tagFetishTara's Pregnancy - 3rd Trimester

Tara's Pregnancy - 3rd Trimester


Tara woke up to something wet between her legs. She opened her eyes and saw Erik between her legs licking her pussy. She grinned and closed her eyes. He softly licked her clit and then licked all around her pussy.

"I can't wait until we can go back to rough fucking, but your pregnant body is such a turn on." Tara and Erik had only been together a few months when she got pregnant. Their sex life was intense with them fucking at least four or five times a day. He was much older then she was, but the idea of Tara carrying his child turned him on all the time. He couldn't even think of her during work or his cock would tent his pants and he would have to go into his private bathroom to jerk off.

After a morning of soft sensual sex, they made their way to the doctor's office. After being examined, Tara and Erik stared as the doctor explained what he wanted them to do.

"You want us to do what?" Tara and Erik were sitting in the doctors office listening to the doctor explain his suggestions.

"I am being very serious. You are seven days overdue and we can induce now or later, but I strongly suggest that intercourse, nipple stimulation, and orgasms, might cause you to go into labor."

Erik and Tara stared at each other. Erik was dressed in his suit from the office and Tara was in a short summer dress. Her belly was huge and her breasts were swollen. Her tiny five-foot frame had completely been overtaken by her pregnancy and Erik loved it.

"You could also try castor oil or walking up and down stairs sideways. For most couples having some fun in bed is always a better choice."

Erik and Tara walked out of the doctor's office and made their way to their SUV. They had had a very active sex life since their first date and to be told to have more sex was mind-boggling. They drove home in silence. Tara could see Erik's cock throbbing against this pants and Erik knew that Tara was horny from the way she was squirming around in her seat and how her nipples were rock hard. They entered the house and walked up the stairs to the master bedroom.

Once inside, they kissed hard and Erik backed Tara up against the bed and sat her down.

"We need to fuck. All night. As rough as before I knocked you up. I want to love your pregnant body until you pass out."

Tara nodded and removed her clothing. Erik did the same and then they sat up on the bed. Erik latched on to her left nipple and sucked hard. His large hand rubbed and pinched her right nipple and before long Tara had her first orgasms of the evening. He changed nipples and made her cum again. He could smell her wetness and it just made his cock harder.

"Doggie style." Tara's belly was so big that no other position was comfortable. The good thing was that they both loved this position and this allowed Erik to rub her clit or pinch her nipples.

Tara got on her hands and knees, placing pillows under the belly and in front of her to hold for balance. Erik ran the tip of his cock up and down her pussy a few times and then thrust inside her. They had spent the last nine months having slow sensual sex and he had been given the go ahead to fuck her senseless. He gripped her hips and fucked her hard. The room filled with the sounds of their thighs slapping against each other and he was moaning so loud he missed her third orgasm. He continued slam into her and spanked her butt.

"Oh yeah baby. Fuck your pussy feels so good. God I love your pregnant body."

Tara could only whimper. Her pussy was being stretched so much and she was on the brink of cumming again. The entrance of her womb was being slammed hard and she loved it. Erik gripped her hair in his hands and pulled back hard. She arched her back and that caused his cock to push against her gspot. He was holding back and knew that when he came it would be explosive. He let go of her hair and reached under to find her clit. He tugged on the clit ring and felt a gush of liquid on his hand. He pushed into her hard and began to cum. Tara felt it and moaned.

"Again." Erik flipped her over and began to stroke his cock. It was still hard and he pinched her nipples as he stroked his member. Harder and faster he stroked, pulling on his cock. Tara just held her breasts together and watched. Erik was grunting and moaning. He was so aroused and the idea of cumming all over her breasts was such a turn on. He stepped back and began to cum. His cum shot all over her breasts and belly. It was white, hot, and felt so good on her skin.

Tara began to rub his cum into her belly, but he stopped her.

"No. I want it to dry there. I want to see my cum all over your beautiful pregnant belly."

They continued to fuck and in the middle of the night when her water broke, they knew what had caused her to go into labor. Tara had an easy labor and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Erik counted down the days until they could have sex again. He was desperate to have Tara pregnant again so he could enjoy his fetish.

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