Temptation's Contrast


"No. She left?"

"Yeah. Went right out the front door without saying a word to me."

"Huh," I managed and went up the stairs to put on some street clothes.

Alone in the master bedroom, I pulled off my pajama pants and admired my erection. It was still slick with Yvette's unwholesome juices. It had lost only a touch of its prowess. I then went to remove her nipple ring from around my balls. It was difficult to squeeze each of my balls through the ring, but at least it didn't hurt. Once my balls were free, it was easy to slide the ring down my cock.

I smelt it. It was the smell that Yvette and I made together. I put the ring into my mouth and proceeded to get dressed while I sucked on our mixed flavor. She had been putting the fear of God into me, but I hadn't seen anything close to a wraith yet. She'd fucked me twice after violating her rules. The sex seemed a little more mean spirited and violent, but I saw no real difference in how she treated me.

In fact I was even free of her rules.

When I grabbed my keys, I felt that whatever consequence she was planning I'd probably be able to handle.

"Be right back," I said to Angela as I went out the door.

I chirped my car unlocked and opened the door.

Yvette was in the passengers seat. Her green top was pulled down to reveal her left tit. She held her breast up to her tongue with her left hand. Her other hand was between her legs --which were naked. I didn't know where her pants were, but I assumed her panties were with them. She licked her nipple as she stared at me coldly. The nipple was wet and puffy.

Her Ipod laid across her lap. I could hear her earbuds blasting that distant rap music.

"Mom was right," she gasped as she leaned away from her tit. She pulled the seat lever and fell backward to a horizontal position. My daughter then spread her legs and showed me what her other hand was up to. "I did take the cucumber to do god knows what to it..."

The vegetable was deep inside of her pussy. Her hand worked it back and forth with the skill of a porn star. She alternated pressure and speed as she twisted the thick and green food stock inside of her. My daughter panted in time with her thrusts as she stared at me. The entire cab smelled like her damp and leaking pussy. The wetness from between her legs stained the seat.

I got into the driver's seat and closed the door. I put the key into the ignition and listened to Yvette's breathing. She was timing her breath and movement to the beat of her Ipod. I heard the pace she worked herself to with thick vegetable. The sound of it was erotic. I felt my member throb in my pants as she continued to pleasure herself. I wondered if she was inviting me to action.

I reached between her legs to touch the cucumber.

"NO!" She shrieked and her barefoot came up and kicked my forehead. I grabbed my forehead just as her foot relaxed again. I looked at her. She only stared at me as she opened her mouth to suck on her own tit. She opened her lips slowly and ran her flat tongue over the puffy nipple. Her eyes held mine ferociously. They only fluctuated mildly in response to her masturbation.

I wasn't in the mood for this particular game, so I started the car. I listened to the wet sucking sounds of her lips on her nipple as she stroked the cucumber in and out of her wet, gaping pussy. Her moans grew married to the sounds of swallows and gasps. Her nose rose with the intensity of her breathing. I watched her out of the corner of my eye as she writhed up and down in her seat.

I came to a traffic light and watched Yvette ram the cucumber in and out of her pussy. She made light wrist motions that ensured her clit was served. I looked back at her face. She held her breath now and stared at me. I knew that expression. She was intoxicated with sensation. Her climax was about to pay off.

Somebody honked behind me. The light was green.

I drove forward.

"Ugh..." Yvette's voice was wet and guttural. "...oh fuck... oh fuck..."

She inhaled sharply and her back went stiff as a board. Her climax rocked her clenched buttocks as she rose up off of the seat. Her solid calves slammed her feet into the floorboard as she grinded against the very nearly buried cucumber. I glanced between her orgasm and the road.

Yvette finally collapsed and her chest heaved.

I swallowed. Her show had made my cock especially hard. I had to fight the instinct to slam on the brakes and fuck the shit out of her. My hands clenched the steering wheel and I stared at all of the vivid traffic colors.

She reached behind her seat and produced a cigarette and lighter. She lit up in the car and used the lever to bring her seat up again. I glanced over at her. Yvette was turned toward me, her back against the passenger door. One arm was wrapped around the chair; the other held her burning cigarette near her spread pussy. The cucumber still sat inside of her. I watched the smoke roll between her thighs a moment before I looked back at the road.

"Hungry, daddy?" She asked.

Before I could reply, she had the cucumber in front of my nose. The thing was soused in her sweet marinade. Yvette's scent was acrid arousal. Her smell was absolutely familiar and something I still yearned for. I put my tongue out and licked it. It reminded me of her nipple ring. The taste was perfect but only the shadow of the real thing.

"Open up," Yvette said and put her cigarette to her lips.

I opened my mouth for her and she put the cucumber in my mouth. More of her taste mixed with the taste of the cucumber. She let go of the vegetable and I quickly bit into it to hold in place. Her hand went to my pants.

"Jesus Christ, daddy..." She cooed. "I think we have a winner."

I felt her open my pants as she took a drag. Her fingers deftly removed my erection from my shorts. Her perfect fingertips traced its silky skin all the way to its swollen tip. "So much warmer than the grocery fuck..." Yvette whispered. She moved in her seat so that her lips were right next to my ear.

I couldn't respond with the cucumber in my mouth.

She lifted her leg up and over my lap. My eyes widened. Yvette was going to straddle my lap as she faced me. Her cigarette hand reached around me to rest on the driver's side window. Carefully, she maneuvered her legs to straddle the driver's seat. She put her cigarette between her teeth. The cord to her Ipod drifted to rest between us. Ashes fell off of the end of her burning cigarette. She reached between her spread legs and she found my ripened ramrod. She lifted herself up and I had to peer around her to see where I was driving.

I shuddered as she pulled the cock that gave her life back into her another time. Her perfect, sopping sheath holstered my shooter completely and she raised her chin in satisfaction. I felt her ankles hook behind the seat.

With her cigarette still clenched in her teeth, she pulled down her green top and black bra again. I tried to ignore her terrific tits in favor of the road. My arms gripped the wheel on either side of her.

Yvette took her cigarette out of her mouth and blew smoke in my face.

She grinned at the cucumber still stuck out of my mouth. She swiveled her hips and moved my cock inside of her. I could feel her wet lips as they greased my pubic hair and balls with her lewd juices. She drew herself close to the cucumber and opened her mouth wide. She slipped it into her lips and scooted forward. I could feel the vegetable between us vibrate with the nuances of the road below the speeding car. Out lips touched. Her eyes were closed. Mine were wide open. She released herself from the cucumber.

My daughter leaned away and pushed her back into the steering wheel. She scooted her clit against my roaring member. She put her cigarette to her lips again and the fire at the end burned so bright. Her eyes fluttered as her pussy walls quaked around my cock.

I swerved the car around a pedestrian.

She lifted her hips and brought them down with hypnotic measure. Her pussy was a dripping metronome, quietly drawing more semen from tightening balls. I raised my hips up from the seat to hungrily slam her. This made her gasp. I did it again and again. Her gasps were inter-cut with animalistic moans and groans. The ash on her cigarette was long. The smell of the pussy-drenched cucumber teased my nose.

I looked at the traffic before me. I needed to pull over but there was nowhere to park. Yvette grabbed my chin and forced me to face her.

"That's it... daddy... you're gonna make... your little... girl proud..." Yvette hissed. I fucked up and down in the chair. Harder and harder. Her thighs held the seat and she used her pussy to fuck me back. Our timing locked into place. With every slurp her pussy wiped on my member, I wiped her back with equal authority and primal need.

Her eyes were as lustful as I'd ever seen them. The cigarette had burned itself out, so she dropped it to the floorboard. Yvette punched the ceiling above us and shouted at the top of her lungs, "...yeah...yeah...yeah...do it in me... do it in me!"

In the rearview mirror, I could see a police car with its sirens blaring.

I slammed on my brakes. This caused Yvette's tits to slam the cucumber and brought her pussy down on my cock even harder.

I was stopped in the road. And the officer was getting out of his car.

Yvette kept gyrating on my cock and she leaned toward my torn earlobe.

"...this is the way the world ends..." she hissed. "...this is the way the world ends..." The rap music blared from beneath her blonde hair.

She sucked my earlobe into her mouth and leaned away from me again.

Her eyes were distant and final. She popped the earbuds out of her ears.

With my erection still inside of her, Yvette pressed the power button on the window.

I didn't know what was coming, but I was scared that whatever I could think of would never be as evil as what she had planned.

The police officer came to the window to see my cock in the girl and a cucumber in my mouth.

"This is my father..." Yvette said to the cop. She then laughed. "Daddy? Meet Officer..." She read his nametag. "...Reyes." Her laughter became contagious for herself and she laughed even more. And louder still.

My dick was the limpest it had ever been.

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