tagMatureTavis Untitled Ch. 02

Tavis Untitled Ch. 02


"It's open!" I heard her yell through her apartment door. I turned the doorknob, but the door held fast. Rather than yell and disturb the already disturbing neighbors, I knocked again. I herd her make her way to the door and fiddle with the locks on the other side. "Sorry, I forgot I'd locked it..." she said as the door swung open. The first thing I noticed was how beautiful she was. She was always stunning, but today she just seemed more so. She was wearing a white peasant-top with her blue-patterned sarong. I followed her down the entry hall and into the living room. That's when I noticed just how exceptionally clean it was. "I just finished cleaning the place," she smiled, "It's amazing how easy it is when you no longer have a room mate.

"So we're the only ones here?" I asked. We stood in the middle of the living room, which seemed roomier than last time I was there. Perfect for what I had in mind.

"Yep. I hope you're not too disappointed."

"Disappointed? Far from it." I grabbed her by the arm and roughly (but not too roughly) pulled her against me, kissing her hard and holding her tightly. She was surprised at first, but gave in to the kiss. After a long moment, she went to pull away. She playfully gave me a light, playful 'smack' with her hand against my chest.

"Behave..." She said, slowly moving to pull away. I held her tight against me.

"No. Not today. We've been playing these games, not allowing ourselves what we really want, for long enough, I think. We've been working too hard, and today we get to indulge. You've been telling me I need to be more dominant. Now you get to help me practice that." I smiled. She smiled back.

"Yes, Master," she said coyly. It made me frown a little.

"No, I've never liked that term. I prefer, 'My Lord". Oh, and if I ask you a question, you have to answer honestly. No lies or telling me what you think I'd like to hear," I smiled, "Is that understood?"

"Yes, my Lord" She nodded. We kissed, and her hands went to wrap around me. I let her hold me for a moment as we kissed, then I moved her arms to her sides, still kissing her. I kissed her deeper, exploring her lips and mouth with my tongue, slowly undoing her sarong as I did so, letting it drop to the floor. I let my hand wander and play against her panties, just barely touching. Her gasps exited me even more than I had been already. I slowly increased the pressure against her, playing with her clit through her panties. She gasped with pleasure again and again, and began to moan, still kissing me at the same time. She was already so wet I could feel her start to soak through her panties. I kept playing like this for a few minutes, enjoying her moans and gasps of pleasure. Finally, I stopped and slowly started to remove her panties. She went to help, but I stopped her hand, looking deep into her eyes.

"No." I said, "I didn't say you could move or touch yet, did I?"

"No..." she said, slightly rolling her eyes. I stopped what I was doing and stood my full height in front of her.

"No, what?" I asked, looking somewhat stern. I raised my eyebrow, the 'Rock' glare, as she liked to call it.

She couldn't help but smile. "No, my Lord."

"That's better," I slowly kissed her lips, and then continued kissing her down her chest till I was kneeling in front of her. I continued to remove her panties, nibbling her mound as I did so. Once her panties were on the floor at her feet, I gently grabbed one of her ankles and moved her leg so she was just slightly spreading in front of me. I began to gently nibble and lick at her lower lips, each lick going ever so slightly deeper, till my tongue finally found the tip of her clit. Her moans had been strong so far, but not as strong as when my tongue and her clit met. Her body pulsed only once, but strong enough she had to grab the back of my head to keep balance. I let her use me for support and continued to slowly explore her with my tongue, slowly increasing the intensity of my search. She was almost yelling now. I could feel her knees having trouble keeping balance from the sheer pleasure she was in.

I stopped just before she came. "Lay on the floor, " I ordered her.

"Yes, my Lord." She managed to say, and quickly obeyed. I continued to lick her, my tongue swirling different patterns around and over her clit. Her body shook with every stroke, harder and harder, till finally, she came. The taste was even better than I had remembered. Her short scream was music to my ears. I slowed my licking down, and circled around her clit with my tongue, giving her a moment to recover, and then continued again for a few minutes, repeating until she came again. I was, of course, extremely hard by this point, aching to slide inside of her. But I wasn't done torturing her yet, though. I undid my pants and quickly took them off. Kneeling in front of her, I let her put her legs over my shoulders, and began 'beating' her clit with my member. She gasped slightly with each touch.

"Do you enjoy my tongue?" I asked. I tried to resist a smile.

"Oh, yes, my Lord..."

"Do you want me inside of you now?" I asked, teasing her hole with my tip.

"Yes, my Lord, I do," she moaned slightly. She started to move her hips so I would slide right in, but I stopped her. "I didn't say you could move yet. Disobeying already? I'm not sure you want it bad enough. Up on your knees."

She smiled that playful smile of hers. "Yes, my Lord."

I stood in front of her, taking my shirt off. "I'd like you to... *ahem*... polish my sword."

"Of course, my Lord," She took my member in both her hands and kissed the tip, then slowly slid the tip into her mouth. Slowly at first, she worked my shaft with her mouth, displaying talent I didn't know was possible. I couldn't keep from moaning myself. I began to understand one of the purposes of tongue rings.

After several minutes (I lost track of how long) I stopped her. "That's good. Now, kneel facing the couch." She obeyed. I slid her top off, then knelt on the floor right behind her and pressed myself against her, slipping my penis between her legs. I pressed the length of my shaft along the lips of her pussy, resting my tip against her clit. I wrapped my arms around her, gently massaging one of her breasts while using my other hand to play, using the head of my penis like a toy against her clit. "Do you want me inside you now?"

"Oh, yes, my Lord..." she moaned.

I played a little faster. "How badly?"

"Oh, gawd, please..." she moaned, louder. Her hands slid over mine, encouraging me to keep going.

I played even faster, pressing my penis harder against her clit with my fingers. "Do you want it desperately?"

"Oh, Yes, my Lord! Please, fuck me, please..."

Without moving my fingers, I let my penis slide into her wet pussy. She moaned loudly, "Ohhhh!" I began to slowly thrust, still playing lightly with her clit with my fingers. With my other hand, I gently motioned her so she was resting her head and arms on the couch, into a doggy position. I let her hand keep playing with her clit as I continued sliding; in, out, in, out. She felt so good...

After a few minutes, I stopped, slid out, and sat down on the couch. "Ride me." Is all I said. She obeyed without a word. She knelt on my lap facing me and slid my member inside of her. She road me hard, coming at least twice more. I felt myself getting closer, and she could tell as well. We looked deeply into each others eyes as she continued to ride me like a bronco. Her hands held me tight around the back of me neck. The sweat dripped off us both. Suddenly, I exploded inside of her, and she exploded around me in response. We held each other tightly as the waves of pleasure engulfed us both. Finally, we collapsed into each other, laying on the couch, unable to move. We stayed there for some time, just holding each other. Just holding each other was all we needed.

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