Teacher Poker


Ms. Carter should have known better than to underestimate these three students. Eric, Peter and Vlad were the brightest students in her senior math class at Springfield High. It was the senior class trip and she'd caught the three of them playing texas hold-em in their hotel room with three girls from her lower tracked course after curfew. The three boys were her favorite students and she knew they were generally good boys despite their parents wealth and she had sneaked over to visit the boys at that age too so the tall dark haired teacher only smiled and asked the girls to head back to their room. Even if everyone was legally an adult she didn't want anyone coming home pregnant.

Ms. Carter watched as the girls fled from the room with a strangely relieved look on their faces and then took a seat on one of the beds. Now that it was second term senior year and everyone had received their college acceptance letters the young teacher felt she could relax and be friends with the students instead of a disciplinarian. After all they would be in college in a few months and she had only graduated two years ago herself. So instead of yelling at the boys about the cards, poker chips and cash scattered over the hotel table she asked, "So what were you playing?"

"We taught the girls to play Texas hold-em," Eric replied grinning.

"Yah, and we were winning too," Vlad added in a slight russian accent wearing a matching grin.

For a moment Ms. Carter found herself wondering why Eric, with his broad shoulders and nicely defined chest wasn't more popular with the girls. When she was in high school she would have loved to date a guy on the math team who looked that good. Blaming the drinks she'd just had down in the hotel bar with the other teachers Ms. Carter turned her thoughts back to the card game.

"Great game. I used to play with my friends back in college."

"Want to join our game," Peter boldly asked, the long after school training sessions they had done for the math olympiad making the slender boy with light brown hair more comfortable treating her as a friend.

"I might as well try a few hands," Ms. Carter said hiding the itch to play she felt at the mention of the game, "Tell me what the chips are worth and I'll just buy into this game."

"Ummm," Eric mumbled blushing faintly and keeping his eyes cast down at the bed, "We weren't playing for money." Stumbling over his words Eric corrected himself, "I mean we were but not in terms of chips."

Catching a glimpse of the small heap of girls outerwear and hair clips piled in the corner Ms. Carter's eyebrows rose and she pointedly asked, "What *were* you playing for?"

Despite looking a bit sheepish Peter explained, "Well, everyone started out with some chips but once you lost those you had to take off a piece of clothing to get more."

For a second the boys held their breath but instead of delivering an irate lecture Ms. Carter laughed out loud. Seeing the worried looks on the boy's faces the sexy young math teacher reassured them, "Don't worry I won't get you in trouble. I remember playing strip poker when I was your age too." The alcohol making her a bit less inhibited Ms. Carter laughed, "I have fond memories of letting Johnny Frankovitz win a game once. I just want to know how you convinced the girls to play."

"At the end of the game anyone who wanted their clothing back had to buy it back for $25 an item and we let them think the extra clothing they started out with made it easy money since none of us brought another outfit," Peter explained looking impressed at his cleverness

"Did you really have enough cash to cover that," Ms. Carter asked disbelievingly.

"Yes," Peter answered, "our parents all sent us with a bunch of cash."

"It wouldn't have mattered," Vlad said smugly, "we wouldn't have lost. We play all the time online. None of the guys at school will even play with us anymore."

Grinning at his own cleverness Peter added, "But we didn't really think the girls needed to know that."

Someone really ought to teach these arrogant boys a lesson Ms. Carter thought to herself. It would serve them right if she didn't let on that she had helped put herself through college hustling poker and took their money. For a second the young dark haired teacher hesitated knowing it was unethical. Sure, as second semester seniors they were all 18 and she no longer had any real control over their future but she knew she shouldn't sleep with her students. Telling herself that these boys weren't going to tell anyone about the humbling lesson she was going to give them Ms. Carter brushed aside her concerns and filled with liquid confidence challenged her student, "If you boys are so cocky are you willing to play a game against me?"

"Uhh..What do you mean," Eric stammered trying hard not to stare at his teacher and blushing furiously.

"Say same rules on the condition that this never leaves the room?" Ms. Carter confidently suggested, "But this time it costs $50 bucks to buy back a piece of clothing."

Having spent half a year staring at Ms. Carter's perfect large tits and the long smooth legs peeking out from her skirt the boys feel over themselves promising never to say a word.

"That's 50 in cash," Ms. Carter snapped, "No checks or IOUs. I don't want anyone skipping out and forgetting to pay once they have their collateral back."

The boys eagerly accepted her conditions and for a second Ms. Carter flirted with pushing up the monetary stakes even higher but decided it would be wrong to take too much of their money she instead picked up the deck and deftly shuffled it before dealing out the first hand.

Just then Ms. Carter realized Emily Anderson, one of the girls who she'd just kicked out, had slipped back into the room and was nervously waiting for her teacher's attention.

"Ms. Carter," the pretty young blonde girl blurted out, "can I get my bra?"

"Go ahead," the young teacher said with a laugh amazed these young boys had gotten the hottest girl in the class to take off her bra, even if she hadn't removed her shirt. Realizing Emily might have overheard her challenge to the boys Ms. Carter added, "If you and your friends keep quiet about this little incident tonight it can be our little secret. No need to tell your parents."

"Yes, Ms. Carter," Emily squeaked going white faced at the notion of her very proper parents finding out, "Not a word." Grabbing her bra the well endowed eighteen year old quickly darted out of the room and this time the young teacher bolted the door to make sure no one would burst in and misinterpret while she taught these boys a lesson about trying to hustle people in poker.

Play started slowly as Ms. Carter and her students sussed each other's playing style out but the sacrifice of an ante-chip every round to the bank slowly drove down everyone's pile of chips. Inevitably Ms. Carter reached the point where she had to give up her footwear but she wasn't worried. Vlad and Peter already had bare feet and Eric wouldn't be far behind. It was her style to start slow and if that meant the other players underestimated her so much the better. But as her stack of chips began to dwindle for a second time Ms Carter got more aggressive with her bets and started steadily building up her stack and pushing the boys dangerously close to the point they would have to give up their shirt or pants. Taking care to look her best every day Ms. Carter knew better than to put her shimmering black hair into any kind of clip and the rules didn't let her count her earnings as a piece of clothing but while the boys each wore one layer she was dressed in a well tailored dark suit and still had her sport coat to remove before she had to start really undressing.

Eric was the first one to lose his shirt and he bashfully turned away from the other players to remove it. Keeping his eyes shyly on the floor Eric resumed his seat without a word. Despite her resolution not to let herself think of her students sexually Eric's pale bony chest drew her attention and she found herself thinking that it was a shame fraternization with the students was prohibited. The shy dark haired boy might not be a hit with the girls his own age but she certainly wouldn't have minded giving him some private sex-ed lessons. Still, just because she couldn't touch him didn't mean she couldn't get a better look Ms. Carter justified to herself and making sure that Eric ended up naked before the game was over might add a little challenge.

Two rounds later Ms. Carter found herself with a strong hand betting only against Eric. For some reason Ms. Carter found herself guiltily eager to see what this shy quiet boy would look like in the nude but when she didn't get the cards she needed on the flop the newly hired instructor told herself that the obvious bulge in his pants had nothing to do with her decision to bluff. Knowing she had to seem confident to succeed Ms. Carter boldly pushed all her current chips into the pot plus a marker representing most of the chips she would get for her sport coat and tried to look calm but despite checking after the flop Eric didn't hesitate before calling her raise. When Eric, no longer tentative, bet more than the value of the pot after the turn Ms. Carter had no choice but to fold.

Taking off her sport jacket the busty young teacher found herself facing off against her students in a sheer white blouse intended to be worn underneath her sport coat and too small to button up cover her large pert breasts.

"Are those implants Ms. Carter," Peter blurted out in surprise.

"Holy shit, those have to be implants," Vlad echoed.

Damn't, she'd been so careful about never taking off her suit jacket at school and now she'd been busted. Shifting defensively in her chair the young teacher let the admission be pulled from her lips. In response to her students incredulous stares the dark haired twenty something justified her decision, "They were an engagement present for my ex-fiance," but her reasons for getting them didn't seem to make any difference to the boys. Uncomfortably aware of that these sexually frustrated teens were mentally undressing her the young teacher gathered up the cards and passed them to the next dealer. Playing the hand Ms. Carter tried hard to ignore the looks her horny students were giving her but she could feel their lustful stares every time she leaned forward to bet. Indeed her chest seemed to distract Vlad so much he bungled the hand and ended up taking off his shirt revealing the impressively toned physique he'd developed on the school swim team.

Telling herself that she'd merely been stupid Ms. Carter forced herself to continue playing as usual so when she was convinced Peter was bluffing on the next hand she didn't hesitate to call him even at the risk of her blouse. The grin on Peter's face told her she had guessed wrong even before the next bet. "Fuck," the pretty young teacher swore under her breath as Peter went all in on the turn forcing her to fold again.

Seeing the expectant faces of her students waiting for her to strip Ms. Carter realized she was actually going to have to do this. Swallowing hard Ms. Carter stood up from her chair and began mechanically unbuttoning her white blouse. Keeping her gaze fixed on the far wall Ms. Carter pulled open her blouse revealing a lacy purple bra cupping her big fake tits. Despite the gasps from the boys Ms. Carter forced herself to pretend she was just undressing for bed as she tossed her blouse over into the pile of lost clothing in the corner.

For a second the room was quite as the boys stared at their hot half naked teacher only to be broken by Vlad's impressed exclamation, "Wow, Ms. Carter you've got a great rack."

In another situation Ms. Carter would have had Vlad expelled for that remark but now she merely sat back down pretending, despite her burning checks, that she hadn't heard it. Telling herself that she was no more exposed than in a bikini Ms. Carter prompted Eric to deal out the next hand.

Forcing herself not to think about the way her students were looking at her Ms. Carter tried to focus on the game. This time the dark brown, almost black, haired teacher played more cautiously but to her dismay only slowed down the loss of chips. Try as she might Ms. Carter didn't seem able to stem the slow bleeding and to her horror watched as her stack disappeared. Finally, no longer having any chips to pay her ante, the hot young instructor found herself standing up to remove her skirt leaving her standing in front of her students in nothing but her bra and panties. Deciding to swallow her pride and admit defeat Ms. Carter announced that she'd had enough and took out her wallet to buy back her lost clothing. Opening up the billfold Ms. Carter felt her stomach lurch as she saw it was empty. To her horror the newly minted teacher realized she'd spent the last of her cash this morning

Growing panicked Ms. Carter pleaded with the boys to let her take her clothes back just for long enough to run to the ATM but sensing her desperation Peter smugly quoted back her ill fated insistence on immediate payment in cash. Realizing she couldn't get back to her own room without being seen by one of the other teachers Ms. Carter flirted with the idea of simply demanding her clothing be returned but she feared too much what might happen if they refused her demand. Vlad was more than strong enough to force her to do as he pleased and if she let on that she dare not call for help or report what they did she had no idea what they might do. She could claim they raped her but Eric's dad was a famous attorney and she didn't know what Emily had overheard. Taking the only option left to her Ms. Carter sat back down at the table and prayed for better luck.

For a several hands Ms. Carter held her own but then two significant losses in a row sent cracks through her calm facade. Sensing her weakness the boys pressed her with large bets forcing her to fold lest she risk taking off even more. But it was only a matter of time till Ms. Carter found herself backed into a corner and had to back up her hand by wagering her bra. Her long experience told her it was the right play to make but that was cold comfort when Peter got lucky and drew his inside straight. Not really believing this was happening the slender twenty something stood up and reached behind her back to make good on her bet. Felling a sudden flush of arousal at having to expose herself to her students like this Ms. Carter felt her nipples go rigid as she slipped her bra off her shoulders. Not knowing what else to do Ms. Carter sat back down and in a daze continued to play the game steadily losing her last batch of chips.

The next hand was Ms. Carter's best so far. Drawing a high flush on the flop the young instructor took a deep breath and went all in. God, she was in deep shit now, the dark haired twenty something thought to herself, she had to get her clothes back whatever it took but if she lost her panties she would be completely at the boy's mercy. Seeing the river Ms. Carter breathed a sigh of relief, there was no way Vlad or Peter could have the straight flush. But even if she cleaned up on this hand she knew there was little chance of winning it all back without going bust. Telling herself that sometimes you have to gamble Ms. Carter steadied her voice and said, "How about we raise the stakes?"

"To what," Peter asked but the way his eyes clung to the half-naked teacher suggested he already had a good idea.

Swallowing hard Ms. Carter said, "How about if I win I get all my clothing back and if you win...," the dark haired twenty something paused to lick her lips, "I'll let each of you have your way with me." Afraid the boys wouldn't take the bet she added, "I know you've all fantasized about me. If you win I'd make them come true."

Just as she had hoped the chance to screw their teacher was too much for the boys to pass up and they quickly agreed to the wager. Her palms sweating Ms. Carter hesitantly revealed her hand and held her breath waiting for Peter and Vlad to show their hands. Seeing that Peter had nothing Ms. Carter started to breath a sigh of relief that was cut off when she saw that Vlad, incredibly, had the straight flush.

"Ohh No," Ms. Carter whispered, "Ohh God, this can't be happening."

"Ohh Yes," Vlad said looking like he had just won the lottery.

"Let's see what we've won," Peter added lecherously.

Her voice trembling Ms. Carter turned to Vlad and forced herself to say, "Since you won I guess you're first." Licking her lips nervously the young dark haired teacher hesitantly started to ask, "How do you..." only to trail off unable to bring herself to finish the question. "Tack off your panties and Bend over the table," Vlad demanded walking around to the side of the table his nude teacher stood.

Reluctantly Ms. Carter slid her bikini briefs off and leaned forward placing her palms on the wooden hotel table to support her weight. Even with her back parallel to the table the young instructor's legs were long enough to leave her large breasts suspended several inches above the smooth laminated wood. Unable to resist the temptation Peter slipped his hand underneath his math teacher's body to grab a quick feel.

"Wow, they're so firm," Peter marveled at the high quality.

"This must be a dream" Ms. Carter whimpered as Peter felt her up but she didn't wake up. Instead the young teacher found herself spreading her legs in response to Vlad's demand. Keeping her his tilted up as she'd been told to do Ms. Carter felt Vlad's giant hand slide between her thighs.

"Wow, Ms. Carter, you're all wet," Vlad announced rubbing two big fingers over her pussy lips.

Even as her face burned in embarrassment the hot young teacher found herself instinctively gyrating her hips in anticipation of being filled by the pair of thick fingers working their way between her pussy lips. Suddenly the helpless young teacher felt Vlad grab a handful of her shiny dark hair and pull her head back so she was staring directly into the camera that Peter was holding.

"Say cheese," Vlad taunted his horrified teacher.

"NO!" Ms. Carter exclaimed in a panicked voice, " I didn't..." but whatever she had been about to say was cut off by a loud moan as Vlad rammed two thick fingers into her body and Peter's shutter clicked capturing the look of surprised pleasure on her face.

"You can't...Ohh God...show anyone...Ohhh...you promised," Ms. Carter pleaded between gasps as Vlad deliberately thrust his fingers repeatedly into her.

"True," Peter said in a conversational tone, "and you promised we'd get to keep the clothes until you purchased them back. I'm only going to post these online if you welch. "

"You wouldn't," Ms. Carter exclaimed in horror, "I tho....Ohh Jesu..," Ms. Carter cut off seeming to lose the ability to speak coherently when Vlad began to rifle his fingers in and out of his hot math teacher.

"Get a shot of her getting off on this," Vlad called to Peter continuing to thrust his fingers in and out of Ms. Carter as fast as he could. Peter only nodded in response while he continued to snap pics.

"No, Ohh No," Ms. Carter weakly protested trying to keep her face expressionless. No one would ever believe she had been blackmailed into sex if there was a picture of her enjoying this. Suddenly Vlad's arm stopped moving and the muscular russian senior began running his fingers against Ms. Carter's G-spot. Not expecting the sudden stimulation the dark haired teacher lost control and moaned, "Ohh God," just as Peter captured a short 30 second video on the

Not even giving Ms. Carter a chance to catch her breadth Vlad grabbed his teacher's hips and pulled her back against him, grinding his thick hard cock against her ass. "God I've wanted to do this for so long," Vlad exclaimed and the sound of elastic snapping told the young teacher what was about to happen.""

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