Taylar's Awakening Ch. 04


Angela didn't waste time being left out, she brought her mouth against my clit and started licking it feverishly. The rate of her licking made my tongue in Stephie's mouth go crazy. Things were starting to get really hot right now.

Stephie took herself off of me, pulling me up. She removed my shirt and unhitched me bra for me. I was totally naked, being eaten out by Angela and Stephie started sucking on my tits. My body was so confused, having too many places of pleasure being touched. I wanted to get into the action, not be the action. I looked over at Angela. She looked back and understood what I wanted. Angela climbed over me and turned around, her back to me and her feet out.

I took the right foot and removed her heel, only concerned about her foot itself. I looked over her perfect milf feet. Tan, smooth, with a nice large sole and nicely shaped toes. I opened my mouth and started sucking on her toes. The taste of her feet was so fucking sweet, not salty. I loved sucking on her toes because she would wiggle them inside my mouth. The pumping of her feet back and forth in my mouth made having a dick in your mouth seem silly. I dragged my tongue along her arches, like there was a road for it to follow.

I heard a groan of satisfaction escape Angela as she was now tonguing the inside of my clit. Stephie was still sucking away at my nipples, making me feel overwhelmed sexually. I knew I would cum very early if they continued at this pace. I wanted to say something, but Angela stuck her other foot in my face. I smiled, I knew I was being challenged. I removed the other shoe, took both of her big toes, and shoved them in my mouth. I sucked on those tongues like lollipops; juicy, tasty, candy lollipops.

Stephie must have gotten the hint that feet were my turn on, and moved away a bit. She removed her heels as well, got on her back, and put her feet on my nipples and started playing with them. Stephie's oversized feet worked their magic on me. It was just as pleasant as her sucking. She pinched, pushed, and shoved on my swollen breasts, and I was on the verge of cumming.

Angela noticed first and started fingering me as fast as she could. Stephie increased her pumping on my tits. It was coming, I could feel it. With the loudest yell I could muster, I let a huge stream of cum out of my vagina. Stephie let go of my boobs. She and her mother crowded around my pussy like it was a watering hole. They lick away my juices in a minute. I breathed hard, exhausted from my largest orgasm ever.

The girls finished and move off of me. "Oh god, that was hot!" Stephie said. "You were right mom, Taylar is awesome in bed."

I looked over, confused. "You talked about this already?" I asked puzzled.

Angela laughed. "Yes dear, Stephie and I have sex often. Why do you think she is so good?" I was shocked. They practiced incest regularly? "Now, I think it's your turn dear," she said to Stephie.

I pushed my thoughts aside, it was my turn to pleasure Stephie. Angela started making out with her daughter again, pushing her into the pillows. Stephie giggled and returned her mother's affection. I looked down at my best friend's feet. Again, I had a chance to worship them. I started licking the soles of her feet, navigating my tongue around her arches and every wrinkle. The pedicure had made her feet clean, so no sweat, but plenty of pleasure nonetheless.

While I dined on her feet, my eyes caught on something next to the bed. It was a pair of fresh strap-ons. I loved Stephie's feet, but the strap-ons last night were the best part. I left her feet and went straight for the first toy. I quickly strapped it on my body. Angela got up and seemed to be thinking the same thing as me. She attached her set on and got back on the bed and looked at me. "Together than?"

I nodded with gusto. "Together." Angela insert her rod into her daughter's moist pussy lips and started pounding. I got underneath and slid my toy up her tiny little ass, which prompted a cry for my best friend. I started pounding her ass opposite Angela, making Stephie's moan loud and vigorously. It was like a machine pumping pistons back and forth. I put all my sexual energy into fucking my best friend. It was fulfilling my dream of fucking her that I had all day. Stephie, Angela and I were one.

The double penetration was too much for little Stephie and she came harder than even I did. Angela and I scrambled to lick the delicious juices that had fallen to her legs.

Stephie didn't take long to recover though, and forced herself on top of her surprised mother. My best friend was in beast mode, and she hungered for her mom's cum. Stephie started munching on her mom's pussy, so I brought my small ass over her face, giving my lover something to play with. Angela's tongue made my sensitive asshole quiver in sexual excitement. The woman enjoyed the taste of woman in her mouth, that was for sure.

"Tay-Tay, help me finish her off," Stephie told me a few minutes later. I was so lost in the moment that I had forgotten Angela was the one we were pleasing. I jumped to Stephie's aid and we started both licking Angela's huge clit. It was bit more difficult to make an experience woman cum. Then it hit me. I took Stephie out and whispered my plan.

We both took our toes, my right foot, her left foot and crammed as many of our toes into her pussy as we could. As I had expected, that did the trick. She gave the loudest yelp I've heard her do since I had first kissed her. We footfucked her harder now, getting her to cum harder than even us. Deeper and deeper, my foot went and it was starting to feel quite damp. Then, I felt a huge rush of fluids as she came before she could say anything.

The sticky cum dripped from my toes as I pulled out. I took my foot and started licking her cum of my toes. "Ummm....tastes like vanilla," I thought to myself. Angela looked like she had ran the marathon. Stephie and I snuggled close up to her. She smiled and drew us in closer.

"My two favorite girls...I could never imagine anything better. We all smiled and relaxed our exhausted bodies.

The next day I left to go back home. It was so hard to say goodbye to my two favorite ladies. We promised that this would happen again, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Angela took me aside for a second. "I don't expect this to mean you are a lesbian now, but you must be the person you want to be, sexually." After a quick, but passion filled kiss. I walked outside to my car.

Stephie hugged and kissed me next to my door. "At least we will have plenty to do when we get back to our room," she said with a wink. I nodded and got into my car. I drove slowly out the driveway, waving as I left their home behind. At least this wasn't goodbye, it was see you later.

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