tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTaste of True Friendship Ch. 13

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 13


It took the pizza guy about half an hour to get to Tanya's apartment. In the meantime, Tanya, Julie, and Irene had all gotten dressed. They were eager for the food to arrive for their exertions had left them starved.

Tanya said that she would pay for the meal but the two girls argued against that. Finally Tanya said, "O.K. I'll pay for the food and we'll flip coins for the tip. The odd coin takes care of the tip." The girls agreed and flipped the coins. Julie and Irene both came up with heads; Tanya came up with tails.

When the pizza guy arrived, Tanya paid him for his delivery and then said to him, "What would you rather have for a tip? Five dollars? Or, a blow job?"

Delivery man was in his 30's and clearly not working at the top of his profession so he needed the tip but, by the same token, he was pretty horny too. He thought that a blowjob would cost him $25.00 at least, maybe more. And, considering that he was talking to a pretty good looking woman, that $25.00 probably would only get him some skanky street hooker. He opted for the blow job.

With Julie and Irene looking on, Tanya unzipped the pizza guy's fly, teased his cock out of his pants, and jacked it into hardness. It didn't take long because Mr. Pizza Guy got turned on all the more having his blow job witnessed by a couple of other good looking gals. Without much ceremony, Tanya went down on him sucking his cock deep into her mouth and then bobbed up and down on it all the while stroking its shaft.

Julie and Irene watched agog. They weren't strangers to blow jobs; they frequently gave them to their boyfriends. But neither had ever witnessed someone giving someone else head in person. On top of that, they knew that Tanya was really a man who looked like a woman. That secret added extra excitement to their viewing. It was certainly different than any porno video they had been exposed to.

Tanya had almost forgotten how good it was to suck a cock. She really hadn't had a chance to do that since Dana had departed, so she approached her task with relish. Tanya was vigorous in treating Mr. Pizza Guy's dick and had him coming in a matter of a couple of minutes. His load shot into her mouth and she swallowed every drop. His cum was thick, salty and savory and there had been quite a bit of it- -this guy hadn't gotten off for quite a while. After he was finished, he zipped up his pants, thanked Tanya, and turned to leave.

Before he got out the door, Tanya stuffed the five-dollar bill into his shirt pocket and said, "Hey, double bonus! You got the food here on time and hot. Besides, my friends loved the show."

Mr. Pizza Guy smiled as he walked out. Tanya had a feeling that he was going to remember where she lived and would be first in line for deliveries for her address. She also thought that he would have a blast telling his cohorts about his experience. Guys loved to brag about things like that.

The three girls sat down at the kitchen table and ate the pizza, sharing some Chianti that Tanya had in the pantry. Tanya remarked that the pepperoni was a little saltier than Mr. Pizza Guy's cum but a lot spicier. Julie and Irene got a laugh out of that.

^ ^ ^ ^^^^ ^ ^^ ^

^ ^^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

So, the "study" group now numbered three. The next time they got together, about a week later, they actually studied. Tanya helped them with their artwork and all of them learned art history together. That isn't to say that there wasn't any playing around at all but they stuck pretty much to their purpose in learning the study material. Their play time took place only after they had completed their assignments.

Tanya got Julie and Irene to agree to some rules:

1.) That neither Julie nor Irene would bring anybody else over with them without checking with Tanya first.

2.) That no boys were to be invited along by any of the girls. Tanya also agreed not to have boys come in, unless the girls consented.

3.) That Tanya reserved the right whether or not to reveal her maleness.

4.) That anyone of the three could stop their participation but, if that happened, they all agreed to keep the secret that they were involved in the relationship.

Julie and Irene both agreed. Of course, there was nothing legally binding about the agreement; it was only the strength of their word that would keep it together. But, as long as they were all having fun, what good would it do to screw things up? The three of them got along wonderfully- -no jealousies, no pettiness, no domination. Why not just enjoy themselves?

Their "recreation" moved into the bedroom. Why struggle with a narrow, hard couch when there was a large soft bed available? And there wasn't any need any more to be hurriedly spontaneous; they could plan their activities and take their time having fun.

They did "mix and match" every which way. Either Julie or Irene would give Tanya a blow job while Tanya ate the other one's pussy; Tanya would fuck Julie or Irene while the other one got eaten out; Tanya would fuck Julie or Irene while Tanya gave head to the other one; or, sometimes, two of them would have sex while the third one watched and masturbated. There was enough variation to keep things interesting.

Tanya introduced some toys, the kind that Claudia used, to spice things up. Irene especially enjoyed having a dildo up her ass while Tanya fucked her and Julie became adept at using dildo's to masturbate while Tanya just plain fucked Irene. Irene liking anal sex and Julie not, Tanya found herself fucking Irene in the ass while Julie was underneath licking Irene's pussy. Occasionally, either Julie or Irene would use a dildo on Tanya's butt while the other one would suck Tanya's cock. That was enjoyable for Tanya but she had to caution the "fuckor" to be gentle on her ass with the dildo. Tanya discovered that going "69" with either of the girls was enjoyable, though Tanya enjoyed it most when she was on the bottom- -she loved to have their "juices" run into her mouth has she plied their pussies with her lips and tongue.

In a few weeks, Julie suggested that they do some videotaping of their sessions. She brought along a camcorder, made sure there was plenty of light in the bedroom, and got down on tape their multi-tasked love making. They were careful, however, to make sure that their faces were hidden by masks or disguises just to make sure that none of them would be recognizable should the tapes fall into the wrong hands. That added some fun to the proceedings, too. They started to do some role playing and some rudimentary scene planing. Over the months they accumulated a good deal of footage. They loved to watch it and critique each other's technique. Plus, it was a turn on to see before they started a session, and even fun to watch during one. The girls were having fun indeed!

Just before the Christmas break, Irene asked if she could introduce another woman to the group, just once as a trial. She said she could vouch for this person. It wasn't anybody who would normally have any contact with Julie or Tanya, or the students of the college as a whole, so she felt the chances of being vulnerable in that area were minimal. Tanya wondered how Irene would accomplish secrecy. Irene put the plan forward: The "candidate" would come blindfolded; yes, it was cloak and dagger stuff but effective to maintain secrecy. It also added a little zest to the operation. Tanya and Julie would wear masks or disguises so that the only one of the group that the "newbie" knew was Irene; and that their romp would be conspicuously video-taped while Julie, Irene, and Tanya were all disguised and the "newbie' not. The latter would ensure that the "newbie" wouldn't be inclined to blow any whistles at the risk of being "outed" themselves. Tanya asked about the potential for "blackmail" that they would have over the "newbie". Irene admitted that was an issue and had no answer other than the integrity of the three girls but she said, for her part, it was of no consequence- -she wasn't about to risk jail time trying to blackmail someone. That made sense to Tanya and Julie.

Tanya and Julie agreed to give it a try.

A week later, Julie arrived at Tanya's at about 6:00 PM on a Friday night. About half an hour later there was a knock on the door. When Tanya opened it, she saw Irene and a tall dark haired woman who was wearing a "sleep mask" standing in the doorway. Tanya let them in, closed and locked the door, and checked again to make sure that the curtains and blinds on the windows were all down. She had previously made a sweep of the apartment to make sure that there were no identifying pieces of mail, magazines, or anything else like that laying around to reveal the address.

Tanya and Julie were already in their disguises, fully clothed. Julie wore a dark wig and had put on some heavy make-up; Tanya wore a domino mask, with eye holes, and a blonde wig. Someone who knew them would have to think about who they were looking at in their disguises.

Trying not to sound too sinister, Tanya said to the still masked new woman, "Did Irene tell you about why you are here? I mean, explain what we do here?"

"Yes she did. She said that you all got together to share sex with each other. I thought that would be an interesting experience so I asked her to see if I could join in. She said she would ask and, presumably, you all agreed." The woman was older and well spoken, clearly not a college student. Tanya only hoped she wasn't a college professor!

Tanya responded, "Yes, that's pretty much it, I suppose. I don't like to think of it that clinically. I think we have more fun than anything." Tanya was trying to be light and friendly, a little difficult given the setting. "I don't want it to sound ominous, but we three would like to protect our anonymity. I think you can understand how it might be if we were found out. Does that make sense?"

"I understand completely, my dear." She was composed and did not appear to be disconcerted in the least. "I don't want to be 'found out' any more than you all do. Of course, I know Irene. And, believe me, I wouldn't be here at all if I didn't trust her. I can only hope that you two are as trustworthy."

"I think you can count on that." Tanya reassured her. "We all know each other pretty well. By the way, what's your name?"

"You can call me 'Mary'. Irene knows my real name but 'Mary' will do for here."

Tanya could tell by that response that they had a careful person in their midst.

Tanya explained to Mary that before she could take her mask off, Irene would help her disrobe. Mary agreed to that. Tanya didn't want Mary to run out of the place fully clothed once she had her mask off but, then again, Tanya had no plan for what to do if Mary did run out of the apartment naked. It occurred to her that they all might be open to false imprisonment charges- -even kidnapping- -if things didn't go well. But she sensed that Mary was willing to go along with things, for excitement if nothing else, and this seemed to be an exciting way to do things. Tanya just wanted things to be fun- -safe- -but fun.

Tanya nodded to Julie who switched on the camcorder that was mounted on a tripod in the corner of the living room. There was plenty of light. Then Tanya motioned to Irene to begin taking Mary's clothes off of her. To help keep herself from being recongized on the tape, Irene slipped on a mask like Tanya's, a black one that covered the top half of her face but with eye holes so that she could see what she was doing.

Irene started with Mary's shoes. They were casual soft leather lace-ups but stylish, not "boon-dockers" or moccasins. She wore pantyhose which revealed underneath the stockings nicely shaped feet but, Tanya noticed, that she wore no toenail polish- -nor fingernail polish, for that matter. Next, Irene unbuttoned Mary's light cardigan sweater and slipped it off of her arms and shoulders. Underneath she wore a woman's dark blue short sleeved polo shirt and underneath that Tanya could see that Mary wore a bra to support medium sized breasts. But Irene's next move was to take off Mary's skirt, a solid dark color cotton. Then as Mary stood there in her pantyhose, Irene pulled her polo shirt off over her head, being careful not to dislodge her mask. Tanya saw that Mary had a smooth flat tummy, not toned but not flabby either. This accentuated the size and shape of her breasts which looked a little larger seeing them pressing against her black bra than they did when Tanya was trying to guess their dimensions underneath the polo shirt. Irene moved behind Mary and unhooked her bra. As that garment fell forward and off of her arms, Tanya could see that Mary's breasts were full and mature with just a hint of sag to them but still firm- -clearly a C cup. Her nipples were dark and smooth but they started to pucker and become erect as the cool air touched them as her bra came off. Irene rolled Mary's pantyhose off of her waist, down over her full hips, and then all the way to the floor. Mary stepped out of them without wobbling. The only item left was Mary's panties, full sized black cotton briefs. As these came off Tanya couldn't help but observe that Mary had a full, thick, dark bush covering her pubic area. Tanya couldn't see through it enough even to get an idea of what Mary's pussy might look like. This certainly added mystery to Ms. Mary.

Tanya stepped back and looked at the totally naked Mary. Tanya asked her to turn around so she could see her from the back. She had a nicely rounded, smooth fanny, shapely legs, and a narrow waist with only the littlest bit of fat. Yes, she indeed had a luscious body. Irene had made a good choice there. Tanya felt a stirring in loins. Ms. Mary was, in a word, delectable.

With a hand gesture, Tanya directed Julie to take Mary by the hand and lead her into the bedroom. Irene followed them and Tanya brought up the rear carrying the camcorder and tripod. Julie sat Mary on the bed and sat down next to her; Irene also sat down so that Mary was between her and Julie. Tanya positioned the camcorder/tripod in the left hand corner of the room so that it could have a full view of the bed and next to it the mirror on the wall over the dresser.

"O.K., Mary. You can take your mask off now." Tanya's voice had a command quality to it, not harsh but affirmative. "Take it off and toss it over on the dresser."

She did that and blinked at the light. She looked to her left and saw Julie and to her right and saw Irene. She smiled at each of them and they smiled back. Then Mary looked over her shoulder and saw Tanya standing near the camera. Tanya smiled at her; Mary theatrically blew him a kiss.

"Mary, I want you to undress Julie, on your left." Tanya commanded. "Take your time, enjoy yourself."

Mary was not hesitant. She stroked Julie's cheek with her hand, and gave her a brief kiss where her hand had been. Then she pulled Julie's t-shirt up revealing Julie's small, firm breasts and then over Julie's head. Fortunately, Julie's wig didn't come loose. Mary couldn't resist. She reached out and cupped Julie's right breast in her hand, leaned over, and gave her nipple the briefest of kisses. As she straightened up, she gave Julie another kiss on the cheek. Mary then stood up and motioned for Julie to do the same. In one quick move, Mary had the waistband of Julie's jeans undone and down over her hips along with her panties. She leaned into Julie, nudged her back to a sitting position on the bed. Julie had kicked off her leather flip-flops so her jeans wouldn't get hung up on them. And then Mary stripped the jeans off of Julie's legs and tossed them on the floor by the bed still inside out. Still standing, Mary put her hand behind Julie's head and pressed her to her breast. Mary sure had a sense of what looked good on film.

"O.K. Mary, now take off Irene's clothes but both of you get up on the bed as you do it." Tanya was firmly in command.

Mary crawled up on the bed on her knees and held Irene by the hand as she helped her do the same thing. Irene flipped off her shoes before she got up on the bed- -that was a "woman thing" indeed. Mary was a little more intimate with Irene than she had been with Julie. She kissed Irene's lips as she unbuttoned Irene's blouse and peeled it back over her shoulders and off of her arms. Mary leaned down and kissed Irene's chest just above her cleavage as she reached around and unsnapped Irene's bra. As Irene's breasts came into view, Mary leaned down farther and flicked each of Irene's nipples with her tongue. Her large smooth nipples tightened up and became erect. Tanya could see that Mary's nipples were responding in kind. Mary stood up on the bed and lifted Irene's hands to help her stand also. Once Irene was upright, Mary knelt down, grabbed Irene's skirt by its waistband and pulled it down all the way to her feet. Irene kicked it out of the way off of the bed. Mary focused on Irene's panties teasing them down bit by bit as she kissed Irene's tummy following the path of the waistband. Tug, nibble; tug, nibble; tug, nibble. When Irene's panties were half way off her smooth, shaved pubis was exposed, Mary paid extra attention with her lips now and stuck her tongue out ever so little to flick Irene's pubic area as she pulled her panties all of the way off.

All three women were naked now. What a sight Tanya had through the camera's display! Slender, toned Julie, zaftig Irene, and mature luscious Mary- -a picture of contrasts. How wonderful! Tanya made a mental note to sketch that scene.

"Mary? Lie down on the bed, in the center.....Yes, like that." Tanya felt like a director now. "Julie? You get on your knees on the bed on Mary's left side. Irene? You do the same thing on Mary's right side.....Good! Now....do what comes naturally!"

First, Irene and Julie leaned over the top of Mary's supine body and kissed each other. Mary looked up at the archway of female flesh over her. She could see pussies, tummies, and breasts above her. Her body gave a little twitch as if she were anxious to get into it with the two girls over her. When Julie and Irene concluded their kissing, the looked at each other and pointed as if to say, "You or me?" It looked like Julie won the point because she settled down on her haunches and bent over to kiss Mary on the lips. Tanya zoomed in to capture Julie's lips full on Mary's and Julie's tongue licking its way between them. In no time, Julie and Mary were fully engaged in a lip smacking, tongue sucking, breath taking kissing contest. The challenge was: Who could fill the others mouth with how much tongue.

Irene bent over and began kissing Mary starting at her throat, down to the top of her chest, and gradually down to the center of her cleavage. Mary's breasts, though shapely, were not as firm as a younger woman's breasts might be. The flattened out somewhat and draped themselves a little to either side. Irene cupped Mary's right breast in her hand and applied her lips to it, zeroing in on the nipple which by now had become erect. Irene sucked Mary's entire nipple and a good deal of her breast into her mouth and kept applying suction while she played with the nipple with her tongue. The camera caught Mary's tummy tighten as the pleasure traveled from her breast to her abdomen. Irene massaged Mary's left breast with her left hand as she worked on the right one and then switched, applying her mouth to Mary's left breast and nipple while massaging the right one. Mary was clearly enjoying this treatment; her right hand crept up from her side, moved between her legs,and began to slowly stroke her labia. Irene's hand followed Mary's hand down and shortly they were both playing with Mary's snatch.

Irene let her mouth loose of Mary's nipples and kissed and licked her way down Mary's tummy until she was kissing her just above where their hands were playing. To fill the gap, Julie ceased kissing Mary's mouth and took over sucking and playing with Mary's nipples and breasts. Tanya could hear Mary softly moaning but wasn't sure that the microphone on the camcorder was picking it up- -she truly hoped it was.

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