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Tell Me About Your Day


This is my first attempt at writing after years and years of reading erotica. There is not so much direct sex as there is situations that really turn me on, hopefully you will enjoy it as well. If feedback is good, there will be a part two!


It started shortly after my boyfriend and I moved in together. We had been dating for a few years and while I continued to love him for accepting me as a girl unable to go full time, things had gotten a little stagnant in the bedroom. When he asked me to move in with him to a larger place, I decided it was time for a change.

My normal routine had been after another boring day at work I would return home to "girl up", usually in a pair of skinny jeans or capris and a cute top, put my hair up and relax. I would see my boyfriend a few nights a week where we would get dinner in and maybe fool around (though not so much these days) and on weekends I would put on my cutest dress and he would take me out. Having been dating for a while he was comfortable with me being in various states of en femme, even in full boy mode if he met me right after work though it shames me to say it.

The move saved me a half hour from my commute in both directions, so I took the opportunity to start leaving work an hour earlier each day. The first week or so was spent at the mall and out shopping every day for my new at-home wardrobe. Tired of being too lazy to put in the effort, I decided I was going to go all the way with my dressing at home. Out went the skinny jeans, and replacing them was a wide selection of Babydoll dresses, mini skirts and rompers. Everything had to be short, short, short and not leave much to the imagination. Lingerie, which was previously been relegated to special occasions, started showing up more as well with a variety of negligees and very short robes, garters and stockings.

The boy noticed the changes in wardrobe immediately. He would come up behind me while I would be fixing dinner and ask "what is the occasion?" to which I would nonchalantly reply "Nothing dear, I just like being a girl for you."

I started making moves in the bedroom as well. Where previously he was the one who initiated sex, I was doing so more and more. I could tell he was in a near constant state of arousal given the new wardrobe tempting him as I would go about the apartment with the new hemlines and heels. In a way it was so easy to tease him now that I tried my best to be as straight-faced about it as possible. At least at first.

Within a few weeks we started having sex every night, him finding new levels of energy that had not been seen since we started dating in college. It started taking less and less effort on my part to get him worked up, some nights he would just pick me up after dinner as I was clearing the table and carry me into the bedroom. I was never unhappy with his lovemaking before, though many nights he just wanted to lie back and let me ride him until I came and then would let him finish in my mouth. Now he was giving it to me in all the positions, sometimes as many as we could think of in one night. And when he would be inside me and erupt his seed, I felt even more complete than ever.

Some nights he would not even wait until we were in the bedroom, either coming up from behind me with his beautiful cock exposed and poking into my backside until I either got on my knees or let him take me from behind right there. We "broke in" every room in our apartment this week in a matter of days.

Of course as time went on the routine of preparing for him got easier and easier. I found that the more we had sex, the easier it was for me to prepare my body for him every day after work and I was changing and doing my makeup in record time these days. Still, the sex was taking a bit of toll on me. I found having to make dinner every night, prepare lunches for the next day for both of us a bit hard to fit in between the hours of incredible sex we were having every night. The boy was no help in this department, usually feeling so wiped after our lovemaking that he fell asleep immediately after cleaning up.

So the next change came when I introduced a new game one day when he got home from work. I greeted him at the door in my sexiest sheer negligee with garter and black stockings, no panties, and my highest heels. After the look of shock wore off his face, I pulled him inside by his belt buckle and sat him down in his favorite chair. The rules were as follows:

1. As soon as he was to get home, I was going to give him a blowjob while he told me about his day. Normally this would take place during dinner, he enjoyed talking about work and the things that went on in his office. He could not cheat and skimp on the details, but I would be doing my best to get him off. If I could successfully do it, he would have to make dinner that night for us.

2. If he manages to make it through my expert oral attention, he has to then immediately take me into the bedroom and fuck me from behind. Now, I would tell him about my day, and if he could make me cum through his expert fucking before I finished I would have to make him lunch for tomorrow, otherwise he would be on his own.

Now I figured most nights I would be able to get him in the first phase, he nearly always succumbed to my mouth whenever I went down on him. Factor in the fact that he usually took twenty minutes or more to tell me about his day, I figured I had plenty of time to work my magic on him.

And if he made it to the second part of our game, well, I guess I would be making a lot of lunches. In the years we had been dating he really became an expert at finding my g-spot and giving it to me in just the right way to bring me off. Even before our new sex life had started I never needed to masturbate because he was so good about getting me off when we had sex, and it had been years since I last touched my clit for pleasure.

For the first month or two it did go along as I expected, I was usually able to get him off in the first five minutes of his story by massaging his large head with my throat while tickling his balls with my fingertips. He was not crazy about cooking, he was never one for the kitchen, so we ate a lot of takeout at first until he gave up his complex and picked up a frying pan for once. It helped that whenever he did cook I made sure to give some extra attention during dinner itself, finishing my food quickly so I could slide under the table for dessert.

But after a while, he started learning to withstand even the longest blowjob. I will admit it never occurred to me when I thought up this plan that I might have to go down on him for thirty minutes or more, and was not ready for that sort of extended session. And of course, after that much foreplay he was very eager to get me off once we switched positions. "I guess we are going to have tooooooo oh goooddddd yes" was how I ended a lot of my stories. So with a spring in my step I went back to making dinners and lunches for us both.

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