tagFetishTaste of True Friendship Ch. 03

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 03


In the midst of my ecstasy, I had forgotten all about Jay and what he might have been up to while Kim and I were "engaged". It wouldn't be until later when I saw the final cut of the session that I could appreciate what Jay had to deal with. He pretty much just sat there and massaged his oversized dick while Kim was ministering to my needs. He did, at one point, reach over and caress Kim's butt and found a way to get her thong off of her- -he cut it off! Honest to God, he produced a jack-knife from his pants and, as Kim was head-down-fanny-up, he snipped the strings on either side and pulled it off between her legs. Kim was oblivious to this. The various angles that the cameramen got showed Kim just as absorbed in what she was doing as I was in having her do it to me.

Once Jay had removed Kim's thong, he began to stroke her fanny as it moved in time with her rhythmic licking of my cunt. He moved both hands around on her cheeks, down the back of her legs, and then up the inside of the back of her thighs. He gradually spread her cheeks apart to show the camera her pussy and asshole. Just like DeDe and Jen, Kim was hairless, waxed to perfection. He moved in and put his face to her butt and began to lick starting at the bottom of the pussy slit and working his way up to her asshole. He got real busy with his tongue, licking and probing. He then introduced his left thumb into her pussy as he spread her cheeks apart wider with his right hand and worked his tongue harder on her asshole. Kim's butt began to wiggle from side to side. Finally, he knelt up straight, spread Kim's cheeks with both hands and probed her pussy with his now erect cock. It looked like me met with some resistance at first but gradually his thick phallus slid into her moistening vagina. The cameraman got a close up off this and it showed Jay's slick penis sliding in and out off her hairless pussy, very slowly in and out, in and out. He forced deeper with each stroke until her pussy engulfed his entire member. At one point the just held it here while he slapped her butt cheeks with his hand. Then he stopped altogether.

The camera angle changed and began showing me having my orgasm which, as previously described, was epic. I was quite sure how it felt but I had no idea how it looked. My eyes were closed, my back was arched, and my thighs were pressing on either side of Kim's face. I could tell she was struggling to keep her lips in place on my clitoris as my body convulsed with passion. And I was right, I could perceive four distinct orgasms. (Whew! That makes me hot even now as I write this.)

Now, back to real time. After I'd finished coming, Kim knelt on all fours enjoying Jay's cock in her pussy. She reached her right hand underneath her to her crotch and began to massage her clitoris with her fingers as Jay recommenced his thrusting. By this time, I had raised myself up on my elbows to watch the proceedings but with my legs apart and still on either side of Kim's arms which were supporting her. I saw that her eyes were closed and she was savoring the combination of her masturbation and Jay's fucking.

"What now?" I whispered hoping he microphone on the camera wouldn't pick It up.

Kim opened her eyes, gave me a wink, turned her head, and said to Jay, "Baby, eat me! I want your tongue in my pussy again."

With that, she disengaged from Jay's prick, turned around, and rolled onto her back with her legs bent and spread apart. She held out her arms beckoning him to put his head between her legs and, as he complied, she put her hands on either side of his face and pulled his head toward her pussy.

As she did this she whispered to me, "Go for his cock!"

Jay had assumed basically the same position with Kim that Kim had with me when she was eating my pussy. His head was down and his fanny was up. I could see his cock dangling underneath his body. It was only semi-hard now. I could tell it needed some help.

I scooted around so that I was behind Jay. I spread his legs apart and then lay down on my back in the same direction as Kim with my head underneath Jay's crotch. His balls and the underside of his cock were staring me in the face. I reached up and started to caress his testicles and then put my hand around his cock and pulled it down so its head was at my mouth. He lowered his body a little so I could get his cock into my mouth and then I began to suck and pull on his cock with my hand at the same time. He responded immediately. His prick got harder and fatter as I worked it in and out of my mouth. Just as Kim had done, Jay's body was moving in time with his pussy licking and this aided the motion of his cock inside my mouth. And I could feel his balls swaying and slapping against my hand at the bottom of his shaft. It kind of tickled my hand. I can only imagine how it felt to Jay. And then, in an instant, almost without warning, Jay came in my mouth.

It was a large load. It filled my mouth immediately and I could feel it seeping out past my lips and onto my chin. But I held his cock there until he had finished shooting, and we're talking about five or six "ropes" worth. What ever reservoir he had for his semen, it had to be large. I swallowed down the cum that was in my mouth and licked off his dick as he removed it. I used my fingers to spoon the rest of his cum off my chin and neck back into my mouth. Jay had delicious tasting cum. I wondered what he ate to help that.

Over my head I heard Kim say, loud enough for the microphone, "Baby, I know you just came but if you stop licking my clit now before I come, I'm going to kill you!"

But I could tell that Jay was pretty much spent. He wobbled on knees as if they had gone weak and I could feel him almost fall forward. He had to support himself even more on his elbows. Then he pulled his face up off of Kim's snatch. "Sorry, sweetie. I just CAN'T" and then rolled over on his right side on the loading mat.

I heard Kim moan, "Oh, Shit!" One could only guess what was going on in her mind.

Well, Jerry had said that I had to "go with it" didn't he? So, I "went with it".

I rolled over on to my tummy and crawled up toward Kim's wide open pussy. Someone was going to have to take care of her and, being the "bad" dude I was in the movie, I suppose it had to be me now.

Like I said, her pussy was absolutely hairless. She had pronounced pussy lips that were pink and engorged from the servicing that Jay had given them. At the top I could see that her clitoris was swollen and protruding from under its little hood. From my own anatomy and masturbation sessions, I knew that little item well but I had never done it to another girl. I'd barely even ever thought about it. But here I was.

I moved my head up until Kim's thighs were next to my ears. My eyes were so close that her cunt looked huge. It wasn't. As a matter of fact, it was quite compact but from my viewpoint it filled up my field of vision. All the better for my concentration.

I pursed my lips and blew on Kim's clit, oh so gently. She responded at once. "Yes, yes, baby that's it!"

And then, very carefully, I began to flick her clit with my tongue and alternated strokes with licking around it and down to the opening of her pussy. I tried to get a rhythm going: one, two, three flicks- -one, two, three, four licks around and down. At the same time, I had my hands on the inside of each thigh and was pressing and kneading as my mouth did its part. Kim began to make pleasure sounds in unison with my licking.

"Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm, MMMMMM" and then a breath, "Ahhhh, Mmmmm, Mmmmmm, MMMMM." and then a breath.

We kept this up for several minutes. I wasn't quite sure how long. The edited version of the video lasted about two minutes but I am sure we went at it longer than that. I can only guess that two minutes is a long time in porn film watching. Guys want more quick action, hence the editing to shorten the sequences. All I know is that we both got into it for a long time- -easily ten minutes.

Kim also responded by moving her hips in rhythm. She was assisting my flicking and licking with some grinding of her own. I felt my body begin to hump along with her and felt my pussy watering in concert with Kim's pleasure.

Her orgasms began gently and built. The first one that I could identify was when she paused, tensed, and relaxed with a sigh. The second was about the same but more intense. Third was stronger and longer still. The fourth was HUGE; I thought I was going to have to hang on to keep from getting dislodged from between her legs. But the FIFTH, was magnificent. She held tense and still for a long time and then exhaled with a moan of pleasure. And then I felt a small gush of liquid come from her pussy right onto my face and into my mouth. It wasn't like male cum, white, thick and ropy; it was clear, thin but not watery- -it wasn't pee- -it was a little slick and had a flavor like honey. I had thought men's cum was tasty; her cum was every bit as good, even more so in some ways- -and different.

After Kim settled down, I lapped at her pussy with my tongue a little to savor the residual of her orgasm. I was careful to stay away from her clit because I knew from my own experience that it would be much too sensitive to play with now. I looked up from between her legs and saw that she had propped herself up on her elbows and was looking at me with a smile on her face.

"Oh, baby. That was fabulous!" She reached out her arms, "C'mere to momma."

I moved my body up into her embrace and, as our bodies fit together, I could feel the firmness of her breasts against the softness of mine and the trimness of her hips and tummy against the flesh of mine. Our lips met and her tongue flicked out to lick my lips and around my mouth. She wanted a taste of her own cum. Having savored it, I could understand why.

"O.K. CUT!!" Jerry yelled from his corner. (He sure knew how to ruin a moment.) "Take five. We've got another scene to set up!"

************ **************

"Jock, get over here! Wanda, you too! And....Jen." Jerry was barking at his folks. "We've got one more scene to do and we're running short of time. So, let's get going, 'Chop-Chop'!"

The three of us gathered around Jerry and listened expectantly to what his next direction might be. It seemed that both Jock and Jen looked at me with new respect taking into consideration the 'work' I did with Kim and Jay. Jen even gave me a little "thumbs-up" and whispered, "You're new at this? Girl? You're gooood!" I looked over at DeDe and Kim who were standing by the counter chatting. I caught Kim's eye and she returned my look with a smile and blew me a kiss. DeDe just looked- -not unfriendly but not warm either. I was wondering if there was more between Kim and DeDe than just making porn films. I sensed a little (could it really be?) jealousy.

"O.K. Let's get this going. By the way, Wanda, good work in that last one. You learn fast." Jerry was going into overload but at least he got that out to me. "We're going to do a double-team come-swap scene. Jen, you and Wanda are going to corner Jock over by the gay magazines and suck his cock dry and swap his come back and forth between you. Got it?"

I'd seen it done in some videos I'd watched in the "Glory Hole" booths but I'd never done it before personally. I figured, though, that with all the cum I'd swallowed, swallowing a little of another girls spit couldn't be all that bad.

The scene went rather quickly. Jen started out by putting a lip lock on Jock as I knelt down and went for his sweat pants. I got them down around his ankles (he wasn't wearing any briefs) and went right to work on his cock. This guy was amazing. It didn't take any time at all to get his cock hard, which is saying something considering the working over he got from DeDe in his last scene. And that was only a couple of hours ago. He sure had some recuperative powers, no question about it.

I jacked him into stiffness and then proceeded to swallow his cock whole. I put my hands behind his butt and pulled him toward me so his cock thrust itself farther into my mouth and part way down my throat. My nose was up against his tummy (where his pubic hair would have been if he'd had any) as I started my swallowing action to further stimulate his penis. As I pulled my head back, his dick slipped out of my mouth and Jen, who had dropped to her knees next to me, took over slipping his cock into her mouth while stroking his fat shaft with her left hand. He gave him a couple of good strokes and handed him off to me again.

It only took him about five minutes to shoot his load. Jen was the recipient and she let him finish ejaculating before she pulled her mouth off him. I could tell it was a big load because her cheeks were still puffed out after his cock came out of her mouth. Jen leaned over to me and gave me a kiss and squirted Jock's semen into my mouth as my lips parted. It WAS a big load; it filled up my mouth too and I don't think she released all of it to me. I rolled it around on my tongue, mugging for the camera while I did so. I got the flavor of his jizz; it was sweet, and I mean s-w-e-e-t, along with being a little tangy. I remembered then what he had done during his break with the cranberry juice and the banana. Damned if that didn't work, in more ways than one. He could get it up, get it off, and come up with some delicious sperm all in a pretty short time. When I'd finished savoring his load, I turned back toward Jen as if to swap it back. She shook her head, swallowed what she had in her mouth and said for the camera, "Nah, go on. You deserve to take most of it." So, I swallowed what I had and licked my lips.

It was then that it happened. I didn't plan it. I guess I just snapped. I just got plain old "cum hungry".

I broke one of Jerry's cardinal rules and looked directly into the camera (#3 as I found out later) and said the cameraman, "Hey, you want some of this?" He looked taken aback at this and inched backwards. He bumped into a rack of magazines and stopped abruptly. Then it looked like he was listening to something in his ear piece. While he was distracted, I reached out, grabbed him by the belt buckle, and unzipped his pants. I reached in and fished around for his cock which was hidden behind some "tighty-whiteys"; nevertheless, I got it free through his fly and began to suck him off.

His dick was an o.k. size, not too big and not too small, and it got hard in a hurry. He leaned to one side and put his camera down gently and then went to his belt buckle and undid it, popped open the button to his pants, and dropped them to his knees. His cock was totally free now and I was having all of it. I worked quickly and vigorously. It only took a couple of minutes for him to ejaculate his load into my waiting mouth. It wasn't a big load and I swallowed it quickly barely tasting it. But it felt slick and warm as it ran down my throat.

While all of this was happening, the "gofer" had come over and was capturing the scene on his hand-held camcorder. He had gotten in real close to fill his view finder with my mouth on Cameraman #3's dick so he was easy prey. I reached out and grabbed him by the crotch, pulled him over and repeated the unzipping procedure on him. Just as that happened, I noticed that Cameraman #3 had gotten his camera back into position and was taping my act with "gofer". Now, this "gofer" guy had a limp dick to start off with, and it was uncircumcised. It took a little work but I got hit to stiffen up so the head was poking out of his foreskin. Then I took him in for serious. The more I sucked the bigger his dick got and, I swear, by the time I was finished, it had to be 10" long, one of the longer ones I'd ever seen. That didn't deter me, though. I took the whole thing all the way down my throat like a sword-swallower. He must have been horny because he dumped his load on my second thrust and it went directly into my throat, by passing my mouth and tongue. It was only as I pulled my mouth off of his quickly deflating member that I got a chance to taste any of him. His cum was slick but bitter. An interesting change of pace.

In the background, I heard Jerry shouting, "You guys gotta get this. Get it all!" He wasn't paying any attention to the intercom earpieces; he was shouting out loud. I'm sure this got onto the sound track of the video as well as deafened the cameramen who had to listen to it in their earpiece.

"Camera 2, go to black! Get out there!" Was the next thing I heard.

Sure enough, Cameraman #2 was moving toward me, putting his camera down, and going for his waistband. He was wearing sweat pants and had them down in an instant followed immediately my his boxers. His cock was getting hard all on its own but he gave it an extra stroke or two to accelerate the process. I latched on to his prick and shoved it into my mouth working it with my tongue and lips. The inside of my mouth was already slick from the cum of the other blowjobs so #2's organ slid easily in and out as I brought him to an orgasm. His load was sizeable and I held it in my mouth for a few seconds feeling the volume and warmth of it. Then I swallowed it down in one gulp and licked my lips.

Next in line was Cameraman #1. He was an older guy and he had his pants and shorts down already. His prick was smallish and difficult to get hard but I worked at it and before long got him to shoot his load too. There wasn't much volume and the taste wasn't distinctive. Of course, it was getting harder to tell about the taste having gotten so many loads without a chance to "refresh" my palette.

The cable tech was standing there just taking this all in. I moved toward him and he shied away.

"What? You don't want your cock sucked?" I chided him.

"Girl? You don't know?" He seem surpirsed that I didn't know something. "I'm gay! I don't get off on blowjobs from girls!"

"Yo! Sweetlips," I shot back at him. "Just close our eyes and think it's your boyfriend."

I didn't think he'd do it but he did. He dropped his pants and produced a sizeable cock- -and it was still flaccid. He put his hands on he back of his hips and waggled his meat in front of me.

"You think you can take all of that, Girl?"

I nodded my head enthusiastically as I reach out and put my hand around his limp cock.

"Close your eyes!" I commanded. He did.

I jacked him off for a couple of minutes until I got a rise out of him and then stared to ply his hardening prick with my lips and tongue. It got remarkably large. I thought the "gofer" had a big cock but I'm thinking Mr. "Cable guy" had a full 12" as it stood up straight- -MAMMOTH! I got as much of it as I could into my mouth but couldn't get anywhere near getting even half of it in. It wasn't only long, it was FAT. But I worked at it and gradually began to feel his cock swell even more and start to pulsate. I pulled his huge phallus out of my mouth for I was truly worried about choking when he came. No sooner had I gotten it outside of my mouth, than he did come in huge sticky ropes that shot across my face and forehead and spurted over my shoulder too. It even got into my eye and into my hair. I licked what I could off of my face and, gentleman that he was, he reached into his back pocket and came up with a handkerchief so I could wipe the rest of his cum off of my face.

"Hey stud!" I remarked as I was cleaning myself off, "Your boyfriend has got to be pretty pleased with you. You've really got some 'motor' going for you there."

A image flashed through my mind: the cable guy fucking his boyfriend in the ass with that salami. Whew!! That would be an experience!

I heard from behind me, "Next! Who's next?" Jerry was in a frenzy. "Who's left? Abe? Abe! Get in there!"

Abe walked over from behind the counter and stood in front of me. "Wanda? You want to do this?"

"I sure do, Abe." I was on a roll now. "Drop those pants!"

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