Temptation's Confidence


"Yes... yes ma'am."

"Faggot," Yvette sighed her frustration and shook her head as if she couldn't believe her ears. She then spoke to herself as if none of us were around. "Fuck it. Forget it. You're getting a booty bump, Yvette. Thank Christ." Then she looked up at us both with a look of glee. "Okay, here I go!"

She pressed herself into a handstand and spread her legs out to a perfect "T". Carl grabbed her leg just as he was instructed to. His cock bobbed close enough to Yvette's mouth, so she giggled and licked its tip. I hesitated. Her ass was nearly at eye level and I just stared at it. Perfectly bronzed. Totally in shape. The sort of thing you wanted to lick and fuck.

"Go on, daddy..." She blew on Carl's cock.

I touched the plunger to the niche between her pussy and her asshole.

"Spray a little on my cute little star first, daddy... make it a little bit wet. First." She spoke from below. Her hair was spread out across the ground.

I swallowed. I weighed this against any possible punishment she had in mind for me. This was the most fucked up thing she'd ever had me do. More so then drinking her piss. I doubted that she could think of anything worse. Of course that wouldn't be the first time I'd underestimated her.

I squeezed some onto her dirt hole and my daughter hissed her approval. I then forced the plunger into her. I pushed it slowly through the resistance of those droopy wrinkles. I heard Yvette groan a long, appreciative moan. Each little bit of the plunger invited a sharp breath from her. I pressed it as deeply as I could. And once it was far enough in, I pressed the plunger down.

Yvette sighed and shook visibly. I slid the device from her ass. "Okay..." she breathed. "...put me down..."

Carl lowered her down. His ramrod was still as hard as hell.

My daughter hugged her knees to her chest and she laid on her side. She stroked the concrete with her cheek. Obviously whatever the drug did for her, it was doing it.

"Carl..." she said with lazy ease, "...I know you want this pussy... but you pulled out of... Nadia..." she made a sucking sound with her teeth. She brought out her hands and gave him a shame-on-you gesture. "No pussy for you... you're going to fuck my ass instead. Pussy another day."

She then opened her eyes to look at me. She looked like she was about to tell the greatest joke in the world... if only she could remember it. A burst of laughter escaped her throat and she shook her head at the voice inside of her head. She opened her mouth to speak, but she realized she had to start again. She pushed her cheek out with her tongue and marveled at me. She had made her decision on my punishment.

Everything on my face must've betrayed how I felt because she mock-glowered up at me and pouted. "Daddy... daddy... your punishment is..."

She giggled and interrupted herself.

"Hey, daddy... seriously now..." I watched her eyes adjust as she fought her brain on getting to the business at hand. Her voice then sounded stone sober. When she spoke, it was as if the words were licked from the air by her tongue. "I know you don't like Carl. What you're going to do... is... is... is... guide his cock into your daughter's ass using your own hand."

She then got onto her hands and knees with some effort. She bounced her ass up and down to some unheard beat as she backed toward us.

I wanted to throw up. I couldn't believe this was the horror she'd come up with. I hadn't even broken any of her dammed rules and she wanted to punish me anyway. She had to prove that she owned me. And worse, she had to make sure that somebody I deeply despised was involved in this shame.

I couldn't let her win everything. This level of humiliation and degradation had to have something for me in it. At that moment, all I really wanted was to be away from them. All of them.

"I do this, then I leave..."

"I have no problem with that, you're such a party pooper anyway. No pun intended." She snorted at her joke. "Go on daddy, it's just like the plunger... only smaller... and a little more gay." She giggled hysterically at that.

I eye-balled this guy's dumb little gobstopper. It grew out of a thick, mangy patch of pubic hair that was a nightmare to look at. It was barely longer than my pointer finger and about as thick as a magic marker. I looked the guy in the eye.

He seemed totally amused.

I'm sure he saw the rage behind my eyes.

I reached out and grabbed the little prick. The silky smooth skin reminded me of pissing in the cold. My other hand felt for the moisture of the meth shot I'd given her. Just because I was doing this didn't mean I was going to watch. No way in hell.

I tugged Carl's pickle toward my daughter's ass and guided the head into her brown spot.

I didn't look down to see what I was doing, I only stared him in the face.

I could hear Yvette moaning in the distance as he penetrated her.

I removed my hand and let him do the rest.

It was like a staring contest --dumb smirk against absolute frown.

He looked like he was about to say something when I brought my fist up and slammed him straight in the nose. "There you go, bitch!"

I then turned away and went for the gate.

"Fuck you, daddy!" Yvette shouted.

"Didn't say I couldn't hit him," I shouted back at her.

"He's having my ass right now! Daddy! Daddy! This little dick is fucking your daughter's ass right now!" Yvette's taunts then switched gears. She mocked me, "oh! Why won't he stop? Why won't he stop?!" Her shouts faded into laughter.

I slammed myself into my car and started the engine without thinking. I sped out of the parking lot without using my seatbelt. I screeched onto the main road and four blocks went by before I remembered to turn on my radio.

It wasn't the first time she'd screamed at me.

I knew that everything I had done had been compliance to her rules. I had obeyed her. I had taken her punishment and I had taken it like a man.

I slammed my fists on my steering wheel and screamed at my windshield.

I was emotionally exhausted. My breathing rocked. I could feel tears running down my cheeks. Poor little old pervert. I was angry with myself for betraying my instincts at the church.

I had been ready to walk away. I had been ready to shelve my sweet girl's pussy for the opportunity to help her. I'd wanted to do something for her. I had wanted to save her.

I couldn't keep the moral coil up long enough to stop her.

I could see her whole plan with Carl unfold in my mind's eye. Carl didn't know how to get Nadia and Yvette had suggested drugs. Somehow he got her curious enough about it that she did those drugs and then wanted more drugs. But she wasn't ready to put out so Yvette said she'd help out. But it wasn't enough for Carl to have sex with someone fucked up on drugs. It had to be rape. She needed to completely re-write Carl into something he wasn't --only then could she possibly fuck him.

I knew she'd done the same to me.

I'd gone from a man with average morality to ignoring my marriage, tonguing my own daughter's ass, and touching the flesh stick of a man I hated. All of those things got Yvette off and those are the things I was thinking about when I pulled up to my house.

I got out and chirped my car locked.

I pulled my cigarettes out of my pocket and went to light one.

All at once I spit it out and threw the pack out to the street. I had to defy her. She had gotten me to smoke again after such a long time. Well, at that moment, I decided to take something back. I decided to take back my choice and be a non-smoker again.

I climbed the steps to the porch, feeling almost satisfied, and let myself in.

In the living room, I could make out the shape of my wife.

Angela slept in her upstairs blanket. She had nicknames for lots of household items. There was a downstairs blanket for reading and an upstairs blanket for reading. I didn't know why she'd brought the other blanket down, but I knew she wasn't in her right mind these days.

Once I started fucking our daughter, I'd frozen her out of the marriage bed. I had made excuses. I had turned her down. I had sided with Yvette and had undermined her role as mother maybe one too many times.

I fell heavily onto the couch. I could hear the air zip in and out of her nose.

She stretched unconsciously and her feet went into my lap. I could see she was wearing the green pajama pants that I'd gotten three Christmases ago. The fabric was light to the touch so I ran my hand up and down her calf. I drew little circles on the soft fabric as I traced the circles higher and higher. I went over the backs of her thighs and I finally got to touch that most familiar part of a wife's backside. That place between the ass cheek and the top of the thigh.

So I gave it a squeeze.

"Hey..." she murmured with her eyes still closed. "Going up?"

That was the code she used when she knew I was leaving her for the bedroom and leaving her out on the couch. It also said, "please don't go."

"No..." I whispered and itched my nose. I could smell Yvette all over my hand. I realized that our sex dander was all over my face as well. "I think I'm staying here."

"That's nice..." Angela whispered. Her mind was a fog of anti-depressant pills. She'd been on those awhile.

I lifted the upstairs blanket up and stared at her green, silk covered ass.

My cock stirred. I felt my heart skip a beat.

I didn't want to fuck her.

I wanted to make love to my wife.

My hands squeezed her ass through her pajamas and I gripped them and pulled them down. Angela's ass was a woman's ass. It reflected a bit of age, some cellulite. I slipped the pajamas down further and removed them altogether. I touched my favorite spot with both hands. I kneaded the space right above the thighs --the underside of both ass cheeks at once.

I pulled myself forward and smelled her ass. I rubbed my stubble onto her butt cheeks and I felt her body hop lightly. She gave a light, sleepy giggle. "What are you doing down there..?" She hissed.

I kissed each cheek in turn and then I leaned downward. I parted her legs to give just enough room and I touched my tongue to her pussy lips. I heard her blow air through her lips and she widened her legs for me a little more. With her encouragement, I pushed my tongue out and into her womanly folds.

"Mmmmm..." Angela moaned.

I kissed it. I licked it. Soon, Angela wetted my lips, my nose, and cheeks.

"Fingers, Kyle... you know I like fingers..." she whispered.

I complied and pressed two fingers into her... one from each hand. My tongue meanwhile traveled upward, touching the taint that separates the asshole from the glory hole. I licked and suckled the skin there and I nudged my nose into her ass.

"Kyle," she groaned. "That's dirty, buddy... that's so dirty..."

"Buddy's a dirty bird tonight..." I whispered back.

With those words, my wife raised her ass to meet my nose and I licked the length of her crack with my salivating tongue. I heard her gasp her approval. We both knew that my tongue had to go there. So I pressed my tongue to her asshole with a loving touch. I locked my lips above her asshole and sucked lightly. There was no smell of shit here. I only smelt the sweat of her body. I smelt the sweat from her sitting in clothing she hated. I licked the sweat her skin made from sleeping too much. And it was the sexiest I'd felt in a long time.

She ground her pussy against my fingers as they worked together in a "come hither" motion. I drew and withdrew the motion with a gentle rhythm. Her breath began to get shallow.

"Buddy... put it in, Buddy..." she cooed my nickname.

"Are you gonna ride it?"

"I'm too tired to ride it..." she teased.

"You're too sexy to not."

"What if Yvette comes home?"

This stung me. But in that instant, I dismissed it.

"She'll be gone for hours."

"Okay..." she whispered and I leaned back on the couch.

Angela sat up and unbuttoned her top slowly. I could see her blue eyes looking down at me. Her blonde locks were well kept. Her make up was smeared from pillows and crying. She did a light, joking song as if she were a stripper.

God knows she could have been.

Yvette hadn't fallen far from the tree.

I stared up at my wife as she left the top on, but unbuttoned. She then flashed one of her white breasts at me and covered it again.

"Take it off," I whispered.

"No. No fatness tonight..." she taunted. "Tonight I'm sexy. I'm twenty-four again..." With that she put both of her hands on my dick. "Hello there, mister... you've been away awhile."

She then, all at once, engulfed my entire penis into her mouth. She had practiced it so many times. From the backseat of my car to the trip to Mt. Rushmore to the honeymoon to her pregnancy to our arguments to our foreclosure to our alcoholism to Yvette's graduation. It had become an art form for her. Her throat simply accepted my size and my shape. We were accustomed.

I suddenly remembered why I'd been so scared that Anne Marie would wreck everything. I remembered why the fling hadn't been worth it --it wasn't my reputation at all. It wasn't even this blowjob really. It was the work that had gone into this institution. It was the quiet walks. It was the stupid shows we watched. It was the struggle with the bills. It was raising our hellion daughter.

"You know..." Angela said, coming up for air. "...with mister this big, I always wondered why we just didn't make another one... like... Yvette was version 1.0... all the problems and headaches... we should have just..."

"Fucked out another one?" I grinned.

Angela mounted me and eased mister into her inner folds slowly, taking in every bit of the length. She smiled down at me and squeezed my cock with her pussy like a handshake. Her eyes widened and she said in a little voice, "hello!"

"Hello..." I smiled up at her.

Her face fell a little bit and she leaned forward.

"Kyle," she said softly. "You're crying."

"I'm happy Angela. I'm so happy."

"Oh," I heard my daughter's voice. "It's like that?"

I turned my head quickly and saw Yvette as she stood in the open doorway. A cigarette smoldered in one hand and her eyes peered at me as if she'd just won the lottery.

Angela scrambled to button her top.

"Naw, mom..." Yvette blew smoke and then dropped her cigarette limply out the front door. Orange embers bounced from the discarded butt. "It's cool. Fuck dad all you want. I'm going to bed."

She went up the stairs heavily. I heard every single step.

Angela looked at me with a shocked, comical look. She then leaned down to kiss me. I could taste my daughter's pussy on her lips and tongue. Angela had gotten the taste from my cock.

I swallowed and remembered Yvette's words.

"I will destroy you."

My daughter had left the front door open.

I could hear the wind blowing outside.

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