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Target of Opportunity


I had spent several months getting my little "room" ready, lots of planning had gone into it and my cock would get hard just thinking of having someone to try it all out on. I tried to blame it all on Cindy, she had awakened the desires in me to be dominant, they had always been there I suppose, but she had caused them to surface. My mind would drift back to all the times we had been together, how she would encourage me to tie her up and use her young body, to create a pain that she enjoyed and which I had come to enjoy creating. It had never really been an intense pain; my mind wouldn't let me go to that extreme, but a pleasurable pain that made her cum so hard and so loud, that I almost came from watching her pleasures.

There is a very fine line between pain and pleasure, I had always understood that, but Cindy loved to cross that line every time we got together and my experiments with her had awakened a deep desire in myself and after several months of work, my desires could be acted upon. It was unfortunate that Cindy had to move cross-country, she would have enjoyed all of my efforts, but now, I would just have to find someone else to try them out on. I began making nightly trips to the bars and hangouts downtown, searching for someone who would tempt me to use my new room on them. There had been several candidates, but after close scrutiny, I had disqualified them, I needed someone who exuded a will for submissive behavior. All of us have a dark side, a need to fulfill dark desires, but not all of us show that side, especially to a stranger.

It was the same old thing tonight, the usual young women looking for guys that would make them feel better about themselves, it had gotten very old to me and I was beginning to think that tonight would be another bust, but then I saw her out of the corner of my eye, sitting all alone at the back of the club and I moved towards her. She looked great! Long golden blonde hair, breathtaking body and the greatest legs I had seen in some time falling out from underneath her short skirt. Her tits were large for a girl her size and the cool air of the club had her nipples straining against the fabric of her top and bra.

I saw that she was drinking a Guinness and I bought one at the bar and slipped the powder into it before I approached her table, "Hi," I said as she looked up to see me approach, "Hello," she returned and I sat the beer before her, "Mind if I join you?" I asked and took the seat next to her without waiting for a reply and she looked at me with those deep blue eyes as I sat down.

"My name is John," and I stuck my hand out to her and she took it in those delicate fingers of hers, "Sara," she said as we shook hands and then made some small talk, I had to determine if she was a good subject. I asked her different things and gauged her responses, unable to take my eyes off of her beautiful face as we chatted. She told me she had recently broken up with a guy and had come here to take her mind off of him and I watched as she sipped her beer, looking for signs that the drug was taking effect. I could begin to see her eyes glaze slightly and I knew that I had to get her out of here before the drug kicked in all the way, "Are you ok?" I asked as I watched her head begin to teeter, "I don't know what's wrong, I feel very light headed," she said as she stared at me trying to focus.

"Perhaps I should help you to your car," I said as she looked around, trying to focus on anything, "Maybe you could call me a cab, I don't think I can drive," she slurred slightly, "Ridiculous, I will drive you home," I said as I stood up and helped her to her feet.

"But, I don't even know you," she said as I helped her across the room and towards the door, "You can trust me, I'm an honorable man," and she smiled slightly as we made our way to my car, and I sat her on the passenger's seat.

I gauged her level of consciousness as she sat there and was pretty sure the drug was about to put her completely under as her eyes were now fixed and her gaze was hypnotic. I went to pull her legs up and into the car and caught a glimpse of her panty covered crotch under her skirt, my cock sprang up immediately and I had a tough time finishing the job of getting her into the car, my eyes fixed on her crotch.

Finally, I completed the task of getting her into the car and I readjusted my cock before attaching the seat belt, my hand grazing her nipples as I stretched the belt across her chest. I looked around and not seeing anyone near, I cupped her tits and played with her nipples as I heard a small moan escape her lips and then I shut the door and walked around to the driver's side and got in. I started the car and drove a couple of blocks, pulling into a shopping center parking lot as I gazed once more at this beauty beside me and then went through her purse to try to determine a little more about her before I continued, the drug would keep her out for at least an hour.

I found her birth control pills and smiled, knowing that they would serve her well tonight and glanced at her license to see that she was 22 and lived in an apartment across town. She had a little cash, but I wasn't interested in her money, just her and I shoved the things back in her purse and started off once more. The streetlights lit up her legs as we drove and I found my hand on them as it inched up under her skirt and I felt the heat of her crotch beneath my fingers as I traced her pussy lips through the panties, slight moans coming from her unconsciously as I found her clit and rubbed it. I watched my speed, not wanting to get pulled over and soon, as her moans increased from my fingering of her clit, we pulled into my driveway and I pushed the button on the garage door opener and pulled inside, watching the garage door close in the rear view mirror before getting out and coming around to her side.

I stared at her limp body before me and recalled her moans as I had rubbed her clit and my cock sprang up once more and I had to adjust it again before I opened the door and undid the seat belt and lifted her out. Her license said she weighed 115, but she felt lighter than that as I put her over my shoulder and her limp arms banged against my back and I took her inside and through the kitchen and turned on the light to the basement. She swayed on my back as I carried her down to my new "play" room and then laid her on the table as I began to strip her clothes off. With each piece of clothing I removed, my cock got harder as her lovely body was revealed to me and I stared at her supple tits and her clean shaven pussy, my cock straining to be set free.

I went over and slid open the door to the contraption I had fashioned, it looked somewhat like a bench, except it was all padded and had a sliding door near the end of it and on the other end, it had pads shaped like an upside down V. Anxious to see what my prize looked like on it, I hastily picked her up and carried her to it, lying her face down on the bench, her tits sliding through the opening near the head and I adjusted the slider to pinch her beautiful tits between it and put the locking bolt in place. She moaned at the pressure placed on her tits and I figured that the drug would wear off soon, so I hurriedly finished up, attaching her thighs to the upside down V which kept them separated and exposed her entire crotch to me. I could see her head begin to move and I attached her wrists to the front legs of my bench as her eyes struggled to focus on her surroundings and she began to pull at her bindings.

"What the fuck is this!" she screamed out as she felt herself totally helpless.

"I think maybe you need a little help with an underlying desire of yours Sara," and she struggled to look at me, but each time she tried to turn her head, her tits were wrenched and she jerked it back forward, "Let me go you mother fucker!!!!" she screamed and I smiled, they always suppress their innermost desires. I produced the two cylinders I had created and she stared at them, "What are those for?" she asked, although I don't think she really wanted to know. I got on my knees and began to attach one to a nipple and she tried to fight her nipple away from me, but the sliding part of the bench had her in its grip and as I covered her nipple, I began to pull on the plunger as her nipple was sucked out straight and she cried out in pain. After her nipple was now twice its normal length, I proceeded around to do the other one and she whimpered as it too was stretched and I admired my handiwork.

"You sick fucker, why don't you just rape me and get it over with?" she spat out as I looked down at her captured body, "I will fuck you Sara, but you are going to beg me to," and I saw a look of fright in her eyes, knowing that she would submit to me and anything I wanted. "John, please, don't do this to me, let me loose," she pleaded, but I knew it was just a ploy to keep from revealing her innermost desires and I laughed at her as I got to my knees and began to rub her writhing ass. SMACK!!! My first spank resounded through the room as she yelped and I watched her tender white cheek turn crimson, perfectly outlining my hand print and then brought it down again on the other cheek as she began to sob and jerk her body, thinking she could get out of my reach.

"Don't spank me anymore, just please fuck me!!!" she screamed, but I knew it was a ploy to get it over with and I wasn't about to fall for it, I could tell when someone was actually begging. I spanked her some more and soon, her ass was perfectly still, anticipating my hand and I rubbed down her ass crack and over her puckered little rosebud, stopping at her juicy slit as I spread the lips and found her clit once again. She was slightly moist and I could tell that her body was giving in to the predicament as I toyed with her clit and heard her sigh at the sensations.

I worked a finger into her rosebud and her ass clenched tight to keep me out, but her body was in no position to deny me as my finger slid into her ass and she gasped. Her calves were free and she banged her ankles against the floor to protest my finger as I bent forward and kissed her crimson ass cheek and began to suck her flesh into my mouth. Her pussy was getting very wet now and her juices slid over my hand as I worked her ass and clit and her protests were now meek and muted as my hands brought out hidden desires and her ass cheeks begun to show the effects of my sucking. I could feel her begin to push her crotch at my hands as her orgasm built and I stopped to hear her panting as she tried to look at me and her eyes showed her beginnings of submission. I detached her nipple cups and she gasped as they were freed and then yelped as I sucked them one at a time and I felt their heat from the blood that rushed into them once again. I toyed with her nipples as my cock twitched at her heavy breathing and I knew that she would succumb to her own desires and me before long.

I went over to the dresser and got two dildoes as I walked back towards her, her eyes showed me that she was no stranger to the fake cock and she nervously wet her lips.

I held one to her face and she opened up her mouth as I pressed it to her lips and she began to suck on it as I moved it in and out of her mouth and I watched her hands fight their bindings, wanting to be the one shoving it in and out. I slowed down and could feel her trying to suck it into her mouth as I watched her eyes close and saw her cheeks hollow at her manipulations of the fake cock, "Hold it," I said as my hand let go of it and she held it deep in her mouth and I moved to work the second one into her wet pussy, moans escaping around her cock in her mouth. I peered at her rosebud as it twitched form the cock in her pussy and moved to take the one out of her mouth and positioned it against her tight little rosebud, she again tensed up, "NO!!!!" she screamed out as I pushed the head into her ass, it's well lubricated shaft following until it was in her as far as it could go.

I attached a handle I had fashioned between the stumps of the two fake cocks and began to fuck her with them as she groaned and cursed me. After she had grown accustomed to her two lovers, I moved to her head and could see the want in her eyes, I had awakened her innermost desires at last as she licked her lips and stared at my own cock. She opened her mouth as I inched it towards her and her lips and tongue felt velvety as I slid into her mouth and reached back to grab the handle once more and fuck her ass and pussy as I fucked her mouth. Her mouth was heavenly as my cock touched her throat and she gasped to breathe, all three of her holes now filled as my cock began to build towards its own orgasm.

Seeing her like this brought back memories of Cindy and as she worked to suck me so hard, I lost it and my cum shot into her mouth as I fucked her crotch furiously and she sucked and swallowed. I cursed myself for having given in so soon, but her sweet body and seeing it at my disposal had done me in. She rocked in orgasm herself as the last of my cum dribbled into her outstretched lips and she moaned, "Oh my God! I've never had such an intense orgasm," she said as I continued to fuck her well-lubricated pussy and ass, eventually pulling the wet cocks from her. Her body was once again limp as she fought to catch her breath and her juices oozed out and down her thighs, Sara was getting quite used to being submissive now, but I needed to hear the conversion, wanted to hear her beg me to fuck her, to use her. "John, please don't stop!" she begged as I looked to see her pleading blue eyes, my smile inching over my face at the thoughts of my little submissive one before me.

"Fuck me, I need you to fuck me, please!!!" she cried out as she writhed on the bench and tried to thrust her ass up at me, the padding squeezing her tender tits as she tried to coerce me to fuck that tender body of hers, my cock began to harden once more. I moved in behind her and began to tease her ass and pussy with my cock head and she began to go insane with need as she tried to buck back against me to capture my cock. I rubbed the head over her clit and she moaned in submission, then I knew that I had succeeded in her conversion as her juices coated the head of my cock and her moans seemed to get so much louder. I slid into her pussy with no effort and she tried to capture even more of me as I let myself slide very slowly until my balls hit her puffy lips and she groaned out loud, my penetration having reached its limit. I could feel the walls of her pussy contracting, milking my hard cock as I held it in her and she tried to move, as much as her bindings would let her, as my cock felt like a velvety, warm glove that stroked it so lovingly had enclosed it.

"Fuck me John, take my cunt, take my ass, take my mouth, just please fuck me!!!!!" she cried out and I began to slowly move in and out of her as she moaned her approval and I slowly increased my speed, her pussy getting frothy now as her juices were oozing around my cock. I started spanking her sweet ass as I fucked her and her moans and pants were like music to my ears as she was rocked with another orgasm and her juices coated my invading cock. Her breaths were ragged as she begged me to keep fucking her, her submission complete now as I rammed my cock home and heard the delightful sounds of her wet pussy accepting it and felt it struggle to hold my cock while I was inside of her. I reached down and freed her thighs and her ass immediately bucked up to meet my thrusts, but the movement caused her to yelp as the bench squeezed her elongated tits and she soon began to do it on purpose, liking the sensations, as her voice and cries of pleasure got deeper with each renewed assault.

I pulled out of her sopping wet pussy and poised at her back entrance as she began to buck against my hard cock, "Oh John, yes take my ass!!! Use it, fill it with your hot cock!!!" and my wet cock slid into her puckered hole with very little resistance as I drove all of its length into her and she thrust her ass back against me. I squeezed her crimson ass cheeks as I filled her tight little hole and her screams became insistent that I cum in her ass.

She began to work the outer ring of her ass, squeezing my cock as I fucked her and my cock exploded into her, my cum jetting into the confines of her sweet ass. She came once again as my cum squirted into her ass and she clenched her ass cheek against me, not wanting me to move as my cock drained itself and then she slowly relaxed onto the bench as I let my cock escape with a plop sound. I freed her wrists and her tits and she flopped over on her back on the bench as she worked to catch her breath and I stood there, trying to catch my own, submission had been complete. She reached out and stroked my soft cock as she smiled up at me, grateful for some of the best sex she had ever experienced and then she pulled my cock towards her head and I watched as she stared at me with those blue eyes and swallowed my soft cock into her mouth.

She reached down beside her and handed me the double cocks and pushed my hand towards her crotch and I worked them in and out of her as she worked my now hardening cock in and out of her mouth. I straddled her head and fucked her lovely mouth while the two fake cocks filled her ass and pussy, her next orgasm building already as I heard her moans escape around my cock and their vibrations drove me insane with need. Submission is about surrender, but I still wonder which one of us surrendered more.

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