tagGay MaleTeen's Submissive Journey Ch. 08

Teen's Submissive Journey Ch. 08


I was being fucked in my ass and mouth. 'Airtight' one of the men called it. 8 men were trying to penetrate me at Paul's house, my new master, and I was loving it.

The short but thick cock in my ass first I knew was Vick's from earlier. The long black cock tickling the back of my throat was a man's I had only just met.

When I had a brief moment away from being face fucked I could see the six other men staring at me like I was a Thanksgiving turkey as they stood naked, slowly jerking their cocks.

All of a sudden I felt Vick slam into my ass really hard and start to moan. The other men started to cheer him on. He was cuming in my ass. I could feel the warm goo start to coat the walls of my ass as he finished pumping with a few more strokes.

"Time to clean this dick off." Vick exclaimed as he pulled out of my ass.

I thought he meant he was heading to the bathroom but just then the black cock was popped out of my mouth and Vick's, sticky and limp cock was pushed in.

I sucked off his cum and my anal juices happily. I liked the feeling of sucking a soft cock, almost more than a hard one. While I cleaned off Vick's cock I felt a new one enter my asshole.

"Thank's for lubin' this kid up for me Vick." The black man said as his pushed every inch of his massive cock into my ass.

The black cock was the biggest I've ever had so far. He fucked me hard and without much care other than blowing his load. During that Vick excused himself and another average looking cock slipped into my mouth.

"Hey Ray, come hold this kid's pussy open for me." The black man asked one of the other men waiting their turn.

Ray came behind me and spread my ass open as the black man pulled his cock all the way out and I could hear him start to jerk is cock rapidly.

"Damn, you already turned his kid into a gaper you guys." Ray commented on the size my hole had been stretched to.

"He's about to get it filled up again..." The black man moaned as he sprayed his thick and creamy cum into my ass.

I felt some of the cum go right into my asshole and some miss, drip down my ass and to my balls. The men cheered again. Two down and six to go.

One of the more younger looking men, probably in his early 30's moved the foot rest aside and laid on the floor. I looked at him a bit puzzled for a moment.

"What are you waiting for kid, sit on this cock." The younger man demanded, as he waved his cock at me from it's base.

I looked over at Paul, still not sure exactly how to go about sitting on his cock. Which direction should I face? Should I squat down or get on my knees? I was afraid of making the wrong move.

Paul looked almost embarrassed as he came over, as if I was dog that behaved badly.

"Here!" He grunted. Grabbing me by the shoulders and standing me over the man on the floor. I was looking down, his legs stretched out in front of me and his throbbing cock down below. "Get down on that fucking thing, slut!" He pushed in the back of my knees, making me squat down over the cock.

Paul pushed down on the top of my head to get the entire cock inside of me.

"That wasn't so hard, was it?" Paul looked down at me, "Now give daddy some love."

Paul pushed his cock between my lips as the man below me started to thrust his hips up, fucking my dripping ass.

The man below me continued to fuck me and then I realized I was really the one in control here. I could bounce on this cock however I wanted. So far I have only been used as a sex toy without much influence over the situation.

I started to gyrate my hips as he fucked me and then went down so he was balls deep and rubbed my ass on him. All while Paul had my face full of his glorious cock.

"Hey, look at the little bitch go!" One of the other men pointed out as I continued to work my ass and hips on the man's cock below me.

"You're really starting to like this aren't you?" Paul whispered to me.

Moments later he pumped my mouth full of his salty sweet cum which I happily swallowed.

I finished off the other men back on the foot rest in doggy style. The black man, the younger man and three of the others left when they were done with me. Vick, Paul and two others were left to finish me off.

Vick had snuck in to get another blowjob before he left and before I knew it I was left with only Paul. And surprisingly I was still horny.

I was still on all fours when Paul came back in the room after showing the last man out.

"Still waiting for more huh?" Paul offered as he walked closer.

I thought I was about to feel his long thick cock enter my gaping, leaking ass once again but instead he grabbed me by the back of the neck and led me back down the hall to the room I was locked in earlier.

"Time to give that asshole a rest. I have a nice surprise for you tomorrow morning." Paul was making me walk on all fours back the room.

Once inside he pushed me over to the bed and threw me a bottle of water. Without a word he left the room and closed the door behind him. I could hear him lock it from the outside.

Sitting on the bed I could feel some of the cum still in my ass leaking out. I scooped up most of it and licked it up. Realizing I was completely dehydrated I drank the entire bottle of water in what felt like one gulp.

The bed had no sheets or blankets but I didn't care. I passed out as soon as I put my head down. I was still covered in cum and sweat but I couldn't fix that until tomorrow morning.


Thank you again to everyone who has liked this story. It has been a long time since the previous chapter but if I get some good feedback I'll get hard at work on the rest. Thank you :)

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