tagAnalTasting Her While She Sleeps

Tasting Her While She Sleeps


There was no repeat performance of that fantastic night for her next two or three visits. I was intensely turned on by her every time she visited for a weekend, but I was terrified that she'd wake up the next time if I did what I did again. I had hot frantic masturbation fantasies about what might happen if she did wake up, but they stayed fantasies. I couldn't take the risk that she'd react badly if she opened her eyes in the middle of the night to see a naked man standing over her bed, staring at her lush young body and jerking his hard cock in the darkness. No, it was simply too risky.

I knew she was a very deep sleeper because one night on a visit she fell out of her bed and didn't even wake up. My daughter and I both rushed into her room when we heard a loud thump long after midnight, and there she was on the floor, fast asleep. Amazing. Still, the risk of her catching me was too high - you never know.

The problem was that she was driving me insane with lust. I couldn't be in the same room with her without my cock stirring. She was so beautiful and her body was so delicious that it affected me on the basest levels. I couldn't count how many times I'd be so distracted by my lust for her that I had to leave the room to go and masturbate. I'd be sitting with the two of them at the dinner table - listening to their goofy stories about oddball professors or homecoming games or dorm life in general - and my cock would be throbbing under the table. I'd be sneaking looks at her luscious lips, or her full young breasts and picturing her on the table naked, her sweet ass right where my dinner plate would be. Her long smooth legs on my shoulders as I bent to her glistening pussy with the tip of my tongue extending to open her sweet lips. Then I'd excuse myself, rush into the bathroom and spurt hot cum all over the sink as I closed my eyes and played out the rest of the fantasy, frantically jerking at my cock. I decided that I had to act again.

In the medicine cabinet I had some capsules of one of those over-the-counter pain remedies that also help you sleep - something-or-other PM - you know the kind of thing. I took out one of the caps and found that I could open it and get to the powder inside very easily. I experimented on myself by dissolving some of the stuff in my iced tea at dinner one night, and damned if it didn't work like a charm! I tried it at various times to figure out how long it took to work etc, and then waited for the perfect time to use it on her.

She and my daughter came home from shopping one night about 10PM, asking for a snack. They were both exhausted from their day at the mall, but were hungry too. I stirred some of the powdered PM stuff into her iced tea, and my cock was stiff as I watched her drinking it. I was crazy and I knew it, but I had to do something about the lust I had for her. They stayed up and talked for a short time, and then the yawns started all around. I bid them goodnight and headed for my room - more wide-awake than I'd been in years. My heart was already thumping in my chest thinking about what I was going to do.

I read a little bit in my room, and then put a porno DVD on the TV. On my bed watching beautiful naked women fucking and sucking, I took out my cock and stroked it. I was comparing all of the video sluts with what was waiting for me down the hall, and although they had me hot and horny, they all fell short of the delectable girl sleeping nearby. It was time.

I silently slipped down the hall to the sitting room next to her bedroom dressed only in a pair of silk boxers. It felt nice when I wrapped my hand around my silk covered cock and stroked it lightly, and I was so ready for this that I felt high. I crept into the room and opened the door to her bedroom. There I was once again - staring in at her shadowy sleeping form with my cock throbbing. I knew that she wasn't going to wake up - I'd tried the PM stuff enough times on myself to be sure - so I slipped out of the silk shorts and stood there naked. I was flying again, like the first time I had done this, and my heart was pounding enough to make me shake.

I stalked up close to her bed in the funny pink light from the streetlight outside her room and just stood there. I can't believe I'm doing this, I was thinking as I wrapped my hand on my stiff cock and squeezed it tight. She was on her right side under a thin sheet, facing away from me. The sheet was untucked, and her left leg was thrown over and bent at the knee so her ass was full and round and beautiful under the sheet, but her other leg was smooth and naked and uncovered all the way up to the back of her creamy thigh. I knelt down on the carpeting close to her bed, and now I was really flying. Her smooth skin was right in front of my face, and I leaned close and traced my fingertip along her calf from the back of her ankle to her knee. Oh my god, she was so smooth and soft. Bending closer to her leg, I lightly ran my tongue up the back of her calf to her knee. I gently caressed the back of her thigh, and I had to squeeze my cock hard as I slid my left hand up towards her irresistible ass. This was so sexy that it was scary - my cock was like smooth stone in my hand, and I was trying to breath slowly as I touched her. I took a breath and placed the flat of my hand on her ass cheek, feeling how firm she was. Once again I was lost - overcome with lust for her sweet body.

I raised both my hands to gently slide them under the sheet, but she was sleeping so deeply that I knew I could do more. I pulled the sheet from under her, watching her pretty face for a reaction, and when I saw none I uncovered her completely. Oh lord, what an incredible body she had. Her panties were white, and she wore a cutoff white t-shirt that left her midriff bare and smooth and sexy in the light. I touched her at the curve of her waist, marveling again at her softness.

Then I bent closer and kissed her firm young ass cheek through the fabric of her panties. I pumped my cock faster as I pressed my lips to her tight bottom. I moved my lips down to the panty-covered crack of her young ass and breathed out a long hot breath between her cheeks. Good god, this was so hot that my thoughts were scrambled. Here I was, in her room, kneeling next to her gorgeous body as she slept, with my face pressed into her sweet ass. I needed more of her.

I stood up over her, hooked my fingers in the waistband of her panties and tried to slide them off her as gently as possible. It was easy - she was simply unconscious and unaware and felt nothing. I had to roll her a little more onto her stomach to slide them down, and I had no trouble at all arranging her body just so. Her smooth young skin was shining in the odd light as I slipped the panties down very slowly and uncovered the ass that I'd dreamed about for so long. I was breathing harder as I slipped them down to her ankles, and stood up to admire her. My cock was so full that the rest of me felt empty - there was nothing but cock and beautiful naked ass. Then I knelt again and did what I'd been dreaming about.

I laid my hands flat on her satiny ass cheeks, and spread them carefully. I bent to her waist and slipped my tongue between them at the top of that wonderful cleft that led down to heaven. My mouth was actually watering as I slipped my tongue down, opening her ass wider to me as I did. I turned my head at an angle and spread her cheeks apart enough to lap her crack softly and wetly with the flat of my tongue. Licking my way down and down, my mouth between the sides of her deep cleft, the incredible softness of the skin between her cheeks caressing my face. I almost came and had to stop and catch my breath. I wanted this to last forever. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and tried to get her whole left cheek into my mouth, gently biting to feel her muscular firmness. I was drooling and it was running into the shadow between her cheeks. I changed my position and moved my mouth deep between those soft cheeks, leading with the tip of my tongue. When my tongue touched her tight little asshole, I thought my head would explode. I nuzzled her cheeks apart with my face and started to lick her sweet asshole as I reached for my cock. Heaven - this was heaven. I could spent eternity just like this - my face between her cheeks, lapping at her delicious asshole while I jerked my cock like crazy.

I felt the surge of cum from my heavy balls through my cock as I pushed the tip of my tongue into her tight asshole, and I quickly I stood up and crouched over her unconscious body, moving the dripping head of my cock towards her naked ass. When the tip of my burning meat touched her soft cheeks, I stroked hard and fast and spurted the creamy stuff all over her pretty bottom. My muscles were trembling as I crouched next to her, spurting warm cream on her cheeks, watching the white jizz slowly drip down the perfect globe of her ass, disappearing in the shadows of her cleft. I pumped my cock and kept creaming on her ass, draining my balls on her in the dark room, my left hand on the smooth curve of her hip. My head was pounding and my body ached and I kept creaming on her ass in the shadowy room.

It seemed like I awoke after a long time, but it was my fevered mind playing tricks. I looked down at her and moaned as I took in the sight of her lovely young naked ass, dripping in the pinkish light with my cum. I knew I was insane to do this but I couldn't help myself. I slipped my hand between her cheeks, wiping all the cum I could from her smooth skin. I wiped the edge of my hand on her cheeks to get all the pearly white cum that I could into the palm of my hand. Then I turned her slightly onto her back and did what I dreamed about the first time I crept into her room. I moved my hand over her beautifully peaceful sleeping face, and tilted it to let just a gooey string of cum slide off my palm towards her lips. I bent closer and watched the white string fall gently onto her lower lip - a tiny shining pearl of it gathering there. Her quiet breathing was the only sound I heard as I stared at the gleaming drop of cum on her juicy lips. Heaven.

As I started to slide the panties back up her long exquisite legs, she stirred a little and I looked up at her face. The wet shiny tip of her tongue slipped out to lick her lips as she stirred, and she tasted the cum that I dripped there, gently smacking her lips. I wondered if the taste would make her dream about sex, and I found out later that it did, but that's another story.

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Great story!

Almost made me jerk off right here at work!!

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