tagRomanceTemporary Romance Becomes Permanent

Temporary Romance Becomes Permanent


NOTE: This story is a sequel to the story "Temporary Romance," and starts where that other tale left off.


James Harper awoke with a feeling of disorientation from what was probably the best sleep he had enjoyed in a long time. The room was well illuminated, with light pouring in through the window shades, but he didn't recognize any of his surroundings, until the events of the previous evening and the previous week came back to him.

Smiling, he turned to gaze at the sweet face of Nicole, who lay beside him, her long blonde hair arrayed fetchingly over her pillow. He kissed her lovingly on her lips, and realized that the reason he had awakened was the need to go to the bathroom. He got out of the bed, smiled at his nudity and the further happy and erotic memories it evoked of the previous night, and went to the bathroom to do what needed to be done.

He got back into the bed, although he wasn't at all sleepy, and lay on his side gazing at the head on the pillow next to his. It occurred to him that Nicky's body would be as bare as his own. He had started the previous night wearing brand new pajamas instead of his underwear, which had been his habitual sleeping garments until then. The PJ's and his sleeping on the sofa were to be expected, since she and he were supposedly going to be sharing the apartment strictly as roommates, to their mutual financial and other benefit.

Nicky, however, had other ideas about the sleeping arrangements and what they would be wearing that night. The invitation she offered to Jim, that he should join her in the double bed, was made impossible to refuse by her gorgeous near nudity that she put on display. They had spent the entire night making sweet, naked love, until falling into a much needed sleep, snuggled up together.

The thoughts of the previous night and of the beautiful and beloved and naked woman lying beside him started to stiffen Jim's cock. He kissed Nicky again, and she was kissing him back before her pretty blue eyes even opened. He broke off the kiss and gazed again on her face.

"Good morning, Beautiful," Jimmy greeted her.

"Hello, you handsome stud," Nicky responded, and they kissed again.

Nicole realized then that she had the same need as her lover did a few minutes earlier. She got out of bed to go to the bathroom, moving slowly to give him a chance to admire her sexy body, as nude as his still was, as she strolled there. Nicky took longer than he had and, when she returned, he considered the wait to be well worth it, because her hair was brushed back in place, and she had washed the sleep off her face. Jim noticed that she hadn't put any clothing on, though. The lovely young woman climbed back into what they both thought of as "their" bed, and they embraced and kissed with even greater ardor.

As their passion mounted, Nicky's body squirmed against Jim's, and she felt his stiff cock pressing against her. Smiling impishly, she reached down and held it lightly in her hand, thinking of the immense pleasure it had given her the previous night.

"This big dude did some great work last night. And, I see it's ready to do some more today."

Having said that, Nicky started kissing and nuzzling her way down her lover's body. Her teeth lightly nipped his nipples, which were as hard and erect as she knew hers were, and crawled under the bed covers, while her mouth continued meandering down his body. Jim knew where she was heading, and did nothing to prevent her from reaching her destination or to delay her journey.

It was dark under the covers, but Nicky needed no light to find the way. Her mouth continued its travels until her tongue was fondling his curly pubic hair, and his hard cock was pressing against her chin. She didn't stop even then, but kept going, all the way around the hard shaft and his balls until she tasted his salty, sweaty crotch. Once she started licking there, her tongue covered the whole area, before starting up the base of his scrotum, feeling the veins and the long, wispy hairs.

First she licked one side, her tongue stroking its way up the wrinkled skin until it met one of his testicles. Nicky wrapped her lips gently around the soft ovoid while her tongue caressed it. Wanting even more of him, she put one hand on his hard cock to hold it and rub it against the side of her face while her mouth played with the first ball. When she had enough of that one, Nicky licked her way back down to the base of his scrotum and over to the other side.

She treated this side and Jim's other testicle the same way, until she returned to the base and started up and around the center, gently pushing the wrinkled sac out of the way when her mouth reached the base of his stiff cock. Nicky's face continued making love with Jimmy's private parts, kissing and caressing the underside of his shaft until her mouth encountered the slit in the end. She moved her body slightly upward so her face was above the head, and snaked out her tongue out to slowly lick up and down and around.

She reveled in the velvety texture, stroking her tongue all over the mushroom shape, before starting to lick in concentric circles and bring her mouth closer to Jimmy's body. Nicky's tongue continued moving lower and lower, until it was fondling him just under the ridge, stopping sometimes to probe against the slit in search of pre-cum. Still slowly enveloping the hard cylinder and wanting her mouth to enjoy every inch of his cock, she lowered her face, feeling his shaft glide between her lips while her tongue caressed it.

It was thick enough to spread her mouth wide and long enough that she still had some of its length that hadn't passed between her lips when the hard tip pressed against the back of her throat. Nicky kept it there for a few seconds, reveling in the fabulous sensation of the head and shaft deep within her avid mouth. Her tongue continued slowly laving its length and relishing how the smooth skin was so tightly stretched around its hard roundness. Nicky loved everything about her Jimmy's cock, especially when she remembered the many orgasms it had helped her reach the previous night.

Jim loved everything about what was happening to him too, although he knew how it could be even better. He reached down, slowly raised the bedcovers and pushed them out of the way so he could see Nicky's beloved and beautiful visage, especially the way her mouth was wrapped around his cock. When the light hit her face, her sweet blue eyes looked up adoringly at him and the corners of her widely dilated mouth seemed to turn up in a smile.

Taking her time and immensely enjoying herself, the happy woman drew her face back, completely removing her mouth from around his cock, while her tongue remained active, licking everything that was still inside. When its whole length was out, she smiled lewdly up at Jim and, with no need to speak, slowly took it back inside, this time opening her throat so the entire length passed between her lips into her warm, wet chamber of extreme pleasure. She didn't stop until her lips were being tickled by his pubic hair, and she he left it there for almost a minute, while her tongue curled and stroked around everything that was so enjoyably filling her mouth.

Once again, Nicky slowly drew her face back but, this time, the head remained lightly held between her lips while her tongue licked it and under the ridge. Still moving slowly, she lowered her mouth again, enveloping the entire length, until the head was back down her throat. For as long as Nicky's mouth sucked on Jimmy's cock, her pretty blue eyes continued gazing with love on the face of the man who was giving her so much fun that morning.

He gazed on her with every bit as much love, cherishing the woman who was sucking him off in the bed they were sharing. Jim remained lying on his side, not thrusting his cock into Nicky's mouth, and letting her set the pace. They reveled in the exquisite pleasure they were giving each other, and both of them wanted their joy to last for as long as they could make it.

It lasted for a long time until Jim felt his cock starting to throb inside her mouth, and he knew his climax was imminent. "I'm almost ready to cum, Sweetheart," he told her.

She already knew it, because Nicky had felt the throbbing also. She kept sucking, but faster, and she stopped using deep throat because she wanted him to climax into her mouth so she could savor and swallow his cum. Her tongue was positioned to catch it when he started to ejaculate.

It only took another minute of steadily stroking him with her mouth. Jim gave out with a groan of extreme pleasure, and a burst of semen shot from his cock and landed right where she wanted it. Nicky gleefully relished the flavor, but kept sucking while he pumped two more big gobs of the viscous fluid into her mouth. Still she didn't stop, but her mouth continued working until Nicky was sure there was no more forthcoming. She swirled the semen in her mouth, savoring the taste and the texture before letting it slide down her throat.

She knew there was still more, and Nicky licked everything off his cock, being especially careful to run her tongue under the ridge and probe into the slit. After her tongue had scoured it clean, Nicky placed her thumb at the base, directly in front of Jimmy's scrotum, and her fingers on the opposite side of his shaft. Slowly, wanting to get it all, she moved her hand toward her mouth, to let the rest of his semen ooze out onto her tongue, until her hand was against her lips. She swirled this ration of cum in her mouth as she had the first one, before happily swallowing every drop.

Still holding Jimmy's cock gently in her hands, Nicky slid her body toward the head of the bed, until he kissed her full on the mouth. Jim continued kissing her eyes and nose and lips, and started trailing kisses down her throat to her breasts. He stopped there, and held either of the lovely globes in a hand while he licked their pale pink nipples. The cute little nubbins were fully erect, because Nicky was still highly aroused from the previous night, as well as being sexually excited from the sensation of his cock in her mouth and the mouthfuls of cum he had given her.

Her arousal quickly increased as his tongue caressed her nipples, alternating between the luscious orbs, and her body began squirming on the bed beneath his face. "Mmmmm. I love that," she murmured.

Jim loved it too. He loved the feel of her breasts under his tongue and he loved the sounds of pleasure Nicky was making and, most of all, he loved the fact that somebody as terrific as she could actually be attracted to an ordinary guy like him. Curled up in a warm bed with her warm nude body on a Saturday morning was the most wonderful place he had ever been, and it kept getting better. She cupped her hands under her succulent breasts to hold them in place so he could increase the pleasure both of them were feeling.

It got still better when he drew one of the luscious globes into his mouth and started to suck. His tongue continued caressing the nipple and areola as his cheeks worked like a bellows, and Nicky's movements grew more strenuous under him. Her blissful writhing thrust her breasts up into his mouth as he switched back and forth between them, and her cooing started turning to moans of joy. His mouth continued fondling her breasts until the delectable aroma of her pussy juices lured him in their direction.

Grinning at her when he started down on Nicky's body, Jim kissed and licked the channel between her breasts, and his mouth slowly moved downward to her belly. He stopped briefly to swirl his tongue in her navel; she giggled and pushed on his shoulders to urge him to what she knew was his destination. Nicky loved having her pussy eaten, but her former husband had seldom done it, fearing it might compromise his jealously guarded dominant role in their lives. Jim had no such attitude, and his desire to bury his face in Nicky's crotch and eat her beautiful pussy was as at least as strong as her desire to be eaten by him.

His tongue and lips continued to caress down to her soft mons and even into her pubic hair. It was soft and slightly damp, as if Nicky had washed herself there while in the bathroom, and felt almost as good to his mouth as her bare skin had. She was writhing in bliss already from what he had been doing, and her knees were slightly bent. Jimmy placed his hand under her nearest knee and pushed up on it.

Nicky knew what he wanted, and raised it, allowing him to slide under her leg and straighten his body out so he was lying with his face between her thighs. She raised that leg and the other; he ducked under them so they rested on his shoulders and wrapped his arms around them. Leaning forward again, he knew his face was inches from her gorgeous pussy. The covers had fallen back over him, and it was too dark for him to see what he was doing, but the aroma of Nicky's juices lured him on. The heady scent was so strong and delectable, especially in that close space, as to be almost intoxicating.

When he leaned in more closely and started licking the inside of a thigh right at Nicky's crotch, Jim got his first taste of ambrosia. He had eaten a few pussies before, but none that were as delightful in every way as the one under his face that glorious morning. Avidly, he devoured all the nectar from the soft inside of one thigh, and moved his face over to do the same to the other.

Nicky wasn't sure if she was awake or if she had died and gone to Heaven, so marvelous were the sensations swirling through her body from where Jimmy's magical tongue was caressing her legs. They got even better when the magical pleasuring organ started stroking slowly on her crotch, but she felt she had to see what was happening. Nicky raised the covers as Jimmy had done, but all she saw was the top of his forehead with his uncombed brown hair, until he raised his face briefly and grinned at her. His lips were shiny with her juices, and she smiled back.

"That's wonderful, Jimmy. Keep doing that."

Nicky decided she wanted to keep seeing more of what he was doing, so she tossed the covers to the side and luxuriated her head in the pillow so she could watch more of the movements of Jimmy's head. He had no complaint about the light, and being able to see the gorgeous pussy he was eating added another dimension to the many other pleasures he was receiving from the lovely woman whose legs were starting to squirm on his shoulders.

Very briefly, he raised his head again, first to smile at the beautiful and beloved visage that was beaming down at him and, second, to gaze, almost enraptured, at the gorgeous pussy below his face. She was a natural blonde, as he already knew, and the skin there was as creamy white as that on her face. Nicky's soft bush, pale and sparse, did nothing to conceal her inner pussy lips, which were swollen and looked like flower petals that had blossomed their way through her slit. Every little thing about her pussy was a paragon of beauty by itself and, in combination, they made the most enticing display he had ever seen.

Although a marvel to gaze upon, Nicky's pussy was vastly better to eat, and Jimmy buried his face in the source of the incredible aroma and finished licking up the juices on her crotch. It was Sunday morning, and Jim couldn't think of any activity or chore that he would have rather done than eating the pussy that was before him. They had all the rest of the day, and he wanted to take as long as he could and bring as much happiness to himself and the woman whose bed he was sharing. He started slowly licking one of her inviting outer lips, relishing the feel of the soft skin and even the texture of her downy pubic hair.

When his tongue reached Nicky's mons, Jimmy kissed her there and raised his head to gaze once more at her lovely face and body, and was gratified to see how much she was relishing what he was doing. Her eyes were closed and her pretty mouth was slightly open in an expression of bliss. Nicky's head was rolling from side to side on her pillow, and her whole body was writhing in front of him. Elated that his beloved was deriving so much pleasure from what was so much fun for him, he brought his mouth back down below her dripping pink hole, devoured all the nectar and started licking her other outer lip.

Nicky could hardly believe the excruciating pleasure she was getting from her lover's lips and tongue, and she hoped Jimmy would continue what he was doing until she had climaxed, maybe even a couple of times. Nobody had ever made her feel as loved or as needed as he was doing that morning, especially not her former husband. She gave herself completely over to the pleasure of the moment, and could feel her climax slowly mounting inside her body.

Although her eyes were closed in joyful relaxation, Nicky opened them to look on the man whose head was between her thighs. Love flowed out toward him at the thought of how different he was from the only other man who had ever shared a bed with her. Although it was hard to focus with the waves of delight that were inundating her body, she watched through slitted eyes as Jimmy concentrated on one side of her pussy, stopped and kissed her mons and must have returned to her love hole, because she felt his tongue and lips devouring all the juices that had flowed from her.

He didn't stop there, and Nicky certainly didn't want him to. After his tongue sluiced up all her new juices, she felt his mouth slowly doing the same thing to her other outer pussy lip. While thrills of pleasure rippled through her body from its course, Jimmy's tongue meandered its way along some of the most sensitive places on her body until his face, smeared with her fluids, appeared once more. Her eyes were open, so she winked at him; he winked back and his face vanished again and, seconds later, Nicky felt his tongue mopping up her fresh juices again.

Jim had never tasted anything so delicious or had such a wonderful time as he was having that morning with Nicky. He wanted more of her nectar, which was the most delicious thing he had ever tasted, so, after devouring all the freshest juices, he started licking the small, very smooth and soft area between the origins of an inner and outer lip. She was even more sensitive there than her outer lips had been and, at his touch, her adorable pussy started to thrust up into his face. He continued to slowly lick between the two lips, tilting his face to slide his tongue in between them when he reached the point where they were close together.

They had all day to make love, so Jimmy took a long time licking between the labia until his tongue reached the end of the inner one, where it merged with the other inner lip to form Nicky's clit hood. He raised his head slightly to gaze, enraptured, once more at the pussy of his beloved. Her clit, which he knew to be the most sensitive part of all, had pushed its way almost all the way from its protective hood. He believed he could have brought her to an orgasm by licking or sucking her there, but he still preferred to take his time and make it last.

And, he especially didn't want all the fresh juices that Nicky's pussy had just produced to be wasted. Avidly, he brought his mouth back to the precious pink hole that had produced them and devoured every drop. After this repast, he started on her other labia, and his tongue and lips caressed them the same way as they had the first pair. Once again, he licked all the way to Nicky's clit hood. By the time he got there, her body was thrashing all over the bed and her legs were thrusting out and back over his shoulders like a set of pistons.

Nicole thought her state of arousal might have been the highest it ever reached, maybe even higher than it had been the previous night and higher than it had ever been while having sex with her ex-husband. Her whole body was wildly churning up the bed, and she could feel massive waves of ecstasy crashing through her from the place where Jimmy's agile tongue was caressing her pussy. Most of the time her eyes were closed, but she happened to open them just in time to see his beloved face, with her fresh juices all over it, grinning in total joy at her loveliness from between her thighs.

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