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Teri Gets Some Help


Thanks again to angel love for her editing, she has helped my writing a great deal. Feel free to leave comments good or bad but only constructive criticism. If you just want to bash me or the story, save it for someone else.


Jim and I had been good friends in high school but after graduating we slowly lost touch with each other. At our twentieth class reunion I saw him for the first time in many years. We were fairly able to pick right back up where we left off. Now we were both married and had kids so we had lots of catching up to do.

At the reunion Jim was telling me about the business he was in; hypnosis to lose weight or stop smoking. We talked some about it at the table during the reunion and it sounded interesting. My wife was asking him if he ever used hypnosis for anything else. I knew where she was going with her questions because she had always said she would never allow herself to be hypnotized because she was afraid of what someone might do when she was out or what suggestions they might leave in her mind. Jim quickly answered that he had never used hypnosis for anything but what he advertised. His wife admitted to having Jim hypnotize her to help her both stop smoking and to lose weight. From looking at her, it obviously worked very well.

As the evening went on, we got caught up on all other aspects of each others lives, traded phone numbers and email addresses and promised to keep in touch. As we were driving home, I was telling my wife that I thought I would talk to Jim about helping me lose some weight. She just looked at me and laughed.

"Like you need to lose weight," she said.

Going to the extreme of hypnosis to lose the ten or fifteen pounds I needed to lose was probably overkill but we always look for the easy answer, the one that requires no exercise and allows us to eat whatever we want. There was also an ulterior motive for me suggesting I try hypnosis to lose weight. I was hoping my wife would want to try it as well. While I could stand to lose ten or fifteen pounds my wife could stand to lose twenty or twenty-five.

Several months after the high school reunion I was surprised how many of my friends and co-workers had said something about wanting to lose weight or to stop smoking. Each time the subject came up I referred them to Jim. Jim called one day to thank me for all the business I had sent his way. He told me I had a free session coming anytime I wanted. He had seen my wife at the reunion and it was clear he was offering to help her lose weight without coming out right and saying it. I told him thanks and I'd let him know when I was ready to take him up on it.

That night at dinner I told my wife about Jim calling and thanking me for all the business. I also told her about how happy those people I had sent to Jim were with the results. Carefully avoiding the pit falls of talking to my wife about her weight I suggested she could use the free session Jim had offered since she was getting disappointed with the latest diet she was on. She quickly restated her objections to the whole hypnosis thing, basically her fear of not being in control. Reminding her that Jim was a friend and therefore not just some stranger and offering to be there with her while she was hypnotized seemed to have little effect on her resistance.

As the holidays approached my wife became extremely frustrated with her continuing failures to lose weight. One afternoon she blurted out maybe Jim's hypnosis was the only way she was going to lose weight before Christmas when all of our family was going to be in town. Trying not to seem too anxious, I told her if she was really ready to try it I'd give Jim a call but that she needed to think about it to make sure it was what she wanted to do.

That evening when we were in bed Teri said she had thought about it and decided she wanted to try hypnosis, but only if I was in the room with her when Jim hypnotized her. I told her I would want to be anyway and that I would give Jim a call the next day to make the appointment. Just thinking about how she was going to look after losing weight gave me a hard on. Teri and I had sex for the first time in a couple of weeks that night.

The next day I called Jim to set up an appointment for Teri. I left a message for him and he called back when he was done with a client. We made an appointment for Teri and me to see him in a couple of days and suggested he and I meet for lunch before then so he could answer any questions I had. We decided on the time and place to meet the next day for lunch.

At lunch Jim went over how the process works and he had no problem with me wanting to be in the room. I asked about what kind of behavioral modification could be accomplished with hypnotism and he told me how it can help people that are afraid of public speaking, flying and can even help with some sexual inhibitions.

When Jim said sexual inhibitions, my mind started working right away and I said, "Oh really?" with a grin.

"Really," he said smiling back. "Are there some things about Teri you'd like to change? Sexually, that is. With all the business you've sent my way I'd be willing to give you more than just the standard session, if you know what I mean."

I wasn't sure I did know what Jim meant but I wanted to find out more. "Just what kind of things could you do?" I asked.

"Well it depends on what you want. What kind of problem are you wanting to fix?" he questioned.

I told him about how Teri had changed as we had gotten older and how I sometimes missed her wild side. Things like wearing sexy clothes, occasionally flashing me in public or letting me play with some light bondage. Jim smiled and said he thought he could get those things back if it's what I really wanted. He was very quick to say he did not do this with any of his other patients but that he had done some experimenting with his wife and it had worked out very well.

"I think I'd like to do what we're talking about but let me sleep on it. Can I let you know for sure tomorrow when we get to your office?" I asked.

"Sure," he said, "just give me a thumbs up or a thumbs down once I have Teri hypnotized.

Jim insisted on paying for lunch and we parted both saying we'd see the other tomorrow. All afternoon I could hardly work as I thought about the possibilities of both the benefits and downsides to taking Jim up on his offer. The majority of my thoughts were about the benefits. All I could think of was my wife back at the weight she was when we met and back to being willing to do the things she once had. This had the potential to make our sex life everything I wanted it to be. There were undoubtedly risks but those thoughts were fleeting and not very well formed.

I took the day off so I could be with Teri during her session as well as the rest of the day. Our appointment with Jim was at 9:30 a.m. He welcomed us into his office and had us sit down. Teri was obviously nervous as he started telling her some of what he told me the day before at lunch. Of course he left out the parts about anything but the process and how it would help her lose weight. Jim's voice was very calm and soothing and I could see it was easing the tension and nervousness Teri had. Jim pulled out a small wheel with a spiral on it and showed it to Teri. He started to twirl it and continued to talk to her in a calm voice. Soon Jim was telling Teri to relax deeper and deeper until she could no longer hold her eyes open.

Once Teri's eyes closed Jim stopped twirling the wheel and he started talking to Teri about her eating habits. He suggested foods she would no longer find to her liking and at the same time how she would feel full after only a small portion. He also told her how she was going to need to eat healthy, well-balanced meals as she wasn't going to be eating as much as she had before.

Jim asked Teri if she understood what he was saying and she acknowledged she did. Then Jim told her that to look the way she wanted to she was also going to have to exercise. He suggested she would want to go to the gym at least four days a week and that she would feel energized after her workouts.

At this point Jim looked at me with a questioning look and I gave him a thumbs up. He continued to talk to Teri and told her that as she began to lose weight and gain muscle tone with her workouts that she would start to feel good about the way she looked, as much as she ever had when she was younger. She would be proud of her body and would enjoy flaunting it some. Then Jim told her something that surprised me.

He said "Teri, once you are fully awake you will not remember anything about this conversation other than what we discussed in the way of diet and exercise. The thoughts you have about your body and how you feel about it will be as they were completely your own. Also, once you are fully awake, your husband Jeff will be able to suggest things to you that will also be as if they were completely your own thoughts. Your own sense of right and wrong will determine whether you follow these thoughts. Jeff will give these thoughts to you with the phrase 'If I were you, this is what I'd do' and followed by 'but it's up to you.' When you hear Jeff say, 'If I were you, this is what I'd do,' everything he suggests until he says, 'but it's up to you' will be as it was your own thought. Do you understand?" Teri said she did.

I couldn't believe the gift Jim had just given me. In effect I was going to be able to hypnotize my wife by some simple words, give her a hypnotic suggestion and then bring her out of hypnosis with a few more simple words. If this worked, it was going to be fantastic. Jim once again told Teri she would only remember the discussion about diet and exercise and that all suggestions and her own thoughts would continue to be governed by her own sense of right and wrong. He also restated that only when I used the words 'If I were you, this is what I'd do' would she take those suggestions as her own thoughts. Anytime anyone else said those words they would not have any more weight than any other time.

Jim began to have Teri slowly come back from her hyper relaxed state. He told her she would feel rested and refreshed when she was fully awake. He counted backwards from five to one and Teri was back awake. Teri smiled and asked if that's all there was to it. Jim assured her it was and asked if she remembered what they had talked about. She was surprised but she remembered the whole conversation. At least she thought she did. She retold the part about smaller portions and not eating certain foods and also about going to the gym four days a week.

I was starting to get worried she might remember the rest and then she said, "That was all. Thank you so much. I hope this works."

"We all do," Jim said as he smiled both to Teri and me.

I couldn't wait to try out my trap door into Teri's subconscious so before we even left Jim's office I decided to try it and see if it worked. "If I were you, this is what I'd do," I said. "I'd give Jim a hug and a kiss on his cheek to thank him for being so nice. But it's up to you."

At first Teri continued to walk toward the office door but then she turned around walked up to Jim and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, thanking him for helping her. This wasn't something totally out of character for Teri but normally it would be reserved for someone she knew a lot better. It was proof enough for me that the gift Jim had given me worked. I turned back and vigorously shook his hand and thanked him as well. Teri and I left Jim's office and headed for the car.

Once we were in the car I thought I'd try one other little test. "If I were you, this is what I'd do. I'd feel a little warm so I'd unbutton a couple of buttons on my blouse. But it's up to you."

It wasn't like it was an automatic command but with only a few seconds delay, Teri reached up and undid the top two buttons of her blouse. This was going to be fantastic. I decided I had better not over use my new found power over Teri so we went through the rest of the day with me only making a few suggestions. Each time Teri followed my suggestion my mind took off thinking of all the things I might be able to do. That afternoon Jim called and cautioned me on using my special phrase too much.

"Because it's new, you'll have a tendency to use it a lot but try to restrain yourself. And remember, it will also take Teri feeling better about the way her body looks for you to get the best results." I made a pact with myself that I'd wait until Teri was showing some real progress with her weight before I used my gift again.

After three weeks of eating better and less as well as going to the gym on a regular basis Teri was starting to drop the weight. She had probably lost ten or twelve pounds; half of what she needed to lose. But she was already looking much better. Without my suggestions our sex life had improved. At least the frequency. I was more interested in her and she seemed to enjoy sex more than she had in a long time. I could understand that seeing herself as overweight would make her not want to be seen naked.

Teri was obviously starting to feel better about her body the way Jim had suggested she would as she lost weight. It seemed like the right time to suggest some changes to her.

One night after we had finished having sex I said, "If I were you, this is what I'd do. I'd go shopping tomorrow and buy some new clothes. Clothes like you used to wear when you were younger. You know, things like blouses that are see through or are low cut to show cleavage. Maybe get a short skirt too. And some new bras. A couple of half cup bras, one in white and one in black. And one of those bras that is completely open in front, an open cup bra just for fun. But it's up to you."

Teri didn't respond to what I said, almost like she hadn't heard me. I was wondering if it wasn't going to work but I was afraid to say it again so I decided to wait to see what happened the next day.

When I got home from work the next day Teri was there and had a sheepish look on her face. I asked her what was up and she said, "I hope you won't mind but I went clothes shopping today. I haven't bought any new clothes in a long time and with all the weight I've been losing I thought I had better get a few new things. I hope that's OK."

I tried to contain my smile as I told her it was OK but I'd like to see what she bought. She went to our bedroom and brought out several sacks. As she pulled out each item and showed it to me it was perfect match of the shopping list I had "suggested" the night before. I saw the Fredrick's of Hollywood sack but she never showed me what was in it. When I asked about it, she said it was just some bras. I told her I'd like to see them to.

"If I were you, this is what I'd do," I said. "I'd go in the bedroom and put on one of the new bras and then I'd put on the sheerest blouse and shortest skirt you bought today. That way I could see how the bra will look under your blouse. Show me all the bras this way with the open cup bra being the last. But it's up to you."

Teri said she would show me what the bras would look like under her new blouse and retreated to the bedroom. After a few minutes she came out wearing a very sheer white button up blouse and a short red leather skirt. It was easy to see the white half cup bra underneath and she had left several buttons undone so she was showing some nice cleavage as well. I smiled at her as she approached me and told her I liked the way it looked. She said she was glad to be back at her normal 34D size after losing the weight. I ran my hand across the front of her blouse to feel how it felt and how her tits felt under it. I smiled again and told her I couldn't wait until we went somewhere she could wear it.

Teri went back into the bedroom and this time came out wearing the black bra, still under the white blouse. The black was even more easily seen through the white blouse. "I wouldn't ever wear this bra with this blouse but just to show you, it's all right," she said. Once again I ran my hand across her chest, this time giving a little pinch to her nipples so they would get hard. Teri playfully pushed my hand away and went back into the bedroom.

When she came out next, she was blushing. Under her sheer white blouse was the red, laced up, open cup bra she had bought. There was some support under her breasts but absolutely no bra covering any of her breast, including her nipples. Her nipples were still hard from the little pinch I had given them and no doubt helped by the feel of the silk material of the blouse sliding over her them. Her breasts looked as firm as the first time I had seen them.

"Don't ask me why I bought this one," she said, "I just thought it might be fun for around here. I'm sure not ever wearing this out of the house."

I gave her a big smile while I stared at her nipples through her blouse and said half jokingly, "Oh, you never know. You might decide to wear it out some night."

She assured me it would never happen. I assured myself it would.

I moved close to Teri and as I put one arm around her to hug her I moved the other between us so I could cup her near naked breast with my hand. I leaned in and told her how much I liked her purchases and gave her a kiss, at the same time playing with her nipple. With my mouth close to her ear I whispered to her how well I thought she looked in her new blouse and bra and how much I'd like to have my way with her.

She said, "I'll bet you would but you can only look, not touch."

She was obviously playing since I was already playing with one of her nipples. In years past we had played a little with her resisting my advances. She was sending signals she was up for some of that kind of play tonight. I wanted to go farther.

"If I were you, this is what I'd do," I said to Teri, "I'd go into our bedroom and look through your underwear drawer for a pair of thong underwear you think will go well with your skirt."

I knew she had no thongs and so wouldn't be able to find any. "Keep looking even when you don't find them. When I come in the room ignore me and pay not attention to what I do, you just keep looking in your underwear drawer until I touch you. But it's up to you."

"I think I'll see if I can find some underwear that is more appropriate for my new clothes," Teri said, and headed back to our bedroom.

I waited only a few seconds and followed her into the bedroom. She was pulling out her underwear drawer as I walked into the room but she seemed not to notice I was there even though I made no attempt to be quiet. I went to my closet and got three of my oldest neckties and two belts. I laid the three ties on the bed and fastened the two belts together so it made one long belt. Taking the end of the long belt and sliding it through the buckle I made a loop, almost like a lasso.

Standing behind Teri I watched as she shuffled through her underwear looking for a pair of thongs that weren't there. Thinking about how to actually execute my plan I figured that as soon as I touched Teri she would suddenly be aware of me and what I was doing. I counted on there being a split second delay before she could actually react though. I held the belt lasso over her head for a second trying to time the movement of her arms just right. Teri straightened up just a bit and I brought the belt down over her trying not to touch her until it was as far down over her as possible. The belt touched her arms right about her elbows.

Teri let out a scream like she does when I startle her, which I wasn't expecting but it told me when she was aware of my presence. I pulled on the belt and tightened it around her, pinning her arms to her sides. Teri tried to twist and turn to get away but I held the lasso tight around her and pulled her to the bed. I forced her onto the bed and saw for the first time that the belt was under her left breast but over her right one. The sheer white blouse was pulled tight across her chest which made it even easier to see her nipples through the material.

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