Tape Me Up


Author's Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. All characters and names are fictional and were made up.


Los Angeles, California

"Cut! We need to redo the scene over again, one more time!"

The voice calling out was that of a director annoyed at the scene unfolding before him. John Allen had been working tirelessly with a low budget to develop a horror film that would be released in the spring of next year. Behind the camera, he was frustrated with the scene unfolding that was requiring several retakes. The setting for the movie was that of a slasher horror flick, one with a couple survivors who are trying to escape a house with a maze-like environment. Most of the cast was young, only with one major big Hollywood name that sucked up most of the budget. John had decided to go the cheap route for the movie to try and make it a call back to the 70's era of horror flicks with less computerized special effects and more silent suspense.

Salma Hayek crossed her arms on the set across from the director. She stood wearing a pair of tight blue jeans and a low cut black shirt revealing her famous busty cleavage. She was the big Hollywood name that had taken up at least 1/4th of the budget for a pay check. One could easily say that she was doing the cheap film for the easy money, but Salma had asked for the role. In the story, an older woman was to be cast while the younger male lead was to have a crush on her. Salma liked that she was working hand in hand with a new upcoming actor: David Thomas. He was 25 years old, half of her age at the big 50 number. David was thrilled to work with Salma, a woman he grew up with a huge crush over, giving the film a life of realism beyond their characters. The two had been working together for the past month, almost with the same chemistry off screen.

The director called a day for the shoot on the set of the house, hanging it up to go home soon. They had spent the majority of the day shooting a scene with David on the floor struggling in duct tape to make his way across a dark room and search for an exit. An old mansion had been rented out from L.A. as the movie set. The mansion was the main setting for the bulk of the movie. John spent a great deal of the film's budget on hiring a crew to design and renovate the mansion through inspiration of H.H. Holmes 'Murder Castle' hotel. The idea of the plot was to have David and Salma's characters go to a party and then wake up trapped in the old mansion. All the characters from the party had woke up trapped in the mansion either tied up, or chained in random rooms while they try to fight to escape. Suspense was built up on who the culprit was, with the climax of the film having a big reveal after David and Salma become the last two survivors in the house and the only ones to escape.

While the crew was leaving the set, David had to be taken from the scene and cut out of the duct tape restraints. Thankfully for John, they had shot the scenes where he managed to break his hands and feet free from the restraints, so reapplying the duct tape on the next day of the set wouldn't be a problem. Salma stuck around to see the young man while the cast and all the film crew were making their retreats to take the rest of the day off. Outside the mansion sat a few trailers where the makeup and costume crew had remained. With a budget spent entirely on props and old style costumes and not a single penny on CGI, this gave way to a crew of talented artists. She walked into the trailer where David was, all after he had changed clothes and had cleaned up from the set. Looking at the young man, she gave him a smile before speaking.

"A hard days work, huh?"

The young man looked back at her, laughing as he clapped his hands. From changing in the dressing room of his trailer, he now wore a white plain shirt and some khaki pants. His face was clean, always having to shave every day when on the set. David had short brown hair and a skinny body.

"Yeah, I guess you can say that. All that duct tape makes you sweaty for hours on the set. How are you doing babe?"

Salma smirked at him. Despite the fact that the young man was half her age, she had spent the past month flirting with him on the set. Despite being old enough to be the boy's mother, David was always shocked to find out how old she truly was. Salma Hayek truly aged like fine wine.

"I have to begin practicing the duct tape too, since I'm going to be taped up as well on the set."

David shook his head while replying back to the older woman.

"It's a pain in the ass to move around when you have your hands behind your back and your feet taped together. Even worse is trying to pull it apart."

"To be honest, I'm kinda excited for it."

Her words made him laugh. David wasn't sure if Salma was flirting with him or not, given the chemistry they had developed over recent weeks.

"What do you mean by that, babe?"

She turned around to look outside the trailer, knowing that the only body inside was him. Once Salma had a view of everyone outside, she stepped inside and then closed the door behind her, locking her and David both in seclusion. Crossing her arms over her chest to tease him with an ample view of her large cleavage, she smirked at David before speaking.

"I quite like the idea of duct tape as a bondage game, you know? It's a good start and I am a woman who has never really played these games before, despite how old I am."

David looked at her somewhat dumbfounded, not entirely grasping the concept she was laying out in front of him with her words.

"What do you mean, Salma?"

With a laugh, she quickly turned away from him. Her long black hair swinging a bit as she looked over at a mirror in front a chair with some makeup. Salma gazed back in the mirror, looking at herself as she curved her lips into a smug smile.

"You know, David...We've been working together for a while back and I've just been waiting to sink my claws into you. I don't care how old you know I am, I like to have a younger man from time to time."

He laughed, shaking his head as his eyes looked down at her. Salma was watching him from the mirror, she could easily see his eyes moving down to glance at her tight thick ass squeezed in her pair of blue jeans. Again, she spoke in her thick accent.

"Don't deny it, I know you're starring at my ass. Funny how from time to time you can slip up and flirt with me."

"Yeah, I ain't gonna lie to you. You're Salma Hayek, I mean duh! One of the hottest women on the planet, what young man like me wouldn't want to fuck you?"

Salma giggled, figuring to push his buttons a little more with teasing. His eyes were still locked on her huge ass while she remained bent over looking into the mirror.

"And suppose I am wearing duct tape with my hands behind my back? I am a strong woman, I am sure I could still fuck your brains out even without my hands."

David finally stopped looking at her ass and decided to walk near her. Salma's eyes looked up at him while she raised herself standing in front of him. It always bothered her how short she was, even in a pair of good sized shoes that raised her height, she still had to look up at a man.

"Are you saying you want to fuck me, Salma?"

"No, you're the one that said that."

She smirked, teasing him with her words. David rolled his eyes and then nodded while she teased him once more with her words.

"Well, if you want a challenge to fuck with me while I'm taped up, the offer is yours."

Stepping away from her, David's eyes looked around the room of the small trailer while Salma put her hands on her hips and watched him as he had walked away from her and turned his back to her. She could tell that something was on his mind. David wanted to see just how kinky this older woman was.

"What if I had a friend with me? You probably can work me over and leave me exhausted, but imagine if I had a friend to tag team you? Hmmmm? Would that be enough?"

Salma laughed, shaking her head as he turned around to look at her when she answered him in her thick Mexican accent.

"Honey, jou don't know me that well, yet! I can easily take on two men, I've done it many times before."

"Ohhhhh, have you?"

She nodded and looked at the dumbfounded expression over his face. His jaw dropped and then Salma couldn't help but laugh again. Young men like him were easy for a woman like her. Their brains were so predictable, always thinking with their dicks. With a smug grin, she nodded her head and spoke again.

"Yes, I can remain in control even with two men from both sides."

She stepped closer to him, moving to the point that their bodies stood just a few inches apart from one another. David's eyes glanced down at her huge breasts before looking back in his eyes. Salma spoke again, this time in a low voice.

"We're due to finally let our lust for one another come to life. I'm not going to hold it back anymore."

Without giving him a chance to respond, she leaned up and pushed her lips to his, kissing the young man. David moaned into Salma's mouth as their tongues explored each other's mouths. When the kiss was broken, he looked back at her and nodded. Salma spoke again.

"You like that?"

"Yeah, I do. I'd like more."

"I'm better than those younger sluts you probably take as girlfriends or booty calls."

He laughed at her.

"I'll take your word on that."

Stepping back to him, Salma ran her hands up his chest and looked in his eyes. She had a mischievous plan in mind, one that she was about to share and see how far he would push the limits on his lust for her body.

"I'm gonna tell you what I want to do. I'm coming back here tonight around 10 o'clock when no one is here except security."

"They're gonna let you go back to this set?"

She nodded her head.

"Yep, I've done it before. Downstairs in the mansions, that's where the lounge area is where the director and camera men all take a break. That house is big, they take advantage of it."

"I was unaware of that, cool."

Salma continued.

"Tonight, no one is going to be in the lounge area. That big area downstairs, not a single soul is there. If you're brave enough, you'll sneak here and fuck me. You can bring a friend with you, I don't care. If you feel that you can take me on better with another man by your side, that's your call."

Turning away, she stepped off from him and moved towards the makeup table. Sitting on it was a big roll of silver duct tape. She grabbed the tape and then turned to look at David before tossing the roll his way.

"David! Catch!"

David quickly leaned over to grab the roll of tape as it was thrown to him. While holding it in his hands, he looked down and then back at her.

"What's this for?"

"Bring it with you if you dare come! You're gonna need it!"

She gave him a wink before grabbing the door and making an exit from his trailer. The light from outside beamed in, but David was not bothered by it. He simply looked down at the roll of duct tape in his hands and then nodded to himself. Salma Hayek was more than just a beautiful goddess that aged like fine wine. He had just learned that she truly had a dirty mind, asking to be taped up and to invite a friend with him. How could he turn down her offer to sneak to the mansion set and take her on? Of course he was going to, already his mind was spinning in the thoughts of what to do with this sexy older woman. She was a true cougar using him as her prey.

After David had left the set to retreat back to his hotel, his mind was already thinking about who he could invite to take on Salma with him. He was good friends with two of the men who worked security at the film set. There was Miles and Greg who were the security guards. David had figured his best bet, was probably to get them to come with him. Miles was a tall black man, he was unsure of his age besides the fact that he had to be in his 30's. Greg was a younger man that had recently been hired to work as a security guard, in his 20's roughly in the same age that David was. He thought long and hard about inviting one of them to come with him, not sure which one he should choose. Why not both? That was the question that kept popping in his mind. Since Salma had told him that handling two men with her hands duct taped wouldn't be a problem, would an extra man be a challenge?

Finally after the thoughts, David figured he would approach them. He put the roll of duct tape in his car, remembering to keep it for her. Before leaving the set, he made the long walk outside the mansion to where the security posts were outside the long driveway. Miles sat in the booth with his hat on and the security guard uniform while Greg was outside. David took a hard sigh, unable to really know how to approach them with the question. It wasn't an everyday thing to ask another man to join him for a time of fun and sex. As he walked up to the gate, Greg noticed him and spoke.

"Hey David, you gonna walk home without your car?"

Miles laughed at the comment from within the booth. The man stopped in his tracks and looked back at Greg and then glanced at Miles.

"Guys, I need to talk to both of you for a bit. You ain't gonna believe what's going on tonight, but I swear it's the truth."



Chuckles were heard in the back of the car while Miles continued to drive. Greg was in the back seat while David was in the front. The story had been told to them earlier, but it still seemed so unbelievable. Greg was a laughing mess, unable to control himself. Miles teased their actor friend while taking the short drive off the mansion set and to pick up some late lunch at a fast food place. While behind the wheel and driving, Miles spoke up.

"So, let me get this right: she wants you to fuck her but to bring someone else AND duct tape her up? I always knew Salma Hayek had to be kinky, but that's just too good to be true!"

Greg laughed louder before speaking.

"Don't forget, he also came to us about it!!"

"I'm not pulling a fucking joke on you guys, it's true! You want to come with me or what?"

"Hey, I tell you what man...If it's true, I'll do it. But if you're full of shit, I'm locking you in that mansion for pulling a prank. How about that?"

Miles smirked as he looked back at David and gave him the nod. David replied to his friend.

"You both can come, it's not a joke. She's going to be waiting on me."

"I'm on guard duty tonight, so if I see her car pulling in, then I know you wasn't full of shit."

"That's fine, you'll see that I'm right. She told me, so I know she isn't lying."

The car continued to move through traffic. Greg sat in the back seat and wondered about all of it, he had his own plan up his sleeve. If David was lying, he would have to be properly humiliated but what if this was all true? Greg had to call his two best friends. Already in the back seat of the car he was texting them to see if they were in the mood for a kinky show. When Miles finally seen a Burger King near by, he turned the car to move into the drive thru. He laughed while pulling in and spoke.

"Salma Hayek...I'm just kinda shocked. I used to jack off watching her dance scene in an old movie, damn! I feel old now, I remember when that came out back in the day. I love everything about that woman, I sure hope you aren't full of shit about this, David."

"Don't worry, she wouldn't lie to me. Miles, how old are you? You must be older than me."

The black man laughed.

"I just turned 40, so that puts me in her category with age. She's only got ten years on me. That was my first crush, when you younger guys were too busy whacking off to Britney Spears and Kate Upton, I had pictures of Salma on my wall."

"I can't believe that woman is fifty! She looks to still be in her thirties!"

Greg blurted out from the back seat. David just sighed and shook his head, knowing that Salma was old enough to be his mom. He had to reply to his friend's words from the back seat.

"That's what I tell myself every day when I'm standing in front of her."



After having a late lunch with his friends, David retreated back to his hotel to take a shower and get ready. Sure enough, Salma had been texting him off and on for the night. Short messages like 'R U Ready?', simple questions to tease him even further. She was unaware of the surprise he had planned, having three guys at once and the duct tape would surely give her the challenge that she wanted. All he could think about was fucking her. She was a woman he fantasized about before he had ever worked with her and now getting the movie alongside her was a dream, but this was something beyond that. He texted her back that he was ready for the night after he had taken a shower and prepared himself. David went for a simple look with just a pair of cargo shorts and a T-shirt. Something easy to take off, along with his sandals.

Miles had went back to his post at the security gate outside the mansion. When 10 P.M. hit on the clock, he sat back in the booth looking over the gate when a dark car came pulling in. From the driver's window was none other than Salma Hayek herself, requesting to go in for the set. After she had arrived, he realized that David truly was telling the truth. Greg had left the security post, which Miles gladly texted him after Salma showed up. If everything was true, Greg had planned to come back with two of his friends. Miles agreed with him without telling David whatsoever. If David were to complain about it, Miles was ready to back his friend and outnumber him. A couple minutes after Salma's car had pulled into the driveway, there came David's vehicle Miles gave David the nod allowing him to pull in from the gates.

"She's here! You were right! Just wait about ten minutes, alright? Terry is coming too, we're gonna do this all together."

"Yeah, see! I told you it was no lie!"

David pulled his white Mercedes into the driveway and parked right next to Salma. After shutting the car off, he stepped out and shut the door holding nothing but the roll of duct tape in his left hand. He waited out in the parking in the darkness, excited and somewhat nervous about the whole thing. He figured Salma was already downstairs in the mansion, beyond the film set pieces and in the lounge area where the director and film crew always were relaxing. After waiting a few minutes in the driveway, the bright lights of a four door car came in and parked close by. David watched as three men came out of the car, Greg was accompanied by the other two men. David looked somewhat dumbfounded as they approached him.

"Hey man, what the hell? I thought it was just going to be three of us?"

Greg smirked a classic shit-eating grin before replying.

"I couldn't just allow us all have the fun. If we're gonna have a gang bang, why not invite more? David, these are my buddies: Eric and Frank."

One man on the left with long brown hair nodded and offered his hand out to shake. His face was clean shaven and he was just a bit taller than David.

"I'm Frank, pleasure to meet you."

David shook hands with Frank before looking over to the right at the other man. Eric had black hair and a little dark mustache over his face. He didn't offer to shake hands, only giving him a nod and no words. Both of them were dressed in jeans and a T-shirt while Greg stood in only a pair of khaki pants and a white shirt. Miles came walking towards them after shutting the gate and whistled.

"Hey guys, so we're all here? Now who is ready to go and fuck the Mexican goddess of Hollywood?"

Miles being the oldest man out of the group of five, could have easily become the leader for them. He looked over at David, knowing that this was all his deal and didn't want to spoil it for him. He gave him a smile and nodded.

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