Teacher's Pet


There was something about his teacher that Carl found irresistible. He had a thing for older women, particularly ones who were lonely and sexually frustrated. Carl could always tell the ones that weren't getting enough cock. Mrs. O'Keefe definitely had that look in her eyes.

Mrs. O'Keefe had to be in her forties because her eighteen-year-old daughter, Katie, was in his class. However, she kept herself in excellent shape and could easily have passed for someone in their mid-thirties. Outwardly she tried to maintain a reserved and proper appearance, but there was a subtle hint of passion below the surface.

Karen O'Keefe found Carl an attractive student in the way teachers sometimes do. And why not? After all, she was allowed her fantasies. Carl was quite handsome and had a well-conditioned body he liked to display under his tight t-shirts and jeans.

Karen often masturbated while thinking about the things she would like Carl to do to her. It was about the only sexual outlet she had anymore. Her husband hardly ever touched her. Of course she would never allow Carl close enough to go through with any of her fantasies. She had a daughter and a husband. She was a respected member of the community. She felt guilty enough masturbating as often as she did.

Mr. O'Keefe was at least twenty years older than his wife. He was a Professor of Physics at the local college. Carl was sure that Mrs. O'Keefe hadn't been fucked in a long time, and probably had never been properly fucked. Carl figured that it was his duty to change all that. He just needed to get her alone.

One afternoon Carl waited until Mrs. O'Keefe headed out to her car after school. She was putting papers in the back seat. If he played his cards right he could hitch a ride and get her alone. After that he would have to play it by ear.

"Hello Mrs O. I got abandoned and don't have a way to get home. It's not much out of your way. Would you mind giving me a lift?"

She smiled at him and agreed without hesitation. After a few pleasantries, Carl steered the conversation to a more intimate subject.

"Mrs. O'Keefe, I need to talk to you about something personal. I can't talk to my parents but I need a grown up's advice. It's... well, Mrs. O'Keefe, I'm a little embarrassed but... it's about a woman."

"No need to be embarrassed Carl. What can I help you with?"

Karen smiled and was secretly pleased that he wanted to talk to her about girl problems. In fact, she was even a little excited that the conversation had moved in this direction and could feel her nipples swell.

"Well, you see, Mrs. O'Keefe, I... shoot I don't know how to say this... but there is this married woman living next door and... well, I think she likes me."

"Well that's nothing to be worried about, Carl. I mean you are a handsome young man. I'm sure she's just being friendly and doesn't mean anything. Is there something she does that makes you uncomfortable?"

Karen was becoming more excited as the conversation progressed. Apparently she wasn't the only one who masturbated over Carl.

"Well, not really uncomfortable, Mrs. O'Keefe. She asks me over to clean her pool when her husband is not home and wears the tiniest bikini I've ever seen. I mean, it's hard not to look and she does have a terrific body."

"Well there is nothing wrong with looking, Carl. I'm sure she appreciates it."

"Yeah, but sometimes she asks me to put suntan lotion on her back. She unfastens her top and purrs when my hands dig into her flesh. Well, Mrs. O'Keefe, I am a guy and you can imagine the effect this all has on me."

Karen's pussy was leaking as she imagined his cock getting hard. The conversation was getting a little uncomfortable.

"Perhaps you should talk to her about it and tell her it makes you uncomfortable."

"Oh, I didn't say it made me uncomfortable, Mrs. O'Keefe. I always look forward to cleaning her pool. I'm just not sure what I'm doing is right... you know, she being married and all."

"You haven't really done anything wrong, Carl. Don't worry about it."

"Well maybe not, but what about when she turns over on her back while I'm rubbing lotion onto her, and she doesn't have her top on and she puts my hands on her breasts. Is that wrong Mrs. O'Keefe?"

Karen was momentarily speechless and looking for a reply. Carl continued.

"Or what about when she puts her hand in my swim suit, or when she pulls down my trunks and puts me in her mouth, or when she pulls me on top of her and wraps her legs around me and we fuck. Is that wrong, Mrs. O'Keefe?"

Karen was confused and tried to control her breathing. Her pussy was dripping like crazy. Her lips trembled and her legs were shaking. She was searching for words but they just wouldn't come.

"Take the next left and follow it to the end."

Carl pointed to a road that he knew would eventually dead end in an empty field. Mrs. O'Keefe turned but her mind was still mush as erotic images of Carl fucking his neighbor swirled through her head. She needed to regain control but it was hopeless.

"Carl, I... um... it's not your fault, but..."

"The thing is, Mrs. O'Keefe, it's the best sex I've ever had. Nothing like the girls in high school. She goes so crazy and just can't get enough. I don't think her husband keeps her satisfied. It seems to me that she deserves what I give her. I mean just because she's married doesn't mean she has to stop enjoying life, does it? Do you think it's wrong, Mrs. O'Keefe?"

They reached the dead end. Karen stopped the car confused about what to do or say next. Carl reached over, turned off the motor and dropped his hand to her thigh.

"Does your husband keep you satisfied, Mrs. O'Keefe? Is there something you need from me?"

Carl's hand slid up her leg and under her skirt. Karen knew this was all wrong. She knew she had to stop this from getting out of control. That's what her head kept telling her, but her body was frozen. Carl's fingers pressed into the crotch of her damp panties. His fingertips rubbed along her slit and pressed against her clit. Karen could feel jolts of pleasure surge through her body. Karen kept telling herself that this was all wrong, but she felt her legs move apart almost as if they had a will of their own.

Carl's fingers moved under the damp crotch and into the folds of her tingling pussy. She gasped as two fingers pushed into her body. His thumb rubbed her clit while he finger fucked her cunt. Karen's breathing became unsteady. It was going to happen. She was going to have an orgasm.

Before she could cum, Carl pulled his fingers out of her pussy. Karen's head was spinning. She couldn't figure out what was happening. She needed to finish. Why did he stop? She was so close.

Suddenly a hand was under her blouse playing with her tits. At the same time he guided her hand over to his lap. She felt the naked flesh of his hard cock. She was more confused than ever. Her fingers wrapped around the swollen shaft. Karen stroked it slowly. A trickle of sticky fluid dripped onto her hand.

Carl was sure that the rest would be easy. Mrs. O'Keefe had done nothing to stop him. In fact she had cooperated every step of the way. He pushed her bra up over her tits and tweaked her hard nipples. He leaned over and put his lips on her neck, lightly biting and licking the sensitive skin. A gasp escaped her lips.

Carl sat up and moved his hand to the back of Mrs. O'Keefe's neck. He pulled her head down towards his cock. For the first time she showed some resistance. Carl applied more pressure until her head began to move. Karen realized that she had let things go too far. It had to stop. She tried to resist the pressure of his hand, but Carl was too strong.

"No... no... please... let me go..."

Then her eyes saw the magnificent cock her hand had been stroking. How many times had she masturbated while sucking her fingers and pretending it was Carl's cock? Here it was in front of her face, even more magnificent than she had imagined.

Karen struggled to pull away but Carl was much too strong. She stared at the smooth skin of the mushroom shaped tip as it came closer and closer. The temptation was too great and the tingling in her loins too powerful.

Karen opened her lips and let it slide into her mouth. The feel of his hard meat against her tongue was everything she had imagined. She swirled her tongue over the swollen tip. She explored the ridges and veins bulging from his hard flesh. When she felt him push against the back of her mouth, Karen used the skills she had learned in college and let his cock slide down her throat.

Carl let up on the pressure he had been applying to the back of Mrs. O'Keefe's head. She continued to aggressively lick and suck his cock. It was clear that she loved what she was doing and was good at it. He sat back and let it happen.

Karen felt the pressure from the back of her head go away. She knew this was the time to escape. Just a few more seconds, she told herself. Her pussy was dripping like crazy and demanded attention. Karen slipped two fingers under her panties and rubbed them hard against her slimy clit.

Her cock-sucking skills were so good that Carl could feel his balls quickly filling with cum. Her head bobbed aggressively up and down the length of his cock. She took him deep in her mouth and massaged him with her throat. He saw Mrs. O'Keefe furiously fingering her pussy at the same time. She was on fire.

It wasn't going to take much. The pressure in Karen's tummy had peaked. The feel of Carl's hard meat in her mouth and throat coupled with the sensations from her fingers on her clit and in her pussy had her head spinning. Just as she was about to explode, Carl put his hand back on her neck and thrust deep into her mouth. Karen felt his cock swell between her lips and knew what was about to happen.

Her body stiffened. Karen squeezed her thighs against her fingers. A scream tried to escape from her throat. Hot cum exploded into her mouth. Pussy juice flooded her panties and trickled over her ass. More cum blasted into her mouth. She could feel it drool from her lips.

Carl pulled her off his cock and pumped a stream of cum between her eyes. Another blast shot up the side of her nose and into her hair. Carl watched cum pour from Mrs. O'Keefe's mouth as she gasped and moaned in orgasm. This was the best blowjob he had ever had.

As her orgasm subsided, Karen realized what she had done. Sex with a student under any circumstances was strictly forbidden. She could lose her job. Even worse, she could possibly go to jail, although she knew that Carl was eighteen. What if her daughter or husband found out? It would destroy her family. She had to get out of there.

"Oh my god... oh shit... thank you, Mrs. O'Keefe. That was the best ever. Look, give me a few minutes and then I will satisfy you the way you satisfied me."

She had regained her senses and knew she had to act quick. She was the grown-up here and she was going to take charge.

"Carl, what happened was a mistake," replied Mrs. O'Keefe while wiping cum from her face. "If you ever say anything I will deny it, and I'm pretty sure my word will be believed over yours. Now get out of the car."

Carl couldn't believe what he was hearing. She had enjoyed sucking his cock as much as he had enjoyed her doing it to him. She even had an orgasm using her own fingers. And now she was calling this a mistake. Something was wrong.

"Look, Mrs. O'Keefe, I know that you enjoyed having my fingers in your pussy and sucking my cock. You think that was a mistake? Are you trying to tell me your husband makes you feel those things, Mrs. O'Keefe? Well I don't believe it. I don't think you really want me to leave."

Karen had enjoyed those things and it was true, her husband never satisfied her even when they fucked, which was hardly ever. She knew Carl could give her the satisfaction she so desperately craved, but she also knew it was completely out of the question. She would go back to her fingers and vibrators.

"Get out, Carl. I'm not going to ask you again. We'll pretend like this never happened."

Karen leaned over and opened the passenger door. Carl didn't budge. Karen put her hands on his shoulder and pushed.

"Go. Don't make a scene."

Carl was fuming. Mrs. O'Keefe couldn't just throw him out like a dog. Not after what he'd done for her. He grabbed her hand and bent her fingers back until she grimaced with pain. With his other hand he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. His face was inches from hers.

"Don't do this to yourself Mrs. O'Keefe. We don't have to play games. You know you want my cock in your pussy. It's going to happen one way or another so you may as well enjoy it."

Now Karen was scared. She hadn't expected this kind of a reaction from Carl. She realized that she had to get away quickly before he hurt her. She yanked her head free and bit him on the arm until he let her go. Karen found the door handle and tried to scramble from the car. Carl grabbed her skirt. She felt it rip free from her body as she fell onto the ground next to the car.

Karen began to run but only got a few steps before Carl grabbed her arm and jerked her back. He threw her forcefully against the car. Karen put out her arms to break the impact. Carl slammed up behind her, twisted her arm behind her back, put his other hand on the back of her neck and slammed her face down on the hood.

"Ms. O'Keefe, you're making this difficult. You don't have to be ashamed about your feelings. You know you want my cock. Now quit fighting it."

Karen was barely able to move. Carl unbuckled his pants and let them fall to the ground. He ripped her panties from her body and pressed his cock into the crack between her ass cheeks. It was already hard. Karen knew she was about to get fucked.

"No Carl... please. I have a husband. I can't do this. Please stop. I won't say anything. Let's just both leave and forget any of this ever happened."

Carl didn't respond to her plea. He kicked her feet apart and positioned the head of his cock at the juicy entrance to her pussy. Unable to move, Karen closed her eyes and waited for it to happen. Carl shoved hard. Her pussy was still wet from her orgasm and easily opened for his hard meat until it was completely buried up her cunt.

Karen tried to pretend that nothing was happening. He could fuck her, but she was determined not to respond. Her body betrayed her. When she felt his big cock drive deep into her pussy Karen realized that she had not been filled like that in a long time... maybe ever. He pulled out and slammed back into her cunt. A small gasp escaped from her throat. Without thinking she tilted her ass in the air so he could go even deeper.

Carl took his hand from her neck, but kept her arm twisted behind her back as he continued to plow his cock into her hot pussy. He looked down and watched his hard shaft, dripping with juices from her cunt, slide in and out between her ass cheeks. When she tilted her ass and pushed back against his cock he began to pound into her harder and faster.

Karen could feel the pressure building in her tummy. She was going to cum. The cock pounding her cunt was driving her crazy. She could feel his balls slapping against her clit. Her breathing became more and more erratic. She moved her ass as he fucked her trying to draw his cock deeper and deeper. Words began to spew from her mouth.

"Fuck me... yes... fuck me harder... god I love your cock... ooooohhhhhh... fuck me..."

"Yeah baby... your cunt is so hot... I'm going to fuck you 'til you can't stand."

Carl let go of her arm and grabbed her hair jerking her head back. He slammed his cock up her cunt so hard that he practically lifted her off the ground. She was shouting one obscenity after another. He grabbed her tit and squeezed her nipple hard. Karen's body stiffened. She screamed. Her pussy clenched his cock and gushed a flood of cuntjuice down his shaft and over his balls.

Carl spun her drained body around so she was facing him and shoved his cock back into her dripping pussy. He looked into her glazed over eyes and watched her head jerk each time he slammed into her body.

Karen was possessed. It was as if a strange and reckless woman had taken over her body. She had become an animal. She couldn't get enough of this young man's cock. The schoolteacher and wife and mother had faded into the background. She was his whore, his fuck toy.

Karen moved a finger down to her clit. She could feel his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She gazed at him with a wild look in her eyes.

"Fuck me... make me cum... oh yeah... harder... fuck me harder... shove your big cock up my cunt... aaaaaaahhhhhhh... oh fuck... yeeeeessssss..."

She bit her lip as her fingers furiously rubbed her clit. She wrapped a leg around his thigh. Another explosion was building in her pussy. She shoved two fingers into her mouth and sucked on them. Her eyes never left Carl's.

"Oh god Mrs. O'Keefe... your pussy is so hot... aaahhhhh yeeesss... god I love fucking you..."

Carl could feel cum churning in his balls. His hands slipped down to the cheeks of her ass and lifted her off the ground. Karen wrapped both legs around his thighs and leaned back against the car. Carl slipped his middle finger between her cheeks until her found the tight nub of her asshole. He pressed until it pushed inside.

Karen had never had anyone play with her asshole before but she was too high and out of control to do anything but enjoy it. She could feel a huge explosion building. Her fingers rubbed her clit faster and faster. Carl's finger pushed deeper into her ass.

"Cum in me, Carl... I want to feel your cum squirting into my pussy... oh fuck yes... finger my ass... oooohhhhhhhh... I'm going to cum... oh god... here it cums..."

Karen clawed at his chest as her pussy clenched tightly around Carl's swollen cock. She felt hot cum squirt into her pussy. She threw her head back. A scream pierced the air around them. More cum pumped into her cunt. An explosion began in her belly and ripped through her body. Juices gushed from her cunt. Another explosion ripped through her. His cock continued to hammer her pussy and spray cum into her dripping cunt.

They were both drained. Carl held her with his cock still buried in her pussy until he caught his breath. He finally put her down and pulled on his pants.

"That was the best ever, Mrs. O. I gotta get home, but I'll see you in class. Maybe we can do this again tomorrow afternoon."

Karen could barely stand. Her knees were wobbly as she staggered back toward the car door. Cum and cunt juice were streaming down her legs. Her panties were ripped beyond repair and her skirt was torn. She finally managed to wrap it around her waist so it would stay in place. She slipped into the driver's seat and fumbled for the keys. Then she broke down and cried.

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She let him cum in her i hope she got pregnant with his kid in her cunt.

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