tagLetters & TranscriptsTen Days: A Long Night

Ten Days: A Long Night


It was near on midnight and I was horny. I had been on Lit earlier, cruising through it and sharing a couple good stories with one of my friends. I was not quite tired so I couldn't get to sleep when he came back online from a late night trip to the store. We got to talking again, partially about the Sunday he was picking me up to go back to school, partially just wandering into our typical erotically charged conversation.

Him (11:25:58 PM): Mmm...

Him (11:26:13 PM): I could really go for a steaming hot tub of you.

Me (11:26:29 PM): That would be nice.

Him (11:28:59 PM): Damn

Him (11:29:07 PM): Pass reports are not looking good over the mountains.

Me (11:29:23 PM): Oh dear.

Him (11:29:42 PM): Hopefully, they turn up by Sunday

Me (11:30:16 PM): Yup.

Him (11:30:44 PM): I might need to buy chains.

Him (11:30:52 PM): Hmmm... *dirty mind*

Me (11:31:30 PM): Pretty quick to go to the gutter.

Him (11:31:45 PM): That's me.

Me (11:32:00 PM): I like it.

Him (11:32:24 PM): Good.

Him (11:32:28 PM): Because I get that way.

Him (11:32:35 PM): 'Specially around you. *french kiss*

Me (11:32:59 PM): Mmm....

Me (11:33:30 PM): Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.

Pretty innocent so far, huh? By that time I had gotten so horny, I started haphazardly rubbing myself with my left hand, not doing anything definite, but still pleasuring myself, moving up and down and around my clit. We were each thinking of what we could do if one of our roommates was gone, but he said it first….

Him (11:34:17 PM): *hug from behind* I am going to fuck you so hard...

Me (11:34:36 PM): Oh god....

Him (11:35:54 PM): I'm going to bend you over, and tease you, until you beg me to make you cum.

Me (11:37:32 PM): Ohhh....

Him (11:37:57 PM): Are you plying with yourself?

Me (11:39:08 PM): I have been yes, but it's kind of hard because I use my right hand to type when I type single-handed so I have to do it with my left hand.

Lying on my side, I had to switch the laptop to the right side of my body so I could type with my left hand and rub my clit with my right.

Him (11:47:37 PM): Mmm...

Him (11:47:47 PM): I wish I could be there, right now, to lend you a helping hand

Me (11:47:55 PM): Me too.

Him (11:49:05 PM): I would move my hands all over your body.

Him (11:49:21 PM): I'd peel off your shirt, and use it to tie your hands behind your back.

Him (11:49:43 PM): Then, when you were helpless, I'd pull off the rest of your clothes.

Him (11:49:52 PM): And then kiss you all over your naked skin

Him (11:50:14 PM): and rub my hands all up and down your legs, your breasts, your butt.

Me (11:51:10 PM): Ohhh...

I hung onto each word with anticipation, not yet speeding up my fingers, but still wondering what he would say next.

Him (11:51:53 PM): I'd make you spread your legs, then move my hands over your thighs.

Him (11:52:21 PM): And just move my fingers and lips in front of your pussy, just teasing you and feeling your heat.

Him (11:53:23 PM): Let you feel my breath on it.

Him (11:54:47 PM): My fingers would rub gently over you, moving slowly closer and closer to your wet lips

Him (11:55:56 PM): before finally moving gingerly down your lips, and then plunging in.

With every new line I'd stop to imagine what was happening, what it would be like for him to do it to me. At that point I couldn't type any more, each letter was an intense effort. I was too caught up in the heat and pleasure of the moment, reading and rereading each sentence, deeply massaging my clit, digging deep within myself for the wetness, touching myself in the most intimate way. But there was no way he could know this without asking me.

Him (11:56:52 PM): Sound good?

Me (11:57:05 PM): Yeah.

Him (11:57:25 PM): Want me to keep going?

Me (11:57:31 PM): Yes, please.

Him (11:58:12 PM): My fingers would dive into your velvety lips, and plunge in and out, feeling the hot, wet inside of your pussy.

Him (11:58:59 PM): Then I'd pull my fingers out, to lick them, and share those juices with you.

Him (11:59:16 PM): then I'd move my lips in to taste your juices directly

Him (11:59:49 PM): My fingers would slowly slide back into you, as my tongue parts your lips, and begins to slowly circle your clit.

Him (12:00:50 AM): My fingers would speed up, moving in and out of you, as my tongue moves up and down, left and right, all over your clit.

Him (12:02:21 AM): Eventually, my fingertips move up your pussy wall, and then massage your g-spot.

Every second now was spent in anticipation, rubbing my clit with my pussy juices and imagining him doing these things to me, wondering how much more I could take of this erotic teasing.

Him (12:03:02 AM): I suck on your clit, with my lips, and continue flicking over your clit, as it's between my lips

Him (12:05:32 AM): After licking your clit over and over, I'd kiss up your torso, kiss all around your neck, and your ears, and over your face and give you a slow, long french kiss, as my fingers keep working at you, sliding in and out and over your g-spot.

Him (12:07:53 AM): Then, it would be time.

It was getting to be time. Each time my fingers slid over my clit I felt a distinct jolt of pleasure and I started to twitch, an inevitable sign that my orgasm was on its way.

Him (12:08:09 AM): I'd untie the t-shirt, and make you bend over the chair.

Him (12:08:58 AM): Then, I'd get behind you and rub my hands over your butt, and thighs, before pushing my hard dick into your pussy.

Him (12:09:36 AM): I'd slide it in slowly as deep as it can go.

Him (12:10:00 AM): Then I'd slowly slide out, and begin sliding in again, going faster and faster

Him (12:10:55 AM): until I was up to a good rhythm. Then, I'd grab your hips so I could pump you hard,

Him (12:11:56 AM): taking one hand away, to slap your ass, before grabbing on again.

Him (12:12:15 AM): Pumping into you hard, so hard that the chair starts moving back and forth with our rhythm.

Him (12:14:31 AM): Pushing deep inside you, over and over.

At that point I felt my body shake with orgasm and for the first time ever, I started to moan, quietly. As each wave of pleasure swept through my thoroughly quenched body I was thanking him over and over for helping me, even though he was hundreds of miles away.

Me (12:23:55 AM): Oh god.... that was good.

Him (12:24:08 AM): *kiss*

Him (12:24:13 AM): Did you cum?

Me (12:24:22 AM): Yeah.

Me (12:25:33 AM): Thanks.

Me (12:25:46 AM): *deep kiss*

Him (12:26:47 AM): *deep kiss back* You're quite welcome.

Him (12:28:17 AM): I'm always happy to help your orgasm

Me (12:28:54 AM): It would have been much better in person.

Curious as ever I couldn't let his fantastic tale hang unfinished.

Me (12:29:23 AM): How does the story end?

Him (12:31:04 AM): We keep going, like that, until we both cum; I feel your muscles contracting on me, as I shoot my cum inside you.

Him (12:31:28 AM): Then we both collapse on the floor, a hot, sweaty mass, in each other's arms, and kiss deeply.

Me (12:32:03 AM): I'm a sucker for happy endings.

Him (12:32:32 AM): A double happy ending *kiss*.

Me (12:32:43 AM): Yeah.

Him (12:32:52 AM): You're right, though, it would be better in person.

Me (12:33:08 AM): So much better....

Him (12:33:43 AM): We'll have to try and make that happen

Me (12:34:01 AM): Deal ten times over.

Him (12:35:16 AM): *sexy kiss*

After a bit of down time he shared with me an intense fantasy, one appropriate considering how we first had sex.

Him (1:04:01 AM): You know what I want right now?

Me (1:04:17 AM): It could be one of a lot of things.

Him (1:05:38 AM): I would like for you and I, and another girl to be lying in your bed...and some hands to be laid on inappropriate places.

Him (1:05:45 AM): Some clothing to be removed.

Him (1:05:54 AM): Some hands to reach down pants.

Him (1:05:59 AM): Some kisses to be planted.

Him (1:06:05 AM): Some necks to be licked.

Him (1:06:55 AM): And, eventually, I would like you to be tied to the bed, and the other girl and I kissing up your naked thighs, and our tongues and our lips meeting with your wet lips.

Him (1:07:06 AM): Our tongues wrestling each other inside your folds.

If I had been any less tired from my orgasm and had it been earlier I would have gone on to masturbate again, but it was time for both of us to go to bed and to sleep, to get ready for the day ahead.

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