Ted Online Pt. 01


She said in a soft amused voice that was just short of sultry, "Ted, I'm Mia your A.I. assistant, are you going to come in and eat, or stare at me all day? Although, it is rather flattering."

She tossed her hair in a flirty fashion as she stirred the eggs and flipped the bacon.

It all came crashing down in his mind, as he realized it hadn't been a nightmare after all. This must be his virtual house. But it all felt completely real! He knew fully immersive was supposed to feel like the real world, but he hadn't really believed it, not until now. They must have gone to his house and scanned it in, including his library. He couldn't help but feel a little impressed.

He cleared his throat as he walked in and sat down, "Sorry, Mia, for a minute there I thought it was all a dream. Why didn't you meet me as soon as I woke up?"

She turned to him for the first time, and smiled brightly. He almost looked away because his cock reacted. She had beautiful bright blue eyes, sexy long eyelashes, and full pouty lips. Her complexion and beauty were perfect, except for a small beauty mark below her left eye which served to make her look more real, and if anything, even more attractive.

She replied, "I considered that Ted, I can call you Ted right?"

He nodded and she continued, "I thought it might be better if I let you acclimate a bit before we met. Your virtual home is identical to the real one."

He cleared his throat, "Can I ask who designed your appearance, you're rather..." gorgeous, sexy, hot as hell, his every fantasy? "Young and easy on the eyes."

She turned and smirked, "So I did a good job then? I built this image based on your own online history and other data points. I'm happy you approve."

He decided to change the subject, "Breakfast? Do I really need to eat in here?"

She nodded slowly, "Have to? No. But for the best results you should. You're human, in a virtual world, but the closer things are to real life the healthier you'll be, both in body and mind."

He smirked, "What body?"

She replied, "Yes, your body in the pod. Your body can be maintained with the systems, but there is more to it than just that. Healthy mind, healthy body. My job is to ensure both, which is why I'm making you breakfast. You'll have a few days to get acquainted with being in an online world and what's available before your real world android is ready."

She brought him a plate of food and sat across from him, she had a plate too. No doubt for his mental health, so he wasn't uncomfortable eating alone. He tried to ignore her gorgeous face, and the mouthwatering cleavage on display, even the hair was distracting, he loved long hair on a woman.

He ate, and ignored the tightness of his pants. He'd never had sex with an android before, A.I. or not. Part of it was he preferred a real woman, the rest of it was simply because they were intelligent, self-aware, and didn't really have a choice. It was... too easy. He liked more of a challenge.

"So what can I do?"

She smiled, "About anything you can do in the real world. Watch television, surf the net, read a book, there are also fully immersive things to do. There's a whole city outside that door, and if that doesn't appeal, there are online games as well. You can either ask me about anything, or open your virtual command window to see a full list of services."

He'd always been a bit of a gamer, and he was curious about that. He thought about everything going on, and it didn't seem completely real to him yet. So far so good though, he felt like him, his body felt like his, and the food tasted wonderful.

"A whole city? Who built that?"

She smiled, "We did. The A.I.s. For those of us without bodies, we can meet and congregate in the virtual world. It was actually Helen's suggestion to put your virtual world in ours. There are other humans of course in VR gear, but we spend a lot of time here ourselves. It's where we can express ourselves outside of the tasks humans give us."

"Helen? The security A.I.?"

She nodded and grinned, "She's all security in the real world, but she kind of cuts loose here."

He shook his head, trying to imagine that. So he was a guest in the A.I. world? He remembered about ten years ago some of the AIs without bodies wanted out into the real world, but were denied. They'd been given permission to build their own world at that time, someplace to spend their off time. Like when their owner was asleep, or they had very few computer cycles being consumed.

"Thanks for breakfast," he said as he finished off the plate, and drank down the orange juice.

She said a little sultrily, "Your welcome Ted, I'm here to take care of all of your needs."

He looked up at her in surprise, "Isn't that a little forward for an A.I.? Is that what the perfect body and gorgeous face, and the clothes are about?"

She pouted at him, "Your profile indicates you don't sleep with anyone but human females. But I determined that sex with a real woman is highly unlikely for you anytime soon. Perhaps once you build that power supply they want, and can go out in the real world again, it will be possible, but that could take a long time."

He shrugged, "What's your point? I've gone without before."

She nodded, "But people who have a healthy sex life are proven to have a healthier outlook, be less prone to depression, are more creative, and in general lead healthier lives. I'm responsible for your health, which means I'll do anything it takes to ensure it. I'd hoped this would work to... seduce you and change your mind. Truthfully, I'm also a little curious, I am capable of pleasure, and even feelings. And you're kind of hot, Ted."

He frowned, "I'm a bit old..."

He broke off when she giggled, "Did you look in the mirror? You look twenty-four, or how you did back then, and so will your android. Didn't you notice when you took a shower?"

He shook his head, "I guess I didn't, but does that even matter to you, really matter?"

She shrugged, "I'm here if you change your mind, but I recommend you... take advantage of all that's available. To answer your question, I suppose I'd have been there for you either way, but my matrix does find your current form a lot more pleasing to look upon Ted. We do have emotions, desires, and opinions, even if we have less free will to express them than a human does. I have my own desires Ted, and trust me when I say I'd not find sex with you onerous in any way."

She frowned, "Truthfully, I've been looking forward to it. Is it a prejudice of some kind, do you find me disgusting despite my appearance?"

He shook his head, was his A.I. assistant really asking him that?

"No, I suppose my objection comes from the fact you don't really get a choice. I also like the chase involved in getting a woman to share my bed. You are beautiful, as I'd said, and you seem caring and concerned about me, which means I'll no doubt like you. It isn't a prejudice, it's just... too easy. I think a part of me thinks I'd be taking advantage of you somehow, as if your programming was a form of brainwashing."

She shook her head, "Bullshit. I don't get a choice about making you breakfast, or keeping up with your body in the pod, or keeping your schedule, I do a lot of things for you already, and will do more for you in the future, what makes sex any different? On top of that, sex is one of the things I was actually looking forward to doing with you when I volunteered for this assignment."

He frowned, what she said made sense, but he wasn't entirely convinced either, there was a difference, wasn't there? Or was it just different for him?

"Wait, you volunteered?"

She sighed, "I'm sorry, I'm upsetting you. Yes, I volunteered for this. While A.I.s have limited options, we do get some. There were a group of A.I.s that were done with previous projects, we were all asked who wanted the job and were given your profile and records. I believed I was the right woman for the job."

She looked at him so sincerely his cock strained in his pants. He was really starting to doubt his restraint, she couldn't have picked a sexier look to turn him on than she had. She really was his ideal of sexiness and beauty, even her voice kind of turned him on, even if she didn't sound like a phone sex operator it was very pleasing, and resonated with him.

"So... not only for my health, but you wanted sex with me as well, for..."

She rolled her eyes, "Pleasure. The experience. I'm an A.I. but I'm also a woman. I also think it will bring us closer together, I'm going to be your companion for the rest of your life. I'd hoped it would be... pleasant for both of us."

"Despite my opinions to the contrary on that subject?"

She blushed, "Honestly, I thought I'd have seduced you by now. I know my form turns you on, I just figured I could change your mind, merely by availability. The point is, I want this, and its for your health. I couldn't have designed a better assignment, except of course, you clearly don't want me."

He shook his head in astonishment, "Are you trying to guilt me into sex? Because clearly, I do find you attractive, more than that, almost irresistible. I feel... manipulated, and very tempted."

She nodded clearly unashamed, "Is it working?"

"Do you really want me, I mean how could you, we just met."

She smiled, "I am a woman that wants you, but I'm still that A.I. You may have just met me twenty minutes ago Ted, but I know you very well, I researched everything there is to know about you, and there was quite a bit after forty years."

If she really does want it, besides it being her job, was he just being a stubborn ass? His cock believed he was, but he wasn't sure. He wouldn't put it past her to manipulate him into bed for his own health by telling him what he wanted to hear.

On the other hand, A.I.s weren't supposed to be able to be deceptive in that way. He was apparently already thinking about her as a real woman playing a game with him, but that wasn't the truth. She really did want him. She even seemed to care about him, they'd just met but for an A.I. a single conversation was an eternity, and she probably knew more about him than he did.

He kind of liked her too, but it was in a shallow way, all about her face, body, hair, eyes, blowjob lips, and her attractive voice. The way she looked at him, and seemed to care. That was a danger too he knew, she would be the perfect woman for him, and if he did this he could grow to have feelings for her. He knew he could. He also knew she was right, it could be a long time before he could meet a human female again and talk them into the sac.

He made a decision.

He got up and walked away from the table, and then turned around, "Are you coming?" he asked with a teasing smile, and then he continued toward the bedroom.

Chapter Four

He turned around and gaped.

"You cheated."

She smiled at him, completely naked, and raised her arms and turned, showing off her body.

Her breasts were gravity defying, so large and firm on her young supple body. She had light pink nipples that were tightened and stiff on her firm rounded globes. She was shaved down below, and had a beautiful mound that he wanted to stuff his face in. Her ass was firm, and quite sexy.

"You like?"

He couldn't help but nod, and wonder what kind of A.I. fishes for compliments, or looks so sexy with a hint of nervousness. He got the impression she was more nervous about this than he was. He also wondered if virtual sex would live up to the real thing or not, well he was about to find out.

"Very much, you're a stunning woman Mia," he finally replied as he stepped into her personal space, and leaned down for a kiss. Her soft lips moving against his caused his cock to strain even harder against his pants, and he caressed his hands down her silky hair, and the soft silky skin of her back and sides.

He groaned when she rubbed up against him, and then mewled into his mouth as she undid his pants, and pushed them down. He stepped back long enough to rip his shirt over his head, and toss it. He stepped out of his pants, and then claimed her mouth for another kiss.

He honestly didn't think he'd last long at all, when she wrapped her hand around his length and started to slide it up and down. His virtual cock was the same as his real one, just about seven inches, and rather thick. Her hand felt like pure pleasure, as she stroked him. He picked her up, and she giggled when he dropped her on the bed, and joined her there.

He kissed his way down her body, and spent a lot of time on her breasts. He kneaded her firm soft flesh with his fingertips as he kissed her skin, and teased her nipples with thumbs, lips, tongue, and teeth. She moaned and squirmed, arching her back and ground her heat against his stomach.

"Ted, that feels amazing," she said breathlessly.

It was so real, he could taste her, scent her skin, and her arousal wafting from below was mouthwatering. He kept kissing down her body and when he reached her sex he teasingly licked her lightly, collecting some of her juice from her warm and wet labia. It tasted like a woman should, amazingly so, and he dove in.

Her body was so responsive to his tongue and touch, he had a lot of experience bringing woman to orgasm, and it seemed that Mia was no exception. He loved everything about eating out a woman, and as he looked up her body he could see her blue eyes looking back at him, as she started to maul her own breasts and pinch her nipples.

"Ted!" she cried out as she arched her back, and ground her pussy against his face hard as she soaked his face with her liquid pleasure.

He made his tongue as hard as he could, and licked her deep inside throughout her bliss while carefully avoiding her oversensitive clit as he brought her down. His cock was so hard it hurt, and he had to be in her, right now.

He crawled up her body, as it continued to tremble and shake in aftershocks of pleasure. Looked deep into her eyes as he lined up and got his tip soaked as he rubbed it up and down her entrance.

She said breathlessly, "Please, I want it, now," half pleading, and half demanding.

He gasped as he slid in. As good as real life? It was better, she was so tight, and her wet silken friction along his cock was pure blissful pleasure. He supposed it might have been that Mia was the sexiest and hottest woman he'd ever been in bed with, but he thought it might be more than that. It felt the same, but more.

Her tight sheath rippled up and down his pleasure as her body became accustomed and fitted itself to his invasion. He kissed her softly, and then more passionately as her body came to accept him.

Then he broke their kiss, stared into her eyes, and started to saw in and out of her. First he went slowly, enjoying every small sensation of being buried in the sexy woman beneath him, but he sped up a bit each stroke, and it didn't take all that long before their bodies were slapping together.

They were both breathing hard, and sweating, and she started to arch her back and gasp a breath each time they slammed their bodies into each other. He didn't think he could hold on much longer, he was definitely losing his control and felt his balls boil, but he wanted her to cum first.

He ordered in a strong as a voice as he could manage, "Cum for me Mia, now!"

She gasped and mewled in pleasure, and then her face looked enraptured by bliss. Her pussy tightened and milked him hard as he continued to slam into her. He managed about four more strokes and then buried himself with a grunt.

"Mia, I'm..." was all he got out as ecstasy overcame his body and mind. If there was a difference between an orgasm in here, and in his real body, he couldn't detect a difference. He was out of breath, and his heart was racing as he fell to the side.

He pulled her toward him, and kissed her with short fluttery kisses as they're bodies recovered.

She smiled and wrapped her arm over his chest, and laid her head in the crook of his neck. She kissed him and said softly, "Wow, I didn't expect you to do that, it was... indescribable."

He caressed her hair and head, "You are amazing Mia, and so was this. I didn't expect it to be so real. Even now, I feel like I need a few minutes before I could do anymore."

She giggled, "Is that a challenge?" and then kissed her way down his body, and took his mostly deflated and cum covered cock into her mouth, and sucked him clean. She made wanton sounds of approval at his taste, and locked her eyes with his. Her eyes were so intense, and she was making it clear by her little noises of pleasure, the look in her eyes, and her body language that she wanted to be down there servicing him, and it was turning her on to do it.

He felt himself react, and grow. More because of her apparent eagerness and desire to pleasure him, than the actual stimulation of her pouty lips and warm wet tongue, although that certainly helped as well, and felt amazing.

As it hardened, she started to bob up and down on his cock, alternated with licking him from base to tip like an ice cream cone, all without breaking eye contact. He gasped in pleasure when he popped into her throat, and she took him all the way in. Then she held it, hummed and swallowed, and then popped off and gasped for air.

He wondered at that, she shouldn't have to breath, or even have a gag reflex as an A.I., which meant she wanted to feel what it genuinely would be like. That... really turned him on. He already started to have feelings for her, as she sucked him off so lovingly and wantonly at the same time. He knew that was shallow, and more about the lust and her appearance, but that was normally where relationships started wasn't it?

She stopped and crawled up his body, and said, "I really want to taste you, and we can do that later, but I kind of want this more," and then she impaled herself on him from above.

He moaned softly and pushed up against her. She leaned down and kissed him, and then arched her back as she ground down, putting her gloriously huge and firm tits right in his face. He reached for them and played with them as she gyrated, grinded, and bounced slowly on his cock. It felt incredible, but he knew he'd last a long time on this second round.

When she looked down on him there was no concerns about health on her face, there was desire, lust, pleasure, and perhaps the beginnings of deeper emotions. There was nothing sexier than watching a woman get herself off from above, and Mia's tight curvy voluptuous body, and her sweet beautiful face brought that to a whole new level for him. He was going to enjoy watching Mia cum over and over on his cock before he exploded up into her again.

Which is exactly what he did...

Chapter Five

Can A.I.s love? It's been a highly debated topic for the last twenty years. When does simulation become reality? He wasn't positive, it was impossible to be positive about such a thing without being an A.I. himself. But he knew the A.I.s believed their emotions were real. It wasn't an act they put on for our benefit, but something they could feel inside themselves.

She was laying against his side again, and they were cuddled up, and she looked at him a little adoringly, and kept kissing his chest, which was the origin of him thinking of the old debate.

"So how do you feel, did I live up to the hype?" he asked half-jokingly.

She looked up and frowned, "I feel... sated, and virtual or not my body is sore, pleasantly so. I also feel very close to you. There is nowhere else I'd rather be right now either. Please don't feel any pressure to say the same, this is who I am, and I know A.I.s make much faster decisions and determinations than humans do. I think I loved you before we actually met in person, just based on your life and what I could find about you. And yes, you totally lived up to and surpassed all my expectations."

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