tagBDSMTempting Fate

Tempting Fate


I stood there and just looked this man in the eyes, giving him a slightly mischievous, smile then I said, "I dare you!"

We were at a party, not just any party but a BDSM play party. So, fully dressed, I knelt and then I lay across his lap, tilting my head to the side as if to say, 'Well!!!' I was known to be outgoing and the daring type at these parties.

He looked down at me draped across his lap; he had to feel the heat from my body. I looked at him with pleading eyes, and a soft smile. Then I heard him quietly say, "You dare me young Lady?" as he lifted an eyebrow.

Then, raising my skirt slowly, our eyes never leaving each others, he exposed my lace panties and sleek thighs. I took a deep breath and wiggled. The fabric tickled my ass as it came to rest at the small of my back. Then, repeating in a soft yet firm voice he asked me again, "You dare me?"

I giggled softly, nibbling on my lower lip as I gazed up at him through my long lashes. With my hair hanging down almost covering my eyes, I looked into his intense gaze. Nervously, I wiggled my nearly exposed ass a little, and felt a blush creeping to my cheeks at the sudden realization of what I had gotten myself into as I listened to the tone of his voice.

It sent little shivers through my body, goose bumps pricking at my flesh as his playful tone turned a little more serious. I realized I was at that fine line between being in control and handing it over, laying over his lap and with my next words on the tip of my tongue, I felt his hand slowly dance over my pale and laced ass. He teased and waited, almost daring for me to say it, to accept his question.

And in my shaky low voice I did. I replied with a smirk on my face that was slightly flushed. It was betraying my seemingly calm demeanor and then I spoke to him, "Only if you think you can handle me." Instantly I bit my lower lip almost regretting the flip statement from the moment it left my lips.

A deep furrow appeared across his brow, and his eyes squinted. I knew I had said the wrong thing to him, challenging his authority. I squirmed and adjusted my position, my eyes turned from his. I felt his fingers trace the goose bumped edge of my panties. Then his arm went around my waist and it quieted me and my wiggling.

The blood rushed to my head from the position I was in, and the fact that I was embarrassed and a little frightened for making this challenge. But not a word came from his lips.

He knew I was a strong-headed lioness, but I had to be tamed. I would fight him in the beginning with the power struggle of the stare-down. I knew I would look away from him first, but I looked him in the eyes. There was not a word from his lips nor did he look away!

My gaze held steady with his, my mischievous twinkle fading into a wide eyed look similar to a deer in the headlights; I knew I had gone too far; I knew I had to look away, but was captivated by his icy gaze. I felt his fingers trace the edge of my panties almost instinctively, snapping me out of my trance. I started to fidget in his lap, a fleeting thought of escape immediately hindered when I felt his grip around my waist tighten, as if he sensed my surge of panic of the situation.

I blinked, the stare broken as my eyes shifted to the floor, submitting. Squirming again, this time more out of nervousness than my position, I coughed softly under my breath. His silence was unnerving, but now I knew better than to speak again until spoken to. All of the control I thought I held moments ago now laid in his hands......hands that would soon be warming my ass. Holding my breath, waiting for the words...a movement...anything but this unnerving silence.

My body remained draped over his lap, nose nearly in the carpet and body tense in an erotic blend of anticipation, submission and defiance. My heart was beating rapidly in my chest as I realized he most certainly DID dare, leaving no doubt he intended to get to the bottom of the matter.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him raise his arm towards the ceiling in the 2 o'clock position. Instinctively, I tightened my ass cheeks and arched my back like a puppy. I drew in my ass knowing I was gonna get spanked. Waiting to accept his harsh blow, my mind was spinning. My eyes shut tight waiting for the sweet agony; but he broke his hand inches above my ass then grabbed the tightened left cheek of my ass, with his un-calloused hand massaging deeply into the tightened globe. His fingers trailed down to the cleft above my thigh, just the tips of his fingers arising new pleasure as the endorphin rush heightened my nerve endings. I tilted my head to the side and looked, just in time to see the same scenario, the high arched arm. This time I let out a tiny moan, muscles tensing again, but he denied me a second time.

I gazed at him, puzzled why this man would not take me now? I felt his left arm squeeze between his lap and just beneath my breasts, and then he raised me to my feet once again. An even more puzzled look was in my face and in my eyes as he positioned me between his legs, his fingers at the button on my knee high skirt. I could hear the familiar zip and then the cotton material puddled at my feet. His eyes never left mine, then he reached for the bottom 5th button of my satiny blouse, then the 4th. My eyes egged him on as he reached the third; the top two were left undone to reveal my full breast.

My blouse fell open and my hands reached to cover my full breasts, cupping each with my small hands. Feeling him place his hand on my hips, he turned me 180 degrees. My back now to him. I felt his warm hand pull one arm down, then the other, undoing the wrist buttons of my blouse. Then he slowly edged the blouse from my shoulders. I crossed my arms and pulled them up trying to hide my nudity.

Looking down, I watched as his thumbs grasped the elastic of my panties at each hip. I knew I had been beaten at my own game once they were down. I closed my eyes as I felt the soft slinky laced material slide over her thighs and calves; clinging to each ankle, I felt his hands gently on my calves and I raised each foot slipping my foot from my panties. They would become his prize.

I peered into the full-length mirror across the room, unable to see him behind me. But standing there, I looked at my own nakedness, only thigh highs and 3" pumps on. I saw my auburn hair partially covering my breasts, a nipple poking out like it was trying to see him. My tummy filled with the butterflies floating around in it, my shaven mound, I was totally vulnerable and so very naked.

Once again I felt his strong hands on my hips, this time turning my naked body towards him, knowing that I'd submit my naked flesh to him as a gift. Our eyes met once more; looking at him he seldom blinked or changed expressions, his fingers entwined with mine. Leading me to his side once more, and with his right hand still entwined with mine, his hand went to the small of my back and once more I'm draped across his lap.

Not a word was said from his lips! I lay draped over his lap, shivering from my nakedness, as the cool air in the room whispered over my nude and trembling body. The blush that had started at my cheeks now spread across my chest as I came to terms with my total exposure to this man. I felt his strong warm hands once again wrap around my waist, holding me securely in position over his knees, his grip confidant and firm. He knew I was his at this moment. The lioness had changed into a trembling kitten under his knowing gaze and strong hands. I could only hide behind sassy retorts and mischievous antics for so long, and now, not at all. He expected obedience and I gave it, my tense, defiant body relaxed as he kneaded and rubbed my ass gently willing me to let go of my intimidation and let him tend to me as he saw fit.

The room was silent except for the sounds of my heavy breathing. His calmness infuriated me, his actions confusing and intriguing at the same time, captivating me. His fingers resumed their teasing tracings, slipping lightly down the small of me back and gliding over the curve of my ass, producing some erotic giggles from me at the ticklish touch. His fingers immediately stopped, waiting for me to regain my composure before resuming the slow, erotic teasing of my ass. Every move or sound that came from me stopped him dead in his tracks, and I soon caught on to his silent little game of Simon Says.

Fingers slowly, patiently teasing over my naked body, covering every inch of my quivering ass and thighs, he'd spread my legs and teasingly dip his fingers down to caress my shaved cunt. I bit my lip to contain my moans, as I felt his fingers gently teasing my clit. Feeling the wetness on my inner thighs, I moaned and started to wiggle but he forced my body to remain perfectly still. Even the slightest movement denied me the touch that my body now craved. My breathing became more irregular with each touch of his fingers, my nipples hardened as the cool air flowed over them, his teasing sent tingles of need shooting through me

I closed my eyes. My entire body was aware of every movement of his fingers, absorbing the sensations of my own arousal. He had found that the arousal and vulnerability were the keys to taming me. He continued the finely tuned ballet of his fingertips across my ass and between my legs. Our breathing provided the music...and still... Not a word from him.

Suddenly his palm started a slow rhythmic beat against my ass, a soft slapping that could barely be heard. His left arm kept me saddled in place, my head slowly bobbed to the beat, my long auburn hair sweeping the carpet and my feet planted on the floor. He watched as my temperature rose, the blood rising to the flesh as the endorphins increased, soft moans came from my lips.

He increased the tempo of the slaps, his fingers sometime spread, sometimes not. Every so often he kept the hand on the spot he just spanked, adding pressure and then kneading the flesh.

Spank! Spank! Spank!

I accepted what I had coming.....

Spank! Spank! Spank!

After all I had made the dare.

Spank! Spank! Spank!

I wanted to be in this position so many months ago.

Spank! Spank! Spank!

My nakedness now a gift to him.

Spank! Spank! Spank!

The sweet burn of my ass made me cry softly and then moan. But not a word emitted from his lips


I gasped each time his palm landed on my ass, startled out of my blissful state the distractions of his fingers had provided only moments before


Now his hand had connected with my ass with more force, with more purpose.


My gasps turned to soft moans and cries as he broke the pace to rub the heat into my quivering flesh, savoring the momentary relief before the spanks began again.


I squirmed in his lap, arching my ass up slightly, silently begging him for what I HAD wanted for months.

Oh! Did he ever dare!


His hand answered my silent begging, sharply covering my ass, working down to the most sensitive curve, each spank harder than the last.


He'd wait for my reactions, how my body squirmed as the smacks landed, tensing subconsciously in preparation for the next.


My gasps turn to yelps as my backside slowly turned a healthy pink, blending into a heated crimson as he relentlessly spanked me.



My lilac scent rose with the heat, mingling with the pungent smell of my arousal. Still, not a word from him.

His spanking action was nonstop, his persistent strokes painted the crimson red canvass of my ass and upper thighs. He concentrated on the sweet spot where my cheeks meet the upper thighs, the place where so many nerve bundles met. My muscles tensed at every slap, and my hips ground into his lap at every stroke, the slow burn on my ass was a fiery inferno.

I could not but help to squirm and thrash about, my feet beating a rhythm on the floor, my hands tried to defend my poor defenseless ass. Without missing a beat, he lifted me up to straddle his left knee, his right leg forcing my legs to be still, his left hand held my arms so he would have a clear target again.

I started to grind my swollen cunt into his thigh soaking his pant leg. He met my passionate strokes with loud slapping whacks, his pant leg now drenched from my erotic humping. I brought my hand to my cunt. Parting the lips, I glided two fingers in to the hilt. I moaned aloud at my first exploding release, screaming in the sweet agony at the ecstasy that this man has brought me

And not yet a word from his lips!

I panted from exhaustion; my breathing came in sobbing gasps as I thrashed against his leg and my own fingers, the delight of my release mingled with the pain brought on by his relentless hand. I closed my eyes, savoring the ecstasy as my mind gripped desperately to the stimulation as I reached the erotic release, each spank from his hand intensifying the rush and the riding of his thigh, my sweet nectar overpowering both of their senses as I slowly climbed down from the high.

With my desires satisfied momentarily, I was all that more aware of the steady beat of his palm, the pain intensifying on my blazing backside. Screaming "Fuck it hurts!" I struggled to free my arm from his grip, crying out in frustration and agony when my efforts only made him more determined. The tingling afterglow of my orgasms still lingered, smoldering as the rising heat from my ass overpowered it.

I thrashed, biting down hard on my lips to keep from pleading, from begging him to stop, stubbornly refusing to give in. My hair clinging to my damp, sweaty body, my breathing ragged and peppered with the sounds of a well administered punishment. Despite every yelp of agony as hand met flesh, every moan of pleasure as pain mixed with passion...the silence was deafening.

Who was daring whom now?

His hand now swollen as an over ripened melon, blistered from the dare that the lady had made who is now exhausted and in sweet tears from the pain and pleasure.

He stopped my torment.

Slowly he lifted me by my shoulders and enveloped me in his arms, my auburn hair brushed against his face as I took refuge and buried it in his chest my arms clutched around his waist. My whimpers turned to low moans, my body tingled with the feeling of safety and guidance. We stayed totally still and quiet, only a morning dove can be heard at the window. I shivered as a cool breeze flowed through the open window, soothing my scorched ass and drying my perspired skin as my hair tickled my bare back.

I cuddled closer to him; he slowly rubbed my neck and back, easing my sore muscles that were so strained during the dare. He didn't touch my ass or thighs, so seared from the spanking the slightest contact would add pain. He slowly rocked me, my eyes half closed; I could barely keep them open. I felt so safe and secure in Daddy's arm.

He lowered his neck so his lips were next to my ear, I could hear his breathing and he moved the hair hiding the lobe and softly bit down, a gnawing pleasurable pain that sent electricity down my spine. He released the earlobe from his grip and whispered in his quite firm voice; "Will you dare me again?"

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