tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeasing Secretary Gets Hers

Teasing Secretary Gets Hers

byThe tease©

Jane was proud of the way she looked and liked what she saw as she moved in front of the full-length mirror. She was a secretary at a large advertising firm and she rose through the organization rapidly and was now one of two secretaries for the VP of sales. She knew this was in no small part to her figure.

She was in contact all day with businessmen, artist, photographers, and high rollers. She loved that they all seemed to hit on her or be tongue tied and fidgety. She loved that she could turn men into putty so easily. She was a rare woman who understood what a man really wants. She understood men really wanted a sexual image that they could fixate on the moment they were cumming. The one sexual image that is so powerful it would put them over the edge. That’s why men went to strip clubs, to get that visual image.

She was more than happy to oblige. She loved to dress revealing outfits at work. She would bend or stretch to allow men to look down her blouse or catch a glimpse of the top of her stocking.

She had never had sex with anyone associated with work and felt she never would. It added fuel to the fire when these important men found out she refused all offers. It made them yearn for her even more.

She loved her new red suit. It fit her five’ 8’ frame perfectly. The jacket was low cut in front and she wore a white blouse would open and allow a great view of her cleavage. She leaned forward as she would to get her phone on her desk and her white blouse parted and anyone Standing in front of her desk would get eyeful of her breast. They were pressed together and thrust forward.

You could clearly see her nipples though the fabric of the bra. She stood back up, her top fell back into place, and she returned to the look of a businesswoman. If you weren’t right in front of her, you would never know.

The skirt was so tiny it was barely there. It barely covered the tops of her stockings when she stood straight up. She sat down in the chair facing the mirror. She turned to the side. Her skirt rode up perfectly so all of her stocking top was showing and just a small triangle of flesh showed above the stocking. She turned facing the mirror and crossed her legs. She could see the garters running up the back of her crossed leg and lots of thigh. She smiled at how sexy she looked.

She parted her legs slowly so her panties came into view. She parted them a little more, the frilly lace around the slit in her panties opened, and her slit was in full view. It was perfect. She moved around a little more the got up and bent over and grabbed the seat of the chair. She had file cabinets behind her desk she regularly bent over at the waist to file stuff when men where around.

She could see the skirt rose just above the top of her ass and her pussy was perfectly framed by the top of her stockings, the straps of her garter and the lace around her panties. She knew no man could resist this treat. She wiggled her ass a little bit. She looked perfect.

She was excited about going to work today. It was the company Christmas party and by lunch, everyone would be drinking. She wanted to make every man in the office drool over her today. This was the perfect outfit for it.

She scampered out of the house and flew down the driveway in a hurry to get to work. She was getting horny just thinking about how much fun today would be. She pulled out into traffic and absent-mindly let her hand fall on her leg. She started to slowly run her hand up and down her leg going a little higher each time. Soon she was lightly brushing her clit with the tips of her fingers.

Her mind drifted back to last Friday. She had been assigned to be the elf for the children’s gift giving party. She was also tasked with finding a Santa. Since it was on the Saturday before Christmas, everyone had declined. That is until she came up with an idea.

She went to a lingerie store and found the sexist elf costume she could find. She brought a second outfit in a bag and wore the elf costume underneath a long coat. Her fist victim was her boss. She loved the look on her face when she entered his office without the coat.

The top of her outfit was a green vest that exposed her midriff and did little to cover her large breast. Without a bra the swayed and bounced with each step. She had on red and white striped tights and a skirt that was several inches above the bottom of her ass and flared straight out from her hips at a forty-five degree angle.

She started out with, “As you know, I have been trying really, really, hard to find the right man to cum and play Santa Saturday.”

With that she leaned back against the door and shut it. She turned around and bent at the waist making an elaborate gesture to lock the door. She knew her skirt was ridding up and he could get a full view of the outline of her pussy through her thin tights. She pretended to fumble with the lock and rocked her ass back and forth. Her ass swayed seductively for a few moments until she finally got the door locked. She turned and smiled knowing the effect the display had on him. She moved toward him like a cat and had a playful smile on her face.

“Since I have to find the biggest and best Santa I am going to look for one with the best lap to sit in.”

With that she was around his desk and pulled his chair back from his desk. She plopped on his right leg making sure her thigh was in contact with his privates.

She put her am on the back of the chair and leaned forward. She could see his eyes were locked on her tits. They were inches from his nose. She pulled on the bottom of her vest and the top of her areola poked out of her top. She felt his hand slide around her waist.

She leaned even closer pressing her tits in his face and whispered to him, “Isn’t Santa going to ask me if I’ve been a good little girl? I’ll bet Santa wants to know how good I can be to him. Does Santa want to find out for all the good things I can do for him?”

She could feel his small cock start to harden against her leg. She laughed and threw her head back. This gave her the opportunity to slide the outside of her thigh up and down his hard-on as she shifted around. He immediately started to hump his cock against her thigh.

She then turned away from him so her breast would land in the hand he had around her. Without moving his hand, he suddenly had it cupping her right breast. He squeezed and stocked it gentle. She let it linger there for a moment then turned back facing him removing his hand. Her thigh fell against his cock again.

“Or maybe Santa would like to tell me what he wants for Christmas.” She said reaching up with her hand to stoke the hair on his temples. Her tits were jiggling and swaying in his face as she stroke his head. “Poor Santa. He works soooo hard all day long. Santa needs someone to relieve the stress. I can feel how stressed you are Santa.”

She smiled seductively and let her thigh press hard against his cock and she stroked his temple. She slid her leg back and forth when as she played with his hair.

“Santa has to climb up and down… and up and down… and up and down…all night loooong. Sliding it in and out... and in and out...and in and out of all those tight little chimneys. She started to increase the stroke of her thigh against his cock. She was practically bouncing up and down on his lap.

“Faster and faster Santa has to go. It gets harder and harder to deliver all those packages. It must be sooo hard to keep it up all night long!”

She could feel him really bucking his little cock against her hip. She felt he was close.

And does anyone ask Santa what he wants?” She continued, “No! I think its time Santa got what he always wanted!”

He reached up with the hand behind her and grabbed her breast. She cupped one hand over it. His other hand tried to reach between her legs but she reached down, grabbed his hand, and placed the palm against her thigh.

“So what do you think big boy, Can you cum for me…or play with me…I mean will you cum be my Santa?”

She held him there. He was just inches from his target. She waited. He finally slumped back in his chair.

“No, I’m afraid I can’t. My mother-in law has this lunch planned…”

“Ahh, too bad. As an elf, I have to whatever Santa tells me to do. I would just lay back and let Santa do anything he wants to me. And I mean ANYTHING!

With that she shifted her weight and made his chair tilt backward. She turned and lifted his hand off her leg stood in front of him. She tried to look utterly disappointed and sad. She started to move toward the door.

“Well, sorry you can’t make it with me as Santa. I guess I need to interview more laps to see if I can find a Santa.”

As she was closing the door he heard her mumbling something about how he could meet her after her mother-in-laws lunch but she could have cared less.


She laughed thinking about how wound up he got. She was fingering her pussy and was shoving a finger deep into her cunt. She had the cruise control on and was leaning back in her seat and had her legs spread wide open

A freeway interchange was coming up so she moved to the right hand lane next to the exiting lane and slowed for a trucker. She rode beside him and let him get a good view of her stroking her pussy. They rode next to each other for a mile or so until he was forced to turned off. He honked his horn in gratitude as he veered away.

She drifted back to her thoughts again. There was one man at work she often thought about dating. Big Ed. He was well built, tall, handsome, and rugged. He worked out and always seemed tanned. He was of course also married.

She knew he loved to look at her. He would stand at her desk and talk to her a couple of times a day. She always made sure she had filing to do when he came around. He would put one leg on the side of her desk and sit talking to her. All the time watching her as she bent over the cabinets and put files away. He could spend hours doing nothing but staring at her ass.

A couple of times she had turned around quickly and caught a glimpse of his massive cock before he could cover up. It turned her on he was so well hung. God how she loved a man with a big huge fucking hard cock. She often daydreamed about how his massive cock would feel inside her.

She loved to flirt and tease him. After sitting on a few other pencil dick laps in her elf costume and getting them, hot and bothered she finally went to see Big Ed. She already had a Santa but wanted Big Ed to see her in her elf costume.

By this time she got to his office, she was on overload, dripping with anticipation. She entered his office and fell back against the door. She reached both hands behind her and locked it, leaning forward as she did.

She smiled at him. He could see down her top. The look on his face said it all. She knew he just wanted to fuck her and fuck her hard.

“Big Ed, I have a tiny little problem.” She said. “I need to find a Santa for Saturday and nothing is working out. All the tiny guys want to do it with me but they have these tiny little laps. I need a man to play Santa with a big…hard…firm…lap. I’ve noticed before you can get big. Would you mind if I sat on your lap and see how good it feels?” she asked.

“Sure. Always willing to do anything I can do for Christmas.” he said pushing his chair back from his desk.

She walked in front of him and turned around with her ass facing him. She leaned forward and placed her hands on his desk. She then bent at the waist giving him the full view of her ass.

As she started to let herself fall backward into his lap, she felt his hands on her waist. Instead of sitting on his thigh, he directed her to the middle of his lap. Her soft round ass made contact with a cock and her pulled her hard against his massive hard-on.

She thought it was fully hard but it continued to grow. Wen fully erect it was at least ten inches long and thick as a pool cue.

“Oh my.” She said as her ass made contact with his cock. He used his hands on her waist to side her up and down the length of his cock. She was still trying to figure out how large it was by squeezing it with her ass cheeks when he slid both hands up to cup her breast.

“Now this is a great Santa lap. See how well we fit together?” she asked. She was now sliding her ass up and down on his thick cock as he squeezed and fondled her breast. She knew she should stop but she couldn’t.

She felt his right hand move to her thigh. He slided his hand under her skirt and found her pussy. When she didn’t object he started moving his fingers against her clit. Her pussy was straining through the tights to trying to get his finger into her pussy.

Soon he was using her ass to jerk his cock, stroking her pussy and taking turns groping her breast. She was so excited she bent forward so her pussy would come into contact with his cock. His hand slid her vest off and I fell under the desk. Soon he was cupping her breast and tweaking her nipples as she rode him.

“Looks like we found out what Big Ed wants for Christmas!” she said in a husky voice. “It looks like Big Ed wants to bend me over his desk and take out that big fat cock and fuck my pussy with that big hard cock. Would you fuck me really hard, Big Ed, just bend me over and fuck me as hard as you can?”

“Oh fuck yes!” he replied. “I’ve been dreaming forever of fucking you. I want to fuck you so bad.”

“Well big boy this is you one chance.” She said.

“He moved her off of his lap and pushed her face first over the desk. He kicked her feet apart and yanked her tights down. She was rocking her hips in circular motions. He started at her ass as he undid his zipper. She heard his pants hit the floor and was ready for the fuck of her life.

He stepped forward and was just about to slam his cock home. Just then the intercom went off, “Big Ed, your wife is here for lunch.” his secretary announced.

“Oh fuck!” he said moving to pull up his pants and pull up his zipper. Before he could get to the intercom his secretary said, “I’ll send her in.”

Shit!” he said.

She dove under the desk face first. She was on her hands and knees with her ass sticking out from underneath the desk. She looked back at him over her shoulder. She knew she was in the perfect position for a man to sit in his chair and fuck a woman under his desk. An absolute fantasy of any business man.

He quickly pulled his chair in front of him to hide his raging cock but made sure not to block the view. In that one instant before his wife opened the door, he could see in front of him his perfect fantasy. Jane with her ass in the air under his desk ready to fuck. Then she did something to completely blow his mind.

She reached back, spread her pussy lips with one hand, and started stroking her pussy with the other. Her knees were together with her legs to each side. She was rotating her hips to the rhythm of her fingers.

It was an awesome sight and one he would picture every time he came from that moment forward.

He heard the door opened and his wife entered. “Ready to go?” she asked.

“Just let me get my coat.” He replied grabbing his jacket and holding it in front of him as they left for lunch.


She was really at it now in the car thinking about Big Al’s cock. Rubbing her pussy and jamming two fingers into her cunt. She was leaning back in her seat to get better access. She was thinking how close she had come to breaking her vow and letting someone at work fuck her. If his wife hadn’t of shown up five minutes before she was suppose to Jane would have let the teasing go to far.

The thought of Big Ed getting the opportunity to shove his big hard cock into her finally pushed her over the edge. She started to finger herself rapidly. She was going to cum hard.

“Stick that big fucking hard cock into me Big Ed,” she cried, “Of yes fuck my pussy, ohhhhhhhhh. Fuck me hard!” Her fingers were flashing in and out of her cunt.

Ohhhhh, yea, fuck ya, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssssssss!” she came hard rocking back and forth in her seat. She fucked herself until her orgasm was over then slowly slid her fingers out of her pussy. She pulled into the parking lot just as she finished and thought this was going to be one exciting day. She didn’t know how right she was.

Chapter 2

The morning dragged on nothing like she thought it was going to be. There was a big meeting with all the top executives in a conference room in another building. Jane had been left alone to answer the phones and show the caterers where to out the food and stuff.

She was bored and disappointed there was no one to tease. She kept her spirits up thinking there might be some hot young stud among the food delivery boys.

“I guess I better make copies of this report.” She said to no one and headed for the copy room. She raised the lid of the copy machine and nasty thoughts came to head. She looked around and decided to close the door. Going back to the machine she lifted the lid, leaned over, and laid her breast on the copier.

“How ‘bout this for a company Christmas card?” she laughed rubbing her breast all over the glass.

“Enjoy BOTH our upcoming holidays.” She said with a laugh, then quickly became bored with the idea of leaving breast shots on peoples chairs. “No incriminating evidence.” She said.

The report she was copying was bound so she had to flip each page manually. She stopped paying attention after a few copies and when she reached for the report, she bumped it. It accidentally fell behind the copier.

“Damn,” she muttered. She went to each side of the copier and tried to reach around behind the copier but couldn’t get a good enough grip on the manual to lift it out. She stood back from the copier and thought for a moment.

Next to the row of mailboxes, there was a single wooden step. It was used for people to stand on and reach the top boxes. Eyeing the single step she grabbed and placed it in front of the copier. She climbed up on step and reached over and behind the copier. She knew her ass was fully exposed but no one was here.

She looked back at the door to make sure it was still closed. She smiled when she new she was alone.

“Here I am. Come and get me!” she wiggled her ass playfully in the air to no one.

“What a waste.” She said and reached further over the copier to get the report. She could feel her skirt ride up and knew her pussy was exposed. She reached the tip of the manual. She tugged but it didn’t budge.

“Com’n. Come of there.” She said encouraging it. “You’re in there so tight you don’t want to come out do you… Like it tight, eh?”

She tugged at the corner and her hand kept slipping off. It reminded her of stroking a cock for some reason.

“Ya like that don’t ya? Ya like my hand sliding against you, don’t you? Come here you little bugger and let me get a firm grip on you,” she said.

She started tugging rhythmically pulling on the report hoping to dislodge it. That’s why she didn’t see him or hear him come in. He opened the door wide and stop cold in his tracks at the sight before him. He quickly and quietly closed the door and stood behind her. He marveled at the sight before him.

Her she was, standing on a stool to stretched over the copier. Her legs were perfectly shaped and covered in black stockings. She was on her tiptoes in four-inch red heels with thin straps that wrapped around her ankles.

The stockings stopped about six inches below her pussy. The straps of her garters ran across both cheeks of her ass. Her ass was perfectly framed by her tight skirt stretched across her ass. He could see her pussy lips through the slit in her panties.

He was stroking his cock though his pants with one hand as he reached behind him to lock the door with the other and watched. As she rocked back and forth, her pussy kept coming in and out of view. When she leaned back her panties spread and he could see the outline of her pussy lips. When she pushed forward her panties closed and her pussy was hidden from view. She was paying hide and seek with her pussy.

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