tagBDSMTeach Me Trans-Mistress Ch. 05

Teach Me Trans-Mistress Ch. 05


Chapter 5

The Next Day

Useless to say that I had a delightful night. When I woke up the next morning I felt my cock-clit in Nancy's mouth, it was hard, very hard. I debated whether to let her consume my morning Golden Wine, but finally decided she had had enough for the time being. But this did not eliminate another of my juices. I slowly rocked, feeling my cock-clit caressing Nancy's mouth. I put my hands on her head and kept on rocking my hips while moving her head slowly, I wanted this first orgasm of the day to last me until the evening. Like the previous night I attained my ecstasy and Nancy had her first taste of the day, my delicious love juice filled her mouth and like a good transvestized slave, she swallowed it all. This happens to be the perfect manner I love to wake up to, an orgasm to start your day, and what a day I had planned for myself and my slave.

After this I went into the bathroom to shower after giving Nancy her first order of the day, which was to dress in her maid's uniform and prepare my breakfast. She was to join me in the bathroom in fifteen minutes so she could dry my body. As I stood under the warm spray I thought about what I would do today with Nancy, planning the day meticulously in order to enslave her even more. As I stepped out of the shower, Nancy was there and she immediately took a large bath towel to dry me.

Back in the bedroom, I slipped on some black high heels and then put on my sheer black negligee before going into the dining room. Nancy was there with my breakfast. I then told her to get herself something to eat as we had a full day planned ahead of us. As we ate I discussed with her the previous evening's events and told her that tonight she would have to be the perfect maid as I had planned to entertain some of my friends. As I said this I saw a look of apprehension on Nancy. I told her that those friends knew about my tendencies and were quite at ease with them. They had also met some of my slaves before and quite enjoyed the experience, enough to desire to repeat it.

I looked at Nancy, "But first I must help you dress for the day's outing. Yes, today you will go out as a female."

She looked at me and said, "But, Mistress Leah, I am so afraid I will be recognized and humiliated."

Good, that was exactly what I wanted her to feel. "Well, my dear little Nancy, you said you wanted to be my slave, so I guess you will either have to obey me or leave and never come back because that is what I desire to do today."

She looked again and then placidly said, "Yes, Mistress. If this is your wish, I will obey you."

Now that was settled, I told her that after we dressed we would go shopping at a special store for people like us as I wanted to get certain accessories that I knew I needed and also may be more clothes for her. But before that would come the grocery store, the beauty shop and then we would come back here to get ready. But first I wanted her to go and shower so I could dress her for our shopping trip. "Nancy, I want you to shower and then come back so I can dress you up for our outing."

She looked at me and replied, "Yes, Mistress Leah."

While she was in the shower I prepared myself. First I put on my make-up, light as not to look too whorish but enough to look seductive and then my lingerie. A push-up bra, that almost bared my nipples, panties and a garter-belt, all in navy, navy stockings and a short navy dress with a very low cut top to expose as much as I could of my beautiful breasts. To complete my ensemble I chose a pair of navy high heels with a five-inch heel. I was then ready for Nancy.

I picked out white lingerie, bra, panties, garter-belt, white stockings, and then a white mini-dress. To complete the look, white high heels with a five inch heel and a short brown wig. As she stepped out of the shower and joined me in the bedroom, I immediately took her to the vanity to do her make-up. I wanted her to look like me, not the whorish look but more than normal. I did her make-up light and then helped her dress. She was very obedient and even complimented me on my attire.

As we left the apartment I felt that Nancy was very nervous. In the elevator that brought us to the ground floor, there was another couple and they did not pay any attention to us, except for the man who kept looking at us. Without being too obvious I slowly raised the hem of my mini-skirt to give him a glimpse of my stocking tops and while I was doing this, I whispered to Nancy to do the same. She looked at me questionably, but like a good little slave she obeyed. The man's eyes almost jumped out of their sockets as we appeared to arrange our garter tabs, but by then we had reached the ground floor and we both walked out of the elevator, holding each other by the waist, smiling and laughing about the whole incident.

Our first stop was the grocery store, where my favourite butcher was ready to serve us. I put in my order and he said it would be delivered after three in the afternoon. Once this was done, we went to the beauty salon, a special salon owned by a girlfriend of mine who knew about my lifestyle, where Nancy had an appointment to be beautified. First her hair was done, and then came the wax treatment for her whole body, I told the attendant that I wanted her to be totally hairless. Then it was time for the nails. I told the manicurist to apply very long nails as I wanted hers to match mine and to put on bright red nail enamel, one which would last. Once her nails were done, the make-up lady came in with her wares and proceeded to give Nancy a more feminine look. She trimmed her eyebrows and added some make-up. She also taught her how to apply the distinctive types of make-up, depending on the effect she or I wanted to create.

Before we left the salon, Nancy's ears were pierced, twice on each ear. For the lower hole she was given some hoop earrings and the top one received a small gold stud in the shape of a whip, to expose her submission.

When we walked out of the salon, Nancy was all excited, "Oh! Mistress Leah, I have never felt and looked so good. Thank you very much, Mistress."

Now that Nancy was all beautified, it was time to get her some clothes of her own. We took a taxi to a shop owned by another girlfriend, this one a bona fide woman that specialized in clothing for cross-dressers. When we arrived, my friend Julie who also happens to be a Dominant Female, was all enchanted to see Nancy and she took us into her private dressing room in which she also entertains her dominant friends and their slaves. Julie looked at me and said that I could use a corset to bring Nancy's waist down another few inches. She went in back and brought a corset in white satin heavily boned with laces in the back.

Julie looked at me and said, "This will be some challenge to reduce her waist size and I am afraid that we will find the room quite warm, I seriously think we should shed some of our clothing in order to be more at ease. Do you not think so Leah?" I looked at her and smiled, knowing quite well her intentions were to excite Nancy and myself with her gorgeous body and lingerie. Not one to pass such an opportunity, I immediately accepted her offer and started taking off my dress.

Julie came over to help me and without any hesitation I let her remove my dress. She stepped back to admire me and after a few moments, turned around so I could help her remove her own dress. Underneath her lingerie was all black and very tantalizing. She had on a black push-up bra that bared most of her breasts, black thong panties, black garter-belt and black stockings. To top it all off she was wearing black patent five inch high heels, she was so beautiful that I could not resist taking her in my arms and embracing her.

Julie looked at me and said, "Leah, may be we should take care of Nancy before we get too involved in our love making, after all she is the reason you brought her here." I could only agree with Julie. She proceeded to open the large walk-in where all her implements were stored and walked out with restraints.

We helped Nancy remove her mini-dress and her bra. Once she was left with only her underwear on, Julie undertook to restrain her. First she secured some leather cuffs around her ankles and her wrists. Then she ordered her to raise her arms so she could fasten the cuffs to a suspension hook. Once this was done I raised Nancy as far as I could without her leaving the ground, this made it possible for us to fasten the corset around her waist. Julie wrapped the wonderful garment around Nancy's waist and helped me fasten it in the back with the laces.

She asked Nancy to expel all the air from her lungs so we could finish tightening it. "Leah, this is a twenty-eight inch corset, I think that it should do for a few weeks, until you are ready to bring her to a twenty-four inch one."

After we had completed fastening the corset as tight as it would go, I refastened Nancy's stockings to the corset's garters. As I stepped back I was amazed by the transformation. Nancy now appeared to have a big bust and her ass really stood out. What made it even more humiliating was her cock sticking out, it was hard and Julie looked at it while thinking. Then she went into her closet and brought out two items, a special cock ring and some nipple clamps. She got down on her knees and started affixing the cock ring on Nancy.

"Leah, may I make give her pain?" Julie asked. I told her that my slave was her slave. She put the ring on and made sure that it was really tight. She stood and pulled on her right nipple with her long nails, then she took the nipple clamps and snapped it over her nipple. Julie repeated the procedure with the left nipple. She took another small chain she had and attached it to the tip of her cock with a special noose made of a fine wire, tightening it around the glans, then she brought the other end of the chain to the chain between the nipple clamps and also fastened it. This set-up meant that the noose around Nancy's glans would pull on the chain of the nipple clamps therefore exerting pressure on her nipples and causing her pain. Already Nancy was complaining about the torment she was receiving.

Then Julie went back into the closet and brought out a special gag. She walked over to me and showed me this new implement. It was made of only a large rigid rubber circle with straps to fasten it around the slave's head.

Julie looked at me and said, "This is my new gag, you will see how versatile it can be."

She walked over to Nancy and said, "Now I want you to open wide and if you behave I might have something special for you, something I am sure you have already had in that pretty mouth of yours, knowing how Leah trains her slaves."

Julie forced the rubber circle in Nancy's mouth and fastened it tightly in the back of her head. She then took a large dildo and inserted it in the rubber circle, twisting it in so that it actually screwed in. "Yes, Leah's little slave has learned how to take a cock into her mouth. I know that you probably would rather love to have a real one, but this will suffice until I am ready to give you something else to fill your pretty mouth."

Julie slowly turned to face me and took me in her arms. We looked into each other's eyes passionately as our faces came closer, then our lips touched and, knowing she was the more dominant, I instinctively opened my mouth so that her tongue could invade my own mouth. Immediately her tongue searched for mine as her hands wandered all over my body. I could not resist such caresses and I let my own hands fondle Julie's exquisite body. We embraced for a long time while caressing each other and getting us quite aroused.

Julie caressed my breasts over my bra and slowly but sensuously forced them out of the beautiful navy bra I was wearing. Her long nails teased my nipples, I did the same to hers, but her bra already bared all of her nipples. As we caressed and kissed each other, I felt my cock-clit hardening. I could not resist any longer and I let my hands plunge into her tiny panties, slowly inching my way towards her love nest, being careful not to hurt her with my long nails, but to give her pleasure. I cuddled close to her because I wanted her to feel my cock-clit becoming harder. Suddenly I felt her tongue invade my mouth and her hand slowly caress my nylon sheathed legs, moving up slowly towards my now enlarged crotch.

Julie's tongue forced itself into my mouth down my throat, really infiltrating my oral cavity completely. As she did this her hand grasped my cock-clit through my panties and squeezed it. I felt her other hand leave my breast and slowly inch its way towards my crotch, then slip into my panties. I felt her long nails touch my cock-clit, teasing it sensuously into becoming even harder. What a feeling it was, to be with such a beautiful woman and have her seduce me while my slave could only watch and feel left out of all that passionate foreplay. Her caresses became more intense on my breasts and cock-clit. Her tongue kept on dancing with mine and I now felt her saliva flow into my mouth. I reciprocated and gave her all the warmth that she was giving me.

Suddenly she broke up the kiss and looked at me, "Come, we will be more comfortable on the bed!" And I followed her to the round bed, where we sat down, still kissing and caressing each other's body. We slowly fell on the bed and moved toward the centre slowly turning around so that we were in a sixty-nine position. I immediately moved her tiny panties aside and plunged my mouth in her cunt, savouring the aroma and taste of her womanly juices. Julie pulled my panties under my cock-clit and gently kissed it as her hand sensuously teased my balls with her long nails. Her other hand was busy caressing my ass, slowly teasing my pussy-asshole with those log talons of hers.

Julie took my cock-clit into her mouth and her tongue started to excite me. I felt one of her hands slowly caress my balls while her other one was slowly but surely preparing to penetrate my pussy-hole. I felt her long nail at my nether hole and slowly start to penetrate it. What a feeling! I also teased her pussy and her asshole with my fingers while my mouth and tongue teased her clitoris. I moved my tongue to her pussy and fucked her slowly, making my tongue gyrate inside her while my hands played with her breasts. I also licked and fucked her asshole.

We played like that for a long time, changing positions and giving each other pleasure. Sometimes we could hear Nancy moan in her gag as she was excited by the exhibition of love in front of her. Julie did not care if Nancy was now suffering from the implements she had installed on her cock and nipples, she only thought about us enjoying our own pleasure, and she made every thing in her power to make sure we did.

At last we had reached that plateau that meant our orgasm was very close. Julie stopped and looked at me, "I think it is time we let your slave participate in our little games Leah, do you not think so?" I looked at poor Nancy and agreed with Julie. We got up and went to her, our underwear, or what was left of it, stayed on.

I walked to Nancy and cuddled up to her. "You are so beautiful in that tight corset, you ass sticking out and your breasts appearing to be real," I said while pinching the clamps on her nipples. Nancy moaned, whether in pain or pleasure, I did not know. I only knew that this aroused me a lot. Julie came back with a cat o'nine tails and gave it to me.

While I pulled back, Julie cuddled against my back and brought her hands to my breasts and cock-clit, "Go ahead Leah, whip your slave, give her pain and then we will finish with our pleasure." I was so aroused that my arm swung into action and I whipped Nancy on her ass. I started slowly but increased the strength until I was whipping her hard enough to raise welts while Julie played with my breasts and cock-clit arousing me even more.

Then Julie pulled me back to the bed and she straddled my cock-clit. We fucked and French-kissed, our breasts being crushed and our nipples grinding against each other's, giving us more pleasure, until we both came in a shattering orgasm. As we relaxed and let the afterglow of our climax subside, Julie said, "Now Leah, I want to see how well you have trained Nancy, may I use her for something personal, very personal?"

I looked at her and smiled, "Of course my love, she will submit."

She moved to Nancy, lowered her and removed the dildo in her mouth, she then laid her on the floor and replaced the dildo with a funnel, a funnel shaped to contour her crotch. "Oh Nancy, now I will see how obedient you are as it is always a great joy for me to see a slave savour my Golden Champagne." She lowered her crotch to the funnel, leaving just enough space for me to be able to see her urine flow and immediately started to pee. I was so aroused at seeing Nancy swallow all the Golden Nectar as it was being fed to her.

"Oh Julie, look at her crotch, even her cock is excited at the thought of serving as your toilet!" And in fact, Nancy had a huge hard-on, her cock-clit was twitching due to her arousal at being subservient to such an act of humiliation. She was suffering on both her cock-clit and her nipples from the erection she had. I was so proud of my slave that I felt she needed a little reward, I approached her and kneeled beside her crotch, with my long nails I teased her cock-clit, feeling it shudder as I took it slowly in my hands and removed the small noose at the glans. Then slowly, very slowly and using my nails, I started to masturbate her. Her ass would try and move to follow my movements. I applied my weight on her stomach to prevent her from doing so, I wanted the sexual torture to last.

Julie was still relieving herself, feeding her Golden Champagne slowly and making sure Nancy swallowed it all. "This is so great Leah, how long have you trained Nancy in the art of toilet slavery for her to accept it so submissively?"

I looked at Julie, "I met Nancy last week and she became my slave last evening. I must say that I have outdone myself this time! Take your time to relieve yourself my love, as I have another surprise for my little Nancy after she has tasted your Golden Nectar!"

Julie finished her urination and then stood up. "What do you want me to do Leah?" I looked at her while holding Nancy's cock-clit and motioned for her to come and take her pleasure. She smiled and settled herself on the cock-clit.

"Now Nancy, I want to give you the pleasure of coming into Mistress Julie's pussy." And with that I held on to the base of her cock-clit and waited. After all the stimulation Nancy had received it was not long before she came.

"Now Julie, I will remove the mouth restraint and Nancy will lick you clean, she will taste your pussy juice and her own come at the same time!"

Julie smiled, "How wicked and perverted Leah."

After Nancy had done her duty and we had put on our dresses and revamped our make-up, I told Nancy to put herself back together so we could go on back home. With Julie I looked at the lingerie I needed and made my choices. When we left I had a huge bag filled with wonderful and sexy lingerie.

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