Taylor Pt. 03


It was the day of the athletic talent show, an annual year-end event where the guys and girls sports teams put on skits and gave little awards. Really, it was just a way for everyone to unwind after a long year of competitive sports.

Taylor was nervous. There would be hundreds of student athletes there, including the ones who'd spent the last week sexually tormenting her. For days she had been fearing the event, thinking there was no way they'd pass up this opportunity to somehow humiliate her further.

But since the incident in the girl's locker room, Bradley, Ky, Ally and the others had pretty much left her alone. They'd pass in the hallways, smile and wink. At lunch they'd talk about normal things, never bringing up the multiple gangbangs they'd forced her into. By the morning of the talent show, Taylor was actually growing hopeful that the whole ordeal was behind her. She woke up with a smile for the first time in a week and cheerfully ate breakfast with her mom, dad and even Anne, who had been part of the locker room incident. Maybe things would be okay after all.

"Oh by the way, sweetie, your friend Bradley stopped by while you were in the shower to drop off your outfit for the talent show tonight," said Taylor's mom.

Taylor's heart sank. Neither Bradley nor anyone else had told her she'd be part of a performance at the show. This couldn't be good.

"Oh...okay," said Taylor.

"I left the box by the front door. Bradley's such a nice boy. I love Ethan but I wish you'd stay close with some of your other guy friends rather than leave them by the wayside," said her mother in classic overreaching fashion.

If she only knew, thought Taylor, the things Bradley and her other "guy friends" had forced her and Ethan to do not a week before, she'd feel just a little differently.

"Bradley's cute," said Anne, flashing a smile, "maybe I should go out with him."

Anne winked at her sister and Taylor had to look away, too embarrassed by the things they'd done together in that locker room to look her in the eye. And now, clearly, Anne was involved in whatever embarrassment would be taking place this evening.

"Umm, I guess I should get going to school," said Taylor, anxious to escape.

"Don't forget your costume!" called her mom as Taylor made her way to the door.

Taylor approached the package fearfully, unsure of what would be inside but knowing it would almost certainly cause her grief. She slowly lifted the lid off the box to find a schoolgirl outfit: white button-down top, green plaid skirt and knee-high socks.

Taylor sighed with relief. The outfit was fairly skimpy but frankly it wouldn't be too out of place at the talent show. They must have her playing a schoolgirl in a skit or something, she could handle that. Then she saw the note:


We know you've been stressing about what might happen to you at the talent show, so to make things easier we've picked out your outfit. For the whole day. Wear this to school or there will be major consequences.


Taylor's heart dropped. The talent show was one thing but wearing this outfit to school was something else entirely. However, it occurred to her that the outfit showed so much skin that it would actually be in violation of the dress code. Sooner or later, a teacher would confront her and force her to cover up. The thought comforted her and she went to the downstairs bathroom to quickly change into the outfit before sneaking out of the house to avoid being seen by her mom and dad.

Walking into school, Taylor could feel the eyes on her. She was used to getting attention, but now people were flat-out leering at her. It was hard to blame them; the top opened up low on her chest, showing off ample cleavage even despite her smaller boobs. The Skirt was cut high showing off her long legs and it seemed to bounce as she walked, offering glimpses of what was underneath. As she walked to her locker, Taylor was sure people behind her were getting looks of her taut, panty-covered ass. The snickering of the guys and the "Ucks!" of disgust from the girls all but proved that point.

Taylor's face was turning red at the unwanted attention when she saw the Vice-Principal walking down the hall towards her. What a lucky break, she thought, he'll definitely make me cover up with something. She adjusted her course to make sure she was in the VP's eye-line. His eyes popped when he noticed her.

"Miss Smith, what is that you're wearing?" he asked in his trademark domineering tone. His face was stern but his eyes were roaming up and down Taylor's body. Taylor knew he could clearly see the outline of her pink bra though the thin, white shirt.

"Oh, umm, just something for the talent show tonight," she said. With any luck, he'd be able to prevent her from wearing it to that, too.

"Well it's rather revealing and breaks a number of our dress-code rules," he said sternly, still checking her out, "But, I suppose if it's for the talent show we can make an exception. Just make sure you're properly attired from here on out, young lady."

With that, the VP strode past her, sneaking a peek down her blouse then back at her ass as he went. Taylor was flabbergasted. The highest authority she was likely to run into that day had not only approved of her ridiculous outfit, but he'd eye-fucked the shit out of her in doing so. Now she had to make it through the entire day with people gawking at her and suffer through whatever would happen that night at the show.

She made it through her first class by sitting in the back corner and being as inconspicuous as possible. Students were still checking her out (especially the guys) but she was making it as difficult for them to do it as possible. She was feeling slightly better as she walked out at the end of the class, but then she ran straight into Bradley and Ky who were waiting outside the door.

"Hi Taylor. Nice outfit," said Bradley, grinning.

"Definitely suits a slut like you," said Ky, running her fingers over Taylor's sleeve.

"Certainly does. Except, she broke the rules," said Bradley.

"I didn't!" blurted Taylor, not liking getting pushed around. Ky's finger moved up her sleeve and grabbed Taylor's bra-strap, snapping it.

"You were supposed to ONLY where the outfit. No bra and certainly no panties," growled Ky.

Taylor's pale face turned beet red.

"Guys, please, that's too much. Everyone will be able to see...everything," said Taylor. She was objecting out of habit, but she knew it wouldn't succeed.

"Taylor my girl, how do you not realize that that's the whole point?" said Bradley, "Now take them off."

Taylor knew she was defeated and started heading towards the nearby girls bathroom to change. Ky grabbed her roughly.

"No, he means take them off NOW," she demanded.

Taylor's back was to a row of lockers and Bradley and Ky standing next to her was the only other cover from the view of everyone in the packed hallway. Nevertheless, she reached behind her back and unhooked her pink bra, deftly pulling it off her body without removing her shirt. She was pretty sure that not too many people had seen what she'd just done, but as her hard, dark nipples grazed the thin material of the shirt unobstructed, she knew they'd be visible the rest of the day. She handed the bra to Ky.

"Now the underwear," said Ky, holding the bra against her hip, not attempting to hide it.

Taylor started to reach under her skirt and met eyes with a guy standing on the other side of the hall. He was an underclassman and kind of dorky looking, but her had clearly seen her remove her bra and was watching agape to see if there'd be more.

Taylor felt a twinge of embarrassment knowing that now at least one person was watching her other than Bradley and Ky. Still, she knew there was nothing to be done about it. Bunching the skirt slightly, she hooked her thumbs around the elastic waistband of her panties and pulled them down quickly, bending at the waist to pick them up. She looked at the guy across the hall who was smiling widely. He had likely caught a glimpse of her pussy, maybe even her ass despite Taylor's attempts to move swiftly. Ky snatched the white underwear out of her hands.

"We'll hang on to these for you. And for the rest of the day, you are not to cover yourself up, no matter what. If any of us see you acting shy, things will get much worse for you," she said.

"Have a wonderful day. See you at the show," said Bradley with a wicked smile. He and Ky walked off leaving Taylor standing alone and feeling vulnerable.

Taylor was now running late for her next class and had to hustle to get there on time. She was walking quickly but the faster she moved, the higher her skirt bounced. There weren't a ton of people left in the hallway but the few that were were treated to a nice view of her jiggling ass-cheeks as she strode to her next class.

Taylor entered the classroom, late, and the only remaining desk was front and center. She carefully took her seat, smoothing down the skirt trying to prevent flashing the whole class. She was successful, but she could do nothing to prevent Mr. Williams, her young, attractive teacher, from seeing almost all the way up her uncovered legs as he stood at the head of the room. He was clearly startled and sheepish about how much of Taylor's skin he was able to see, but said nothing as he started the lecture. Every time he turned to face the class, Taylor could see his eyes dart to her creamy thighs, or roam over her chest where her small, dark nipples were straining against the tight, white top. Her face was beet red and as soon as the bell rang she rushed from the room.

The rest of the school day was more of the same: doing her best to avoid the glances from students and teachers alike and trying in vain to keep the skimpy outfit covering her naked flesh. Any time one of her tormentors from the past week saw her, they made sure to call the attention of anyone nearby to Taylor and her slutty outfit. Some younger guys got bolder and tried to snap upskirt pics of her in the halls, while the older boys skipped right to trying to pinch her ass or raise her skirt.

Taylor remained stoic through it all, knowing it would be worse if she was caught resisting.

Her last class of the day proved to be the most difficult. The teacher, Mr. Owens, was an old, overweight man whom Taylor thought was a pervert even on his best day. The moment Taylor entered his classroom he started salivating like a hungry dog. The class was spent watching an educational film, but Mr. Owen's eyes hardly ever left Taylor's body. He wasn't even discrete in his attempts to position himself to always have a view up her skirt, and at one point Taylor was pretty sure he was rubbing his dick over his pants. When class was finally over, he stood at the door, giving her ass a quick squeeze as she walked by. Taylor glared at him with disgust and he smiled at her sleazily. She desperately wanted to call him out on it but was scared of what might happen if she did. So, she turned and walked away, his eyes burning a hole in her skirt as she went.

The day had been hell, and the worst was yet to come. Waiting at her locker were Bradley, Viktor and her sister Anne.

"Hey sis! LOVE the outfit!" said Anne sarcastically. She had quickly grown to love tormenting Taylor as much as anyone.

"Good to see you, Taylor," said Viktor, grabbing the hem of her skirt and lifting it, just enough that her pussy came into view, "been too long since I've seen so much of you."

"We have an hour to kill before the talent show, whattya say we go hang out in my car?" said Bailer. It wasn't a question.

Ten minutes later Taylor's partially clothed body was spread out in the backseat of Bradley's car, her head in Viktor's lap bobbing up and down on his long, smooth cock while her sister Anne idly played with her pussy. Bradley sat in the driver's seat but was turned around recording the action on his phone.

"She's definitely getting better at sucking dick," said Viktor with a groan of pleasure, bucking his hips up into Taylor's face as she emitted a gurgling noise.

"You should see her eat pussy, she's gotten VERY good at that," said Anne. She licked her fingers, wetting them so she could start penetrating her sister's hole.

"Hold up, Anne," said Bradley, raising his hand, "we don't want her looking too worn out for the start of the show."

"Ugh, fine. But Viktor, you better hurry up and cum so I can have a turn," said Anne. With that, she reached over and started frantically jerking Viktor's shaft while Taylor continued slurping on the head. With the full attention of the two sisters, Viktor came barely 30 seconds later, forcing Taylor to swallow his entire load.

"Great," said Anne, wiping cum and drool off her hand onto Taylor's thigh, "My turn."

Anne took her time, savoring the sensation of Taylor eating her out, and by the time the group arrived backstage the show was already in full swing.

There was a surprising lack of entrants this year as unbeknownst to the coaches many had ceded their time to the "show" Taylor would be starring in. Viktor and Anne had disappeared and Taylor was backstage with Bradley, who was quietly groping her ass and tits to pass the time.

"We're up next, are you ready?" asked Bradley, squeezing her butt cheek.

"I...I don't even know what I'm supposed to do..." said Taylor nervously, still dressed in her risque schoolgirl outfit. She was used to performing in front of a crowd, in Dance or Track, but never anything close to...whatever this was.

"Just follow my lead, do what I tell you to do and you'll be great," said Bradley with a smile, tweaking her nipple with his fingers.

The last act finished their comedy routine (girls dressed as football players, guys dressed as cheerleaders, real original) and left the stage.

"Alright, let's do it," said Bradley, tugging Taylor towards the spotlights. Taylor's heart was beating rapidly. She'd never been so scared in her life.

As they walked onstage, Taylor was momentarily blinded by the bright lights. She could hear the hoots and hollers, however, as the crowd got their first look of the pale, skinny girl in her sexy ass outfit. As her eyes adjusted, she saw that the auditorium was packed. Hundreds of student-athletes were watching her, working themselves up over the sight. Off to the side, Taylor could see her Track coaches; Jeff, Ron and Troy, who were chaperoning the event. They were her last, best hope of escaping whatever was to come, but she could see them clapping and cheering with the rest. She was doomed.

They reached center stage and Bailed grabbed the microphone off the stand.

"Goooood evening boys and girls! And go Knights!" said Bradley to much applause. Some of the guys in the crowd were yelling things up at Taylor, but she was too dazed to hear them.

"We had a great year in all our programs, and for you Seniors it's been four stellar years of kicking ass. To celebrate, some of us got together and decided we all deserved a special treat for tonight," said Bradley.

More hoots and hollers as Bradley put his hand on the small of Taylor's back, indicating that she was, of course, the "treat" in question.

"You all know Taylor Smith, our Dance Team Captain and Track star," continued Bradley.

Many in the crowd booed and Taylor turned red for the millionth time that day. She never realized just how many of her peers seemed to hate her.

"Now come on, everyone, Taylor's not so bad," said Bradley, a hint of sarcasm in his voice, "After all, she's agreed to come out here and put on a show for us all."

"Show us your boobs!" shouted some guy in the back row. The crowd roared with laughter.

"How 'bout we just have her do a little dance instead?" chimed Bradley, "I'm thinking...a lapdance?"

The crowd roared with approval. Taylor glanced at her coaches, who now had looks of concern and were talking amongst themselves. She hoped they'd step in now that they saw where things were going.

"We're gonna need a volunteer for Taylor to dance on," said Bradley, shielding his eyes as if he were searching the crowd. Every guy (and many of the girls) raised their hand and were trying to get his attention.

"Hang on, I just realized I already have the perfect person. Guys?" said Bradley, gesturing to someone off-stage.

The curtain behind them split open revealing Taylor's boyfriend, Ethan, sitting in a chair not ten feet away. He was visibly furious and embarrassed, but there were no restraints holding him to the chair. They must have threatened to release the video of us if he didn't follow orders, thought Taylor. Then she noticed that Ethan was wearing a white t-shirt with the word 'Pussy" written on the front in big letters.

"There we go, and he's already sitting down! What a thoughtful guy," said Bradley into the mic, "Taylor, why don't you go give him a dance?"

The crowd cheered in support and Taylor slowly walked over to Ethan as if she were possessed. As she approached, she could see by the redness of his eyes that he was on the verge of tears. For a moment she forgot about the pain she'd been forced to go through and felt nothing but pity for the guy she loved.

Some sexy music kicked in and the crowd started chanting for Taylor to dance. She'd never given a lapdance before but she understood the basics of it. She stepped between Ethan's open legs and slowly began to sway with the music, making exaggerated thrusts with her hips and chest. She didn't want the crowd getting too good a look at her naked ass beneath her skirt, so she turned and started grinding it against Ethan's crotch, legs shut so as not to show off her pussy. The crowd loved it anyway and judging by the bulge in his pants, so did Ethan. Taylor was actually getting into it a little herself. Her skill as a dancer made it pretty easy to give a sexy, sensual performance without revealing herself any more than she'd already been forced to. If this was all she had to do, she'd make it through.

"Not too bad, Taylor, but this is a lapdance; why are you still clothed?" said Bradley into the mic. The crowd cheered in approval while Taylor gulped in fear, "Let's see those titties!"

Taylor turned away from the crowd, back towards Ethan who looked up at her helplessly. Mechanically, she reached up her hands and started to undo the buttons of the shirt. There were only a few and with no bra underneath all that was left was to pull the thin material off her body. Seeing no way out, she pulled off the shirt and tossed it away.

The crowd roared again and a chant started up: "Turn a-round! Turn a-round!". Taylor swayed her hips a bit more, her breasts hidden from all but Ethan, until she couldn't hold off any longer and turned to face the crowd.

The crowd let out it's biggest cheer yet as they got their first full glimpse of her perky, alabaster tits. They bounced just a little as she ground her butt into her boyfriend's lap. In no time, the crowd seemed bored with just seeing her topless and started a new chant: "Skirt! Skirt! Skirt!". Ethan's hard cock was straining against his pants as Taylor rubbed her bare ass and pussy over it. She reached for her skirt and started to pull.

The song ended and Taylor reflexively stopped dancing. The crowd let out a collective "Aww..." and started getting rowdy, clearly not wanting to let Taylor off the hook. Bradley stepped in and gestured for everyone to calm down.

"Easy, easy everyone. Don't worry, this show's not over," he said.

He walked over and pulled Taylor off Ethan's lap, bringing her to the very front of the stage. From here, everyone got their best view yet of her soft boobs.

"Alright Taylor, the crowd wants the skirt, so we better give it to them. Now turn around!" he said as the crowd went wild. Taylor turned away from them, back to Ethan who was still sitting helplessly, pants fully tented. She closed her eyes.

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