tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTanya's First Day

Tanya's First Day


I was nervous about the new company I was starting with that morning, and anxious to do well. I was sick of temping and desperate for secure work where I could start to earn a good wage – my debts were currently growing faster than I could repay. Wanting to make a good impression, I was wearing a short black skirt with a crisp, slightly sheer white shirt, tucked in at the waist to show off my shapely figure. Underneath I had put on black stockings and my favourite red patent stilettos – in themselves one more small cause of my debt. I swept my thick hair back into a chignon, and reapplied my vivid lipstick before heading out to find the office.

The office was not far from the centre of town, but it was down a road I had never come across before. The dusty steps and chipped paint of the entrance door were a complete contradiction to the plush carpeted corridors and technology-rich offices I could see as I was taken through to where I would be based. I knocked at the door I had been led to, and entered when I heard a man's voice reply. I found myself in a spacious room with heavy beach furniture and leather chairs. One of the leather chairs swivelled around, and I found myself face to face with my new boss.

'Good morning Sir. I'm the new secretary – the agency sent me,' I said, as I took in his broad chest and black hair.

'Come,' he replied. I walked over to where he was and stood in front of him. I felt his dark eyes inspect every inch of my body, and was glad I had taken time to dress attractively that morning. I snatched another furtive look at him, and saw silver cufflinks peeping out from below his dark wool suit, their shine a contrast to tanned wrists that looked like they would lead to very hairy arms.

After a long pause, Mr Langdon continued. 'What we usually do here with a new secretary is to give them a one day trial, and decide at the end of the day if their work is satisfactory. Is that acceptable to you?'

'Yes Sir,' I replied. I could tell Mr Langdon was a man for whom formalities were important.

'Were our hygiene rules explained to you?'

'Yes Sir.' I'd found them very strange, but I couldn't see any reason not to comply. What difference did it make if I wore knickers or not?'

'Every morning I have to check you are appropriately dressed. Bend over that table please,' he pointed to a polished wooded table on the other side of the room. I found myself following his instructions, although it felt embarrassing.

'Lift your skirt up.'

'Sir!' I stood up in shock. In long broad strides he was up and out of his chair, and forcing my hips back against the table with his body.

'I expect my orders to be obeyed immediately,' he said quietly, pushing my torso down onto the table so that it crushed my breasts painfully. Then, he stood back slightly and lifted my skirt. I could feel him staring at my naked buttocks. To my horror, he slid one hand up my inner thigh,, and skirted around the edge of the lips of my pussy. I went motionless. Then, he pulled his fingers back, and slipped each of his hands underneath my garters to squeeze my arse-cheeks. Finally, he let go, and walked back to sit down in his chair again. I stayed motionless in a daze. Was this really happening?

'How is your touch-typing?' he asked, as if nothing had happened.

Still bent over the table, I tried to reply calmly. 'It's very good. Would you like to check my speed?'

'Yes. Come over here.' I straightened up and walked over, pretending that what had just taken place was some kind of bad dream. The only computer was right in front of Mr Langdon's chair.

'Where would you like me to sit, Sir?'

'Sit in my lap.' I didn't feel I could say no. I gingerly sat down across his legs, both of my knees to the left of him.

'You can't type like that, it's bad posture for your back. Put one leg each side of me,' he commanded. I did as I was told, spreading my legs and feeling fearfully inelegant. Luckily my skirt was flared, but it still started to ride further up my thighs than it should have done. I could feel his firm body behind me, and he placed his hands on my hips to steady me.

'Put your hands on the keyboard,' he continued. His lips were so close to my right ear that his words made my earlobe shiver.

'I'm going to see how fast you can type, and start getting your assessment report ready for the agency. Are you ready for your dictation?'

My hands on the keyboard, I stared firmly at the computer screen.

'Secretary assessment, Tanya Westfield,' he started. 'Subheading – Appearance. New paragraph.'

I typed away, fairly confident.

'Tanya has a curvaceous body with exceptionally fine legs,' he spoke into my ear. 'She dresses provocatively. Her breasts are...' and as he paused his hands moved up my body and cupped my breasts firmly, '... large and round and inviting.'

I had to put an end to this. 'Sir,' I said, 'please stop – this isn't what I'm here for.'

'This is the sort of work all our secretaries do,' he replied, squeezing my breasts together and looking over my shoulder to get a view of the exaggerated cleavage.

I tried to push his hands away. 'I want to leave!'

His hands stopped. 'Well, you can leave. But I will send a report back to the agency of how I caught you offering to suck the cock of one of my colleagues for extra money.'

I struggled to break free from his lap. 'But I wouldn't do anything like that!'

'Of course not,' he murmured. 'You're a good girl, aren't you? So do as you're told and get back to typing. However,' he added, 'I'm not impressed that you've interrupted my dictation, so I'm undoing three of the buttons on your shirt as punishment.'

My hands back on the keyboard, I was helpless to stop him as his callused fingers undid the top buttons of my shirt and one of his hands reached inside.

'Her nipples,' he said, pulling my left breast up and out of my lacy red bra, 'are a delightful shade of pink and,' he added approvingly, 'have already gone hard out of desire for Mr Langdon.' He squeezed the nipple, and his other hand pulled at my right nipple through my shirt. I couldn't prevent myself from gasping from the sensation that shot through me, as I continued to type Mr Langdon's words and see them appear on the screen.

'Because of this horniness,' he continued, 'Tanya will probably need a good hard fuck every morning to keep her obedient. I'll enjoy doing this for the first few weeks but when I'm short of time I'll have to find a colleague I can delegate this to.'

I squirmed around to face him outraged.

'I know,' he said, grasping my raised wrists in his strong hands and smiling devilishly, 'it's only my cock that you want to have inside you. Do your best to please me, and maybe I won't get bored of you so quickly. Now, that is as much as we can report on until I've seen more of your work. I am happy with your typing, and extremely pleased with your breasts but,' and he tutted, 'you need to learn obedience.' Looking into his dark eyes, my breasts still spilling out of my shirt and my skirt riding up so high I was showing the flesh of my thighs, I was livid with myself for having slid into such a situation. How could I get away from this man?

Mr Langdon glanced quickly at the clock. 'I have a meeting at 11am. Let us see if you can obey my instructions for the next thirty minutes in a satisfactory manner. If you can, we'll continue to the next part of your assessment. If you can't, I'll pass you on to Ferris, whose office is three doors down. He has... different... methods of training his secretaries.' Mr Langdon's eyes had turned cold, and I knew instinctively that I did not want to go anywhere near this Mr Ferris. I would have to do as Mr Langdon instructed to placate him, and escape at the end of the day with my life.

'I will try harder sir.'

'What will you try harder to do?' He let go of my wrists and went back to playing with my breasts. As he flicked and stroked my nipples, it was so distracting i found it difficult to talk in sentences.

'I... I will try harder to be obedient sir.'

'Correct. Stand up.'

I got off his lap and stood straight, smoothing my skirt down but leaving my shirt half unbuttoned.

'Bend over that table again, and show me your arse.'

I walked over to the table, the scene of my earlier humiliation. I bent over, and pulled my skirt up and over my body, so that Mr Langdon could see everything.

'Legs further apart.' I widened my legs, and arched my arse up further so he could see more of my pussy.

'Excellent. Tanya, this is Position One. In the future, if I ever say Position One to you, this is what you should do.'

'Yes Sir.' I shivered, guessing what he might do to me in that position in the future.

'Now, come back here and give me one of your nipples to suck on.'

I stood up and turned to face him, pulling at my shirt to reveal more of my red bra without undoing any more buttons. As I stood there in front of Mr Langdon's gaze, part of me screamed silently to myself to run out of the door and try to escape. But there was a tiny part of me that didn't quite want to. I walked right up to Mr Langdon, swinging my hips slightly more than necessary, and bent over with my shoulders back so that my breasts were right in his face.

'Take a breast out of your bra and offer it to me.' He commanded.

I wondered why he didn't just grab them himself, but then I realised that at least one of his hands was already busy stroking his cock. I carelessly pulled my bra straps down onto my shoulders and pulled the bra down so that my breasts and nipples perked out. He leaned his head forward and took a nipple into his mouth, sucking so hard he was almost biting. As he sucked, and ran his tongue around my nipple, he undid his trousers and pants so that his cock sprang forward. Bent over as I was I could only see it out of the corner of my eye, but it was already hard and thick, and jutted out from a mass of black curly hair. As he sucked on me, he ran his left hand up and down his cock, groaning into my breast. I did not know what he would demand next – all I could do was wait for his instructions or I would get into trouble.

Mr Langdon stopped nibbling my breast for a moment. He took the nipple in his right hand like a cigarette, preventing me from changing position whilst he continued to stroke his cock.

'Is your pussy hot and wet?' he demanded. 'I don't have time to waste, so my secretaries should keep their pussies ready for me to take at any time.'

'I...' I wanted to say no, of course not, that I didn't want to be there at all. But I was reluctantly aware that my juices had been collecting for a while, and were threatening to trickle down one thigh.

Just when I was about to confess, to my horror there was a knock at the door, and two other men walked into the office. Mr Langdon pinched my nipple in his right hand, and grabbed the inside of my thigh in his left, so I couldn't move, allowing the men to stare at my arse and my breasts as I bent forward in front of them. My neck flushed hot and red with embarrassment, and I tried to look away. Their eyes travelled over my body as they started to talk to Mr Langdon about statistics.

'Ferris, Galby, why don't you take a seat,' Mr Langdon invited them. Then, as the two men sat down, I suddenly felt something new. Mr Langdon's left hand moved further up my thigh, and slithered around the wet entrance to my pussy.

'Uh!' I blurted out, uncontrollably.

'Tanya,' rebuked Mr Langdon, 'you will only speak when you are spoken to.' As he said this he pushed his finger through my hot wetness, inside my pussy. I reeled with the intensity of the pleasure; but then it stopped as soon as it had started as he withdrew his hand, letting go of me completely.

'Get into Position One,' he said coldly. 'I will deal with you after this meeting.'

I walked over to the Table of Shame and bent over as ordered, spreading my legs wide and lifting my skirt up onto my back. I could tell all three men were watching my arse and pussy as they spoke about increasing sales. Thankfully I did not have to look at them. My face was flushed with humiliation and my legs ached with holding the same position for so long.

After what seemed like hours, the two men rose to leave.

'That is one hell of a piece of ass,' remarked the one who had an American accent. 'You want any help teaching her how things are done here?'

'Not for the moment Ferris,' replied Mr Langdon. 'If I get bored I'll be sure to pass her to you.'

I heard a few more words, and the door opened and shut. I waited for Mr Langdon to come back to me, full of trepidation.

Then I heard the creak of him sitting down in his chair and the clicks of his keyboard. Did he not want any more from me? I was desperate to ask him what he was going to do to me, but I knew I had to wait until he chose to speak.

Finally, the typing stopped. I heard his footsteps. I felt his fingers run between my buttocks, probing my pussy, and going up to circle my clit. After everything that he had said and done to me this morning, I no longer knew which would be worse, to have him stick his cock inside me, or for it to not happen at all. Then he slid two fingers up into my pussy, further than before. I moaned.

'Squeeze.' he said.

I squeezed my pelvic muscles as hard as I could, trying to show how tight I could be. I felt his cock, massive and hard against my thigh.

He grabbed my thighs roughly, pulling them further apart, and then I felt the head of his cock as he stroked it up and down my wetness. 'Please,' I whispered.

'I don't know if you're begging for more, or begging me to stop' Mr Langdon commented sardonically, 'but either way your wishes are quite irrelevant.' Then he grabbed me by the hips and drove his cock violently up and into me, pumping my pussy slow and strong. He started to grunt as his rhythm increased, and I heard my voice echoing his with moans. I was crushed between his heavy body and the table, unable to move, with nothing but the ache and bliss in my pussy slowly seeping through my whole body. I could not talk to him and I could barely see him - all I could do was take whatever he chose to give to me. I gave into my powerlessness, and a scream left my body as my invaded pussy went into spasms of ecstasy. As he sped up, he grabbed my hair in one hand, pulling back so I had to arch my body up. Then his fingers clutched and bruised my flesh brutally as he came, spurting and grinding his juices deep inside me.

Mr Langdon slowly withdrew his cock, and did his trousers up. 'Tanya,' he said. 'Go to the ladies' room to tidy yourself up and refasten your hair. Then bring me a cup of fresh coffee and I'll talk you through your assessment today.'

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