the garage."

They laughed softly as they hurried out the backdoor and to the side door of the garage building. He was happy that she was wearing a long Yankees nightshirt and wondered what she wore under it.

Tammy moved inside and stopped. It still looked the same as when they played and wrestled in the large room. A thick soft carpet was in the middle of the floor. "This is where I used to whip you in wrestling."

"Yeah until I grew a foot taller than you," he laughed before reaching down and picking her up in his strong arms. Her arms circled his neck for support. He walked to the middle of the rug and turned his face to hers. Their lips met and opened.

"We only have an hour," she whispered as he gently lowered her to the rug. As she landed on her back her legs opened to let his body between them. Only the thin nylon of his shorts and the silky layer of her panties prevented him from entering her. Again they kissed as her fingers explored his muscular shoulders and back.

She felt him pull back and was about to complain until he lifted her nightshirt up over her teal panties and bare breasts. She reached to remove his shorts.

"Are you sure about this?" He asked figuring she wanted to go all the way.

"My panties stay on," she smirked. Her right fingers curled around his hard shaft and stroked while she pushed him onto his back with her left hand. The light from the driveway spotlight gave her a good view of his hardness.

He tried to sit up but she pushed him back. "Tonight is mine to do with you as I please."

"Hey...I'm not complain....ing!" he gasped when her lips moved down and engulfed the moist crown. "How...you said you've never..."

She popped her lips off and giggled. "I read a lot of books and some of the classics have a lot of sex in them."

"Thank you books," he moaned as her lips opened and once again locked around his pink tower. She sucked, licked and nibbled on him until he was whimpering like a new puppy. She now knew the power that a woman has over a man.

"Tell me when you are going to cum," she instructed as her lips and fingers moved together to get him off. He only managed a few minutes.


Her mouth moved just in time before the white fountain erupted. She stoked and stoked until he was empty. After wiping some juices from her lips she moved up next to him and nibbled on his ear. "I know you will be the home coming king and will probably have a hot girl as your queen. I want you to think about your first blow job and how many more you will have from me."

He turned and kissed her lips not caring that his cum was still lingering. "You're my queen."

She felt his lips moved down to her breasts and stop to nibble on her nipples before they headed south. "Oh yes...right there...don't stop...DON'T STOP!!" She felt him pulling her panties down and quickly grabbed onto them. "Panties stay on." She had not seen her mother's doctor yet.

Brad didn't want to push her into intercourse and since he was a virgin too he was not that sure of himself. His tongue teased and toyed with her clitty as his large hands cupped her breasts like a football. Her moaning became louder and he knew she was ready. He moved back and looked at her nearly naked body. Her breasts were red from his touches and her nipples were rock hard. His eyes moved down over her flat tummy to her basic lime green panties, which were pulled to the side showing her puffy pussy lips and glistening hole.

"Brad please...please," she begged as she reached for his head and wonderful tongue to return to her need. When he laughed she kicked him hard.

"Ouch," he cried out. Grabbing his left thigh. If that's the way you feel about me then..." He started to stand but she moved up onto her knees and jumped onto his naked body. Their bodies twisted together and turned over and over until she was on top straddling him. His cock was pressing directly into her moist sex, which was still exposed. They both froze and looked into each other's eyes.

"We can't do this," she sighed not moving away.

"I know...," he said holding back all urges to lift his hips and enter her. "But God it feels so good." His crown was between her outer lips. He felt his body push upward and heard her gasp.

"Brad....don't....I'm not...not protected." Still she didn't lift up and away.

"Maybe...maybe I could just push it in a little way..." His hips lifted until the crown disappeared.

It was then they saw a light go on outside the garage. "BRADLEY..ARE YOU OUT HERE?" His mother called out.

Tammy reluctantly pulled back feeling the tight intruder pop out of her moist hole. "Hurry get dressed."

"Stay here until I get into the house," he grinned before kissing her.

She watched him leave and fell back and stared up at the ceiling. She was only seconds away of having a loaded penis inside of her and she knew it was her fertile time. They almost made a mistake that would have possibly ruined their lives. "And I'm supposed to be the smartest one in my class," she said out loud.


Brad's sports bag was near the back door so he quickly put on his football practice jersey. After pulling on his sneakers he slammed the back door and ran up the stairs. His mother was waiting for him at the top. "I needed to take a run. I'm out of shape."

She grinned. "You didn't happen to see Tammy did you? The word on the street is that you two are actually dating."

"Tammy...nope didn't see her while I was running," he said truthfully. "And yes we are going out."

"Good, maybe she can help you with your studies. Good night Bradley."

"Night Mom."


Brad texted Tammy an hour later but didn't get a reply. He was up bright and early and knocked on her door to give her a ride to school.

"Good morning Bradley," Tammy's father said opening the door. "Is there something wrong?"

Brad realized that he did not know that he was going out with Tammy. "Uh...no..nothing wrong..is uh...Tammy here?"

"She left with Gina already," Ellen Tate yelled from back in the house.

"OK, sorry sir...I uh better uh...leave or...you...you know...school and things."

Ed Tate was puzzled as the closed the door. He walked into the kitchen and saw his wife smiling. "That was strange. I've never seen him that nervous and stuttering"

"I remember the first time you met my father. You were the same way."

"That's different. I've known Bradley all his life and what's that got to do with me meeting your father for the..." It hit him. "Oh shit...don't tell me that Tammy and he...are.."

"Yep, they are going out. Our little book worm has grown up."

He sat down and sighed. "And, I used to like that boy."



Gina pulled her car to the curb a block from the school. "You did it?"

"No...not really...I mean it kinda moved inside."

"Kinda? It either did or it didn't. Was there any blood?"

"A little...not much."

"That counts."

"Says who?"

"Everyone...it moved inside and you bled. You were definitely fucked."

Tammy smacked her arm lightly. "Nope."

"Yes. You're not a virgin anymore."

"I am so. Until the whole thing goes in...I'm still a virgin."

"So when is that going to be? I thought you were only going to see each other on the weekends?"

"I tried. I really did. If he didn't live so close."

"It's still messing you up. As your BFF I think you should not go out with him."

"Why not? We can do this...we can just see each other on the weekends."

"You didn't last one day. Now that you've both had a tiny taste of intercourse you won't be able to resist."

"Let's go to school." Tammy looked at her phone and saw another text from him. "He stopped by the house to ride me to school this morning and ran into my father."

Gina laughed as she sped down the block. "Your dad might be what you both need right now."


Brad hurried into the school but couldn't find Tammy anywhere. The first bell rang and he grabbed his book from his locker and saw a small note fall out. He read it on the way to the classroom.

"Brad...we almost screwed up really bad last night. We can't see or talk to each other during the week because we can't resist seeing each other. You know I'm right. Love Tammy."

"Shit," he said as he entered the door and ran into his history teacher Mr. Jones.

"Brad please do not use those words in my classroom."

"Sorry sir," he said noting that the whole class was watching him hurry to his seat. He made it through the next three classes and hurried to the lunchroom. He saw Tammy sitting at a window table and headed her way until he saw a boy sitting next to her. "Hey," he grinned putting his books next to hers.

She looked at him. "Brad I need to talk to Jimmy about our Calculus test coming up today. Would you mind sitting somewhere else?"

He didn't know how to react and noticed the other kids looking his way. "Sure...uh maybe we can..uh talk...later?"

"I'm going to be busy most of the day," she said not looking into his sexy blue eyes.

Brad moved to the table of football players and got the questions right away.

"Trouble in brain paradise?" The tight end Sam asked with a smile.

"No...no," he lied. "She's got a test and needs to study. Something that none of you guys are used to doing."

As he pretended to eat and not care what she was doing he noticed the boy next to her move closer until his leg was touching Tammy's. He gripped his bottle of water so tight that the water sprayed up and fell covering most of the table.

"What the hell?" Sam asked as he tried to get out from the water dripping onto his lap. The whole cafeteria turned and looked.

"Sorry," Brad blushed. He stood to get some napkins but the cafeteria workers ran over to clean up the mess.

"What's going on with your boyfriend?" Jimmy whispered to Tammy keeping his leg pressed firmly into hers.

She had not really noticed the leg but knew that Brad had. "I said I would study with you but you really need to keep your leg away from mine." She reached over and dug her fingernails into his thigh.

"OUCH!" he yelled feeling the pain and wondering if she had broken skin. Now the cafeteria looked their way.

"Are you going to be good?" She asked glaring into his eyes with her nails ready to dig deeper.

"Yes...," he whispered not wanting the others around them to know what she was doing.

Tammy saw Brad leave out of the corner of her eye but didn't acknowledge it. She wondered why now after all these years that other guys were hitting on her. In a way it felt good but at the same time scared the hell out of her. She focused on the book in front of her and for the first time in a long while didn't feel ready to take the test.


Brad decided to leave Tammy alone like she wanted. He too had an English test and was still answering questions when the teacher told them that time was up. He hurried to guess at the rest of the questions and moved away when the teacher grabbed his test booklet.

After dressing out in practice gear he stopped when he entered the stadium and saw the sophomore quarterback taking snaps for the starter unit. He wasn't late and moved to the coach. "Uh...did you start practice early?"

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