tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeacher Is Mistaken Ch. 17

Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. 17


Chapter 17

California Dreaming

Nathanial was fuming. His wife and daughter were at last expected home this evening from the pony training centre. They would be furious with him for not collecting them sooner.

He had been away on business for a week before finding out they had been taken away. It was a secret location so it was impossible to just turn up and hand over the cash. The trainer had demanded full payment, despite them only completing part of the training and didn't have the money. He had to borrow it from a friend in London, which added another delay.

The money transfer had been mislaid in New York for several days. By the time it reached him, and he arranged to make the payment in cash, three weeks had passed. Of course the banks involved had apologised and blamed each other, but that didn't help one bit.

Adding to his bad temper was a demand to attend a meeting in Washington. He had to brief a diplomat before the man left on his appointment in the middle east. It was important, he knew that, but such bad timing was the last straw.

It would be better to face the trouble now, rather than have it build while he was away. His wife could be awkward, and his daughter more so. The only consolation was that young Roger had caused the problem, and would be here to face the consequences.

His wayward daughter had arranged for Roger's slave to be sent away for pony-girl training. The slave, Hollie, had contrived to have his daughter and wife sent away instead. By all accounts they had all behaved badly.

He would use their bad behaviour to chastise them, and put them in their place, hopefully. He had been too lenient with them both for some time. Maybe now was the time to set a stricter regime at home.

Nathanial glared at Roger as he was guided into his study by Rachael.

"I have a problem you can help me with. I have to leave this afternoon for an important meeting. Angela and her mother are due home this evening, and I won't be here to receive them. Do you think you are capable of signing for them in my absence?" Nathanial asked.

"Yes, sir. What exactly do I need to do?" he asked.

"Just that. Sign for their return, like a couple of parcels," he dismissively stated.

They looked at each other with a hint of amusement. They both knew how Angela would react over such an indignity. Bridget, his wife, could be a handful too. She knew how to manipulate a man and make him suffer. Roger realised it wasn't going to be as simple as Nathanial made it sound. This looked like being his punishment for letting Hollie trick them into being sent away.

"My advice is to keep your errant slave-girl away from here. What are you going to do with her tonight?" Nathanial asked.

"Err, she's safely tucked up in her cage, sir," Roger lied. He wasn't going to admit that she had run away. He had no idea where she was, or how she managed to escape.

"Well, good. Perhaps you have learnt to keep a slave in check. I have too," he relented. "Don't forget you are the master of the house while I am away. The two slaves and Angela, are to obey you. Make sure they understand that. Any trouble from them and you are to chastise them. Tell them they will be facing my anger on my return," he firmly stated.

Roger didn't think that would be an easy task, for him or Nathanial. The two women would be furious from the indignity of suffering pony-girl training.

"What should I do with them?" Roger stupidly asked.

"Whatever you damn well please! They are slaves Roger. Use them," Nathanial crossly stated. He meant Roger should make them suffer for all the trouble they had caused.

"Slave! Are my bags packed?" Roger demanded to know.

"Yes master," Rachael demurely said.

"Roger is your master until I return. Obey him. She has a nice comfortable bottom, Roger," Nathanial said, and slapped Rachael's ass. "Make use of it while you can. I shan't be able to when they return," he wistfully said.

The heavy double front doors slammed shut. A limousine crunched away on the drive.

Roger sat in the study contemplating Angela's return with unease. Nathanial's daughter was a spoilt brat, with an attitude problem. At least his wife was an experienced slave and knew her place. Having so much experience meant she knew how to get her own way, though more subtly than Angela.

Rachael coughed to gain his attention. She was leaning on the desk, looking over her shoulder at the young man. He looked up from his reverie, blinking his eyes. She lifted the back of the short skirt to reveal a bare bottom.

"Does master wish to make use of his slave?" Rachael flatly stated.

It was humiliating being passed from one master to another. Especially as this one was so young. She thought it better to get it over with, rather than have him messing with her while he got up courage to take her. She tried to entice him by wiggling her bottom at him. The sooner he was satisfied the sooner she could return to her room for some peace.

Roger decided to test himself with this new slave. She seemed easier to deal with then Angela or her mother.

"Let's see what you have to offer, slave," Roger demanded. At least she knew what was meant, and reacted quickly. She stripped off the blouse and skirt, to stand naked before him. As expected she wore no underwear. Her breasts stood up well considering her age.

She turned around for him to take in a full, hourglass figure. With a slim waist her breasts were impressive. Her bottom was larger than she would have liked, but she worked on it to keep it firm. With long slim legs she looked good in high heels and stockings, and even now while naked.

She was proud of her shape, and could see he was interested. Perhaps he wouldn't bugger her as Nathanial had after all.

She enjoyed playing at being a slave occasionally, and had arranged to spend a week with a master. Something came up, and the man she had references for passed her on to Nathanial. It was embarrassing as Nathanial knew who she was. He would keep her dirty little secret, though In return she had to submit completely to him. Whereas she normally had strict rules over what she would submit to.

When he buggered her she was appalled and humiliated. She still didn't like that kind of sex, but the humiliation was tremendous. It kept her in place as his obedient slave, as well as the threat of exposure if she stepped out of line.

Her husband had to take on an unexpected overseas appointment, so Nathanial decided to keep her here until he returned. Only having played a weekend of games before a whole week seemed a long time to be a slave. Now the week had been extended, she found herself settling into the role.

Rachael pushed out her chest to display a pair of impressive breasts. Sucking in her stomach she hoped to impress him. It wasn't dignified for a respectable woman to be flaunting her body at a young eighteen year old. That she needed to impress him to avoid rejection, made it all the more humiliating.

He was a handsome young man, and she was his slave. Her pussy began to throb in anticipation.

After examining her body, Roger eventually took a good look at her face. He had been too preoccupied to look at her properly until now. He almost gasped out loud. He was sure the shock showed, though fortunately she was demurely looking down at the floor, as a well trained slave should.

He recognised her as one of his parents friends! Rachael and her husband weren't close friends like Nathanial. He recognised her as they both regularly attended his parents parties. She obviously hadn't recognised him. Fortunately he kept out of the way of his father's boring functions.

Wow! This beautiful woman was standing naked before him, ready to obey anything he wanted. What would his father say, or her husband, if they found out she had offered her asshole to him? The temptation was too much to resist.

"Crawl over here, you know what to do, slave. Don't make me cum, or I'll punish you," he warned.

The thought of spanking one of his parents friends was interesting. Watching her mouth slowly close upon his cock was fascinating. If he hadn't had so much experience of this with Hollie, he would have cum over her face. He keenly watched her suck him into her mouth, and swallow. He felt her chin nudge his balls and quivered in delight.

She gripped the base of his cock with long slim fingers to hold off an orgasm. She kept the pace slow, swallowing his cock on every other long stroke. Her own body was responding too. That he didn't want to cum in her mouth meant he intended to fuck her. He had muscular thighs, so hoped he had a decent technique to go with the strength.

"Enough, slave," Roger said. He only just managed to push her away. The idea of spurting his cum into this woman's mouth and down her throat, was almost too much to resist. Hollie had been older than him, but having this important mature woman, was awesome.

"Lie back and play with yourself," he ordered, while he tried to recover.

Rachael was sure now. Unless he intended to cum over her body, he was going to fuck her. Through narrowed eyes she watched him calming down. So he had experience after all. It was promising to be a good night. She wondered what he would be like. Fast and furious, or a comfortable slow screw. Either way, she was desperate enough to enjoy the feel of him entering her.

He watched her slim fingers twirling over a bald pussy. Her lips were already parted, and slick. As her bud appeared he compared her sex with Hollie. This woman had plump lips with a long fat clit.

He got onto the floor between her legs to seesaw his cock over her lips. She hefted her hips up at him, as Hollie would have done, though less wildly. The woman was more in control, and less frantic.

"Keep still!" he told her.

The moment had to be enjoyed. He was about to shaft one of his parents friends. She was one of the jet set, married to an important political contact of his fathers. Keeping her waiting for his cock was great. She was breathing heavily, and squirming under him. All that he had learnt with Hollie was paying off.

"Please master! Please fuck your slave," she moaned.

With great delicacy he smoothly slid into her body. It was gratifying to hear a whine of appreciation.

"Keep still, slave. Your master wants to use his cunt," Roger demanded.

"Oh! Yes! Master!" Rachael bleated plaintively. "Use your cunt master. Fuck your slave cunt master," she whined.

She hadn't been so degraded in a long time. That it was a young man fulfilling her fantasy was surprising. Though she was passed thinking, and just reacting to a deep, all consuming need.

"Please master, fuck your slave hard and deep, please!" she screeched.

Roger calmly began to thrust harder. He was enthralled by her reactions. It was possible to keep himself under control from reminding himself who she was. The reward for his patience was soon on its way.

"Your slave is near, master. Please master, let your slave cum, please!" she implored him.

"Cum for your master, slave," Roger ordered, almost laughing at her pathetic whimpering. He kept perfectly still, with his cock buried deep inside. Her body twitched and her inner muscles contracted around his cock.

He started to slowly ride her again. She lay limp under him, accepting his use of her body. This time she murmured acquiescence rather than pleading for satisfaction. Again he felt her orgasm. Less dramatically, yet more deeply, and for longer.

He rolled off her sated body to lay on the floor. While waiting for her to recover, he silently thanked Hollie for teaching him so much. Hollie had been his teacher in school, and his teacher in the bedroom.

"Pleasure you master," he simply ordered.

Rachael obediently went to work on him. She licked and sucked his nipples, while fondling his balls. She worked her way down his body with lips, teeth, and tongue. She sucked on his balls, and licked his groin, holding back from touching his penis.

Anticipating the order to taste his cock, she lowered her lips over its head, and gripped it for a moment. With both hands massaging his body, she lowered her head onto his cock to swallow it whole. She began to bob her head up and down, in a steady, strong rhythm.

She wanted him to cum. She wanted to be a dutiful and satisfying slave.

Roger couldn't hold back any longer. With his cock in her throat he began to orgasm. He felt the sperm streaming from his cock. He was pumping sperm into her belly. He felt her throat gripping him tight until she needed a breath. His cock continued to spurt. She caught the rest it in her mouth.

When he opened his eyes, she sat on her haunches beside him. She opened her mouth to show his cum on her tongue. As a slave she couldn't demand it, she depended on her masters whim, patiently waiting for permission to swallow. He smiled at her.

"You may swallow your masters cum, slave," he informed her.


Hollie thought she had progressed well over the last few months. All her belongings had been left behind after escaping with Mark, her young rescuer. He bought her some panties, which took some getting used to as she hadn't worn underwear for awhile. It would take longer getting used to being free, and making decisions for herself once again.

Mark was sweet enough not to actually demand sex, but she felt obliged, for he rescued her from a life of slavery. Living at his parents beach house, while they were back home, also made her feel obligated.

The sex had been alright, with lots of cuddles, which she needed after such a dramatic experience living as a slave. It just wasn't exciting, compared to when she had to submit to a master.

They lived on his allowance while she looked for a job. She took a waitress job, and saved up for a deposit on a cheap apartment. The tips were generous from customers because she wore a short skirt and a skimpy top. As much as possible was put aside to buy respectable clothes.

One of the older waitresses figured Hollie had run away from someone, and assumed it was an abusive husband. They rallied round with a fellow feeling of comradeship to protect her. Especially the older one, who fussed over her like a mother hen. Anyone who became too familiar was given a tongue lashing.

When mark returned home to his parents and she moved into the apartment, an empty feeling overwhelmed her.

On a cheap old computer she made contact with others into the dominance and submission scene. Most didn't really understand, though one day a strong male contacted her. He pressed all the right buttons, enough to get her reliving those heady days as a slave.

While a slave she met Rachael, who told her about playing the occasional game as a weekend slave. Hollie wondered if she dare become her cyber masters actual slave for a short time.

The yearnings for a strong master to take control of her life were still there. It was a warning not to let it happen again. It all started as just a silly game, not anticipating a gradual descent into a state of absolute submission. She dare not offer herself to a man, in case she gave up everything to become a permanent slave-girl. She had been lucky to escape, and next time might not be so fortunate.


Hollie bought decent clothes, and was ready to start a teaching job. The first day was going to test her strength of will. No one knew of her dreadful past, so it was a fresh beginning.

All went well until a big handsome teenager stood in front of her desk. The feelings of subservience to a master came bubbling to the surface, which she struggled to contain. All she could do was stare at the history book open in front of her.

"Miss. I hear you are new around here. You need someone to show you around," he offered. The guys had dared him to ask her for a date. He was brash and confident enough to carry it out.

It didn't matter what he said, it was the way he spoke and the confident way he carried his muscular frame.

"That's very kind of you, Jimmy. If you settle down to studying, and get good grades in history, I'll take you up on the offer," Hollie replied.

She gave him a sad smile. She should have put him down, or rebuked him in some way. Instead she was feeling submissive and weak. Realising how vulnerable she still was, left her feeling pathetic. To her surprise he didn't register it that way at all. He gave her a big warm smile in return.

"Thanks miss. I will," he said, and returned to his desk.

Others chipped in by offering to show her the sights, make a list of places to eat, and where to shop.

"Hang on, this is supposed to be a history lesson. Why don't you start with a list of historic places. We can go visit them if you like. I'm a bit too old for clubs," she laughed.

"No miss, you're not old, your fit," one lad told her. The class quietened down, thinking he had gone too far.

"Thanks, I appreciate that vote of confidence," she smiled at him. Their genuine praise and helpfulness boosted her morale. She noticed the others around him giving the poor guy a clear warning to keep quiet.

"If we make a list of places to visit will you come with us?" one of them suggested.

"Sure, that sounds great," Hollie smiled.

"Is that a date then miss?" Jimmy asked.

"Yes, Jimmy. My first date in California," she laughed. "Now let's settle down to my first history lesson, OK?" Hollie quietly requested.

From then on she needn't worry about discipline in class. Her kind demeanour and genuine caring smile was enough. The word was put around that she was a good teacher, and anyone who misbehaved would be dealt with by her number one fans.


It was the last day of term, so she was free for a few weeks.

She smiled from thinking of the word, 'free'. It held so many meanings now. As a slave she had been free of all responsibilities. Her behaviour was now restricted to what everyone expected of her. She was a wage slave, dependent on a job.

Hollie wondered if she should take a waitress job again, to kick start the savings plan. Being financially secure was another sort of freedom. The class had left school with excitement over their kind of freedom.

She pulled herself together, deciding to get home. She stood up and straightened the skirt. The feel of stockings, suspenders, and a thong, wasn't particularly thrilling. It was the fact that her cyber master had ordered it, giving her a naughty thrill.

It wasn't much compared to what Roger had made her do, but it was something. There were a lot of little habits she still had from being his slave. She still shaved between the legs as Roger had demanded. She missed the feel of his hand checking her sex was smooth enough.

She sat in the car fingering the slave collar. He had been right, a special key was needed to remove it, and it had been impossible to find one that fit. Stores and the internet had been searched, to no avail. Fortunately it looked like a modern piece of art jewellery.

It was an expensive gift, but it would have been better to give it back. The slave collar was a constant reminder of her status in life. She had accepted complete subjugation at the feet of a master. It was still difficult to forget she had promised to be his slave forever.

Hollie pulled out of the school parking lot a little too fast. She needed to contact her master for a fix. The need was building inside her. With a thrill of anticipation she wondered what new adventure he had thought up.

Each morning she made a movie of herself getting dressed, and sent it to her cyber master. It was proof that she wore the clothes he had specified. Being careful not to show her face, or reveal where she lived, was a necessary precaution.

Some time ago he ordered her to walk through a mall wearing a light summer dress, without underwear. A small hand held camera caught her reflection in the store fronts as she passed. There wasn't much left to the imagination. She gratefully accepted his praise after receiving the movie.

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