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Teacher at the Beach


Josh and Toby wore sunglasses as they laid back on their elbows and kept their eyes out for sexy females in bikinis. They were the best of buddies, eighteen years old, and enjoying the last bit of summer before they had to begin University. The beach was a bit windy today and there was not as many babes in bikinis as they had hoped. Yet the sun was hot, the waves soothing, and there had been the odd hottie strutting down the sand.

"Whoa, incoming dude," said Toby. "Josh turned and saw in the distance a very curvaceous woman in a red bikini top and a flowery sarong wrapped around her waist. Unfortunately, a tall muscular middle aged man walked beside her. As the pair came closer the young men could see how incredibly full and overflowing that red bikini top really was. Her hips swung gently from side to side and her long light brown hair blew about in the wind.

The two young men stared at her until she looked right at them and they simultaneously looked away. Soon Josh turned back and saw the incredibly sexy woman speaking close with her man. The man looked up at them and Josh looked away again. The pair drew closer as they continued up the beach and the young men grew more reluctant to stare but continued to steal glances as her amazingly taut body. She broke away from her man and changed direction, heading directly for them. The boys grew tense as they expected a reprimand for staring.

"Hi Josh, hi Toby," said the woman. "Enjoying your summer break?" Josh and Toby stared at her speechless. She wore huge bug eyed sunglasses and smiled.

Josh blinked as he came to a sudden realization. "Mrs. Stevenson?" asked Josh. Suddenly aware it was his social studies teacher from the previous year. The shock hit Toby who stared dumbfounded.

"Oh really? I wonder how much you actually learned in my class if you can't even remember your teacher?" questioned Mrs. Stevenson with jest in her voice as she put her hand on her hip.

"No, no, Mrs. Stevenson, of course we remember," said Toby. "We just didn't recognize you. Like that." Whenever Mrs. Stevenson wore skirts they were always well below the knee and her blouses were always done up tight to her neck. The only skin any student had ever seen were that of her hands, face, and ankles. Although that did not stop the student population from discussing the shape underneath those clothes. An image flashed through Toby's mind of her in a long brown skirt, bending over to pick up a piece of chalk. That beautiful image was imprinted in his mind.

"Well I hope so," said Mrs. Stevenson. Her large full breasts were only half way covered as they threatened to burst out of the small red bikini top. Her blue toned sarong was somewhat sheer and red bikini bottoms could faintly be seen underneath. "It hardly gives us confidence if the moment you leave our classrooms your heads are as empty as when they came in."

"No Mrs. Stevenson. I remember. I really liked your class," insisted Toby a little desperately.

Mrs. Stevenson's smile extended and she turned her head to Josh. "Enjoying your summer Josh?" Josh almost choked trying to say something. He had been staring at her breasts unintentionally. He cleared his throat quickly. "Yes Mrs. Stevenson."

"Well, enjoy your day at the beach boys," said Mrs. Stevenson. She turned and walked back towards her man.

"Thank you Mrs. Stevenson", said both boys slightly out of sync.

The man, who must have been Mr. Stevenson, put his arm around her waist when she returned to his side and they continued on down the beach.

When Toby felt they were out of ear shot he said, "Holy shit, can you believe that! Stevenson for fuck's sake, in a bikini!" They were both watching the sway of her hips and wiggle of her butt as she walked. The man with her said something in her ear and she turned her head to look back at them and the boys quickly smiled and Toby waved.

"I couldn't think of anything to say," said Josh. "We sounded like a couple of ten year olds. Fuck. I couldn't stop staring at her tits.

"Yes Mrs. Stevenson," said Toby in a mocking tone and Josh shoved him. They both continued to watch her. The pair stopped a ways off, came back up the beach a bit, and then started laying out their beach blanket not that far away. "Shit, shit shit," repeated Toby under his breath so only Josh could hear. "Please be a thong, please be a thong, please please please." Two girls in bikinis walked past near the water and the young men did not even notice. "Please be a thong, please be a thong, oh please."

Her husband seemed to say something to her and then he laid down on the beach blanket. Mrs. Stevenson had her back to them. She stood tall, flipped her hair in the wind, arching her back ever so slightly, and then untied the sarong wrapped around her waist and pulled it off.

The young men were speechless and their long baggy suits got tight. It was a red thong bottom. The color matched her top and other than the thin red line up the middle, displayed a huge firm round smooth ripe ass. All out there on display. She turned sideways while folding the sarong and the curves were so dramatic, so perfect. The young men's mouths hung open in amazement.

She finished folding the sarong and squatted down to put it in a bag. The man seemed to say something to her and she stopped and stood up again. She moved around the bag, hesitated a moment, then bent over slowly, keeping her legs straight, thrusting her ass out towards where the two young men were laying. Josh gasped.

"Mother of god," whispered Toby who had no religious convictions. The distance was to great for details but a tiny triangle of red covered her pussy and that was it. All that smooth white skin, all thrust out towards them. Then it was over.

She stood back up and quickly laid down beside her man on the beach blanket. Both young men let out a long breath, their faces red, their hearts pounding, and finally aware they were both pitching high tents. They adjusted themselves and their shorts, making eye contact for a moment, and then returning their gaze over at the other towel. She laid on her back, her feet towards the water, and they could see her large mounds of tit rolling back and forth on her chest.

Josh took another deep breath, looked over at his friend for a moment, then back at her. He shook his head, trying to come up with something to say. The man laying beside Mrs. Stevenson sat up a bit and looked back in their direction and the boys looked away at the water.

When he was sure the man had turned back again Toby said, "Holy fuck. I so want a picture of what just happened. But I don't think a picture would ever be good enough. I mean. You know what I mean."

"Yea," said Josh. He was as stunned as his buddy and his head pressured and hot.

"I should try anyway," said Toby. He started moving to get his phone.

"No, don't," said Josh. "Don't ruin it."

"Yea, I know," said Toby and stopped moving for his phone. "But no one is going to believe us."

Josh and Toby watched her as best they could without staring. After a few minutes her husband stood up and stretched and helped his wife to her feet. She adjusted her bikini bottom slightly as the boys stared and then she and her husband, hand in hand, walked down towards the water and waded into the light waves.

Toby got up and straightened out his shorts. "You coming or not?" asked Toby.

"It's going to be so obvious what we're doing," said Josh.


Josh stood up and they both walked slowly down to the water trying to look as casual as they could. Mrs. Stevenson and her husband had worked their way into deeper water and they both began to swim out. Mrs. Stevenson stopped and screeched and laughed then turned back and swam till she was standing with the water level just below her shoulders. He pulled her hair out long and tossed her head sensually.

"Don't drown!" she called out to her husband who smiled and swam farther out. Mrs. Stevenson turned towards the shore and walked slowly towards it. Her breasts slowly rising up above the level of the water with each step.

Josh and Toby were already waist deep in the water, their eyes locked on her, and their feet unable to move them in any other direction. Mrs. Stevenson finally noticed them and stopped and smiled. She nervously tucked her hair behind one ear, looking down quickly at her top, her face blushed, and she turned and looked out at her husband who was still swimming strongly, then she turned back.

"Going for a swim like my husband boys?" she asked as they drew closer.

"Yea," said Josh. "That's why we're here." His voice wavered slightly. The material of her bikini was very thin and now that it was wet her nipples poked out clearly and even the outline of her areolas could be seen through the material. There was an uncomfortable silence.

"Are you strong swimmers?" asked Mrs. Stevenson. Her face was red, she felt their eyes on her breasts and knew how much they were seeing. The water was a little cool but her body felt hot and her heart beat hard in her chest.

"Oh yea," said Toby. "We swim all the time." He had a full erection underneath the water. Taking his eyes off her breasts again and to her face. "Real, nice day for it."

"Yes," said Mrs. Stevenson feeling a loss for words as she tucked her hair around the same ear again nervously. The cool water all over her body enhanced the hot tingling over her skin. "Enjoy yourselves boys." She started moving towards the shore again, bringing her closer to them and then right by them as she felt their eyes glued to her bobbing breasts.

After she had passed, the young men looked at each other and Toby mouthed silently, "Holy shit." Then they turned back to watch her body appear more and more above the water as she moved towards shore. Only the top of her ass became visible above the water before she turned and eased down into the water and started swimming parallel to the shore. The boys realized now how much they had been staring. They dove into the deeper water, attempting to make it look like they were there to swim.

The young men kept an eye out for her, wanting another opportunity. They moved closer to shore and soon Mrs. Stevenson was swimming back towards them. The boys stood in knee deep water as she came closer and closer. She used a forward breast stroke, swimming into shallower and shallower water, until she stopped and stood up.

The thin wet material clung tightly to her skin and hid next to nothing. Her nipples were hard and long. The clear outline of her smooth pussy showed right through the thin material. She flung her wet hair back causing a spray while the two young men started with their mouths open and their hard cocks tenting in their swim suits. Mrs. Stevenson felt hot and excited with the exhibitionism. She slowly walked back up towards her beach blanket, swinging her hips gently.

The boys lost all pretence and stood slack mouthed. Watching her firm round bare ass swing back and forth as she walked up the sand. She returned to her beach blanket, picked up a towel, dried her face, then laid down on her back in the sun.

Adjusting their suits, the young men made eye contact and neither could form words. They looked around at the incoming waves and back at Mrs. Stevenson, laying on her back, with her knees up and legs open. "I've had enough swimming," said Toby.


The young men walked up the beach towards their own towels slightly off course. As they drew closer her legs opened more. A few more steps, their hearts were pounding in their ears and faces red. Then, there it was. Pressed against the wet thin fabric of her red bikini bottoms. The outline clear. Shaved bare. She held a book in front of her face. Her legs opened even wider as the boys slowed their steps and stared. Both of them jumped as a man walked confidently by them, breathing hard, dripping wet, and returned to his wife's side.

"Have a nice swim dear?"

"I sure did honey," said the man and laid down on his stomach next to her and kissed her on the lips. The boys quickly recovered themselves, Josh ran his hand through his hair and they quickened their pace back to their own towels higher up the beach.

"I can't believe what I just saw," said Toby when they got back to their towels. "I can't believe it."

"Amazing," said Josh. He still felt breathless and shocked. "I never would've imagined."

"I know dude," said Toby. "Mrs. freaking Stevenson." He laid back and raised his arms above his head and let out a long gasp of exasperation. "What I wouldn't do."

"Yea," said Josh as he glanced over at her. They were huddling close and talking intimately. "Do you think her husband was thinking of kicking our ass?"

"Probably," said Toby. "After he knocked you out cold then I'd show him a thing or two."

"Yea, like you showed Adam Campbell," laughed Josh. The young men continued to bicker and jostle each other and did not notice Mrs. Stevenson stand up, nervously brush her hair back, and walk towards them.

"Josh, Toby," she said standing near them. The young men stopped and stared. Mrs. Stevenson looked hot, flushed, and nervous. "You don't have any extra sun block do you?" Josh and Toby just stared unable to speak. "I have run out and I burn easily."

"Uh, yea, sure we have some," said Toby in a voice an octave lower than normal. He turned to find it amongst their things.

"Great," said Mrs. Stevenson. She stepped forward, dropped down to her knees, and was suddenly laying on her stomach between them. They both flinched and stared with wide eyes in wonder. Her bare white flesh, inches from them, covered only by a red string across her back and one around her waists and down her butt crack. She buried her face into her forearms, her face burning red, and she said in a very husky voice, "Would you put some on me please?"

Toby held the bottle of sun block in one hand, looking down at her body, then at his friend, then down at her body again. Josh did the same, then turned and glanced back over his shoulder and saw her husband, laying his stomach, sunglasses on, holding an open book in front of him. Toby looked up at his friend again, made eye contact, widened his eyes, shrugged his shoulders slightly, then got up on his knees beside her and squirted some lotion into one hand.

"Sure Mrs. Stevenson, no problem," said Toby. He started on her near shoulder. So creamy and smooth, he rubbed it in gently. Smearing and rubbing, he did her whole shoulder. She moaned softly. Toby looked over at Josh and held out the bottle of sun block. Josh took it, squirted some in one hand and started on her other shoulder, working down her back.

Josh felt short of breath. He had girlfriends before but this was so different. His cock grew hard again and ached in his suit. Toby had the grin of a gambler who just won the jackpot. They worked their way down her back and worked around the tie to her top.

"Don't get any on my top," said Mrs. Stevenson. She kept her face hidden in her forearms. "Josh, just undo it."

Josh struggled to keep his voice from cracking, "O.K." He reached for the tie in the middle of her back, took one end between his fingers and started to pull. It stared coming loose. Josh glanced over his shoulder and saw her husband still in the same position he was before. Josh could not tell if he was looking this way or not. The knot came loose and they laid the string to her sides. Her back was now bare and the sides of her breasts now showed.

Toby started using both hands. He rubbed lotion all around her back on his side and Josh did the same. They worked their way down to the bottom ties of her red bikini. They both squirted more lotion into their hands, then very delicately moved below the tie line, rubbing it into the backs of her thighs. She moved slightly and seemed to tense a little.

Josh worked down her leg a bit while Toby moved the rubbing of his hands more and more onto the bare skin of her round firm butt. They breathed heavily, cocks straining in their shorts. Minds racing, they were not sure how far to go. Josh moved farther down her leg while Toby stayed higher around her butt and the inside of her thigh.

Mrs. Stevenson took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Then she said, "Don't get any on my bottoms. On my bikini." She trembled slightly. Her breathing was deep and her skin flushed.

Josh looked at Toby who was already slowly pulling at the tie to her bottoms on his side. Josh glanced over his shoulder again, then pulled the tie on his side. Toby pealed the thin string thong downwards till it settled between her legs. Mrs. Stevenson laid nude in front of them.

Toby looked over to where her husband was laying. His position still had not changed. He looked down the beach, then over his shoulder. Both boys felt like they not only had their hands in the cookie jar, but somehow found themselves robbing a bank.

Josh ran his hands up her leg and stared at her smooth slit. It was straight with flat perfect lips. He moved his hands toward it, so close, but did not quite touch it and then he ran his hands up and over and around on her butt. Toby watched her slot as he rubbed lotion quickly on her calf then moved up her leg. Up the inside of her thigh, his fingers moved closer. He moved back, then up, brushing his fingers against her bare pussy and they both shivered slightly.

Josh used both hands to rub and squeeze her firm round ass while Toby's fingers stayed on her pussy, rubbing gently over the lips. Suddenly she moved and the boys pulled their hands back like they were about to be caught in a mouse trap. She turned over.

"Do my front," she said in a husky voice. Her body on full display. Hidden for years under tight wraps, it glowed like perfection. Her eyes were still hidden behind her large sunglasses and she held her arms above her head. Her naked body a sight so stunning, the curves of her waist, her breasts, her bare smooth pussy. All at their fingertips.

The line had been crossed. The young men abandoned their nerves and dove in with lust. Toby squirted a long line of lotion over her tits and stomach, down to her pussy, and their hands began to work. Over her stomach, on her big firm luscious tits, up to her shoulders, back down to her wet shining breasts, over her stomach, and then hungry hands on her soaking wet pussy. She moaned and arched her back as the hands reached her pussy, her eyes closed under her sunglasses.

Then coughing. A loud clearing of a throat. Then louder coughing. Mrs. Stevenson sat up, looked over at her husband. He coughed again and nodded in a direction down the beach. They all looked and there was a family in the distance walking down the beach towards them.

Mrs. Stevenson stood up quickly. The young men's hearts jumped into their mouths. Is it over?

"Come on, we can't keep doing this here, let's go," said Mrs. Stevenson as she grabbed for their hands. "Into the bushes." The young men let her take their hands, stood up, their suits tenting dramatically, and walked on either side of her towards the treeline at the top of the beach.

They walked quickly and soon entered the tree line, followed a little dirt path until they were behind some bushes and stood on a small grassy area. Josh and Toby marvelled at her naked body. She ran a hand down their arms, took off her sunglasses, put a finger to her lips and shook her head slightly. Then she dropped to her knees in front of them. Her skin still flushed, her chest rising strongly, and her greasy body glistening.

Reaching out, she yanked down Toby's shorts down to his knees and his rock hard cock popped out into her face. She turned slightly and gestured for Josh to come closer then pulled his shorts down quickly, his cock popping out. She took a cock in each hand and started stroking them. She pulled gently on Josh's cock to move him closer. Mrs. Stevenson licked her lips as she stroked.

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