tagGay MaleTeen's Submissive Journey Ch. 09

Teen's Submissive Journey Ch. 09


I was woken up early the next morning by the door to my room creaking open. Still naked, covered in sweat and cum, I rolled over to see a figure in the doorway. An older man wearing a blue button down shirt with grey hair was looking at me from the shadow.

Before I could get a good look the man quickly shut the door. I stayed in the room but I could hear the man and Paul talking in the kitchen. The other man sounded mad but Paul was trying to calm him down. Then I heard them both go quiet.

As I was pressed against the door I heard footsteps coming down the hallway toward my room. I quickly scurried back to my bed just as Paul and the man opened the door and entered the room.

"I assume you two already know each other." Paul chuckled as he introduced me to the man.

Holy shit! It was my astronomy teacher Mr. Harris. He looked almost as nervous as I was. I was trying to cover my naked body with something as Paul spoke again.

"I wanted to assure Mr. Harris that you won't be telling anyone that he was here or anything else that goes on today. Isn't that right Dale?"

"No, sir, I won't." I whimpered

"And what happens if you do?" Paul demanded.

"You show people the pictures you took?" I offered.

"I tell your parents, I tell your whole school and I'll post it all over Facebook so anyone you ever knew knows you are a little gay slut boy. And I have more than enough evidence to prove that, don't I?"

"Yes, sir" I confessed.

Paul looked over at Mr. Harris who returned a slight nod of approval.

"Now, I'll let you two get to know each other a little better" Paul grinned his shit-eating grin as he left the room.

It was just me and Mr. Harris now. We stared at each other for a moment before he started to remove his shoes in the other corner of the room. I would have never thought Mr. Harris liked men. He always came across as very heterosexual in and out of class. He had a very authoritative presence about him and he had an attractive wife he kept a picture of on his desk.

It seemed like this wasn't the first time Mr. Harris was here for a man. But he and Paul didn't feel like friends. Was Mr. Harris paying for this session? Maybe now wasn't the right time to ask.

Mr. Harris pulled a chair over and sat on it facing me.

"Hello Dale" He said in his sexy gravely voice. "Have you been with Paul for long?"

"Only one day so far, and I slept here last night." I replied.

"So you already know what I'm here to do, right?"

"I...I think so." I sheepishly replied.

"Good, start by undressing me" Mr. Harris instructed as he stood up out of the chair with his hands at his sides and waited for me to do as I was told.

I got off the bed and down to my knees. Looking up at Mr. Harris I started to unbuckled his belt. After tossing that aside I started to unzip his pants. Making sure to brush my hand up against his crotch while doing it. After his pants were off and set aside I went for the waist band of his dark red briefs. They were bulging so much I thought they were about to tear off without my help.

Reaching for the waistband Mr. Harris stopped me. "No, my shirt first, Dale."

I stood up and began to unbutton his shirt. I probably let my eagerness show a little too much because Mr. Harris told me to slow down. But I was hungry for cock and Mr. Harris looked huge. Even after the buffet of cock I was served the night before, I still wanted another serving.

I finished unbuttoning his shirt and ran my hands down his hairy and surprisingly toned chest. Mr. Harris was almost totally grey, including his chest, but he was only 46.

"Back on your knees." Mr. H barked in his stern tone.

It gave me a flashback to one time when he called on me to answer a question in class when I wasn't paying attention. I couldn't answer, and he made me look like an idiot. Maybe this is his real punishment for acting up in class. I bet he wishes he could do this to all his students.

When I got back on my knees I went to pull off Mr. H's underwear again but he grabbed the back of my head and pushed it into his crotch. He smelled so good as he rubbed my face all over his hard cock and balls.

I opened my mouth and sucked on what I could get in my mouth while his cock was still hidden from me. I'm sure Mr. Harris enjoyed teasing me. I was naked and hard as a rock, my precum dripping onto the floor.

Again he grabbed the hair on the back of my head and pulled me away. I still tried moving my head forward to get another taste.

"You want this, bitch?" Mr. Harris asked.

There was an obvious answer but I nodded my head anyway. He let me go and I quickly grabbed either side of his briefs and yanked them off.

I sat there in awe for a moment. His cock was incredibly sexy. His big balls hung low and his shaft was thick and meaty. At the tip was delicious looking foreskin. I must have been staring too long because once again my face was being pushed into his crotch.

I worked his massive balls first. Only able to get one of them into my mouth comfortably at a time. I looked up into my astronomy teacher's eyes as I sucked on his balls and started to stroke his meat.

When Mr. H was fully hard he was really impressive. Not wanting to waste another moment I popped his cock into my mouth. It tasted surprisingly good and I was more than willing to take as much down my throat as possible.

As my head slided up and down over my teacher's cock he began to moan. It was strangest sound to hear coming from my 'hard-assed' astronomy teacher. I took pride in being the man's outlet for all his pent up frustrations. And we were only just getting started.

With both hands Mr. H grabbed the sides of my head and forced me down until his cock was hitting the back of my throat. He let out a loud moan every time he felt it hit.

He was getting bolder and more comfortable using his student as his fuck toy.

After three quick pumps of his cock down my throat he pushed me to the floor. I looked up at him, curious about our next move.

"On the bed." he commanded, "Doggystyle."

I quickly climbed on the bed and presented him with my ass. I was at the edge of the bed as he walked over and slapped my ass. Then he started to rub both cheeks and then spread my ass open, like he was inspecting me.

Suddenly I felt his tongue on my asshole. He wasn't being gentle about it. His thick wet tongue pushed into my ass and around the hole. I was dripping by the time he was done.

My ass was wiggling for more as he pulled away. And without missing a beat he stuck his cock half way inside of me. I squealed a little as he surprised me with his fat cock.

"You like that little piggy?"

I could only moan in reply as he started to pound me hard and fast. I never expected Mr. Harris to be sensual with me. And I can't say I minded. Each thrust into my ever stretching asshole was making me leak more and more precum.

As he grabbed two handfuls of my ass and thrusted harder I starting shooting my cum all over the bed. I moaned and gyrated my hips in to Mr. Harris as my asshole tightened around his cock.

"Oh..oh!" Mr. Harris moaned.

I moaned louder, anticipating Mr. H to start pumping his load deep into my ass. Thats when he yanked his cock out and pulled my shoulder up and pushed me again to my knees.

He tilted my head back and held my nose to keep my mouth open and he jerked his cock toward my waiting mouth. Mr. Harris had sort of a funny moan. "Oh..oh...oh....ooooo." he moaned as he splashed his hot cum into my wide open mouth. Some hit my lips but I quickly licked it back up and swallowed it, all for Mr. Harris.

"Good little piggy." Mr. H moaned "Now let me see that empty mouth."

I showed him my empty mouth proudly and smiled.

"I didn't take you for the cock loving type in class, Dale." He said as he went over to start getting dressed. "But now that I've tried you out, I'd have to say you're a natural cock slut." ____________________________

Thanks again for all the kind words so far. I'm open for an suggestions as well!

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