tagMatureTeacher Teaches Well!

Teacher Teaches Well!


Cynthia woke up rubbing her pussy through her soaked panties; she was dreaming again, the same dream she had the past few months. There she was in her bed naked and a youthful looking man was in front of her masturbating the biggest cock she has ever laid eyes on. That dream always made her cum in her sleep and she would wake up with her pussy drenched with her love juices. That morning she was extra horny such that she continued to rub herself after she has awakened. Cynthia lazily kneaded her large breasts through her silk negligee and then ran her fingers down to her dripping cunt and slowly rubbed her wet slit. This went on for several minutes until Cynthia trembled to a pulsating orgasm. After a few minutes after her orgasm Cynthia shrugged it off and then took a bath, she was already running late for her class.

Mrs. Cynthia McKinley is a 40-year-old teacher at an all boys’ private high school where she teaches natural science. She’s been married to a Navy man for 10 years and to whom she has two children. Although Cynthia is of the conservative type and a very faithful wife to her husband, but due to the nature of her husband’s work Cynthia was always at home alone and yearning for her husband’s attention. That’s why she has always those dreams. She was lusting for a man’s touch.


As Cynthia entered the classroom, she was met with a noisy room filled by over active boys telling each other about their summer escapades. But as soon as they saw Cynthia the chatter and activity came to a sudden halt. Cynthia had a reputation in the school as a stern teacher. The class was her senior environmental science class she remembered that she also handled them last year. As Cynthia ran over the names of her students, there was one name that she felt was new to her so she called it out

“Mr. Joey Smith?” she called out authoritatively.

“Yes Ma’am!” someone blurted out at the back row

“Please stand up and introduce yourself, Mr. Smith!”

After the boy finished his introduction Cynthia found out that Joey Smith was a transferee from New York and that his family has just transferred here from New York just two months ago. After Joey’s introduction Cynthia introduced herself to the class and then began with her class.

Joey sat down quietly and listened to Mrs. McKinley. He knew from his classmates that Mrs. McKinley was a very strict teacher and that everybody was quite hesitant in enrolling in her classes but upon scrutiny Joey saw that Mrs. Cynthia McKinley was a very pretty woman. She was petite and although her body had a few flabs on them they were situated in all the right places making her even sexier. But what caught Joey’s attention were her voluptuous breast and her seemingly soft and cuddly ass. So as the class wore on Joey could not take his eyes off the beautiful mature lady in front of the class, Mrs. Cynthia McKinley.

That night Joey could not get Mrs. McKinley off his mind and he had the lingering image of Mrs. McKinley holding his cock and then masturbating him while he sucks on those voluptuous breasts of hers. Unable to sleep, Joey jerked off imagining his 40-year-old teacher in different sexual acts with him. After cumming for the third time that night Joey fell into a deep slumber. When Joey woke up the next morning he excitedly took a bath and then got dressed, he was very excited to see Mrs. McKinley again. When he entered the classroom the sight of Mrs. McKinley sitting behind her desk, checking some papers, welcomed him. He greeted her and then walked directly to his armchair. Since it was very early it was just the two of them inside the classroom. While Cynthia was working Joey kept on staring at her and then started to imagine her naked and jerking him off on his chair. Those thoughts brought on a bulge inside Joey’s pants. As Joey was fantasizing about his teacher all of a sudden Mrs. McKinley called out to him

“Joey could you kindly please clean the blackboard?”

Joey was startled upon hearing her voice, but was ashamed to get up because of his raging hard on. But Mrs. McKinley called him again, he had no choice but to stand up and erase the board. As Joey approached the blackboard, the huge bulge that was formed inside Joey’s pants immediately caught Cynthia’s attention. She could not help but stare and imagine what it would look like without the fabric covering it. By now Cynthia was beginning to get interested with the boy behind her. But as always when something aroused her she just shrugged it off as just being longing for her husband. After a few minutes students began streaming into the classroom and as soon as Joey finished the blackboard she immediately started her class.

That afternoon after class Joey passed by Cynthia’s classroom and saw that she was putting some decorations on the bulletin board. So Joey called out to her

“Ma’am can I help?”

“ Oh Joey, you’re a God send I’ve been laboring with decorating job for hours now. Certainly, come right in!” Cynthia thankfully accepted.

So Joey and Cynthia worked on the bulletin board and the two of them got into the usual conversation. Joey learned that Mrs. McKinley lived just a block from them and that she has two little boys and her husband was a navy man. When it was time to hang the decorations for the elevated part of the bulletin board Cynthia asked Joey if he could hold her while she climbs the ladder. As she climbed the ladder Joey held her on to her hips but when she was already hanging the decorations Joey’s hands unconsciously slipped down to her ass, for the first time Joey felt her soft and cuddly behind which brought Joey an instant hard on.

As Joey’s hand lingered on her ass, Cynthia felt a stirring sensation forming between her thighs; the young boy’s touch was wetting her.

After she had finished with the decorations Cynthia got Joey’s hand from her behind and then placed it back to her hips and acted like nothing happened. But as Cynthia went down the ladder, with Joey still holding her, Joey’s rock hard cock inadvertently brushed against Cynthia’s soft ass such that Joey gave out a soft moan

“Hmmm” Joey groaned but trying his best not to make a sound.

Cynthia felt Joey’s cock trace the line of her ass. She could not help but to feel aroused. It’s been months now since she felt a cock. So feeling that she might be tempted some more Cynthia politely thanked Joey for a good work and then bade him goodbye.

As Joey went home he again masturbated to the thoughts of what happened that afternoon. Joey was now getting obsessed with his mature teacher.


That night as Cynthia was trying to sleep she imagined holding Joey’s rock hard cock and jerking him off while the young man sucked on her luscious breast. These thoughts prompted Cynthia to unconsciously touch herself, first she played with her breast then she pulled on her tense nipples soliciting a soft moan from her and then she slid her hand inside her panties and then rubbed her pussy towards a pulsating orgasm. As Cynthia lay spent on her bed she had a thought come to her,

“Since my husband is not here I might as well have fun with the boy, it will not be cheating on my husband because I will not let him have intercourse with me.” she smiled as she convinced herself.


The next morning Joey overslept and when he woke up he was already running late for his class with Mrs. McKinley. When he got to the room the class was already taking the surprised quiz that Mrs. McKinley gave them. So he just quietly entered the room and sat at the front chairs because all the backseats were already taken. When Mrs. McKinley saw him she approached him and then she told him to stay after class because he has to take the quiz. Then Mrs. McKinley turned around, but before she went back to her desk she made it a point to brush her soft ass against Joey’s elbow and lingering there for some few precious seconds giving the boy an early morning hard on.

While walking towards her desk Cynthia had a sly smile on her face she knows that she’s got the young man’s attention. After class all the students went out of the room except for Joey.

“Joey can you come here for a moment” Cynthia called out to Joey.

“Since you were late this morning here is your special quiz”

Cynthia then instructed Joey to sit on the front row and on the armchair that was directly in front of her desk. As Joey sat on the armchair he noticed that he could see what was beneath Mrs. McKinley’s desk because the front of her desk was not covered. But what caught Joey’s eye was that Mrs. McKinley was wearing a short skirt and crossing her legs, exposing her creamy white thighs in the process.

When Cynthia saw that Joey was already comfortably seated and examining the test paper, she was now very eager to start her teasing of the poor boy. Cynthia started by adjusting her skirt; she pulled her skirt a little bit higher so that it showed up to the top of her thigh, just below her soft, white ass.

When Joey looked up at his teacher, his heart skipped a beat, as he saw that her skirt had gone up and it showed her very creamy thighs and he can almost see her ass. This sight gave him an instant boner, such that he could not concentrate on his test. Fearing that Mrs. McKinley might see the boner that has developed underneath his pants he crossed his legs to conceal his hard on. Cynthia was enjoying the reactions of Joey so that she slowly opened her thighs slightly apart, just enough to expose her white lace panties to Joey’s lustful eyes. When Joey saw Mrs. McKinley’s uncovered panties he didn’t know what to do, so he just stared at them with his heart racing and his hard-on getting harder by the second. Seeing Joey’s reaction Cynthia could not help but feel aroused herself, her pussy was getting wet by what she was doing to the young man in front of her, she was exposing herself to a boy just old enough to be her son. After a few minutes of teasing her student Cynthia straightened up and called out to Joey

“Are finished Joey?”

Joey was startled when his view of Mrs. McKinley’s panties was cut short when she closed her legs and so he just answered

“Ah yes ma’am!”

Even though he had not answered half of the test questions. He was aching to go home so that he can relieve his aching cock. So he hurriedly got up and passed his paper to Mrs. McKinley and then went out of the room. Cynthia had a smile on her face she was proud of herself, its not common for a 40-year-old mother to get that kind of reaction from a young man. Although she had a laugh teasing her young student but exposing herself to him left her quite aroused such that she too needed some relief, her little tease show has aroused her too much and she needed some release. So she checked the corridors and then she locked the door, she could not wait for her to get home, she had to relieve herself here right now. So Cynthia hiked her skirt up to her waist and sat on her table. She then spread her legs wide apart and then gently rubbed her already wet pussy through her soaked panties. Not satisfied with just rubbing her pussy, she slipped her hand inside her panties and slid a finger into her soaked love hole, which solicited a soft moan from this mature woman. As her fingers slid in and out of her drenched pussy Cynthia imagined Joey’s manhood sliding in and out of her love hole, which brought her to an earth-pounding climax.

“Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Cynthia groaned as her body tightened and her legs enveloped her hands to her pussy.

As she lay spent on top of her desk Cynthia lazily rubbing her pussy imagining what it would be like to be with Joey.


The next day, which was a Wednesday, when Joey got Mrs. McKinley’s class they were planning for their overnight camping that weekend. Cynthia was the one presiding over the meeting. So she gave everybody their assignments for the weekend and because Joey got to the meeting late he was given the task of looking for firewood and then tending the campfire. After the meeting the class was dismissed. Although Joey got a lousy assignment of tending the campfire nevertheless he was excited because he would be spending the whole weekend with his sexy mature teacher. Cynthia too was very excited she would have more time to play with her poor student. So all throughout the week the two of them could not think of anything besides the trip that weekend. Alas when the weekend came the two of them were full of sexual tension. Joey arrived very early, an hour before the assembly time, he was very excited the night before he had a very restless sleep as he made-up images of Mrs. McKinley in different sexual acts with him in his mind.

Cynthia too had been very excited such that she woke up earlier than usual and then planned her outfit, an outfit that would certainly catch Joey’s attention, and then proceeded to take a bath. While taking a bath Cynthia could not help but to touch herself, imagining Joey licking her very wet pussy, as the water trickled to her swollen pussy Cynthia came to a climax.

As Joey anxiously waited for the others to arrive he slipped into his usual daydreaming. He imagined Mrs. McKinley entering his tent and then waking him up by massaging his ten inch cock causing it to stand at full attention when he woke up Mrs. McKinley removed all of her clothing and then she made him suck on her voluptuous breasts as she stroked his cock until he came on her hands. His daydreaming continued, giving him a massive boner, until someone called out

“Joey, could you help me with this?”

Joey’s daydream was cut short by a familiar voice calling out to him. As he awakened from his self induced slumber he saw that Mrs. McKinley was unloading some camping stuff from her car and she was the one calling out to him.

“Joey can you help with these?” Cynthia called out to her student again.

Joey rushed to his teacher’s aid unmindful of the enormous bulge that was formed inside his shorts. When Joey got to Cynthia’s car she was bent over the trunk of the car and she was wearing a pair of shorts, which showed off her shapely ass, and a blouse, with the two upper buttons undone, which tried unsuccessfully to cover her voluptuous breasts. As Cynthia straightened up from her position, Joey had an up close view of her whole outfit. Joey became more aroused as he saw that Mrs. McKinley was not wearing any bra, because he could see that her nipples were outlined through the thin fabric of her blouse.

“Joey can you put these things inside the bus.” Cynthia requested Joey.

Joey picked up the bags that were sprawled on the ground and as he looked up he was presented with a terrific view of Mrs. McKinley bent over her car with her cuddly ass just a few inches from his face. Upon further scrutiny, Joey could see that his teacher’s panties where outlined through her shorts and that her shorts where just too short to cover her ample ass, which brought his boner to its maximum length. Cynthia could feel Joey’s lustful eyes prying on her backside. She could feel her pussy getting wet as she imagined what part of her ass was exposed to her young student. Then sensing that Joey was getting very uncomfortable Cynthia straightened up and then asked Joey to proceed to the bus with her bags.

As the bus arrived at the campsite, All the students pitched there tents and then started their activities. The whole day Cynthia kept her distance from Joey she did not want to arouse suspicion from Joey’s classmates. So the whole day Cynthia did not make any contact with Joey which made him very frustrated because his point in coming to this camping trip was to get close to Mrs. McKinley but for some reason or another he can’t get close to her. But his patience would soon be rewarded.

That night as his assignment stated Joey was the one responsible for tending the fire while everybody else where inside their tents Joey was out there making sure that the camp fire would not die. As Joey was seated by the fire and keeping himself warm his mind drifted again to its daydreaming mode, he imagined that he was with Mrs. McKinley and they were both naked and she was holding his cock and jerking him off. Giving him a massive boner

But as Joey mind wandered in to fantasyland a warm hand touched his shoulder, startling him into consciousness. It was Mrs. McKinley

“Hi Joey need some company?”

“ Uh sure Mrs. McKinley!” Joey mustered a reply and trying to conceal his massive hard on.

But Cynthia could very clearly see his massive cock trying in vain to puncture his shorts. So Cynthia joined him and sat by the campfire. They had small talk about the usual things. Cynthia asked if he had problems with school and how was his family. After a few minutes of senseless conversation the topic turned to girls.

“Joey do you have any girlfriends?” Cynthia asked Joey

“No ma’m never had one” Joey shyly confessed.

“Have you ever been with a girl before?”

“What, what do you mean Mrs. McKinley?”

“Well I am just curious if you have done it with a girl before.” Cynthia clarified as she moved closer to Joey and placed her hand on his thigh rubbing it gently.

“To tell you honestly ma’m I have not even kissed a girl before, except maybe for my mother” Joey nervously answered her, his cock growing by the second.

“Would you like to try kissing a woman?”

“I would love to ma’m but there is no girl dumb enough to kiss me”

“Would you like to kiss me Joey?”

Joey was dumbfounded by what Mrs. McKinley asked him, such that he just stared at her for several seconds. “Joey I said if you want to kiss me?” Cynthia repeated her offer to Joey.

“I would love to ma’m but I don’t know how to kiss.” Joey answered her, His cock now in full attention anticipating his first contact with his teacher.

“I would love to teach you Joey!” Cynthia excitedly volunteered.

Then Cynthia moved closer to Joey and then gently kissed him on the cheek. Then she kissed Joey on the lips, at first Joey didn’t return the kiss but when Cynthia let her tongue in Joey’s mouth he responded to her kiss by sucking her tongue.

Then after a few exciting moments

“Uuuuuuummmmmmmmmmhhhhhh” Cynthia moaned in satisfaction

When Cynthia broke the kiss she saw that Joey’s, still mesmerized by the experience, eyes were still closed even when she already broke their kiss. And when she looked at his crotch he saw that Joey’s cock was aching to get out of his shorts and this got her very excited.

When Joey realized that Cynthia was staring at his cock, he instinctively covered the tent in front of his shorts. So he apologized profusely to his teacher

“Ma’m I’m very sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude”

When Cynthia saw Joey’s reaction she comforted him by saying

“Oh, Joey don’t be sorry, it’s natural for boy’s like you to have those especially when they get excited”

“ Joey, when your cock grows like that do you play with it?” Cynthia asked her young student.

“ What do you mean ma’m?” Joey clarified with Mrs. McKinley but at the back of his mind he knows was his teacher was talking about.

“Well, Joey usually boy’s your age rub and stroke their cocks to get relief from there erections”

“Ma’m I sometimes do that when I’m alone in my room.” Joey candidly answered Mrs. McKinley; he was now at ease talking about these subjects.

“Joey would like me to do that for you?”

Joey was stunned at Mrs. McKinley’s offer; he could not get a word out of his mouth due to the shock of her offer.

“Would you like me to jerk you off, Joey” Cynthia now was being blunt.

“I I I would like that ma’m but what if someone sees us here” Joey stammered to a reply

“I’ll take care of that Joey, come to my cottage after you put out the fire. “ Cynthia instructed her student.

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