tagFetishTaylar's Awakening Ch. 04

Taylar's Awakening Ch. 04


"This is my fourth and final story in this series. This is Taylar's last day at Stephie and Angela's house, so it's time for things to get really serious. Hope you all have enjoyed this series. Who knows, maybe Taylar has more in store in the future. If you like (or hate) her character, please let me know. Please send me comments and PM's as much as you can.Thanks!"

For the second night in a row, I slept like a log. The wonders that occurred last night seemed to be like a dream that happened in my peaceful sleep. Fortunately, I knew it did actually happen. My body was loose as could be, thanks to Angela's sweet therapy. I removed the blanket to inspect my toes. The polish had been removed last night by Angela. My size ten feet were once something I was embarrassed about, however, now I was happy with them. I caressed my smooth, long soles, going back to when Angela had her sweet tongue on them. My toes were slender and long, but apparently were tasty looking and adorable.

Today was my last day here and I hoped to make the most of it. My best friend, Stephie, and I were going to Angela's salon today for a full treatment today: facials, massages, hot-tubs, pedicures and manicures. I was so excited because I've never had something like this before in my life. I didn't come from much money, so pampering like this was out of the question. Plus, I knew Angela had much more in store for me today.

Last night, I lost my virginity to Angela, a married woman who appreciated me for being me. Now really, I'm not a lesbian or anything, but Angela is the only person I've ever wanted to be with. She is literally a forty year old woman in a late twenty's body. You could even guess that Stephie and Angela were sisters. She had curly, blonde hair like her daughter, but slightly shorter. Her body had the perfect proportion and shaped like a supermodel. Her feet, which I came to know intimately last night, were about a size eight and taken well cared of. They were wrinkled at the bottom, but smooth on top. Plenty of places for me to lick. On her toes were silver polish that gleamed well with her feet. Literally, I thought she was perfect. Best of all, she thought the same about me. It didn't matter to her if I was really skinny or looked awkward in my own eyes.

I went straight to the bathroom and fixed up my hair. After so many showers yesterday, I felt like I had no need to take yet another one this morning. I noticed that it was raining outside and a bit cooler, to my disappointment. That meant no pool time on my last day. "Oh well," I thought to myself. "I have something better in store for me." I put on a pair of comfy jeans, a red t-shirt and slipped on my black flip-flops. I tossed my long hair around, trying to look somewhat presentable. After what seemed like a hour of combing, I finally went downstairs for breakfast to find Stephanie there.

My best friend was already making waffles for us and greeted me as I came in the room. Stephanie, or Stephie as I call her, is a shorter version of her mother in many aspect. She has the same blonde hair, but not as curly and slightly longer than her mom's. She had a very innocent face with large blue eyes and slight freckles that were only noticeable if you were right in her face. Stephie's personality was a bit more bubbly than her mature mother, but she got her smarts from her indeed. Today, Stephie was wearing similar jeans and a black college football shirt on.

I returned the greeting and sat on the far chair next to where she sat. Stephie went back to making the waffles and turned her back to me. While doing so, I couldn't help but take a peek at her slightly oversized feet. I noticed that she had also removed her nail polish, probably because she was getting a new color today as well. Stephie's feet were more wrinkled on the bottom than her mom's but they were cute nonetheless. Only yesterday, I had actually licked her feet with her insistence. I preferred her mom's feet, but getting to lick my best friend's feet was quite an experience. In fact, it made me see Stephie in a new light. Although she had no idea that I had liked our little foot experience, or that her mom and I were sleeping with each other, I didn't feel guilty or nervous about it. In fact, I even felt like bringing her into the fold.

"I wonder what Angela would think about that?" I asked myself. Before I could think about it any further, Stephie sat down and put my plate in front of me. Another thing about my best friend and roommate is that she is a terrific cook. I took a bite of her extra fluffy waffles and gave a satisfied look. "Stephie, I don't know what I'm gonna do without you cooking for me one day," I said teasingly.

Stephie laughed and gave me a nudge. "I don't know Tay-Tay, maybe you should marry me and you'll never have to go without my cooking." We both laugh and continue eating. In my mind, however, I was still thinking about it. Maybe their was more to what she said. Before coming to their house, I had never considered being a lesbian or engaging in anything like it. Yet, last night, I had sex with another woman and enjoyed it immensely. It was so confusing, yet felt so right.

I had to stop myself because I felt the heat in my clit starting to rise. Even thinking about it turned me on. I pushed all my feelings aside and concentrated on enjoying my time with Stephie. This was my last day here and I wouldn't get to see Stephie until school started again. We finished our food, cleaned up the kitchen and went into the living room to chat. Hoping to keep my attention away from her body and my developing feelings, I kept the conversation going. We talked about everything from the upcoming school year to fashion stuff.

"You are going to love mom and dad's spa Tay-Tay!" Stephie exclaimed. "My mom might even being working on us personally. Usually, she lets the other employees work on me."

"Yeah, I really hope it's your mom, I'm not sure I'm comfortable with anyone else," I admitted. I honestly wasn't sure having someone else touch my feet was a good idea. Besides, I had a feeling that it was Angela that would be working on us. "What could she been thinking up for me?" I wondered. Angela seemed to have a plan tomorrow to make the last day the best day.

It didn't take too long for me to find out. About an hour later, we were off to the spa for our appointment. The rain had picked up quite a bit since I woke up, but Stephie was an excellent driver and of course knew the streets well. We arrived at the salon about twenty minutes later. We ran into the spa as fast as we could so we didn't get soaked. Laughing the whole way, we walked into a very quiet reception lobby. The room was small, but homely, not like an office building. The receptionist was typing on the computer in a hurried fashion, not looking up to us until we got to the desk. The receptionist, a woman in her mid-twenties from the look of it gave us a warm smile.

"Hi Stephanie, staying dry?" the receptionist, whose name was Kathy, asked jokingly.

Stephie replied likewise, but my attention was drawn away from the conversation when I saw Angela approaching us from the side door. Dressed up in a simple pair of matching white pants and a shirt, she looked like she was a nurse or something. Along with her scrubs, she was wearing tennis shoes (to my disappointment) and had her hair tied back. She smiled at me and came up to us.

"You girls ready for some pampering," she asked, already knowing the answer. Both Stephie and I nodded our heads vigorously. Angela giggled and beckoned us through the door to the spa area. First up was a small changing area, where Stephie and I changed out of our slightly damp clothes and into robes. Once again, I felt myself unable to draw my eyes away from her when she was stripping down. Like me, she kept her bra on, but I got the eyeful I wanted. Her small frame, coupled with her reasonable large breasts made me feel inadequate. My breasts were nothing to brag about and my skinny, tall frame really couldn't boast anything curvy. Again, I felt insecure and horny at the same time and wanted to be somewhere else.

"Get it together Taylar," I said to myself. "She's your best friend, she doesn't want to make you feel uncomfortable." I put on my robe and went outside, where Angela was waiting. She gave me another smile, one that I returned. Right then, I wanted to go up to her and kiss her, but I knew that we would probably be seen and it wouldn't be appropriate. Stephie came out next, ready as I was for our day at the spa. Angela asked us to follow her, and we happily obliged, walking down the hallway.

Two hours later, my discomfort from earlier was long gone. Since then, Stephie and I had been treated to a relaxing hot bath, sauna, facials, full body massages, hair styling and manicures. Right now, I was relaxing in my robe, with my hair being dried while a specialist was doing my feet. I expected it to feel weird now that there was someone else touching my feet. Fortunately, it was this kind, older woman who was gentle and professional. Angela had done my massage and facials, but otherwise was working on her daughter. I guess I couldn't blame her, but I was still looking forward to whatever something she had in mind for me. I knew the spa was part of it, but I was greedily hoping for more

The lady working on my feet had just finished cleaning them. She looked up at me. "So what color are we going to do today little miss?" she asked politely.

I hadn't thought about it much. My last color had been dark blue, so I wanted to something different. My first thought was orange, like Stephie had done. I easily dismissed that, since it was only cute on her. Then, I remembered Angela's amazing feet, and how she had a metallic silver color. Again, I thought that was kind of being copycat. I looked down at the lady and asked, "What do you think would be a good color? You're the expert."

She laughed a bit and then seemed to think about it. "Well, I think dark red or black would work with your hair style."

"I think I will go with red then," I said quickly. I hadn't used red in awhile, so I wanted to try that again. She went right to work on my right foot, and I went back to relaxing my head back. I was enjoying this pampering so much. I couldn't wait to see my hair after it was done drying. I looked around for Stephie, but she wasn't in the room. Most of the time, we had done this stuff together and my awkward feelings for her had melted away mostly. I wanted to talk to her or at least see what she was doing. Angela was also gone, so I was guessing they were with each other.

My attendant finished my toes before I knew it and told me to just relax and sit down for about ten minutes or so. I looked down at my long, slender toes. The nails looked cute with the dark red polish on them. The polish had a glittery, metallic look and I loved it. She turned a fan on near my feet to help the polish dry.

Thirty minutes later I was back in the changing room, putting on my clothes. Stephie and Angela were still nowhere to be seen and I was starting to worry. What was I going to do now if they weren't around? I waited a few minutes for Stephie, then an attendant came in.

"Is your name Taylar?" she asked me. I replied yes and she smiled. "Angela and Stephanie are waiting for you in the VIP lounge."

She led me down the hall and up some stairs. The second floor looked more like a small hotel than a spa, expect cleaner and nicer. After taking a right, the attendant stopped at a door and motioned me to go in. I opened the door and walked into a very cozy looking lounge, complete with a huge plasma TV, couches, recliners, a table with food on it, and a king sized bed with drapes. Angela and Stephie were at the table, chowing down on ice cream. Both acknowledged and smiled at me. I sat with them, as they pushed me a bowl of chocolate ice cream, my favorite. I began chowing down on the chocolatey goodness, talking to the girls about how our spa day was.

For the third time today, I gave Stephie a look over. Instead of changing into her normal clothes, she had stayed in her robe. I looked down at her feet and was surprised to see she was wearing a pair of high heels I had never seen her wear before. They were silver heels with easily undone straps and tall enough to make up for her lack of height. Apparently, she had gone with having her toenails painted black, something she never did as she liked bright colors. It was kind of sexy for some reason, so I wasn't complaining in the least bit.

Then I noticed that Angela was dressed about the same. She also was wearing a robe and black high heels and her silver toenails were still the same. She had let down her radiant hair and it flowed smoothly to her shoulders. Both of these girls looked lovely, then there was me, in my regular outfit. I felt like something was going to happen, but I was surprisingly calm knowing that. However, I did not see what was coming in the least bit.

Stephie put down her spoon and straightened herself. Something was definitely on her mind, and she looked over at her mother expectantly. Angela noticed and gave her only daughter a puzzled look.

"What's wrong sweetie, don't you like your ice cream?" Angela asked.

Stephie gave out a big sigh and looked over at Angela. "Mom, I want to know what you were doing last night with Taylar."

I dropped my spoon and almost gagged on the current scoop of ice cream in my throat. Had she heard us last night? It wasn't impossible, seeing as we were so loud.

Angela was calm, but serious. It was like she had been asked a business question, not about if she had been sleeping with her daughter's best friend. After a pause, Angela spoke up. "Honey, I gave Taylar a massage last night and yes, we did have our intimate moments together."

Stephie didn't seem surprised, which meant she knew it happened, she just wanted to hear it from her mom. "Then are you a lesbian mom?"

Angela's expression softened. I felt bad for her, having to explain to her daughter something like this right now. "Yes and no honey. Yes, I like women, but I love your father more. Your father knows this, but he also knows I'm committed to both him and you."

Stephie's expression did the opposite, it harden up and she looked like she was about to punch something, or someone in the face. I felt like I didn't belong in the room, so I tried excusing myself, but Stephie lifted up a hand, telling me to stop. Stephie got up from her seat and walked over to her mom, seemingly fuming. As she walked over, Angela got up from her seat, facing her daughter. I closed my eyes and looked away when they met, expecting to hear the sound of Stephie slapping her mom across the face in a fury. Seconds passed, yet I didn't hear it. Instead, I heard something shockingly different.

I looked up and almost fell out of my seat. "What the hell?!" I exclaimed. Stephie, on her tiptoes, was mouth to mouth with her own mother. Not the sweet little kisses mom and daughter share, but full on making out, tongue and all. I was so confused at this turn of events. I thought Stephie was going to bitch slap Angela for sure. Once again, I felt like I should leave the room and got up to do so.

Stephie and Angela stopped. "What's the matter Tay-Tay, you don't want in on the action too," Stephie said. Both girls disengaged from each other and walked to me. Terrified at this point, my body refused to move. Stephie got to me first, stood up on her tiptoes again and brought her inviting lips up to mine, kissing me seductively. My mind froze and that moment seemed to last a lifetime. Stephanie, my best friend, kissed me as if I was her longtime lover. Her soft, moist lips felt like a deadly sin that my body couldn't live without. I couldn't return the kiss, yet I couldn't push her away for the life of me. It felt so right to my quivering body.

Next, Stephie brought her small, but talented hands up my sides of my body, caressing her sinful pleasure upon me. "Am I dreaming?" I thought to myself. Then, Stephie grabbed my breasts and the shock brought me back to my senses. Without thinking, I brought my hands against her perky breasts and started returning her passion-filled kiss. This was what I had wanted all day, and I wasn't going to be afraid of getting it. Stephie and I's tongues soon met and we exchanged love and saliva with every passing second. This was heaven, if there was ever one,

Angela approached me slowly from the back, caressing my body. She brought out her own tongue and started licking my neck, making the hairs on it stick up and goosebumps formed. Too much pleasure started overwhelming my delicate sexuality. I brought myself out of Stephie's kiss and turned my affection to Angela. Talented as her daughter, she rolled her tongue around my mouth and brought her right hand on my already wet pussy. I started removing her robes, excited to get started with her.

However, Angela stopped me and gently grabbed me. "Oh not yet sweetie. First, we want to

start with you...head to toe," she said seducingly. Then, Stephie grabbed me from behind and they pushed me abruptly onto the bed. I was feeling so violated and dirty, but I loved the feeling of being pushed around. Both girls then threw off their robes, revealing themselves to be completely naked other than their heels on their feet.

"Now be a good little girl and let us work our magic, you little fucking slut," said Stephie. She looked so incredibly hot, standing over me, with her shapely breasts bouncing up and down as she leapt on the bed, with Angela doing the same. Stephie grabbed my right leg, while her mom went for the left. Stephie looked at my feet. "Meow....sexy red polish huh Tay-Tay," she said teasingly. She took my flip flop off and pressed it against her nose, sniffed it and giggled "Pew! Your shoes stink hehehe!" Then, she opened her mouth slowly, brought her tongue out and gave my long toes a big, wet lick.

The friendly sensation of having my feet licked again blurred my senses and I got caught in the moment. I felt Angela's tongue going up the arches of my left foot, striking pleasure areas I hadn't known about til this weekend. Having both my feet licked made me squirm in pleasure over the bed. Both their talented tongues coated my soles in an envelope of saliva, not missing a single spot. It's hard to exactly explain the feeling of being turned on by foot worship. The best way is like when a guy is being stroked really softly by something wet.

Both girls started sucking on my long toes, taking in them one at a time and then concentrated on my big toe. Sucking on that toe seemed to be my weak spot and I found myself moaning loudly. The rush of hot juices to my pussy started to intensify. As if they knew their magic was working, both Angela and Stephie nodded to each other and did something I thought was impossible: they took all my toes into their mouths at once. I let out a huge gasp at the sudden sensation of having their warm mouths completely entrapping my toes. For whatever reason, my toes reacted by wiggling inside their mouths. They didn't let go though, and the heat increased. Finally, the girls let go, almost gagging at this point.

I lifted my feet to where I could see them. They were dripping wet in saliva. It was so disgusting, yet so incredibly hot at the same time.

"Ok Stephie, let's have a bit more fun with Taylar," Angela said. Stephie nodded and with a naughty look on her face, climbed over me. Resting on top of me, she started making out with me. I closed my eyes and embraced my best friend, gratefully accepting her tongue in my mouth. She kissed so differently than a boy. Stephie wasn't trying to force her tongue down my throat, she was dancing it around the inside of my mouth. Suddenly, I felt Angela's fingers unzipping my jeans, bringing them down off of me. My panties went with them and I my vagina was wide open, already soaking wet from my worship. I continued making out with my sexy best friend, feeling her body over mine.

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