tagIncest/TabooTeaching Danielle

Teaching Danielle


I guess you could say, in an odd way, I was asking for it.

I was masturbating early one morning, around 6 or so, and while I am normally quite...ahem... "vocal," I have gotten pretty adept at cumming silently when the children are in the house. But this time, I just couldn't contain myself. I was reading an e-mail that my cyberlover, Mike, had sent me. Attached to it was a picture of him fucking his ass with a small vibrator. That just sent me over the edge. He hadn't warned me that he'd be sending it and I became instantly horny. I started touching my cunt and moaning, feeling the wetness that invariably begins whenever I receive even the most innocuous message from My Mike.

I don't know how long Danielle had been standing there. It could have been a few seconds. It could have been several minutes. But when I heard her say, in a groggy voice, "Mum, are you all right?" I nearly fell off my chair.

"Danielle, honey! What are you doing up?" I asked, trying to sound as if it was perfectly normal for me to be caught masturbating with a picture of a man fucking his asshole with a vibrator up on the computer screen.

"Are you all right?" she repeated. "I thought I heard you crying." Ah, Danielle. Although she was 18, she was quite naïve regarding sex so it was not surprising that she might confuse the throes of orgasm with crying.

"I'm fine, love. Now go back to sleep." But Danielle wasn't budging. Her eyes were looking past me at the image on my computer screen. Damn! I was normally so careful to have something innocent to ALT-TAB to in case one of the girls came into the room. But this time I was caught completely unaware.

"What is THAT?" she said, pointing at the screen, speaking in the "ohmygodi'mtotallygrossedout voice" that teenage girls seem to have invented. She moved a step forward. A gasp of recognition arose in her throat. "Oh....my....God! Is that what I think it is? Ewwwwwwww!" I was left totally speechless. I felt for an instant as if our roles had switched and that I was the naughty child caught by her parent with a hand in the cookie jar. I didn't know whether to hide the picture on the screen or leave it there. I decided on the latter. You see, I have always been very open and honest with my three girls about sexuality and I didn't want to foment any feelings that sex was dirty or wrong – the way my own parents had done when I was a young girl. I sighed, looked at Danielle and said, "Darling, I can't lie to you. I was masturbating. You remember what that is, don't you?"

Danielle clucked and laughed. "Of course, mum! My friends talk about it all the time, except they call it 'wanking' or 'jerking off'."

To hear my daughter use such coarse language shocked me and, for reasons I didn't understand at the time, also turned me on a bit. I think I may have even blushed. "Yes," I laughed nervously, "that's right." Then I began to wonder if Danielle knew a bit more than I realized. "Danielle, sit down and let's talk, sweetie, ok?" She sat quietly at my feet, cross-legged. "Now Danielle, you know you can talk to me about anything, right?"

"Yes, mum."

"And that includes things like masturbation and sex, ok?"


"Let me ask you something, dear," I continued. "Have you ever masturbated?"

It was Danielle's turn to blush. After a moment looking at the floor, she looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes of hers and said, "well...kind of."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well I touch my....my....thing...sometimes when I'm in bed at night."

"Your vagina, you mean?"

"Um...yeah...only I hate that word! It sounds so...scronky." I had not heard the term, "scronky" before, since it was clearly one of the new words her peers had invented to keep their parents continually in the dark about what they were saying, but used in context, the meaning of "scronky" was pretty clear.

"Well there are other words you can use...I call it my 'cunt'...or my 'pussy'...only some people don't like those words so I wouldn't use those in front of adults. But around here, you can say cunt and pussy all you want."

"Cunt," Danielle said, slowly. "Pussy." She drew the syllables out slowly, rolling them around in her mouth as if tasting a new food. She giggled. "My cunt! My pussy!" she shouted. "My cunt! My pussy! I love it!"

"Shhhhhhh! Hush! You'll wake your sisters!" I said, trying not to burst into a fit of giggling.

"Mum, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, baby."

"How do I know if I have had an orgasm?"

"Oh, Danielle, believe me, you'll know it! An orgasm...or cumming...is one of the most...no THE most wonderful feeling you can ever experience. There's no mistaking it. You feel as if your entire body is electrified!"


"Yes, Danielle."

"I don't think I have ever had an orgasm. Could you show me how?"

The blood instantly ran from my face. My mouth grew suddenly very dry. I opened it to speak and could only croak. "Um...well...." How on earth was I going to be The World's Greatest Mom and instill a healthy outlook toward sex in this situation? To say no might deliver the wrong message to Danielle. It might make her think that her mum was unapproachable or that masturbation was dirty or evil. On the other hand, to comply with Danielle's request was not only a bit unorthodox, it was practically incest!

Before I had another second to think, I heard my voice say, "All right, Danielle, let me show you how to make yourself cum." "Super!" Danielle exclaimed. "Where do we start?"

"Well first of all," I replied, let's both go into the bedroom. Wouldn't want your sisters seeing this. They're still a bit young to understand these kinds of things."

I took Danielle's hand and led her into the bedroom with its large, king-sized bed. I closed the door behind us and locked it. My heart was pounding in my chest. "Let's both get undressed. It'll be easier that way." We each pulled our nightgowns over our heads and stood naked before each other. Danielle was definitely becoming a beautiful young woman. She had seen me naked many times before. It wasn't unusual for all four of us to walk around the house naked. But we never took the time to really look at each other in our nakedness. Danielle seemed absolutely transfixed at my grown-up woman's body.

"Wow, mum, you have a lot more hair on your...cunt....than I do! And look how small my breasts are next to yours!" She stood next to me in front of the full-length mirror, mother and daughter side by side, and compared her tits to mine. First, she cupped a hand over one of her own breasts. Then as if to compare, she reached over and placed her hand over my right tit. I nearly jumped ten meters. "Oh, I'm sorry, mum! Did I hurt you?" Danielle asked.

"No, dear, your hands are just a bit cold!" I answered, trying to keep my cool. The truth was, the touch of my daughter's hand on my breast and the situation we were now in was, inexplicably, turning me on. I could feel the wetness growing between my legs and feared that, before long, Danielle would be able to smell the musky scent of my sex.

"OK, now let's sit next to each other on the bed so I can show you how I make myself have an orgasm."

We sat side by side on the edge of the bed and I spread my legs apart and proceeded to lightly run the middle finger of my right up my slit, and then just as slowly back down. Danielle watched intently. Then, very gradually, I began to spread my cunt lips apart and probe my cunt hole, which was becoming moister by the second. I slid my finger inside myself as far as it would go, closing my eyes and relishing the ecstasy of it, almost forgetting that my 18-year-old daughter was still next to me watching my every move. "Go ahead, Danielle darling, do what I am doing." Danielle nodded slowly, eyes still glued to my masturbatory movements, and spread her own lanky legs apart and began to stroke her own pussy just as I had done a few seconds earlier. But she hadn't gotten it exactly right and I reached over to place my own hand over hers to guide her. I felt the skin of her labia brush against my fingers as I helped Danielle and it was hot and damp, like my own lips, but much smaller. Whatever I was doing, Danielle was definitely enjoying it because I could see her nipples grow hard and her breathing became shallower. "Mmmmmmm...that feels goooood!" Danielle said, huskily.

"See? You're learning already. Now let me show you where your clit is. Because that's where you can really make yourself feel good!" I motioned for Danielle to look at my pussy as I spread my outer lips and exposed the little hood of skin at the top of my vagina. And peeking out from it was a tiny button that had grown very erect with all this touching and talking, and even glistened a bit in the light. "This is my clitoris, Danielle."

"Where, mum? I don't see it! Where is your clitoris?"

"Here, love, come sit on the floor in front of me where you can see it better." Danielle instantly assumed the cross-legged position before me. Once again, I spread my cunt lips for her and pointed my manicured fingernail at my clit. Danielle leaned forward a bit to see more clearly. She got close enough that I could feel her warm breath against my cunt, which only helped to enhance my state of arousal. Before I knew it, Danielle began touching my cunt, trying to pinpoint the location of my clit. It was purely an innocent action on her part, but the effect of my own daughter touching my clit was too much for me to handle and I lost all sense of decorum or time and space and clamped my legs around her hand and began humping against it furiously..."Mmmmmmmm Danielle, yes that's it my baby.... you've found my clit! Keep doing that baby...my loves what you're doing to her." Instead of pulling back in shock, as one might expect an 18-year-old to do in such a circumstance, Danielle seemed to enjoy what her ministrations were doing to me. She rubbed her smooth finger against my clit and even reached down inside my cunt to bring up some of my moisture, a technique I used on myself regularly...and then I exploded. My cunt began to spasm and a waves of pleasure arose from between my legs and ran up to my nipples and then down my extremities. My eyes were closed, my head thrown back and I began to pinch my nipples with both hands to make the pleasure last. "Ohhhhhhhhh Goddddddd!" I cried out in a stage-whisper...trying so hard not to scream out as was my wont when the kids weren't around.

We were both speechless for about 30 seconds. The only sound was my breathing which was beginning to slow down after my orgasm.

Danielle spoke first: "That was incredible! Can you do that to me?"

"Are you sure, darling?" I really wanted her to feel what I had just felt, but there was that guilty feeling lurking in the background.

"Please, mum! I love you and I am so lucky to have a mother who I can share these things with and who'll show me about sex. Please make me cum!"

Without a word, I stood up from the bed and motioned for Danielle to lie down on her back. I lay down next to her, on my side, and whispered, "Just relax and enjoy this, Danielle." She closed her eyes as I placed my hand on the inside of her thigh and moved it upward slowly. When I made the first contact with my daughter's soft, warm pussy, she flinched a bit and gasped. "Relax, baby. I won't hurt you. I'm going to make you feel soooo good because she loves you."

I began running my middle finger along the length of her slit and was in awe of how soft the skin was there. Instinctively, Danielle spread her legs apart a bit to give me better access. Up and down slowly my finger traced her pussy lips, gradually applying a bit more pressure which caused the lips to spread apart and I could already feel her cunt begin to get damp. She was moaning softly and pressing her pussy against my finger, humping it, really and it amazed me how that action seemed so easy for her, so instinctual. I watched her face as I fingered her and saw that her roseate nipples were hardening like cherry pits and I couldn't help myself...I had to take one into my mouth. I leaned over and took the nipple between my lips and kissed it softly. Danielle moaned with pleasure. Then, I started to suck it and, at the same time, inserted my finger inside her cunt. It was absolutely dripping with her juices now and I had no trouble pushing in the full length until I encountered some resistance and Danielle gasped in pain. "Ow! That hurt!" Apparently, I had forgotten that my daughter still had her hymen. "Oh, Danielle! I'm so sorry! I completely forgot that you haven't lost your hymen yet! Just lie back and I will make you feel better."

It was at this point that I began to bring some of the moisture from her pussy up to her clit, just as I do with my own cunt, and she began to moan even louder now...a husky, sexy moan that sounded nothing like the daughter I had borne and raised. She spread her legs even wider now and began to caress both of her nipples as she humped my hand. I was so lost in passion and sexual electricity at this point that my other hand was frigging my own cunt just as vigorously as I was Danielle's.

Then, suddenly, something came over me and I found myself switching my position on the bed by 180 degrees and pulling my daughter on top of me so that her young, virgin cunt was right in my face and her mouth was just inches from my own womanhood. "Oh darling Danielle, it's beautiful! You have the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen. Even prettier than mine! Let me kiss it!"

Danielle said, breathily, "yes, mum...kiss my cunt...and I'll kiss yours too....show me how to do it..."

I pulled her body downward so that her pussy was pressing right against my lips and I began to fuck her with my tongue. She tasted almost spicy...quite different from my own cunt juices. I couldn't get enough of her. "Slide your tongue in my cunt, Danielle...fuck me with your tongue!" I cried out.

Instantly, I felt Danielle's soft, warm tongue enter me and begin to probe me a bit hesitantly at first but as her confidence grew, she was soon tongue-fucking her mum as if she had been doing it for years. The air in the room was rich with our intermingling sexual scents as we licked and probed each other with abandon. God, it felt so wonderful. How could this possibly be wrong, to give my daughter pleasure and show her my love this way? Our bodies rocked back and forth in unison as we ate each other out and Danielle was an apt pupil. She mirrored everything I did perfectly, kissing the hood of my clit as I did the same to hers, sucking on the little nubbin gently as I did, and then flicking it with the tip of her tongue, just like I was doing to her.

"Ohhhh Danielle! It feels sooo good! You're going to make me cum! I love you soooo!" I cried.

"Mmmmmm mummy! I love you too! I think I'm getting close to cumming!"

"Mmmmmmm me too, baby! So close! Sooooo fucking close!"

"Oh, fuck me harder with your tongue mummy! FUCK ME!"

Hearing my daughter talk that way did it. I exploded in orgasm against my daughter's now-expert lips grabbing hold of her ass cheeks as my body spasmed with pleasure for at least 15 seconds before I heard a little cry of joy from Danielle's end of the bed and then "Oooooooooohhhhh I'm cummmmmming! Cumming! It's sooooooo good!" and a gush of fluid came from my daughter's cunt and covered my mouth and I eagerly lapped away, pressing her cunt against me so as not to lose a single drop. We orgasmed together so beautifully, mother and daughter in the most intimate, forbidden expression of love imaginable.

A few minutes later, when we both came back to earth, Danielle climbed off of me and scampered next to me on the bed, resting her head against my breast, with one leg wrapped around one of my legs. I stroked her beautiful blonde hair, kissed her, as we both, mother and daughter, drifted off into a new, unexplored dreamland.

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