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Teasing Wife


On our second trip to our friend Gary's cabin in Payson, Scott and I planned for a repeat performance in Gary's game room. I was anxious to fuck Gary; however, as a lady, a good wife, and a soul-mate, I tended to my wonderful husband first. I stood across from Scott, on the other side of the pool table. When I leaned forward to size up my next shot I could feel my breasts trying to spill out of my bra. I looked up at Scott and ran just the tip of my sweet pink tongue over my lips. That's when I noticed he was looking at my big round tits. I glanced down and saw just the edge of my rosy nipples peaking out. My nipples got hard just watching him watch me, so I stood back up and walked around the table, brushing my hand over his chest when I passed him. I spread my feet and leaned forward over the table again. This time with my back to him, I let my short skirt hike up over my ass cheeks.

I could feel the cool air going between my thighs and over my ass, licking against my moist shaved mound. I put one of my hands in front of me on the edge of the table, and the other I brought around to the hem of my skirt hanging on my ass and look back at him over my shoulder.

"I don't want to play this game anymore. I want to be a slut now!"

I turned around and ran my hands down over my tits and my belly, lower over the front of my skirt and then came back up and grabbed the edge of my shirt and pulled it up slowly; before I finally pulled it up over my tits and off. My breasts were barely covered by my black bra, and when I placed my hands on either side of them and squeezed them together lightly they could see more of my rose colored nipples. I walked towards my husband, and shook my hips and rubbed my fingertips across the tops of my breasts.

"Come here and let me suck your fat cock."

I reached out and started unbuttoning Scott's pants, letting my tongue flick out across his ear. I kissed my way along his jaw and unzipped his pants, then slipped my hand inside his underwear. I could feel his cock, hard and hot in my hand. I love being a cocksucking slut! Then I got down on my knees in front of him, and pulled his pants and underwear down for him to step out of them. I reached up and grabbed his big hard cock in my hand and stroked it up and down. My tongue went straight to his hard balls. I like feeling how hard I can make his balls before he asks me to suck his cock. I looked up at him while I pulled and squeezed on his cock. I opened my lips and sucked his balls into my mouth, both of them in my warm mouth at the same time. I slid my wet tongue all over them, moving it around in big circles over each of them, one at a time.

I tightened my lips and sucked on them, before I pulled my lips off, making a sucking noise against them as they slipped out of my mouth. Then I ran my tongue down beside the one on the left, pressed my tongue hard against it there, then put my lips against it and sucked against the side of his balls, moving my lips lower. I love to suck on his balls. I love the way he smells, and the way he tastes. My wet tongue slipped up under his balls, lifting, weighing them, and I felt his hips jerk and he reached down and grabbed my hair in his hand. I smiled against his scrotum and moved my tongue, flicking it fast, and pressed hard. I could feel my lips against his balls and I breathed in how good he smelled, all clean and fucking hot for me. I stroked him a little faster, letting my thumb come up and over the head of his cock, as I flicked my tongue at that spot just under his scrotum. I moved my head from side to side; tasting him and looking up at him from different angles. Just when I was about to open my lips and suck his balls into my mouth again, his hand tightened in my hair.

He said, "Suck my cock now, Donna!"

I slid my other hand around his hip to his ass and squeezed it in my hand, as I put the head of your cock to my lips. I held my tongue out and licked gently, before I kissed him softly there. I could still feel his hand in my hair and his hips moved against me. I pressed his cock harder against my mouth. I wanted to swallow his whole cock down my throat. I wanted to feel him shoot his load in my mouth and across my tongue. I opened my lips and licked them, holding on tight to the base of his thick shaft with my hand, then closed my lips around him. I felt his cock twitch and jump between my lips. Mmmm, I pushed my mouth down on him farther, until I felt the head of his cock touch the back of my tongue, and finally the back of my throat. I pulled my hand back from his ass and started massaging and playing with his balls. I moved my head up and down his cock, and kept my lips closed tight around it. I used my tongue, wrapped around the underside of his throbbing cock, to press him even tighter against the roof of my mouth.

I felt my wet lips slide up to the ridge on his cock, then back down until his balls pressed against my chin. I moved my head from side to side, as I came back up his cock and held my jaw open, so the head of his cock touched the insides of one cheek then the other. I sucked my cheeks in then against his cock, swirling and sliding my tongue all over the knob. I tongued his slit there along the underside of the head. I pressed my tongue against the hole, and worked my lips up and down faster over the head, going back and forth over the ridge. I sucked on him fast and hard, taking him back down my throat and sucked hard and slow, as I came back up. I pulled my lips off his cock, but kept stroking it up and down with my hand. I raised up on my knees, and with my other hand, I reached down between my legs and raised my skirt up to my waist.

"Honey, I want you to fuck me now. My tight pussy is so wet. I want to feel your hard cock deep inside me now!"

I leaned forward to taste his balls once more, as I ran my fingers along my wet slit and slipped one finger inside to just brush across my clit. I felt my hips jerk and I moaned against his balls. I got up and walked back over to the pool table with my skirt still around my waist, turned around and faced Scott and pulled my bra down so that my big soft breasts are hanging out over the top. I stood up on my tippy-toes and slid my ass onto the edge of the table, before I pulled my knees up and hooked my legs around his waist. I looked down and used my hand to guide the head of Scott's cock inside my pussy. He slammed inside me hard! I kept my legs wrapped around his waist to keep from being pushed back on the table. I could feel his balls on my ass. I pulled him tighter against me and squeezed him with my legs, as I ran my hands up and down his chest. I raked my nails over his hard nipples.

Scott started moving in and out, slow at first. Both of us watched his fat cock sliding in and out of my wet pussy. I could see my pussy juices on his cock when he slid back out. I watched as he reached down and grabbed his cock in his hand and ran just the head up and down my wet slit, up over my clit and back down until I thought he was going to fuck me some more. But he teased me by going back up to rub over my clit again. Finally he slipped back inside of me, all the way deep inside me. I put my hands behind me and moved my hips against him fast and hard, and I felt him slide deeper and harder inside me.

"I want you to make me cum all over your cock. I want to hear my pussy suck at your cock."

He pulled back out of me and grabbed me around the waist and pulled me off the table, telling me, to bend over the table. I leaned over the table and spread my legs, holding my ass out and felt him behind me, as he slid his cock inside me again. I held my head back and felt my tits shake and bounce, as he fucked me harder in front of Gary. I braced myself against the table, pushing my ass back against him, moving back and forth. I fucked him back, and reached up and grabbed one of my nipples in my hand, rolling it around between my fingers. I pinched it hard, and I could feel my ass tighten up and my clit ached. I knew I was going to cum soon. I felt his cock slide in and out, and listened to my wet pussy being fucked hard. The ridge of his cock touched just the edge of my pussy, teasing against the bottom of my clit, before he slid all the way back in again and again.

He reached up and grabbed my hair in his hand again; this time while fucking me deep and hard from behind. He pulled my head back, causing my back to arch. I could feel my pussy tighten around his cock, and I wanted to cum so bad. But he slowed his hips down and wrapped his arm around my waist and held still, deep inside me. I felt his lips on the back of my neck and his hand slid down my front across my belly button to my shaved pussy lips, where they gripped his big cock. Scott slipped one of his fingers inside my wet slit and started to stroke on my hard swollen clit. I jerked my ass back against him and felt my pussy tighten even more around his cock. Then he pushed my legs apart further with one of his feet. I could still feel his finger teasing my throbbing clit. His breath is hot against my ear and I felt my knees weaken when he flicked his tongue inside it then whispered low and oh so sexily.

"Put your leg up on the table, so I can see your pussy opened up wide while I fuck you from behind!"

Immediately I leaned forward over the pool table and felt my tits brush against the top of it, and raised my leg higher until it was up over the edge of the table. Scott kept one hand wrapped in my hair and leaned down to kiss my neck again before he stood back up and started to slide his cock back in and out again. He slowly built me up until he was slamming into me harder and deeper than before. I looked back at Gary over my shoulder and see him watching Scott's cock going in and out of my tight pussy. His hips slapped up against me and he pushed me harder against the table, as I braced myself against him; loving how hard he was fucking me. I reached under me and between my legs to now play with my clit, rubbing it in fast small circles. I felt his cock slide in and out of me. I reached further between my spread legs and tickled my fingers over his shaft, and felt how wet his cock was already from my pussy.

Then I reached even farther under me to stroke his hard balls. I grabbed them in my hand and pulled them towards me, wanting to feel them on my hard clit. Scott pounded me in and out and told me to cum all over his cock. The hand on my ass pushed against me, opening my ass and my pussy even more, and finally I felt my pussy squeeze hard on his cock. I could feel each pounding of my heart in my clit, as I came hard all over his cock. I heard his cock slide in and out of me, and my wet pussy suck and throb around his hard shaft. I reached my hand up from between my legs and held up my finger and slid my tongue up and down each finger, tasting myself there.

"I want to suck your cock again now. My pussy tastes so good, and I want to taste how fucking good I taste on you. I want to make you cum as fucking hard as I just did, and feel your cum all over my face."

I turned back around and slid my lips down around Scott's cock. I sucked my sweet pussy juices off of his cock. I love how I taste on him. I sucked down to the base and back up, letting my tongue lick the underside of his cock clean. Then I pulled my lips up and off his cock with a sucking sound, and licked my way down the side. I moved back up the curved front of his shaft, twisting my head and licked back down the other side and finally around the base of his cock to taste his wet balls. I sucked at his balls with my lips and slid my tongue everywhere. I knew he was close to cumming now, because I could feel his balls were even tighter now. I opened my lips and sucked one into my mouth, sucking very gently I rolled his balls around on my tongue inside my warm wet mouth. Then I pressed my tongue out against them again and licked at that little spot under them. His hand went to my hair again.

I could feel him holding it tight, his fingers wrapped in it. I pushed my tongue hard against his balls and flicked it fast and faster. Then I pressed my lips to that sweet spot, right up under them and sucked on it, nibbling gently with my teeth. His hips jerked and I felt his body tense up. I pressed my tongue flat against his testes then, and slowly licked up between them, pressing my chin against them until I started licking farther up the underside of his cock again. I kept my tongue flattened against him, wrapped around the underside of his shaft. I felt his hips jerk again, as I tongued the hole on the head of his cock. Then I slipped my mouth down his cock again, going all the way down. I wrapped my lips tight around the base of his hard cock and came back up again and again. I sucked on him hard, pulling hard with my lips, pressing his balls together in my hand.

I went down on him faster and faster, feeling the head of his cock touching the back of my throat over and over, swallowing him. I felt his balls tighten up and his body started to get tense, and I pulled my mouth up again and flicked my tongue out over your cock.

"Cum all over my face honey! I want to feel your hot cum shoot out on my tongue. I want to taste you, and swallow your creamy white cum down my throat as Gary watches.."

I closed my lips around his cock and worked them back and forth over the head. I stroked up and down his shaft with my hand, working fast and pulling against it hard. I opened my lips and whispered across the head of your cock. "I want to suck you off. Feel you explode inside my mouth, then pull your big fat cock out so you can cum all over my face." I looked up at Gary and tongued the slit there on the head of Scott's cock, flicking my tongue fast across it. Scott tells me he's going cum. Then still watching Gary's face, I closed my lips around Scott's cock again, pressing against the head with my tongue, while I stroked him off. His hips jerked hard right before I felt his hot cum shoot out across my tongue and hit into the back of my throat. I opened my lips and pulled his cock to the outside of my lips and closed my eyes, as he shot the rest of his load across my cheeks and lips. I felt Scott's cum dripping out of my mouth and off my tongue. I closed my lips and swallowed some of it down my throat, before I leaned down and licked a tiny drop off that was still clinging to the head of Scott's cock. I opened my lips and used his cock to spread the cum across my face and onto my tongue, then licked his cock clean again.

Gary said he wanted to watch me finger my tight little pussy. He wanted to sit at the foot of the pool table, and have me touch myself for him. I was sitting nude in front of him, close enough for him to touch. Close enough to smell and taste my sex. Sitting on the bar stool, looking at him, I just lightly graze my fingertips over my thigh and up across my hip, while using my other hand to massage my breasts. I pressed my palm first to one hard nipple then the other, squeezing them lightly. My fingers inched closer and closer to my pussy, stroking along my pelvis and just barely brushing across my soft pussy lips. I opened my mouth with my wet tongue out, and dipped my head down to taste one erect nipple. I ran my tongue around and around, before pulling it in mouth and sucking. I pulled my lips away and softly pinched my wet nipple between my finger and thumb rolling it around lightly.

My pussy lips, swollen and wet, begged me to touch them now. I could feel my clit swelling. I ran my hand down across my pussy and caressed it in my hand lightly, before I caressed back across my hip again. Then back further across my ass. He could see my fingertips dance across my ass and down to the back of my thigh, and then finally to my labia, so soft and wet now. I twisted my body around, so that I was almost lying on my stomach. I spread my thighs apart revealing how wet my pussy is. My clit, swelling, just kissed the outer lips. I barely touched myself, and moaned softly, feeling my clit instantly swell more. Slowly I traced my fingertips up and down my wet slit. I could feel how wet my pussy was becoming. I watched Gary's face, as I cupped my other breast this time, and pulled the nipple to my lips. I bit on it gently and sucked the hard little nub into my mouth.

Sucking harder and pulling harder with my mouth, while slowly spreading my pussy lips from behind, I slipped one finger deep inside. Moaning with my nipple between my own lips, I pressed my finger harder and deeper. Then as I started sliding it back out and in, he watched my pussy swallow my finger over and over. I kept my eyes on Gary, wanting to see his face watching me, as he looked at my horny wet pussy. I pulled my finger out and teased up and down my slit again, running the tips of my fingers from my ass to the cleft and back again. I followed my pussy lips, going around my clit, massaging across it in small fast circles. I felt my breath coming in quicker shorter gasps now. Then when I slipped two fingers inside, I moaned out loud. I moved my fingers in and out, making pussy sounds because I'm so fucking wet. I pushed my fingers deeper and deeper, pressing the open palm of my hand against my ass.

As I felt my fingers wiggle around, I lifted my ass slightly, wiggling my pussy around my fingers at the same time. I reached my other hand down from pinching my nipples to slip between my thighs from the front. My arm was half under me, as I spread my smooth thighs farther apart and buried the side of my face against the chair cushion. I bit down on my lip when I felt my fingers spreading my open lips farther. My clit was so sensitive and swollen, and I moaned low and long when I flattened my fingers against it, stroking gently but fast. I could feel my heart pounding and my forehead broke out in a light sweat. I needed to cum so bad! I worked my fingers and pumped them in and out of my pussy fast and hard. I stroked my clit, gently flicking across it with my fingertips. The tension was building in my body. I moaned louder and breathed harder, knowing that I was so fucking close to cumming. Then I pressed my open palm harder against my ass, and wiggled my fingers deep inside me against the front wall of my pussy and rubbed just the very tips of my fingers across my clit.

As I held my breath, I felt the tension in my body release before I felt a wave of moisture wash across my fingers still buried deep inside me. I wiggled them slower feeling my pussy contract again, and I let my breath out on a loud sigh when I felt another wave hit me. I let the fingers caressing my clit stop and I lay them just against me, but continue to move my other hand, stroking my fingers in and out of my dripping wet pussy. I love the sound that my pussy makes after I've cum so fucking hard! I felt Gary's strong hand on my ankle, and he spread my thighs farther apart.

"Lay on your stomach, Donna."

As I caught my breath, I looked back at Gary over my shoulder and watched as he stroked his cock. Nice and big and hard! Lowering his knees between my open legs, he leaned down over my back. I could feel his cock, hot and hard teasing my ass. I raised my hips slightly and wiggled them left and right. I loved feeling his shaft actually jerk when I touched it. I looked back at him again and watched him push me over the pool table. He grabbed my hips and pulled my ass back farther towards him, as he pushed my shoulders down. God I can feel my pussy soaked wet from just cumming. I needed to be fucked hard. I felt the head of his cock teasing lightly down from my ass to my pussy and jerk my hips in response. Then I felt Gary plunge all the way inside of me, burying his cock deep inside my pussy in one swift stroke.

I clawed at the felt table and cried out when he started fucking me with long hard strokes at first. I felt him pull almost all the way out and then ram back in so hard I had to hold on to keep from being pushed. Gary's hands were high up on my hips and I could feel him spreading my ass cheeks.

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