tagGroup SexTempted By College Studs...

Tempted By College Studs...


Tempted By College Studs, Settles For The Two Truckers

Note to readers. Even thou we were both a little careless at the beginning of our adventures; we were lucky enough to have never gotten any diseases. Remember to always use protection from diseases and pregnancy.

My wife Tracy and I were married almost twenty years ago, and since then we have enjoyed some wild and adventurous sex. It started early in our marriage. We were driving through New York State when we stopped at a rest area. We had been horny all day, and we decided to take a walk through the small woods that bordered the rest stop.

There appeared to be no one around, and we couldn't wait any longer. We started kissing and groping each other, and in a flash my hands were under her skirt, massaging her large firm breasts. A minute later I lifted her blouse over her head and dropped it on the ground. She wasn't wearing a bra, and I kissed her hard nipples as she reached down and rubbed my cock through my jeans. I lifted her denim miniskirt to her waist and pulled her panties down, and Tracy stepped out of them and kicked them away.

I turned her around then and put the tip of my cock at the crack of her pussy. Tracy asked if we really should be doing this, since we were not completely hidden from view. But neither of us could see anyone, and she made no further objection as I bent her over, pushing gently until my raging hard-on slid into her pussy. As soon as my cock was inside her fiery pussy, she stopped worrying about anyone seeing us. She even said something about how cool it would be if someone were watching us and we didn't know it. I said I thought that was a hot idea also.

I continued to fuck her, as she stood bent over with her hands on her knees, totally naked. At one point I glanced off to my right and noticed some movement in the bushes. And then I saw them, maybe twenty yards away, four young guys who looked like college students, and one blonde girl with a yellow bikini top and very large tits. Almost as large as my wife's tits. They were all watching with interest as I pounded into my wife's cunt from the rear. From their position I knew they could see her large tits swinging in the breeze, and my cock going in and out of her sweet pussy. Tracy was not yet aware of them. She was in her own little world as I fucked her hard and steadily.

They must have gotten horny from watching us, because two of the guys now started helping the girl out of her bikini. All the guys stripped down too. One of them lay down on the ground, still watching us, and the girl squatted down over his large dick. A second guy pushed her forward and put his own sizeable cock right up her ass. No lube and no gentleness. Just straight into her asshole in one quick and hard thrust. She grabbed the other two cocks and shoved them into her mouth as all four guys groped her tits.

My wife still hadn't noticed them, even though the girl was moaning loudly as the guys fucked her hard and fast. Watching them was getting me even hotter, and I was wishing that they would just come over so that all of us could get into some group action. But I continued to pound into Tracy's sweet treasure box. She had come already twice so far, and I could tell she was about ready to come again as I started to build my own climax. I reached around and played with her clit as I slammed into her from the rear. Then we were both coming, and Tracy had trouble staying upright as I finished pumping what seemed like gallons of come into her hot, well-fucked pussy.

As we stood there trying to catch our breath, I looked over at the group and saw that they had changed positions. The two guys who'd been getting their cocks sucked were now fucking the girl's cunt and ass at the same time, while the other two were now receiving the blowjob.

Tracy now stood up and pulled down her blouse. She put her skirt back on, but left the top four buttons undone, so that I could still admire most of her tits and nipples. At that point I told her to look over her shoulder, and she was startled when she saw the four guys and the girl going at it like blazes. Her initial shock soon abated, however, and as she watched them for a few minutes I could see that she was getting excited once again.

She started to massage my cock with one hand and her pussy with the other, and by the time the guys and the girl were finished fucking, we had both come again.

When we headed back to our car Tracy forgot all about her panties. I noticed a trickle of my come trailing down her inner highs, but it didn't seem to bother her. We took our time getting back to the car, and as we got there we saw the cute blonde and the four guys waiting for us. The girl came up to us and the four guys formed a semicircle behind Tracy.

"Do you guys swing?" the girl asked.

I replied that I was open to just about anything, but that I thought my wife was a lot less adventures than I. With that the blonde simply squatted down and started licking the come off Tracy's inner thighs. I could see that Tracy was caught off guard, but she did nothing to stop the girl. She just closed her eyes and leaned back against the car, seeming to savor the sensation of that busy tongue.

Evidently encouraged by this reaction, one of the college guys moved up and started playing with my wife's tits. Again Tracy made no objection, and soon she was moaning softly. The other guys were crowding around now, and one of them said, "Man, she's really hot. DO you mind if we fuck her for a while?"

I must say I was really excited by the idea of seeing my wife take on four guys at once, but I replied that that was up to her.

By now the blonde's mouth had almost reached Tracy's snatch. But at this point Tracy came to her senses and pushed her away. I could see that she was torn between lust and her sense of propriety. She had never participated in an outdoor gangbang, and though she probably wouldn't have minded fucking the hell out of those guys, she just wasn't ready to go that far right then. In fact she told the disappointed youths that now was not the right time, but that maybe later would be. Given that hope, I exchanged names and addresses with the group of five before we left.

As we headed down the highway, Tracy confessed to me how horny that girl had made her, the girl and the idea of the gangbang. She took off all her clothes, knelt up on the seat with her head in my lap and her ass and cunt in the air, and proceeded to give me a wonderful blowjob while driving down the highway.

I saw a big semi up in front of us and speeded up to pass it, knowing tat the driver would get a great view. As I pulled alongside I noticed that the driver was a good looking young stud, and that there was another, older guy in the passenger seat. The driver looked in out direction and his jaw dropped when he saw my wife's ass and pussy staring back at him. I pulled ahead of them and continued down the road as I blew a huge load of come down my wife's throat.

Tracy wanted to be fucked again, and at her request I found a secluded spot off the road and pulled the car over. Still naked, she got out of the car and bent herself across the hood. She closed her eyes and told me that she wanted me to fuck her long and hard, and then she would let me fuck her ass. It didn't take me long to get hard again, and I started to fuck the hell out of her pussy. As I was doing this, the truck I had passed pulled in behind us, and the two guys got out. Tracy was moaning so loudly that I wasn't sure whether she was aware of their appearance. If so, she didn't give any sign of it, and neither did I. The two guys didn't say a thing; they just stood there watching as I continued to fuck her.

When Tracy opened her eyes and saw the two truckers, she turned around and told me to fuck her ass. This was when one of the guys spoke up and said, "How about letting somebody else do that?"

Tracy turned her head to look at the trucker. She was moaning and panting heavily, and her eyes were glazed with lust. Her eyes moved from the driver's face to mine, as if seeking guidance. "It's up to you, baby." I said to her. "Do you want him to fuck you?"

Tracy nodded slowly. As I pulled out of her ass, the young trucker stepped up and took my place, unzipping his jeans and shoving his huge prick deep inside her pussy. Tracy let out a cry of pleasure and bent lower over the car, sticking out her rear. The guy reached around and grabbed onto her boobs, tweaking her large nipples. She cried out again, and then began to beg him to put it up her ass. He pulled out of her cunt and put the head of his very big dick at the opening of her ass, now that it was lubricated with her pussy juice. Then he rammed almost his whole cock to the hilt up my wife's ass. Tracy let out a loud scream as if she was a wild animal.

He pumped her ass slowly the first few times until his whole cock was in her ass. Then he started reaming her ass like a jackhammer. As he pumped away, the other trucker started taking off his clothes. He then came up to the car and brought his dick to her moaning mouth. Tracy accepted it greedily and proceeded to give him a first rate hummer.

The second guy was older, and he reeked of whiskey and cigars. He also had a large mustache and a lot of body hair. It didn't take long before he blew a huge load o come down my wife's throat and all over her face. He even got a large amount in her hair. When he was finished spraying her face, Tracy grabbed his dick and sucked it clean. He then went down between her legs and started licking her pussy, while his partner continued to shove his monster dick in and out of her ass.

Tracy was going crazy with lust. She looked at me with her wild eyes and told me she wanted to suck my cock right now. I had no problem with that since watching the fucking that she was getting gave me another hard on, so I put my cock in her mouth. Now she had a dick in her ass and one in her mouth, along with a tongue on her clit, and she was obviously heading for another mind shattering orgasm, thrashing about wildy and emitting muffled groans around my throbbing tool.

After only a few minutes I couldn't hold out any more, and I shot off in her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could. The young trucker pulled out of her ass ad moved around to stick his huge cock in her mouth. She sucked him as eagerly as she had sucked me, and his partner before me. The older guy now jumped up and shoved his dick in her dripping pussy, fucking her deep and hard. The two of them came at about the same time, the driver shooting what seemed like gallons of come down her throat. Tracy couldn't swallow fast enough with large amounts of come shooting out the sides of her mouth and running down her face onto her tits. Meanwhile the older guy pulled out her pussy and shot thick ribbons of sperm onto her ass and back.

Tracy wasn't done. She turned to the driver and took him back into her mouth until he got hard again. Then she had him lie down on the ground as she straddled his hips and slowly lowered herself onto his massive cock. She then instructed me to shove my cock up her ass. I would of loved to, but I was soft. The older guys, not to be left out, slide his cock up her ass. While Tracy squealed like a pig, I walked up to them and put my cock and balls in her face for a good licking and sucking. As she sucked my balls, the two truckers established a mutual rhythm and proceeded to fuck the hell out of my now adventures wife. Tracy came three more times while they fucked her, and when she came a fourth time we all came with her, spraying our come all over her happily squirming body.

We all rested a while, and then Tracy thanked the guys by giving each of them a final blowjob before they got back in their truck and left.

As we were getting back into the car, I reminded that she should clean up a little. While doing so, she told me that she now felt terrible about having turned down the four guys and the blonde who we had met earlier. But when I reminded her that I had their names and addresses she smiled happily and, still naked, curled up on the back seat and went to sleep.

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